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Caroline had been babysitting every since she was all of 12 year's old but Caroline wasn't what you'ld call the normal babysitter, because she wouldn't babysit just anybody, Caroline would only babysit boy's. Uh huh, that's right, young 9 to 13 year old boy's. Boy's that were running around with their little boner's in their hands and didn't know what to do with them. But Caroline sure did, because she sucked on them, each and every chance that she got.

Caroline's first experience at cocksucking, came when she was only 13 year's old and a young little 8 year old boy that she was babysitting, showed her his tiny little boner, while he was wet and in the bathtub.

No, she hadn't been spying on him while he was taking his bath. In fact the whole thing had started out so innocent, by her just opening the bathroom door, to make sure that Dennis was really taking his bath and that's when it happened.

Dennis had shown his little cock to girl's before but they'ed all been little and younger girl's and this one was older, much older and he couldn't resist the temptation, as she opened the bathroom door and said, " Are you taking your bath Dennis " and he just stood-up and said, " Uh huh, see."

Caroline had seen boner's before but something about Dennis's little boner intrigued her and she couldn't stop looking at it.

Even Dennis could see that there was something going on, deep inside of Caroline's mind and that's when he reached down, took ahold of his little boner and whispered, " Wanna wash it, for me?"

Caroline had wanted to touch some of the boy's boner's, that she'd been babysitting for a long, long, time but she'd always been afraid of what they'ed think of her, if she did something like that. But here was a boy, that was not only asking her if she wanted to touch it but also giving her a chance to rub and feel on it, as she washed it off, with the soapy water.

Caroline couldn't answer him because of what was happening deep down inside of her, as her tiny little nipple's started to harden and for the first time in her life, she felt...the warmth...of the blood, as it flowed down into her little pussy. Her tiny little pussy, that didn't even have hair on it yet, it still had peach-fuzz and not very much of it.

" Well, do ya?"..." Do ya wanna wash it or do you wanna watch me to doing it?"

The fear that went through Caroline was unreal. The fear of loosing her chance to touch a young boy's boner was slipping away and she didn't know how to stop it.

Even though Dennis didn't know exactly what was going through her mind, he could see and feel the turmoil that was going through her and that's when he decided to help her out and grabbed her hand.

Neither of them said a word and when he saw that she wasn't going to try and draw her little hand back, he went ahead and pulled it all the way over to his little boner and held it there until she grabbed ahold of it and he whispered, " Wash it Caroline " and she did.

The feel of Dennis's hard little boner in her hand was like nothing that Caroline had ever felt before. It was smooth, it was warm and she couldn't get over how the loose skin on the outside of it, moved back and forth on it, as she soaped it down and started washing on it.

Even though Dennis had never cum yet, he could still feel something strange happening down inside of his little boner, like it was swelling-up and getting even bigger and that scared him, as he let out a little whimper and whispered, " Don't hurt it."

Caroline looked right into his eyes and while still pulling and rubbing on it gently, said, " I won't, I won't hurt it Dennis, I promise."

By now, Caroline was jacking it, even though she didn't even know what jacking a boy's cock off meant, yet. All she knew was that the faster she mover her little hand back and forth on it, the more of the warmth that she felt, going down into her little pussy.

All of a sudden Dennis whimpered and said, " OW " and as she looked down at his little cock, that was still in her hand, she saw a little red streak appearing on the end of it and knew that she'd scratched it.

" Oh no, no, I'm sorry Dennis, I'm sorry."

Even though the little scratch didn't really hurt very much, Dennis saw it as his only chance to get her to do more with it, than just wash it off and that's when he looked right at her and said, " Kiss it Caroline, kiss it and make it feel better."

Caroline was shocked, to say the least, when she heard him saying that but she wasn't so shocked, that she'd let go of his boner because she didn't. In fact if anything, she grabbed ahold of it tighter and even squeezed on it or at least it sure seemed that way to Dennis, as he stood there and told her to do it again. " Kiss it Caroline, kiss it."

Just when Dennis thought that she wasn't going to do it, Caroline let go of his little boner, reached down into the bath water and started splashing water up all over it, washing all of the soapy white bubble's off of it, so she could get at it better.

