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The first time that I saw a full grown man's boner, I was in the 7th grade and I was up in the dark balcony at the saturday kiddie movie's.

I'd never sat up in the dark balcony before, so I really didn't understand everything that was happening up there and why people went up there to...Do It. Yes, you read that right, they did it, they did everything up there, as I was to find out later and I was so naive, that I didn't even know it.

It wasn't until I heard someone moaning and I looked over to my right, that I saw that the old man that was sitting down at the end of the aisle that I was in, had his old cock out and was stroking it, while he was sitting there watching the movie.

I couldn't believe it, shit, there he was jacking-off, right there in the dark movie theater.

I wanted to say something but nothing came out of me and as soon as he saw that he had me looking over at it, he motioned for me to come over and sit down next to him and for whatever the reason, I did.

I know that its not right to be a boy and to watch another boy or in this case an older man jack-off but he wasn't hurting me by doing it, so I saw nothing wrong with letting him do it, while he got me to sit there and watch him. Little did I know that he wanted more from me, much more and before the movie was over he almost got it.

I don't know how long I'd been sitting there watching him work it up and down slowly, when all at once he just let go of it, looked right at me and whispered, " Now,You do it."

" Nooo."

" Why not, you like it don't you?"

" Yes, but."

" Come on, it won't bite ya, just take ahold of it."

I couldn't stop looking at it and he knew that he had me, as he calmly reached over, took ahold of my little hand, pulled it over to his warm hard boner and then just held it there, until he felt me take ahold of it, just like he wanted me to.

" Oh yeah, that's it, now work it, it won't bite ya, I promise."

I couldn't let go of it, I don't know why and the next thing I knew, I could hear him moaning and saying, " That's it, that's it," over and over and I was doing it.

" Oh fuck yeah, work it baby, work that old cock."..." Aghhhh."


" Yeah, yeah, you like that cock, don't ya baby?"

I couldn't answer him and my silence told him what he needed to know, as he sat there in the old dark movie theater and watched my little hand working up and down on his long skinny boner, faster and faster.

I don't know how long I'd been working the warm loose skin up and down on it when all at once I saw the clear shiny liquid starting to ooze out of the little hole in the end of it and run down across my little hand. I wanted to pull my hand back, I really did but I couldn't, I don't know why.

Yes, I knew what pre-cum was because of what the older boy, Bobby, that used to live nextdoor to us had done to me when I was littler and he used to babysit me.

Bobby used to give me cookies and milk after school and sometimes there would be a clear shiny liquid on top of the cookies and when I'd ask him what it was, he'd just tell me that it was something that he had to make them sweeter and it did, so I always ate them. Eventually the clear shiny liquid that was always on top of them started looking milky white and when I asked him what was happening, he told me that it was a different sweetener, that it was a marshmallow kind and to go ahead and eat it and I did. When I told him that I liked the clear shiny sweetener better, he went back to leaving it on my cookies but would go back to the milky white one every now and then, until he eventually got me to start liking it and even start asking him for it, instead of the clear one.

By the time he had me asking for it, he knew that I was craving it by then and that's when he took me into the bathroom with him and showed me where it was coming from.

I was in total shock, when I saw the clear shiny liquid starting to ooze out of the end of his young stiff boner and he smeared it all over one of the cookies that he'd taken into the bathroom with him. But it wasn't until his skinny boner started jerking and he held another one of the cookies down in front of it and I saw the milky white marshmallow sweetener landing on it that I lost it, screamed and ran out of the bathroom.

For the next 3 days, when I came home from school and Bobby offered me the milk and cookies, with first the clear shiny sweetener and then the milky white marshmallow sweetener on them, I couldn't eat them and he got mad at me.

But then he did something awful and stopped offering them to me and that's when we both found out just how much I craved them, because I started begging him for them.

From then on, he wouldn't have them sitting on the table waiting for me when I got home, he'd always take me into the bathroom with him and make me watch him, as he got them ready for me.

All of a sudden the old man that was getting me to jack him off in the dark movie theater, reached behind my little head and started pulling me down towards his old boner, that was still in my little hand.

" Kiss it."

" Nooo."

" Kiss it."

" I can't, what if someone see's me?"

" Are you kidding, everybody's to busy doing their own thing, to look over here and see what your doing."

What would they think of me, would they think that I was a little cocksucker, even though he hadn't even gotten me to suck on it yet?

But I was getting close to doing it and somehow the old man knew it, as he'd gently pulled me the rest of the way down to it and got me to kiss it.

" Aghhhhhhhhh, Oh shit yesss."

I can't even describe how I felt that night, as I laid there in my bed and thought about what had happened to me that day. I could still smell and yes, even faintly taste his warm salty boner on my mouth because I hadn't washed it off before I went to bed. I don't know why.

2 weeks later he got what he wanted from me, even though I didn't know how to do it yet. He got me to give him a blowjob. Yes, you read that right, he got me to give him a blowjob, right there in the dark balcony of the old movie theater.

I was so afraid that somebody would hear the little Slurp/slurp...Slurp/slurp....Slurping
sounds that I was making on it, as he held me down on it and slowly eased the swollen end of it, in and out of my little mouth.



" Of fuck, Oh fuck yes, suck it baby, suck it."


All at once he held real still, moaned and then I felt it jerk not once, not twice, but three times, up into my warm sucking mouth, as it spewed its warm white reward all over, up inside of it.


" Umm "............................." Umm ".....................Gulp/Gulp

" Oh yeah, that's it, eat it baby, eat it."


The shame that I felt, when it was finally all over and he let me raise back up off of it, was unreal. The shame wasn't coming from the fact that some old man had just gotten me to go all the way with his warm stiff boner. The shame was coming from the fact that for some strange reason that I'd wanted to do it and I didn't know why.

He didn't know that I was ashamed of what he'd just gotten me to do to him and even if he had known, he probably wouldn't have even cared. All he cared about was getting his old cock sucked on again by somebody, anybody and somehow he'd gotten another little boy to do it up in the balcony, at the dark movie theater

He'd not only gotten me to suck on it but he'd also gotten me to swallow, something that I knew was...Nasty, but somehow he'd gotten me to do it anyway.

When it was finally over and he let me back up off of it, I ran down into the boy's bathroom and hid in the last stall.

I don't know who or what I was hiding from, was I hiding from myself?

When I was finally able to come back out of the boy's bathroom, I couldn't go back up into the dark balcony, where he was still sitting, I don't know why.

If I said that I didn't have the strangest feeling going through me, as I sat there with the warm white cum of a full grown man,down in my little belly, I'd be lying, because I did.

It was the warm feeling of being satisfied but I wouldn't know that until he'd gotten me to go down on him 3 or 4 more times, up in the dark balcony of the old movie theater and then even started getting me to come over to his house on saturday's, where first he and then eventually 2 of his older horny friend's started having their way with me to, instead of me going to the movies.
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