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When the white family moved into the old house down at the end of the block, Leroy was the first to notice that there were 2 children in the family, a boy and a girl. Both of whom appeared to be around 12 or 13 years old or somewhere close to that.

Leroy wasn't looking at the pretty little girl, with the long blonde pony-tail, Leroy was looking at her younger brother and the way that his plump little ass stuck way out behind him and the way it moved, when he was walking.

Yes, that's right, Leroy liked to fuck young boy's, young tender ass'ed little white boy's, with his long skinny black boner and he wasn't even 17 year's old yet.

Was it Leroy's fault that he liked to fuck young boy's, young white boy's, up their plump little ass'es and not young little girl's, like all of his friend's did?

Or was it the young white boy's fault, the young white boy that had babysat Leroy when he was only 10 year's old and had taught him what...boy on a was and how to do it.

It had all started out so innocent in the beginning, with Tommy, his boy babysitter just playing with his little black boner, that wasn't much bigger than a man's finger and his tiny little nut-sac, as Leroy would just lay there on the bed, with his little leg's spread and let him do it.

Leroy'd been playing with his little boner every since he was about 5 or 6 years old, in fact he'd even gotten the little white girl, Karen, that lived nextdoor to him to play with it to, more times than he can remember. Karen liked playing with it almost as much as he did, so why not let her.

But this was different.

This was different because this was a boy playing it, an older boy and Leroy's mind didn't know how to handle it.

Leroy felt strange, so strange and guilty every time that he let the older boy, Tommy, play with it. But then, when Tommy started slipping his warm wet mouth down over the end of it, closing his warm soft lips down around it and started sucking it, all of the guilt went away and Leroy was left with nothing but pleasure and he couldn't deny it.

Since Leroy was only 10 almost 11 years old, he hadn't been able to cum yet but Tommy was doing his best to make it happen, as he'd suck on Leroy's young stiff boner, even harder every time that Leroy let him suck on it again.
Eventually Tommy coaxed Leroy into letting him go into the bathroom with him and get into the bath-tub with him, supposedly to take a bath and that's when it happened.

Even though Tommy was 13 almost 14 year's old now, his young boner wasn't all that much bigger than Leroy's black boner and he seemed somewhat ashamed of it and kept trying to hide it with his hand's or at least that's how it seemed to Leroy.

Tommy was standing right there in front of Leroy, soaping Leroy's little body, including his boner down, when all at once he got real quiet, let go of Leroy's soapy boner, turned around and started backing his little boy butt up to it.

Leroy didn't understand what was happening and that's when Tommy just bent over, right there in front of him, reached back, slowly pulled his plump little butt cheeks apart and whispered, " Put it in."

" Huh?"

" Push it up into me, Leroy."

" What, you want me to push my boner up into your little butt?"

" Uh huh."

" Ewww."

" Please, come on Leroy, hurry before someone comes home unexpectedly and catches us."

" Oh shit, but won't that hurt ya, Tommy?"

" Uh huh, but only in the beginning, when you first push it up into me and then all of the pain eventually goes away and there's nothing but pleasure, as it slowly moves back and forth in of me."

Leroy couldn't believe it, as he watched Tommy reaching back, taking ahold of his long skinny black boner and as he guided it up to his tiny little asshole, he moaned and said, " Do it."

Without even thinking about what he was about to do, fuck an older boy up the ass, Leroy grabbed ahold of Tommy's little hips and as he pulled Tommy back to him, he flicked his young pelvis forward and watched as his young black boner disappeared up into the older white boy's plump little ass and made him scream.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhh, easyyyyyyyyy, easyyyyyyyyy."

As soon as Leroy's long skinny black boner felt the warmth of Tommy's warm soft rectum, clinging to it, he didn't have to be told what to do to it, as he started working his young stiff boner back and forth in it.



Leroy's long black soapy boner didn't care that it was up inside of a white boy's young tender ass, as it slid back and forth, up inside of it. All it cared about was how warm and soft it was up in there and Tommy's tight little ass was so warm and so soft, that he couldn't believe it, as he kept fucking up into it, faster and faster.


