So here I was after 3 years service, coming back home. It was the most exciting part of my life yet. Sure enough, military service isn’t all that bad, especially in a submarine. But at the end of the day, its time away from everything, friends, family, and most importantly women. I wowed to myself that I wont become a statistic like almost everybody else serving along side, with me, either gay or wanker in the most literal sense of the word. Some guys would jack off 5 to 6 times a week, and some managed more at times. That wasn’t what it was about for me, I had to have it done properly, by a woman or a female at the very least.

The long bus trip home had me thinking, what happened to my family, parents, brother, sister. It was all very exciting, I had the unusual tingly feeling in my stomach. I’ve been trained to ignore it for so long, that it almost hit me like a torpedo, all of a sudden the lovely lady next to me was looking at me weird, I hadn’t realized that I had a throbbing erection happening, and it was a tad embarrassing to have a middle aged woman looking at me like prey. But there we were……

I rubbed it off, gave the story of long service, sexual starvation in very mild terms, and she came to. Not wanting to miss the moment, I asked if she was local, as in from the same town as I, “darling” she said -:”Ill be local if you want me to”. OK so one surprise was followed closely by another, having embarrassed myself, I now had what appeared to be a hooker come on to me in a mild sense. The first thing to hit my brain and to come through my lips was “no” in a very sure voice. NO??, what the fuck was I thinking, this was it, I mean I am not bad looking, just over 6 feet tall, but not quite 6’1”, well built, had to be for the sub, short hair, well shaped jaw, but all in all, not the best package around really, not in my own eyes. Clearly starved for carnal pleasure, with an 8-inch dick, that was so hard it hurt, trying to mask it for an unknown reason. SHIT, was the only thing I could say to myself, you’re an idiot, there is nothing worse that you could have said to this woman, I mean she must be in her early 30’s, well looked after by the looks of things, she smelled fantastic, a nice pair of titties on her, I couldn’t tell for sure but they looked like a C cup, a well shaped, they definitely stood up, because she definitely had no bra on under her soft silk top, it was a business blouse, she had a jacket with her, and was dressed the way a big company director or executive would dress, at least that’s the impression I got anyway., great smooth legs, and there was something that said to me that she would be clean as downstairs, I mean I fantasized as much anyway.

Following my blunt answer, she turned around and had said not a word until our stop, well at this stage it was my stop anyway, on the way out, just about to get my baggage, I noticed that the driver pulled another suitcase out and left it there on the stop, it wasn’t mine, and it looked very up-market, almost ………executive! It seemed I had been given a second chance, the temptation of my life had come off the bus graciously, her hair had a highly sensual presence to her, the light breeze caught it and she looked fantastic, more than that, it was a golden moment. Having gather some confidence, I walked up and introduced myself “hi I’m Derek”………..there was an uncomfortable pause, maybe she was just playing hard to get, or maybe by now she has lost interest, I was almost ready to turn around and walk off when she responded – “Emily, Emily Brooke”. “Derek Jones” I followed – “so you are local then”? It was a question I had an expected answer to, I was hoping she would say no, it was stupid I wanted her so bad that I almost didn’t, but on another had it added a mystery to the scene for me, and I loved it.” I work in the city but live here, its quiet and I like it here” wow, she was like my perfect woman, just older, me being 23…”so how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?”
- “Just turned 32 last Sunday”
- “Oh well I’m a bit younger, but you’d probably guessed by now”

I was never a hit with the women and often found myself asking the most awkward questions to start a conversation
- “I have guessed, but you make up for it with, how can I put it,……..maturity” she took a quick glance at my cock, t was filling out again, and I felt it pump a few times, but made sure to control it, at least to a point, it was a public place anyway.
- “Thanks, that’s kind of you, can I ask you for a drink, I haven’t been home in a while”
- “Actually I’m due to catch up with some friends for dinner” she said
- “I wont hold you up long, promise” and I crossed my heart, she agreed

I asked her to a restaurant that I remembered from my childhood years, there was a great quiet corner where nobody would pay attention to us as kids, and nobody could really see what was going on under the tables, it was the perfect place.

- “So what do you do Emily, can I call you Em?”
- “Yeah that’s fine Dee”: she giggled, and I loved her smile, her lips were so luscious and so inviting, I wanted to kiss her there and then but gave it some time – “I’m a legal advisor to CormaCorp” CormaCorp or CC, is the states largest kitchenware manufacturer.
- “Great, so you must be pretty sharp then?” – I was hoping this wasn’t going to turn ugly
- “I guess I am”
- “And you work with sharp ..errr…….stuff all the time?”
- “yeeeees” – she said in a curious voice as to ask where I was going with this
- “so do you shave.orrrr?” I stopped there

She kind of looked puzzled, but had a lusty smile on her face, she hasn’t moved a single muscle, and I thought I had just killed it………

- “I love to keep myself well groomed, and very smooth, it’s easier for you that way, well for men I mean” she had a smirk she was trying to hide, and she blushed….

