Teacher punishes two 7th grade girls
Brutal Punishment by Teacher, Pt. 3 Jan. 21, 2007 (Becky and me both get in trouble)
First part under Brutal Punishment by Teacher, Nov. 02, 2006
Second part under Brutal Punishment by Teacher, Pt. 2 Dec. 02, 2006 (Sleepover at Becky's)
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Dear Diary,

After Becky and I 'played' with each other last night and I told her what Mr. Force, our 7th grade math teacher, had done to me we made a plan to get both of us punished. Being young girls discovering sex stuff was exciting.

A week earlier I was a virgin that was brutally sexually punished but later realized I liked his hard abuse of my body. Last night I found out, as Becky did, I like doing stuff with girls too. Kissing her nipples and licking her private place then her doing more to me was a thrill. She's my best friend and is a little more developed than me though we're the same age. Plus she's so pretty and nice.

Becky's never touched a peepee and wanted to get Mr. Force to do to her what he did to me. But she also wanted me to be there so we made our plan.

Today in math class we again were talking when we weren't supposed to and made it very obvious as we passed notes to each other, that's what got me in trouble. This time Mr. Force saw us and told both of us "to stay after class". Math is our last class of the day so he knows he can take his time with us.

"Cindy, you didn't learn your lesson last week about acting up in class and Becky you need to be punished this time", Mr. Force said. "You two go change into your gym clothes, you're going to run some laps around the school. We replied, "yes sir" and went to our gym lockers and changed.

Mr. Force told us to do 5 laps around the school then come see him. We ran our laps and went to his classroom. "You two need to take a shower" he says, "go to the locker room and shower up." So we go to take a shower. Becky and I talk on the way there about why Mr. Force hasn't done to us what he did to me last week.

We undress and get in the shower, nobody's around so Becky and I kiss and finger each other in our coochies. I slip a hand soaked in cunny juice to her tooshie and slide a finger into her bootie hole. "Oh, that's why you liked it when I put my hairbrush handle in there, it feels weird but good" Becky says. She lathers my smooth cunny as I finger her bootie hole and cunny at the same time.

Not paying attention all of a sudden we hear a loud voice "what are you two doing? Get out of the shower now!" It was Mr. Force and he sounded like he did when he abused my body last week. Becky and I acted nervous but we knew our plan had finally started working.

Standing in front of Mr. Force with water soaking our young bodies we pretend to cover our boobies and private area. "All right you two, it seems you just can't quit acting up together, so together you will learn another stern lesson." He continues, "Cindy, Becky, towel off and get up on the padded trainer's table, only put on your panties, NOW!"

Running to our lockers we dry off as fast as we can, slip on our cotton white panties and run over to the trainer's table. That's where the older girls who play sports get taken care of if injured, that kind of stuff. We jump up on the table and see Mr. Force coming around the corner. He's got that look in his eyes that terrified me last week, this time I got tingly down there.

He's holding his paddle in one hand and this pipe like thing I've seen the track team use and pass to each other while running. It's about 2" around with rounded ends, they call it a baton. I knew what he could do with the paddle but the tube thing was something new.

"Ok you two, bend over the ends of the table facing each other so you can see the pain in your faces as I spank you," he commands. We jump to the floor and quickly hang over the ends of the table. Our feet don't touch the ground, Mr. Force walks behind me, "Becky" he says, "Cindy knows what's about to happen but you don't, and I want you to watch her first so you'll see."

He's getting ready to use that wooden paddle, holes drilled in it, long round handle, to beat me like he did before. Smack, smack, smack, he hits me three times. It stings and hurts but oddly my coochie gets wet a little. He hits me three more times, each time my legs jump and I squirm.

"Becky, you see this? I'm going to do it to you next." Three more smacks on my butt and a few tears roll out my eyes. Mr. Force says, "you're close Cindy" and then pulls my panties down around my knees. I feel the sting of the paddle two more times and my bootie feels like it is burning. Becky is now looking scared.

Mr. Force leaves there with a command to not move. He walks around the table to Becky's end. She already has tears in her eyes, I think she no longer likes our plan. I wink at her and it seems to calm her some.

