Billy discovers this summer job can be fun
This is about a Male/Teen Male: A category not provided. There is no anal sex.

Billy shows up for his first day of work. He’s 16 and has to pay for his part of the car and everything else he wants to buy this coming school year. So Dad helped out and got him the interview and he was chosen. He doesn’t like going to work at 6:30am, but he will be looking forward to that first paycheck.

He meets his trainer, Jesse. He has a week of training and then he’s on his own.
“A week of training,”; Billy thinks, “but it’s for a janitor job at a rest area. What is there to learn?”

He progresses through the week. He learns the procedures to close off one side of each room at a time. You don’t want anyone pissing themselves when they pull into the rest area and the whole restroom is shut down. He completes his training and Jesse hands him the keys at 4pm on Friday. “I’ll be back on Tuesday and Thursday next week to check on you.”

Seth is 23 and just graduated from college. He’s about 6’2”, 185 pounds, dusty blond hair, a good tan. He pulls into the rest area at around 3:45pm on Friday. He looks over and sees Jesse talking to Billy. He thinks back to 7 years earlier when he was in Billy’s position. He thinks to himself, “Boy, if you are anything like me, you are gonna have one fun summer. Whew.”

He looks Billy over. Billy is about 5’10”, maybe 145 pounds, medium length curly brown hair and looks like he may have shaved at the most TWICE in his life. “Cute, I gotta come back next week.”

Billy arrives at the rest area at 6:30am Monday. He brews the coffee in the back office and starts working on one half of the men’s room. He gets a cup and takes a seat on the twin bed for about 15 minutes. He cleans both of the restrooms for the next hour and a half. He goes back and forth as Jesse taught him. Around 11:00, he takes a break and walks over to the farthest picnic area. He pulls out the joint he brought (hidden in his sock) and lights it up.

“Whew, this is gonna be a long summer. Wish I was with Suzie by the pool. It’s getting hot.”

Seth pulls into the rest area at 11:05 and takes a walk around the restrooms carrying a small backpack.. “Hmm, no closed signs up. Must be break time.” He looks over.

“There he is. Oh, a joint, cool.”
Seth walks slowly towards Billy.

Seth: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Billy jumps up, throws down the joint and starts to stomp on it.

Seth: “Whoah! You don’t have to do that. Enjoy it.”

Billy looks Seth over and picks the joint back up. “Whew, you scared me.”

Seth: “I had your job 7 years ago. Did Jesse show you everything?”

Billy: “I think he did.”

Seth: “Once you finish that, I’ll show you something else if you help me out.”

Billy has a pretty good buzz.
Billy: “Okay”

He gives a drag to Seth, takes it back, takes the last drag himself and puts it out.

Billy: “Okay, let’s go.”

Seth follows Billy to the men’s room and thinks, “He does have a cute butt.”

Billy pulls out the keys and unlocks the dead-bolt; they enter the office, and close the door.

Billy: “So, what did you want to show me?”

Seth: “Did Jesse show you the shower?”

Billy: “Shower, what shower?”

Seth: “Slide the cabinet to the side. Behind it is a door. It opens to a workers shower.”

Billy does as he is told. Yup, sure enough there is the shower.
As Billy is checking out the shower, Seth takes off his shirt and sits on the bed.

Seth: “I know you’re thinking this is gonna be a LONG boring summer. The joints can only take you so far. Do you want to know what you can do this summer and how much fun you can have at this job?”

Billy: “Sure, how? It’s so boring right now.”

Seth: “Look under the bed and pull out the box listed as ‘acid’.”

Billy does as he is told and opens it up. Inside the box are magazines (playboy, variations, bi-choice).
Billy’s eyes widen. “WOW!”

Seth: “You can learn all kinds of things there and get help from horny people who come through here. I got a list of some fun things you need to get and you will probably enjoy.
Have a seat.”

Billy sits down and starts perusing one of the Variations mags.

Seth: “That’s a good one. I helped you. Now it’s your turn to help me. Turn to page 37.”

Billy turns to that page and begins reading about HS senior and freshman guys who get together after gym and talk about girls, get hard, touch, and suck each other.

Seth: “Now it’s time for you to help me. We’re both horny. Take off your shirt and shorts.”