Dennis didn't know what to think, as he watched the older girl, as she finished washing his little cock off and then without saying a word, just bent down and kissed it. Kissed it where the little scratch was running down across the end of it.

" There, does that feel better, Dennis?"

Dennis didn't know what to say, he'd never had a girl kiss his little cock before and all he could do was stand there mumbling and looking stupid.

" Dennis, Dennis, are you ok?"..." Does it feel better yet or do I need to kiss it again?"

Before he could even answer her, Caroline had knelt down beside the white bathtub, where her little mouth was now even with his young stiff boner, taken ahold of it and kissed it again.

Even though Dennis couldn't understand what was really going on inside of her, he could see by her eyes that something was happening and the next thing he knew, she was leaning towards it and licking softly on the end of it.


" Oh, Oh Caroline, what are you doing?"

Caroline didn't answer him, she couldn't, she just kept licking on the end of it, faster and faster, like she was trying to get something to happen to it and when nothing did, she opened her tiny little mouth and slipped it down over the end of it and started sucking.

" Umm..Umm " Slurp...Slurp...................................." Umm "

Without even knowing what he was really doing, Dennis grabbed ahold of her little head, with both of his hands and started working his little boner back and forth in her warm sucking mouth, faster and faster.

Pretty soon the only sounds that were coming from the bathroom, were the little soft sucking sounds that Caroline was making on it, as Dennis stood there in the bathtub and got her to suck on it.


As soon as Dennis had grabbed ahold of her head, Caroline had let go of his little boner and started squeezing gently on his tiny little nut-sac, like she was trying to milk them, even though she didn't even know that you could do that yet.

" Ow, Ow, What are you doing?"..." Please don't do that, it hurts."

" Ohhh, I'm sorry Dennis, that's the last thing that I want to do to you, believe me."

Without saying anymore to him, Caroline moved his little boner aside and kissed his tiny little nut-sac.

" Oh yeah, that's it Caroline, make it feel better, take the pain away."

By the time that he'd finished saying that, Caroline had her little tongue out and was licking on them again and again, caressing his tiny little nut-sac, with her warm soft tongue, until he couldn't stand it anymore and pushed her away from them.

Caroline didn't understand what was going on and just as she thought that she'd done something wrong, Dennis turned around and bent over, right there in front of her.

" Nooo, Nooo Dennis, I can't do that."

" Yes, you can, do it."

" Nooo Dennis, that's nasty."

" No it isn't, I washed it off just before you came into the bathroom, I was down in the water, remember."

Caroline didn't know whether to believe him or not, as she reached out, slowly spread his tiny little plump butt-cheeks apart and saw his tiny little asshole, that was nestled up inbetween them.

" Come-on, kiss it Caroline, I won't tell anyone that you did it, I promise."

Once again Caroline felt the warmth of the blood flowing down into her little 13 year old pussy and the next thing she knew, she had her little face pushed up inbetween his butt-cheeks and was licking on it, just like he wanted her to.


" Oh, uh huh, uh huh, that's it, lick it Caroline, lick it."

All at once the strangest little shiver went through Caroline, as her little back arched and her tiny little pelvis started quivering.

" Ohhh, Ohhh, Dennis, Dennis."

" What, what's the matter caroline, what's the matter?"

Caroline couldn't answer him because her little girl juices had started flowing and since that had never happened to her before, she thought that she was peeing and she was so embarrassed about it, that she got up, ran over to the toilet and jerked her panties down.

" What's the matter Caroline?"

" Shhh, be quiet Dennis, be quiet."

Caroline was so embarrassed, as she sat there on the old white toilet with her tiny little leg's spread and waited for something more to come out but nothing ever did. It was all down in her tiny little panties, where it had flowed out of her pretty pussy, while Dennis had her kneeling down beside the white bathtub and licking on his tiny little asshole.

Neither of them said a word, as she calmly pulled her panties back up and left him standing there in the bathtub, as she left the bathroom, just like nothing had happened.

to be continued:
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