I had her on a silver platter

“Listen” I said – “there’s a really nice place nearby, do you want to check it out?” – to my surprise and great excitement she said yes as we made our way to the motel nearby, I gently took her hand and gave her a peck on the check, she returned with a firm hold of my hand, that was really sensual, and kissed my lips gently a few times…..I knew what was coming, and I loved it..

As soon as the door was closed behind us, I grabbed Em’s arm, spun her around in a gracious dance move, and gave her a deep kiss, she returned it with a long gentle massage of my tongue, I was immediately hard and her being so close to me, she knew it straight away.

I spun her around and gently pulled her top off the top of her head, as I suspected, no bra even in sight, and she had perfect pink nipples, I took the left one in my mouth, and massaged it with my tongue, then the right, Em let out a soft moan, I was now caressing her back, her butt and massaging and sucking on her nipples, she directed me to the bed and pushed me on to it. Pulling m top off she kissed my chest, then moved on to my neck while undoing my buckle and pulling off my pants
- “I love it when men wear belts, it fires me up”

once I was free of any clothes, she pulled off her skirt and to my surprise ;there were no panties under it, she was totally ready to go, she took my dick in her mouth and caressed the head gently with her tongue, I had to concentrate deeply because I was ready to blow, three years of sexual starvation does that to me…..

I gestured for Em to come back, with some pre-cum still on her soft lips, I gave her a deep kiss and sucked it all off, she closed her eyes and rolled her head back immediately after, while softly stroking my dick
- “I love men who can take their own medicine” she said,

I made no statement, just a quick glance at my dick, Em knew what to do, she climbed on top and slowly started to lower her pussy on to me, I tried hard but in vain, just as she came down, I came in her, my dick pumped like there was no tomorrow, and she smiled. It seemed that Emily loved to have my dick in her, because after I stopped cumming she still sat there on top of me, she put one hand down her pussy and rubbed it gently, then slid of me, licked her hand and started to suck my dick, it didn’t take long for me to get hard again, she kept going and moaning softly as she did, “Dee” she said – “I want you to fuck me, to fuck my pussy and my ass and then to cum in my mouth, I want you to cum in my mouth” I didn’t need to be asked twice, I climbed over Em and went in doggy style, she moaned and screamed as I pounded her pussy, there was no mercy, I was horny, she was fired up and I was pumping her sweet pussy as hard as I could, she moaned progressively louder and I fucked her faster and faster, I could feel the cum building up inside me Emily screamed and pulled away just a bit as she came in a screaming orgasm, her juices flowed all over the bed and all over me. The girl I met turned into a fountain of joy juice, she was all over the bed rolling in an orgasm that seemed to last a lifetime, it made me so horny, I got down and licked her pussy dry, her juices were so good, I remembered what I was missing out on. She got up and looked at me with her lustful eyes full of desire, I came up behind her and gently kissed her butt, she breathed heavily, I put a finger in it and felt her relax to allow me inside her, I fingered her asshole a little while to get her to loosen up, then using some of the juices from her pussy, I put my hard cock up to her ass, she moaned and looked at me again – “come on, don’t make me wait Dee” I let myself in gently at first, but increasing pace with every blow until we were in perfect harmony, rocking back and forth in a ecstatic state. Emily moaning and me telling he that I’m gonna fuck her brains out, it didn’t take long for me to build up to an orgasm, she must have felt it because she slipped right off my shaft, turned around and started to suck me like a vacuum cleaner, she sucked so hard, and I was already so ready to blow, that it only took seconds, before I unloaded another truck load of fresh man juice all over her face and in her moth, she swallowed it all and licked me like a lollypop, letting my dick pop out of her mouth periodically while she glanced up at me……….

“I’m gonna take a shower” – “that’s fine my fiery fox” I said, while she was gone I called my parents and let them Know Id be in town son and will walk home

Emily came out, all dressed and ready to go, “I have to go to that dinner I mentioned to you earlier Dee, but would love to catch up again if you’ll be staying for a while” How could I say no, we exchanged numbers and she left after giving me another warm kiss.

I cleaned up and walked home. My entire family was waiting for me in the lounge room, and after a brief hello, my older brother invited me to come to the dinner table, there was a big smile eon his face, “I want you meet the next missus Carl Jones” he said as he led me to the dining room. I almost froze in my steps, but tried to control it as much as I could, it was Emily, the same one I just fucked not so long ago, she looked at me and made the first move “So you’re the little brother Carl keeps telling about” – “I guess” I said, the night was a blast, and Em’s feet found their way between my legs more than a dozen times, we made sure to keep in touch, a close touch, a very close touch…….


2007-03-21 21:05:50
part 2!


2007-03-21 20:26:23
sweet got me going then the end did you stay close enough to get that ass again i hope 10/10


2007-03-21 10:49:28
brill lets have rart 2 10/10

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