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When I was in junior high-school, my best friend Bobby came back to school after summer vacation and shocked me by telling me that he'd fucked a man. Yes, you read that right, he'd fucked a man. Some old man that had picked him up while he was out hitch-hiking one night, played with his young stiff boner long enough to get Bobby horny and then offered Bobby $20.00, if he'd fuck him with it.

" What do ya mean, you fucked a man?"

" Just what I said Billy, he had a little jar of vaseline in his car and after he rubbed it all over my hard stiff boner and then some on his tiny little asshole, it slipped right up into him."

" Oh shit, you fucked him up the ass?"

" Yes Billy, where else do ya think that I coulda fucked him?"

" I don't know, maybe in the mouth or whatever, I mean like I've heard that some older men like to give young boy's blowjob's, because their cum tastes sweeter or something like that."

" Ya but the $20.00 bucks is what I wanted, not a stupid blowjob."

" I don't know about that, I like getting a blowjob myself and besides, how'd it feel?"

" What do ya mean, how'd it feel, I fucked him, that's how it felt."

" No stupid, I mean how'd his little asshole feel, while it was wrapped around your young hard cock?"

" I don't know, it was warm and soft and really tight, I do remember that."

" Like a pussy?"

" Uh huh, something like that only tighter, believe it or not."

" Oh Fuck yeah, where'd he pick you up?"

" Down on 7th and main, you know, where I usually go to hitch-hike, when it's late at night and I'm trying to get home."

" Oh, oh yeah and it's kinda dark down there to, isn't it?"

" Uh huh and that's why the old men like it there, because no one can see them and see who they really are when they're picking you up, to do whatever."

" Oh, kinda like it's a secret or something like that?"

" Uh huh and besides most of them are married."

" What, Oh shit, really?"

" Uh huh."

" But what about their wives, don't they care that their old man's out picking up young boys?"

" Shit yes, they'd care, if they knew about it, but what did I tell you earlier?"

" What do ya mean?"

" It's dark stupid and no one can see who they are, when they've got you getting into the car with them."

" Oh, that's right, sorry."

I don't know why it was happening, but I could feel myself starting to get a boner and I had to get out of there before Bobby saw how much it was pushing out against the front of my levis and asked me what that was all about, as he pointed at it.

" Shit, It's later than I thought, I gotta go Bobby, I'll see ya tomorrow, ok."

" Sure Billy, but don't tell anyone what I just told ya, ok?"

" Ok Bobby, I won't tell, I promise."

If I said that I went home right away I'd be lying because I didn't. Instead of going home, I hid and watched as Bobby headed down towards his little hitch-hiking place to catch a ride.

What happened next shocked even me, as I found myself walking over to 7th and Main and sticking my thumb out to.

I was horny, fuck yes I was horny and there was no doubt about it, because my young boner was hard as a rock and screaming for attention, down in my levis.

I hadn't even had my thumb out for a whole 2 minutes when an old dark car pulled up and the old man inside calmly rolled his automatic window down and offered me a ride.

It was an old man alright and I was hoping that it was the same old man that my friend Bobby had just told me about, as I sat there quietly on the front seat of the old car with him, slowly spreading my little leg's apart for him, ever so slightly, coaxing him into coming and getting it and he did.

He didn't even say anything to me, he just slid his old hand, that was down on the car seat down inbetween us, over to my little thigh and then up and over it, down into where my little leg's were slightly spread apart for him and started to rub me down there, until he felt me my young boner getting harder and harder for him.

I couldn't believe all of the strange little noises that were coming out of him, as he played with it while it was still trapped down inside of my levis.

" Can I see it, will you take it out for me?"

" No, but you can can take it out, if you really want to."

It was almost like I'd just told a little kid, that he could have whatever he wanted to in a candy store, as he started fumbling with the buttons on my levis, undoing them one by one, until he finally saw my little white cotton underwear inside, jerked them down out of the way and took ahold of it.

" Ohhh, can I ?"