This time Mr. Force yanks her panties down before he hits her with the paddle. "You're getting no mercy because you need to learn your lesson for the first time" he says meanly. I watch as he swings the paddle way back then hits her on her butt. Her face squints with pain as her body jumps in reaction to the brutal violent paddling she's getting. Mr. Force is a large muscular man and can hit hard, as I well know.

Three swats at a time she gets but they are on her bare rear end. It doesn't take but two sessions to have her bawling. "Mr. Force, please stop spanking me it hurts so bad." In a cool calm voice he says "that's not even all the hurt you're going to feel, now shut-up." I know what he means.

One more three smack session and he stops, putting the paddle on a seat nearby. There we are hanging off each end of the table, bare booties red and burning sticking up in the air, and this punishment has only begun. Becky's crying stops and she winks back at me, it shows that she is learning to like the abuse also.

Mr. Force turns back to us, "so I saw what you two were doing in the shower, I watched you for awhile. If you want to act like that then I'll tell you what to do. Scoot up onto the table." We pull ourselves up on the table sitting side by side in the middle, panties still pulled down, we are too afraid to do anything other than he tells us.

Grabbing my panties he pulls them to my ankles like he did Becky before beating her tooshie. "Cindy, lay on your back across the table," I do, "Becky get on top of her at her knees." She does. "Becky get between Cindy's legs and kiss her on her pussy" he commands. Becky looks up at him and asks "what's a pussy Mr. Force?" He says back "it's between her legs, that slit you were rubbing in the shower."

Becky pulls my legs up, and gets between my knees. My legs rest on her back because I still have my pooh bear cotton panties around my ankles. She scoots up to me and lowers her head into my waist. I can feel her hot breathe on my smooth coochie as she gets closer.

"Put your mouth on her cunt" Mr. Force demands. She doesn't need to ask what a cunt is because he's already told her where she's supposed to kiss me. Becky's mouth touches my cunny and my hips rise slightly to meet her lips. My head is slightly spinning, I'm tingly and getting wet down there.

She starts to kiss me lightly all over my private place. I look over at Mr. Force and see he's unzipped his pants and is moving his hand up and down his man peepee. It looks as big as it did last week, I guess he likes seeing us girls together. We like it too.

He makes us do this for some time but we don't mind. Becky is licking and sucking my button and I'm bucking my hips into her face. Her head is moving all over as she licks my coochie.

Mr. Force is still holding his weewee, it looks even bigger now. Then he says "Becky now you lay on your back. Cindy turn around and straddle Becky's face while you put your mouth on her pussy." As we move to get in this position Becky gets on her back and I slip in between her legs as we both still have our panties around our ankles.

My mouth moves down to Becky's cunny while I lower my cunny to her mouth. Now we are both licking and sucking each other. Why didn't we think about that last night when we were playing with each other? Seems obvious now.

We continue this for a while as Mr. Force watches us, both of us are really into kissing each other in our private places. I can taste her juices and it makes me feel good, better than that salty stuff from boys. Grinding my waist into her mouth as she bucks her hips up into my tongue we are squirming around the table. Soon it will get really dirty when Mr. Force wants it to.

As I'm pressing my coochie into Becky's face I feel a hand on my tooshie. Soon I feel two hands pulling my bootie apart exposing my poopie hole. A wet tongue starts licking my poopie hole, Mr. Force has his face between my cheeks.

This is a familiar feeling from the last time he abused my body and it makes me grind harder into Becky and lick her faster. My hole relaxes and Mr. Force sticks his tongue into my poopie hole, pulls out, and does it more, it feels so good. Then he smacks my cheeks with his hand and it makes me more excited. Now I'm all over Becky's mouth and enjoying Mr. Force's tongue in my bootie as he spanks my cheeks with his hands.

Mr. Force stops and gets off the table as we continue kissing our privates. I can barely see him as he goes over to the chair and gets his paddle. After removing his pants he gets back on the table.