All at once Leroy felt something strange, something strange happening down inside of his young stiff black boner and even all the way down in his little black nut-sac, that was hanging down underneath it. His young ball's felt like they were trying to pull up, pull up inside of him or whatever and the next thing he knew, his long skinny boner twitched and then twitched again, before it started jerking again and again, up inside of Tommy's tight warm rectum.


Leroy didn't know what was happening, believe it or not because it had never happened to him before but Tommy sure did. Because every time Leroy's young stiff black boner would jerk up inside of him again, his tiny little asshole would clamp down on it and his warm soft rectum would clutch and squeeze on it again and the strangest little moan would come out of him.

When it was finally over and Leroy's young black cock slowly slid back out of him, Tommy grabbed a little wad of white toilet paper off of the roll and wiped his little asshole off but not before Leroy saw some of his warm white cum, slowly oozing back out of it, before Tommy ran out of the bathroom.

Looking down at his little limp cock that was just hanging down in front of him now, Leroy knew that he'd done something wrong, really wrong with another boy and he was embarrassed about it.

But the way that Tommy's warm soft rectum had felt, as it clutched on his long skinny boner, while it was moving back and forth up inside of him, was to much for Leroy and before he even had a chance to wash his young cock off, he was getting another boner and he wanted to fuck the young white boy, Tommy, again.

From then on, every time that the young white boy, Tommy, would babysit him again, he'd always coax Leroy into fucking him again, not that Leroy really needed to be coaxed because his young black cock really liked how Tommy's young plump ass felt, when it was wrapped around it.

Leroy didn't waste any time at all, in meeting the young white boy and little girl [ Billy and Barbara ] that had just moved into the old house that was down at the end of the block from him. In fact the first time that he saw Billy out in front of the old house, mowing the grass, he offered to help him with it and Billy let him.

After they'ed mowed the grass, for what seemed like an hour, both of them were all hot and sweaty and that's when Leroy suggested that they hose each other off with the garden hose and Billy agreed to do it.

It wasn't the water hitting on it, that gave Leroy a boner, a boner that showed quite clearly through the front of his white shorts, as they got wetter and wetter, since he didn't have any underwear on underneath them. It was the wrestling around with Billy and trying to get away from him, as Billy kept squirting him again and again, with the long green garden hose, that was doing it.

Leroy was proud of his boner by then and why shouldn't he be, because it was big, really big for a boy that was his age or so he'd been told by almost all of his babysitter's, most of whom sucked on it, when he was littler.

Yes, babysitter's.

It wasn't until Billy had completely wet him down and was standing right there in front of him, that Leroy caught Billy staring at his boner to, now that it was hard as a rock and wet and showing. He had the strangest look on his face, as the tip of his tiny pink tongue slid out of his mouth, touched the corner of it, like it was licking a drop of cum away, before it slowly slipped back up inside again and hid in the darkness. And that's when Leroy knew, knew that Billy had sucked on a cock before and that it was just a matter of time, before he could get the young white boy Billy, to suck on his warm black cock to.

Leroy was in no hurry to continue the game and squirt Billy, not as long as he had the young white boy standing there looking at his cock that way but Billy had other idea's, as he walked up to Leroy, handed him the garden hose and while looking right at him whispered, " Now, you do me."

As Leroy took the hose from Billy he moaned, " Oh yeah " and started squirting Billy all over with it. Billy was squealing and sounding like a little girl, from all of the cold water that was hitting him and that's when Leroy moved the cold stream of water down to where Billy's little cock and ball's were trapped up inside of his levis and held it there until he saw the little bulge in the front of them starting to swell.

Leroy didn't care what Billy thought about him, as he kept aiming the strong stream of cold water down at Billy's young stiff boner and watched as the look on Billy's face got wilder and wilder. Almost like he was pleading with Leroy to do something with it but Leroy just kept squirting it and watching him.

There was no doubt in Billy's mind now, what Leroy wanted from him, as he slowly turned around and he felt the hard cold stream of water being directed inbetween his plump little butt-cheeks, stinging and caressing his tiny little asshole, again and again, before it slowly moved away, only to return again and again and again.

Billy didn't even know that he'd leaned forward and bent over, so that Leroy could squirt it up against his tiny little asshole even harder. All he knew was that he liked how it felt down there and that he was starting to lose it.

" Oh yeah, you like that, don't ya Billy?"

" Uh huh, Uh huh."