Billy sits there for a minute thinking through his options. He thinks, “I can just blame it on the pot.”

He stands up and removes his shirt. His pecs are not really too impressive. It is noticeable that he is still growing. He has 1 or 2 sparse hairs on his chest.
He turns around and drops his shorts. There he is wearing his tighty-whiteys. His legs are partially tanned and have lots of hair. He sits back down on the bed.

Seth stands up and drops his shorts. His legs are bicyclist sculpted and shaved. He’s wearing a comfortable speedo. Billy can see the tan-lines from his biking. Seth sits back down rubbing his leg against Billy’s.

Seth: “Pull out one of the picture mags, go through and see which ones you like most.”

Billy thumbs through and finds a good set of a couple with a male friend who joins in.

Seth: “You like that one, huh?”

Billy: “Yup.”

Seth: “Just look through it and enjoy.”

Seth looks over and sees the tent rising in Billy’s white shorts. Seth stands and moves Billy to lay down on the bed. Billy is laying there looking intently at the pictures when he feels the first touch.

Seth’s first touch is to lick Billy’s hairless dime-sized nipple. He sucks and licks all around it. Billy immediately looks up from the mag, his eyes widen, and his breath becomes labored.

Seth: “Sit back, relax, and enjoy.”

Billy goes back to the mag but is unable to concentrate. Seth moves over to the other nipple and gently licks that one. He licks his index finger and then circles and presses it into the previous wet nipple.

Billy cannot believe how this feels. It feels so good and yet; “this is a guy. Ugh.”

Seth slides back down to Billy’s flat hairless stomach and toys with his navel. Another surprise for Billy.

Seth is leaning over Billy’s straining underwear and can feel the throbbing lump against his underarm.

Seth: “Someone is ready for more.”

Seth hooks his hands just under the band of Billy’s shorts and slowly pulls them down. Billy’s cock gets dragged down with the shorts until the band passes the head. It springs to attention. Billy is completely naked on the bed now. Seth bends Billy’s left leg and sees his musky low hanging balls, his cock at attention, and his tan-lines.

Seth: “Wow, you do have a cute cock.”

Seth leans in and kisses and sucks on Billy’s right inner thigh, slowly tonguing his way upwards. Billy can feel Seth’s hair against his sensitive left thigh. Just as Seth’s cheek brushes Billy’s balls, he stops the kissing and licking. He looks at Billy’s balls, up his cock to his eyes. Billy lost all interest in the book awhile ago. He watches as Seth looks up at him.

Seth inhales and says: “You smell good too. Close your eyes.”

Billy resists but decides he might as well.

Seth: “Do you feel that?” as he blows lightly across Billy’s pubic hair.
“Feels good, doesn’t it?”

Billy: “Oh, yes. Please go further.”

Seth continues the light blowing around Billy’s cock and pubic hair.

Seth repositions himself at the end of the bed and pulls Billy to the end so his legs are hanging over Seth’s back. Seth positions his hands under each butt cheek. Seth then starts working on the left inner thigh, kissing and sucking his way up. Billy opens his legs wide hoping Seth will go further. Again his cheek brushes Billy’s balls. He looks and blows again.

“Yeah, you do have a pretty dick.”

He pulls one ball into his mouth licking and sucking it and then slides over to the other and does the same to that one. He squeezes his buddy’s cheeks under his palms. He moves his tongue to the center and follows the line right up Billy’s 6” cut shaft and stops just below the head. He licks side to side sending Billy over the edge. Billy splatters 3 quick shots of cum onto his chest and stomach, followed by 3 small shots oozing and sliding down and around his cock which Seth gets a taste of.

After letting Billy rest for a few minutes and getting a cola out of the frig, Seth figures his time has come.

Seth: “My turn. You ever seen a cock close up, held it, smelled it?”

Billy: “Um, nope.”

Seth: “Well, you will today. Pull off my shorts.”

Seth positions himself standing above Billy’s head at the top of the bed. Billy reaches up and grabs the band of Seth’s speedo’s and pulls them down behind his head. Seth steps out of his shorts and spreads his legs and places his balls and cock right above Billy’s face.

Seth: “Touch it. Move down the bed.”