" Can you what?"

" Can I suck on it...please?"

Before I could even answer him and say yes or no, he'd bent down over it and was licking all over the end of it, with his warm soft tongue.

" Oh shit, Mister."

" You like having your cock licked on, don't ya boy?"

" Uh huh."


" Oh yeah."

" You wanna fuck me?"

" Nooo."

" Why not?"

" Because that's nasty, that's why."

" But what if I gave you $10.00 dollars to do it, would you do it then?"

" Nooo."

" Please, I'll give you $20.00, how about it?"

" Here?"

" No, at my house,ok?"

" I don't know, where do ya live?"

" Just a few blocks from here."

" Oh."

" Well, will you?"

" I don't know."

" I don't have anymore money or I'd give it to you."

" $20.00 dollars is enough, but we have to hurry."

" Ok."

Neither of us talked anymore, as I sat there and let him drive me over to his house and then quietly went into the house with him.

Little did I know that he had all kinds of web-cam's hidden all over the house and was about to tape me, while I was having sex with him, so he could watch it again later after I'd gone and he could cum again.

" Wanna watch some dirty movie's first?"

" Ok, I guess so."

" Do you like anything special?"

" No, not really."

I couldn't let him know that I'd never seen a dirty movie before, although I had seen some of the dirty pictures, that one of the older boy's had brought to school with him and then gotten all of the younger boy's to go into the boy's bathroom with him, one by one and look at them.

Is that why he'd done it, trying to see what the littler boy's liked about them, so that maybe he could have his way with one or two of them later, just like the older man was about to do with me right now?"

Even I'd noticed, that one of the littler boy's was blushing while he was looking at a picture, a picture of a boy doing a young little girl on the livingroom floor, dogstyle.

Had the littler boy already been done dogstyle himself, by an older boy or maybe even an older man? Is that why he was blushing while he was looking at the picture, because he was remembering what it felt like to have a warm stiff boner moving back and forth in him?

Or is that it, that he wanted to be done dogstyle by an older boy or maybe even an older man and that he was just to afraid to admit it, yet?

I was shocked later on in life, when I found out just how many of us had had a warm stiff boner shoved up our little ass'es, when we were little. If for no other reason than the fact that we were little and couldn't or wouldn't even try and stop, whoever was doing it.

Some of us liked it and some of us didn't, who knows why.

The old man gave me a can of soda pop, put a movie in the vcr, turned it on, told me to go ahead and watch it and drink all of the soda before coming into the bedroom where he'd be waiting for me.

I wanted to run out of his house, I really did, but my little boner was still hard and screaming for attention, believe it or not. I don't know how long I sat there and watched the movie before I couldn't take it anymore and sat the can down. All I know is that my little boner was still hard as a rock and screaming for attention, as I kicked my shoes off, pulled my levis and then my white cotton underwear all the way down and stepped out of them. I felt stupid standing there with nothing on now but my T-shirt, so I jerked it up over my head, dropped it down onto the floor, next to my levis and my little white cotton underwear.

I felt so weird, as I went into his dark bedroom naked, with my little boner sticking straight out and knowing full well, what I was about to do with it. I was gonna fuck a man, a full grown man with it, just because he wanted me to and he was gonna pay me $20.00 to do it.

When my eye's finally adjusted to the light or lack of it in the bedroom, I saw that he was up on the bed, on his hands and knees, with a little jar of vaseline in his hand and waiting for me.

I had the strangest feeling, I can't even describe it, as I crawled up onto the huge bed with him, let him take ahold of my young stiff boner and smear some of the vaseline all over the end of it. What he didn't get on my warm hard boner, he reached back and smeared it all along the edge of his tiny little asshole, making it glisten in the night-light, as I crawled up behind him, put the head of my young stiff boner up against his tiny little asshole, grabbed ahold of his wide hips, so that he couldn't get away from me and............shoved.

" AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH NOOO, NOOO, don't hurt it, don't hurt it, please don't hurt it."