"Cindy, get all the way up on your knees above Becky's head, Becky slide back a little." He moves forward so now she is just under his waist and I'm still close to her waist. Mr. Force grabs Becky's panties pulling her legs back hooking her panties around the back of his neck. Mine are practically pressing around Becky's neck.

With her in this position her butt is lifted off the table, Mr. Force is straddling her face, my butt is up in the air and I have a direct view of her poopie hole. He hits me a few times with the paddle which sends my head down to Becky's butt.

"Lick her asshole you dirty young cunt sucker! That's it, lick her butt hole and put your tongue in her like I did you bitch." I could tell he was getting more mean like he did with just me. While I'm putting my tongue in Becky's bootie hole he hits me more with the paddle. Her moaning gets muffled and I feel Mr. Force leaning on my back.

Looking back I see that Mr. Force is putting his man sized weewee deep into Becky's mouth. I remember that feeling of having this huge hot peepee in my mouth, can't breathe and gagging feeling like I have to throw-up.

Licking Becky's butt hole I get so tingly in my cunny I can feel it getting wetter. She's so pretty and soft I like doing anything with her. Mr. Force was almost choking her where she didn't know what I was doing yet she kept pressing into my tongue as it penetrated her poopie hole. That's when Mr. Force gave his next commands.

He swatted my butt one more time not thinking how it now excited me. "Cindy, take this paddle and butt fuck Becky like I did you." By now Becky's cunny was so thick with tasty stuff first I went in her there.

Soon the paddle handle was slick so I could put it in her poop place. As I moved there with the paddle placing the round handle on her puckered hole Mr. Force pressed his huge peepee on my cunny. Becky's bootie hole began to relax and the handle slowly moved in her hole. As that was happening I felt Mr. Force slide his fat dick into my pussy, as he called it.

Since I'd only been played with inside that place once before, by him, it still hurt as he jammed himself into me. Becky was resisting my putting the paddle in her tooshie but I knew she'd like it eventually like me.

There we were, Becky on her back, me straddling her while putting the paddle in her butt, Mr. Force putting his penis in my tiny hairless coochie. "Lick my balls Becky as I fuck Cindy, her juices will be running down my nuts and you need to lick them off me." His jamming into my cunny became harder as he said that, I started pumping the paddle in Becky's bootie hole faster to match his ramming in me.

I could feel her head lift up to his family jewels. Her hair barely touched my thighs and I knew she was excited and scared at the same time. Mr. Force's thrust got harder and faster, soon he was going to release that man goo in me.

He grabbed my hips and rammed me really hard a few times before pulling me deep onto him. Soon the feeling of hot man stuff was flooding my cunny, Mr. Force stiffening as his dick pressed really far in my young only once violated pussy. He stays in me for awhile, then begins to pull out of my hard worked coochie.

"When I pull out of you Cindy putt your pussy on Becky's mouth, I want you to squeeze your cunt muscles so my cum drips into her mouth. Becky, I'll warn you like Cindy that you better swallow every bit or your punishment will get worse."

As I feel Mr. Force's peepee plop out of my pussy, as he calls it, I press down on Becky's face. He's rubbing his penis between my bootie cheeks and I'm tensing my cunny muscles like when I pee. This warm goo in me squirts out and she tries to swallow all she can. I hear her gagging and trying to not throw up, she's never tasted that stuff he shoots out of him.

The paddle is buried deep in her tooshie and I slowly pull it out of her. Just like he did to me, Mr. Force tells me to turn around and make her lick it clean. Becky has had to lick my juices, swallow salty man goo that I squeezed out of my pussy, now lick clean what was up her butt. Nothing I hadn't experienced last week during Mr. Force's punishment of me.

I know we aren't done yet. Becky looks as if she's detached, glazed eyes but appears to be somewhat excited. Her cunny is dripping stuff and she hasn't been abused there.

Becky and I collapse on each other, breathing heavily as we both are experiencing this punishment. Mr. Force is standing off to the side of the table looking at us. I can't imagine what he wants us to do next.

It doesn't take long to find out.