Billy moves down the bed and Seth kneels above his face. Billy reaches up and touches the first cock besides his. It’s different and bigger than his. He’s got his balls shaved and a patch of hair above his cock and he’s a natural blond.
Seth bends lower so Billy can get a whiff of the odors he is producing. Billy inhales deeply and remembers the feeling of blowing on his balls and cock and returns the favor. He blows on Seth’s balls, up his shaft, and back down to the back of his balls. He inhales the scent again a few times.

Being 16 and seeing what is before him, Billy is hard again and Seth being in the 69 position definitely notices. He licks around Billy’s head once.

Seth: “I’ll do you, and you do me the same way right now. Follow me.”

Seth licks the underside of Billy’s erect cock. He moves his head up and away and waits.

Billy is horny enough to try something he never has done before. He leans up his head and reaches forward to lick his first cock which is pointed right towards his chin. His tongue makes contact and he likes the clean taste and does as Seth had.

Seth takes Billy’s cock in his mouth 1 inch beyond the head. He bobs up and down swirling his tongue around for about 5 times. He lifts off and waits.

Billy moves his right hand from around Seth’s waist and pulls his hard cock to his mouth. He closes his eyes and sucks his first cock. He slowly bobs up and down swirling his tongue as Seth had done. Then he removes his mouth.

Seth: “We can go back and forth like this or we can just experiment. By the way, I’m not telling you when I’m gonna cum and I am gonna cum in your mouth. You don’t have to swallow it though.”

Seth then begins to lick and suck on Billy’s balls and holds Billy’s cock with his hand.
Billy returns to the smelling and blowing and takes one of Seth’s shaved balls in his mouth and jacks him off. They each return to the throbbing rods licking around, up and down like each was melting ice cream.

Seth: “No teeth. You don’t need to take it all just a little. Not so hard. Take it easy. No stronger than what I’m doing. If you’re about to cum, just release me.”

Billy listens and continues sucking. He reaches his boiling point and releases his lips from Seth’s cock.

Seth knows it is time again and swirls around the head one more time as the boy empties his cock again today. Billy instinctively presses his cock up to release as much as possible. Seth takes it all and swishes it around in his mouth and swallows it. He licks Billy’s cock clean from one side to the other.

After 30 seconds of rest, Billy goes back to work on his new friend’s cock. He hasn’t used his hands and mouth together until now. He fondles Seth’s balls with his left hand and wraps his right hand around the base of Seth’s cock. He licks from Seth’s balls to his cock and back again. Each time he reaches the head, he pulls it in his mouth as much as possible and swirls his tongue around for a few seconds. He goes back down to the base of Seth’s balls.
He remembers the feel of having his balls touched under the scrotum and licks his buddy now. He licks for awhile around his balls and then kisses and licks his way up his dick. He reaches the head and realizes, this must be the time. He bobs his head up and down and swirls his tongue. “Oh yeah, lick right under the head, like I like it” he thinks. “Suck lightly. No teeth.”

Seth starts bucking Billy’s mouth slightly. He looks under him, at those pretty cheeks sucking his cock, and with the next swirl, he sprays the inside of Billy’s mouth with his first shot of the day. Three mighty squirts with three more smaller ones to come. Once finished, Seth rolls off and Billy gets up to wash out his mouth and get a cola.

As Billy rises, Seth sees his cute ass and squeezes the last drop of his own. Billy rinses out his mouth and then bends over and gets a cola out of the fridge. With the beauty of that lily-white ass, Seth starts getting hard before Billy even turns around.

Seeing Seth hard, Billy starts getting hard again. They each take a drink.

Billy: “What’s up? You sprang to life pretty quick.”

Seth: “You got a pretty ass, a cute butt. I’m not saying I’m gonna do you or anything like that. I am gonna teach you something else though. Something I’ve been wanting to do. Lay down and turn over.”

Billy: “You aren’t gonna fuck me. You better not. I don’t want that.”

Seth: “I don’t want to. I’m not going to. You’ve had fun so far, right?”

Billy: “Yeah.”

Billy looks into Seth’s eyes again, takes a swig of cola, and rolls over.