Seeing the young white boy bending over in front of him like that did something to Leroy and he lost it to. Even though they were standing there out in Billy's front yard, Leroy still wanted to jerk the boy's wet shorts down and fuck his plump little ass, right there on the front yard and it took all of his control to keep from doing it.

Instead of fucking him, he just looked around to make sure that no one was watching him, stepped up behind Billy, slid the end of the green garden hose down inbetween his leg's, underneath his little butt-cheeks and started working it back and forth. He thought that Billy would stop him, when he felt it rubbing back and forth across his little nut-sac and his tiny little asshole but he didn't. In fact he did just the opposite, as he reached down inbetween his leg's, grabbed ahold of the end of the green garden hose and while still holding onto it, started sliding his plump little wet ass, back and forth on it, slowly.

Even though Leroy liked watching how Billy's plump little white ass was moving back and forth on it, he was still afraid that someone would look out of one of their windows and see what they were doing, as he slowly pulled the hose away and said, " I'm sorry Billy but I have to go home now."

The look on Billy's face was pained, as he said, " No, No, Please don't go, I'm almost there and you know it."

" I really have to go Billy but you can come over to my house sometime and we can finish what we started, that is if you really want to."

Billy really wanted to pretend that he didn't know what Leroy was talking about but the look on his face was giving him away and he knew it, as he lowered his head and while looking away from Leroy he whispered, " Ok " and listened as Leroy calmly walked away.

One night, about three weeks later, Billy was playing cards all alone at home when the phone rang.

" Hello."

" Billy, is that you?"

" Uh huh, who's this?"

" It's me Billy, Leroy, remember what we were doing a few weeks ago?"

" Uh huh."

Billy could remember alright and just the mention of it, made his boner twitch and then start to harden.

" Wanna come over and finish what we started, Billy?"

" Now?"

" Uh huh."

Billy's young boner was as hard as a rock by now and there was no way that he could deny that he was horny and the next thing he knew he was whispering, " Ok."

" You know where I live, don't ya Billy?"

" Uh huh."

" Good, then just come around to the backyard, it's dark back there and nobody will see us, ok."

" OK."

When Billy got to Leroy's house, he saw that the livingroom lights were still on and that someone was sitting in there watching the television set. He wanted to turn around and go back home but he couldn't and the next thing he knew, he was opening the back gate, stepping into the darkness of the huge back yard and whispering, " Leroy, where are you?"

" I'm over here, just keep walking, Billy."

Billy was almost all the way to the back wall, when Leroy stepped out of the bushes and said, " Here I am."

Billy could just barely see him and neither of them were saying a word. It was like both of them were scared about what was about to happen.

Leroy knew that this might be his one and only chance to get at the young white boy's, plump little ass and rather than lose it, he reached out, took ahold of Billy's hand and without even saying a word, pulled it down to his boner, his warm stiff boner, that was already sticking out of the front of his open levis.

Just when he thought that he'd made a mistake about Billy, he felt Billy's tiny little finger's wrapping around it, and then squeezing on it gently, just before they started feeling along the entire length of it, almost like they were trying to find out just how big it was. The tiny little finger's were desperate, as they fumbled with the warm loose skin and then started working it back and forth along the length of it.

" Oh shit yes, that's it, work it Billy, work it."

Billy'd never felt one that was this big before and he was totally amazed at the size of it, as he worked the warm loose skin back and forth on it, faster and faster.

" Oh yeah, you like that cock, don't ya Billy?"

Billy couldn't answer him but Leroy already knew that he did, so he decided to push it a little further and see what he could get from him. " Wanna suck on it Billy?"... " Wanna suck on my boner Billy, my long skinny black boner?"

" Nooo."

" Yes, ya do, I can tell by the way that your feeling on it."

" No."

But Leroy wasn't to be denied, as he put both of his big black hands on top of Billy's little shoulder's and gently pushed him down to where Billy was kneeling down in front of him.

" Come-on Billy, ain't nobody gonna see ya down there, just do it, you and I both know that ya really want to."

By then their eye's had adjusted to the darkness and Leroy could see the boy's mouth, the white boy's mouth, only inches from his cock, his long skinny black cock. Reaching down and taking ahold of it, Leroy slowly moved it towards Billy's mouth, being careful not to scare him with it and whispered, " Suck on it Billy, I won't tell anybody that ya did it, I promise."

