Read Part 1 First
[i]Sara: "Wait Until You See What I Do To You When Mom Leaves."

Jake And Tommy Were Enjoying The Game. Sara Was Getting Wetter. As She Watched Them Through The Keyhole She Could Harly Wait Until 4:00 p.m. It Was 3:20 p.m. Now So Maybe Should Could Take A Nap. Sara Didn't Know How To Spend Her Time. Maybe She Could Urge Her Mother To Leave Early! Sara Went Into The Kitchen And Saw Her Mom Cooking Stew.

Sara: "Mom. Why Are You Going Out?"

Susan: "To Go Shoping At The Galleria."

Sara: "Why Don't You Go And Enjoy Yourself? I'll Finish Dinner."

Susan: "Why Do You Want Me Gone?"

Sara: "Well Since Tommy Came Over I Was Wondering If You Minded Me Letting April Come Over."

Susan: "I Guess That's Fine But She Cannot Spend The Night."

Sara: "That's Fine. But It's Not Cool If You're Here."

Susan: "Ok, Finish Dinner Before You Invite Her Over."

Sara: "I Will, Mom."

Sara To Self: (THINKING) "YES!!!!!"

Susan Went Out Of The Kitchen And Walked Out The Front Door. Sara Could Hardly Believe It!!! Her Mom Was Actually Leaving And She Could Fuck Tommy And Jake! Sara Knew Jake Was Attracted To Her But She Didn't Know How To Lead Him On. Sara Decided That She Would Masturbate In Front Of Them And Then When They Pulled Their Pants Down To Masturbate To Her Moans She Would Make Her Move. Sara Had To Think Fast Though. She Went Into Her Bathroom With Her Purple Dildo. As She Began Pumping The Dildo In And Out Of Her She Let Out A Long Moan. She Heard Jake Say Something To Tommy. Sara Got Completely Naked. She Heard Tommy And Jake Walk In Through His Bathroom Door. She Faced The Opposite Way From The Door Into Her Bathroom. She Heard The Door Crack And A Gasp From Tommy And Jake. Sara Then Heard Pants Unzip And The Sound Of Slapping. She Knew That The Slapping Was Either Tommy's Or Jake's Balls Slapping Their Skin. She Pulled The Purple Dildo Out, Laid It On The Bathroom Counter, Turned Around And Saw That Jake AND Tommy's Dick Was Out And In Their Hands.

Sara: "Boo."

Jake: "Shit..."

Jake And Tommy Turned To Leave But Sara Stopped Them.

Sara: "You've Been Bad Boys Haven't You?"

Jake And Tommy Nodded.

Sara: "You Must Be Punished."

Jake: "How?"

Sara: "Sex. With Me. Both Of You."

Jake's Cock Jumped And Tommy Gasped. Sara Walked Over To Jake And Pulled His Pants The Rest Of The Way Down. Then She Reached To The Bottom Of His Shirt And Lifted It Over His Head. She Did The Same To Tommy.

Sara: "Who Volenteers To Go First?"

Nobody Did Anything.

Sara: "Ok Then. The Person With The Hardest Cock Goes First."

She Pulled Down Her Brother's Boxers And Saw His Cock Was Fully Erect.

Sara: "You're Certinly Exited Aren't You?"

She Then Pulled Down Tommy's Briefs And Saw He Was Only Half Hard.

Sara: "Jake, You Win."

Sara Pulled Jake To The Bathroom Floor And She Began To Massage His Balls. Jake Let Out A Small Moan Of Pleasure. Sara Then Licked His Chest And Went Down To His Cock. She Sucked On His Rock Hard Cock For A Few Minutes, Then She Pulled Off And Started To Pull On It, Giving Him A Handjob. She Then Took Her Hands Off And Put It Back In Her Mouth. She Started To Bob, Suck, And Massage His Balls With Her Hand. Jake Came In Minutes. It Was Too Much For Sara To Swallow But She Licked Up What She Missed The First Time.

Sara: "Tommy's Turn."

Sara Sat On Top Of Tommy's Stomach And Bent Down Low.

Sara: "Watch This."

To Be Continued...

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2009-08-19 18:39:04
Fuk u need to wright longer storys


2008-02-18 16:49:06
too short


2007-09-12 02:18:47


2007-03-15 12:43:59
A good story-line so far.
It would be better to include more detail (Sara: tanlines? tits size? shaved? hair color? Jake and Tommy: tanlines, size, cut/uncut, hair color?
All: body shape?)
Wouldn't she want to study each virgin cock first exploring each? Wouldn't she want the friend first before her brother?
Unless the boy has cum earlier in the day, at 13, he would cum at the first lick, if not the first touch.

I can see the brother getting the backdoor in a sandwich but not screwing his sister.

The segments are tantalizing tho at times aggrivating.



2007-03-12 23:20:18
Don't Even Write #3.

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