" Oh shit, I'm sorry Mister, I thought that that's the way that you wanted it."

" Nooo, no, I don't like pain."

My young hard boner was all the way up inside of him by now and as I started to back it out of him, he reached back, grabbed ahold of me, started whimpering and saying, " Leave it in, leave it in, I'll get used to it " and eventually he did.

Even though it was almost completely dark in the old man's bedroom, I could still see what I was doing. That I was fucking a man, a full grown man, up his big ass and it was starting to make me feel weird, really weird inside and we'd just started.



" Shut-up Mister, you wanted it up your ass and I'm giving it to you."


I didn't care if I was hurting him or not, as I kept pulling back on his hips and ramming my young stiff boner up into his warm tight ass, faster and faster, harder and harder.


I don't know if he told me to do it or if I just did it on my own, all I know is that one minute I was pulling back on his wide spread hips, ramming my young hard boner up into him dogstyle, harder and harder and the next thing I knew, I was leaning down over him and had reached under him, taken ahold of his old boner and was jacking on it as fast as I could and trying to make him cum.

When I'd taken ahold of it, it wasn't very hard but the longer I jerked on it, the harder it got, until eventually it was almost as hard as mine and I had it fucking my little hand, just like it was a little pussy.

I still had my young stiff boner shoved all the way up inside of him and was moving it all around, when all at once his back arched and the loudest moan came out of him, as the warm white liquid started spurting out of the end of his old swollen cock, again and again and again.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Squirt....." Aghhh." Squirt/Squirt/Squirt......................................................Squirt

As soon as his warm white cum started spewing out of the end of his old hard cock, he dropped down onto the bed, with me still holding onto him and riding him all the way down, as he started fucking the old white bedspread and smearing it, with his warm white cum.

Just feeling him squirming under me like that, as he dry fucked the bed, did something to me and the next thing I knew, I started pushing my young stiff boner up into him harder and harder, faster and faster and made him moan even louder.



I don't know how long I'd been laying on top of him and fucking him like that after he'd collapsed down onto the bed, before I lost it and the next thing I knew, my young hard cock erupted and started jerking, again and again and again, spewing its warm white sticky cum all over up inside of him, just like he wanted it to.

" Agghhhhh."..............................................Squirt........Squirt

" Ohhh,".......................................................Squeeze/squeeze



Just feeling his tight little asshole clamping down around my young hard boner and squeezing on it like that, again and again and again, made me wanna cum even more but I couldn't and I just ended up laying there on top of him poking him with it again and again and again, until my young stiff boner finally went away.

Neither of us said a word, as I slowly raised back up off of him and watched as my now simi-hard boner slowly slid back out of his tight little asshole, before I jumped up and ran into the bathroom.

I don't know why I had a need to wash my cock off so fast, because there really wasn't anything on it, believe it or not. I think that I had the need to wash it off, because I still thought that fucking a man up the ass or anybody else for that matter, was really nasty or something like that.

Did my friend Bobby feel the same way after he'd fucked him up the ass to?

Did he feel like he'd done something nasty?

Or was it just me?

When I was finally able to come back out of the bathroom, he was already dressed and he told me to get dressed to, so he could take me home and I did.

All I could think about as I kept looking over at him, as he drove me home, was how he still had my warm white cum up inside of him and how you wouldn't even know it, if you saw him driving down the street.

How many times had I seen an older man driving down the street late at night, that was smiling because once again he the cum of a young boy or maybe even 2 or 3 young boy's deep up inside of him and now he was satisfied?

Yes, satisfied and happy, even though I wouldn't understand that one until many year's later.

Many year's later when the young boy's started getting me to bend over in front of them to and letting them drive their young stiff boner's up into me hard and fast, just like this old man had just let me do.

As soon as he had me in front of my house, he gave me the $20.00 bill and told me that he'd see me again, as I got out of the car and watched as he calmly drove away.

He was right, he would see me again. Again and again and again, whenever he wanted to.
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