All at once, all of the reluctance went out of Billy, as he moaned, reached out and took ahold of it, leaned forward and started licking softly on the swollen end of it.

" Oh shit, Oh shit yes Billy, that's it, lick it."

It wasn't until Billy's tiny pink tongue started circling the swollen head on the end of it again and again, that Leroy lost it, grabbed ahold of Billy's head and started to slowly ease it in. Holding him there, until he heard and then felt Billy starting to suck on it and then and only then, did he let go of him.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp "Umm" Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh fuck yes, who the fuck taught you to do that, Billy?"..." Agghhhhhhh."


" Oh shit, Oh shit, Don't make me cum, Don't make me cum, Billy, You know what I want, Don't ya Billy?"

Slurp...Slurp " Nooo " Slurp/Slurp.................. Slurp...Slurp

" Oh yes, ya do."... " I want your ass Billy, I wanna slip my warm black boner up into that tight little white ass of your's Billy and fuck ya until ya can't take it anymore and then fuck ya some more."

" Nooo, I don't like that."

" Yes, ya do Billy, I could tell that you've already been fucked before, by the way that your plump little ass was moving back and forth along the long green garden hose, when we were over at your house, remember."

Before Billy could deny whether he wanted to do it or not, Leroy pulled him up to his feet, turned him around and whispered, " Come-on Billy, I know that you've been had before, just pull your pants down and let me do ya."..." I won't tell anyone that you let me do your little ass, I promise."

Just when Leroy was about to tell him to forget it and to go back home, he heard Billy's belt buckle rattling and coming undone and the next thing he knew, Billy's pants had dropped down to his ankle's and he was slowly peeling his little white cotton underwear down, baring his plump little white ass for Leroy and begging him not to hurt it, as he slowly got down on his hands and knee's in front of him.

The moon was full that night and it had finally come out from behind the clouds that had been hiding it earlier and all Leroy could see now, was this young tender white boy, with his plump little white ass sticking out behind him, as he waited for Leroy to come down and do it.

The need to do Billy in his young tender white ass took over and without saying a word, Leroy dropped down behind him, reached down inbetween his plump little ass cheeks and started feeling for Billy's tiny little asshole. When he couldn't find it, Billy reached back and slowly pulled his plump little butt-cheeks apart for him, so Leroy could see it and get at it better.

Seeing Billy's tiny little asshole, nestled up inbetween his plump little white butt-cheeks was to much for Leroy, as he put the head of his long skinny black boner up against it and without even saying anything to Billy about getting ready for it, shoved as hard as he could and watched as Billy's tiny little asshole just opened up and started swallowing it, inch by inch.

" Agghhhhhhhhh, Nooo, Nooo, it hurts, it hurts, take it out, it's to big, way to big for meee."

Leroy looked down and saw that only about half of his long skinny black boner had gone up into the young white boy and that there was at least another 3 or 4 inches to go but he couldn't tell Billy that or Billy wouldn't let him put the rest of it in.

" Easy Billy, easy."... " You know that the pain will go away soon and that there will be nothing but pleasure, just let me finish Billy, I'm almost all the way in, I promise."

The pain was awful and getting even worse, as Leroy kept working more and more of his long skinny black boner up into Billy's young tender white ass, deeper and deeper. Billy kept wanting to scream but he knew that if he screamed, that someone would come running out of the old house and see what he was letting Leroy do to him, right there in the backyard, so he couldn't.

Every time Leroy would feel Billy's tiny little asshole relaxing, even just a little, he'd ease another inch or so of his long black cock up into him and hold onto Billy's hip's, so he couldn't get away from him.

The grunts and groans, that were coming out of Billy, every time he worked another inch or so of it up into him, were turning Leroy on even more and that's when he lost it and started saying, " Come-on Billy, fuck me," over and over again.

All at once the strangest little moan came out of young Billy and that's when Leroy felt his tiny little asshole totally relaxing and before Billy could close it back up again, Leroy pushed the rest on his warm stiff boner up into him and then just held it there, as he waited for Billy's tiny little asshole and warm soft rectum to adjust to the size of it.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooo.'