Seth looks at his new friend, lying face down on the bed, with his cute white butt within inches. He reaches out and slides both palms down each cheek, and slides his fingernails back up. The fingernails send shivers up and down Billy’s back. After the third time with the nails, Seth rubs his hands into his cheeks.

He reaches into his backpack and pulls out 2 containers; 1 container of Vaseline, the other a travel size box of Q-tips. He lubes up one Q-tip.

Billy was wondering what was going on and whether he should be in this position. Then he feels something. Seth pulls his legs wider apart.

Billy: [Oh shit, what’s going on?]

He slides 2 fingers to Billy’s balls, massages them, and slides them up Billy’s ass crack. He then slides them slowly back down his ass crack.
Billy squirms on his now hard cock.
Seth reaches for the Vaseline and puts in on his index finger. He slides it down Billy’s ass crack and starts massaging it in around his widening asshole, and presses just the tip in, removes it, then wipes his finger on a towel.

He reaches for the Q-tip and slowly angles it into Billy’s virgin ass. It goes in slowly with Billy’s virgin sphincter pressing against the intrusion. Seth pulls one of Billy’s cheeks wider and finds the right angle. He gets it half-way in and starts spinning the Q-tip and turning it in different directions. Billy feels the new sensation coming from his ass and feels the small toy rub his prostate. Seth flicks the Q-tip with his left hand and grabs more of the lube and jacks it around his hard cock with his right.

Seth: “You remember how I said I wasn’t gonna fuck you?

Billy: “Yeah?”

Seth: “Well, I’m not. But you are gonna feel something you never have before. You got an older sister?”

Billy: “Yeah, 2 years older. Why?”

Seth: “Because, I’m gonna practice fucking your sister with you.”

Billy: “HUH? WHAT?”

Seth: “You’ll see.”

He pulls out the Q-tip and closes Billy’s legs for the most part and mounts him. Billy can feel the KY jelly on Seth’s cock as he slides it up and down his crack.

Billy: [What did I get into? What is he doing?] A feeling of fear and yet excitement goes through him.

Seth: “See, this is how I’m gonna fuck your sister. I know she has a cute butt like yours. I’m gonna put a pillow under her and take her from behind. Then if her cunt is too loose, I may just take her ass too. Then when we get into a rhythm, I’m gonna lean over her like this, put my full weight on her, biting and sucking her neck, feeling every inch of her back, ass, and legs against me. Then I’m gonna reach around and play with her clit. Then I’m gonna cum in her ass.”

Seth practices everything he says he will do to Billy’s sister sliding up and down his ass crack in the prone position. When he puts his full weight on his new buddy for a few minutes, he bucks and cums all over Billy’s back and ass-crack.

He realizes Billy is still hard and needing release. He remains prone on Billy and rolls them both over. Billy can still feel the cum on his back, ass crack, and his drying cum on his stomach. He is still hard. He didn’t know feeling a cock by his ass would be fun.
Seth’s words bring him out of his thoughts.

Seth: “What girls are you thinking about?”

Billy: “Suzy.”

Seth: “Think about her right now.”

Seth reaches for the lube and lubes up Billy’s hard cock and balls, and starts jacking him slowly with his right hand and massaging his balls with his left. His left fingers find their way down to Billy’s ass. He massages lightly in circles and moves back up to the muscle between Billy’s asshole and ball-sack and massages that. Billy’s breathing becomes labored thinking about Kate and feeling someone massaging his body like this. He bucks up and down on Seth’s stomach feeling Seth’s cock occasionally rub his ass-cheeks. He can’t help himself but to say;
“Wwwhhooo, yeah. Jack me off!!! Oh, oh, oh..ooooouuu.” as he cums again on his belly.

Seth moves Billy off of him, gets up and grabs the bar of soap out of his backpack. He ambles to the shower, turns it on, and starts soaping up. Billy joins him. They shower together getting the cum off of each other.

As they are toweling off, Seth says, “If you think this has been fun, just wait till Friday afternoon.” “I’d save up after Wednesday though,” he says, with a wink.
“You better get back to work. It’s 1:30 now.”

They each go their separate ways. Billy wonders what to expect Friday.


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this is good ass fuck next


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Fucking gay bastards


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make sequel!!!! but this time ass fucking please

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