" Shhh, come-on Billy, I'm in, I'm in."..." Don't move, wait for it, remember."

" Uh huh, Uh huh but it's so biggg."

" I know Billy, but you'll get used to it, just like all of the other young white boy's did and you'll like it, remember."

" But it hurtsssssssssss, it's to long, way to longgg."

It took 3 or 4 minutes or at least it seemed that long for Billy's plump little ass to adjust to the size of it and relax enough for Leroy to start fucking up into it. Driving his long stiff black boner up into it, slow at first but getting faster and faster, as he watched and then felt it, as Billy's tight little ass started to respond to it.



"Oh yeah, that's it, work it Billy, work that tight little ass of your's and show my warm hard black boner, just how much you like it."



" Oh yeah, you like how that hard stiff cock feel's up inside of ya alright, you should see what your plump little ass is doin back here, Billy."



" Agghhhh, shit yes, that's it, fuck me Billy, fuck meee."

" Ugh "..." Ugh. " " Harder.....Harder, fuck me Har.....derrr."

" Oh I'll fuck you hard alright, you little cocksucker."

By then Billy was to far gone to deny that he liked it anymore and all he could say was, " Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard... make me feel it."

And that's just what Leroy did to him, fucked him so hard and so long, that Billy ended up crying and begging him to stop, long before Leroy's swollen cock erupted and started jerking, spewing its warm sticky white cum, deep up into Billy's tight warm rectum.



Every time Leroy's warm cock would jerk up inside of him again, Billy"s tiny little asshole would squeeze down around it and hold it there, as the muscle's of his warm soft rectum, rolled back and forth along it, just like it was trying to milk more of the black boy's sticky white cum, out of the end of it.

When it was finally over and Leroy's now limp cock, had slid back out of Billy's tiny little asshole, Billy turned to him and whispered, " Please...Please don't tell anyone how you got me to do it with you."

" Oh, I won't tell, Billy...but."

" But what?"

" But you have to let me do ya again, anytime I want to or else."

" No, that's not fair."

" Why not, you liked it didn't ya?"

" You know I did, why are you doing this to me?"

" Because you know that I'm gonna want to fuck you again Billy and besides, if you don't let me do ya again, then I'm gonna tell everybody on the block, just how much you like to take it up the ass and then all of them will wanna fuck ya to Billy, just like I just did."

Billy didn't say anything after that, he couldn't, he just left. But Leroy wasn't worried about whether he'd be back or not, he knew that he would and sure enough 3 weeks later, Leroy's phone rang and it was Billy.

" Can I, can I come over?"

" But Billy, I haven't taken my bath yet, I'm still dirty down there."

After a long silence, Leroy heard a tiny little moan come out of Billy and then heard him whispering, " I don't care," into the phone.

" Oh yeah, then come on over Billy and I'll be out in the backyard."..." I'll be out in the backyard with my dick hangin out and waitin for ya, that's what ya want, my dick, my long black dick, isn't it Billy?"

" Billy was way to embarrassed to answer him, as Leroy hung the phone up and without anything else on but his boxer underwear, he snuck out into the dark backyard and just as he was pulling his warm black cock out and letting it hang down in front of him, he heard the tiny little latch on the side gate opening and he knew that it was Billy.

" I'm over here Billy, come and get it, it's all your's baby, it's all your's."

As soon as Billy saw that Leroy was just standing there with his cock hanging out, he undid his levis, slid them down along with his tiny little white cotton underwear and turned around and got down on his hand's and knee's for him.

" No Billy, not yet, turn around and suck on it first."..." Wet it and get it ready for me, so I can fuck ya with it."..." You and I both know that you want me to fuck you with it, don't we Billy?"

Leroy watched as the young white boy, Billy, turned back around, took ahold of his long skinny black boner and started sucking on it.


" Oh yeah, suck it you little cocksucker, suck it."

All of a sudden the back porch light went on and someone said, " What's going on out there?"

And that's when Billy felt Leroy grab ahold of his little head, with both of his huge black hand's and heard him yelling, " Come on out uncle Jake, that little young white boy with the plump little ass that I was tellin ya about is back and now we can both do him."

" Can't we Billy?"

" Nooo."

" Oh yesss Billy, now finish what ya started and suck on it."


to be continued:
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