"Sit up in the middle of the table girls." We move and get close together facing each other. "Now get up on your knees, turn around so your asses are touching" he says and we do. He grabs that pipe looking thing, the track people call it a baton. He pushes us slightly apart and I feel this cold hard thing pressing in my cunny.

It goes deep in me and I buck away from it because it is so deep and hurts. He pulls it slightly out of me and as I look back I see the other end going into Becky. He then grabs both us on our backs and pulls us together, booties touching.

The pipe thing is now in both of our coochies, deep and pressing. "You two fuck yourselves with this while I watch" he says. Fuck ourselves? "What do you mean Mr. Force?" He grabs a thigh on each of us and pulls us apart then slams us together again. Both of us can feel the baton moving into our privates, and it feels good. But I know to not let him see that because he will hurt me even more.

His hand goes back to his man peepee, moving up and down it as it gets harder. Becky and I rock back and forth as the baton moves into me and her. We do this and get faster and harder until we are slamming into each other, heads back and getting gooey in our pussies.

Mr. Force again has a really big and hard penis in his hand. He pulls us apart and removes the baton from our cunnies.

"Cindy, Becky, I want you two to come down to this end of the table" he commands. "Cindy, bend over the end like when I was paddling you, Becky lay over the top of her the same way." Our bodies were stacked on top of each other, bent over with our butts again available to Mr. Force's perverted sexual abuse of young girls.

He attacks my bootie hole first with one violent stabbing of his hard weewee. This is how he raped my butt last week, just ripping me apart with his hard dick in my bootie hole. After many pumps of him into my butt hole he pulls out.

Becky doesn't know what he's about to do. She feels a pressure again at her bootie hole like I did with the paddle handle but I was gentle violating her butt. Mr. Force is mean and vile when he punishes girls. The pressure grows and I can feel Becky resisting his advance. She can't, he's too strong, laying against her back sandwiching her between him and me.

I feel his legs move knowing Becky is going to taking his hard huge dick in a brutal thrust up her bung hole. She's gripping the table edges trying to steady herself but to no avail, he rams into her butt with no compassion.

His grunting gets more pronounced, his thrusting more severe. Becky is screaming in pain but Mr. Force doesn't care, he likes it the more you cry or scream. Rough jab after jabbing of him into her he pulls out and puts him in me. "I want you two whores to kiss while I ass fuck you," so we turn our heads to each other and kiss. Our tongues circle each other's and we passionately embrace.

Mr. Force is swapping brutal butt hole sex with us but we are kissing and enjoying ourselves. By now both our holes have relaxed and realized he's going to rip our tooshies apart so try to enjoy it.

Moving from my butt to Becky's Mr. Force grabs me by the hair pushing my face into the table and Becky's face. He then grabs Becky's head and forces her face into mine. As we are tonguing each other's mouths Mr. Force is raping my butt then Becky's a few strokes into us each.

He gets in Becky one last time and unloads a large amount of that gooey salty stuff that comes out of his peepee. When he pulls out of her butt hole the goo pours out of her bootie. I can feel it drain out of her and down my butt split. Mr. Force is standing behind us.

"Cindy, stay where you are, Becky get off her and clean every bit of cum off her ass." So Becky licks my bootie until all his goo is off. "Cindy, now your turn, Becky squat over Cindy's face and push my cum out of your ass into her mouth. Then I want you two to clean off my cock."

After Becky unloads wads of Mr. Force's stuff into my mouth we get on our knees in front of him. His penis is still pretty hard and bounces in front of our faces. We both begin licking his man size weewee from the tip to his balls. He tastes gross but we must do what he says. There's cunny, bootie, and his goo coated all over it. But we lick him until he's happy.

Mr. Force walks over and puts on his pants, grabs his paddle, and leaves us on our knees worn out. Becky and I look at each other, semi-smile at each other, and kiss. We dress to go home.

Later that night we decide to stay over at my house. We've showered and are clean again. Although we were both sore from our punishment earlier that day we are in bed and horny. So, we do as girls do, we got naked and nasty.

I think we like this sex thing, we keep doing it.

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Well isn't the USA in the dogshit now! Love it when bullies get their comeuppance!

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2009-03-03 05:05:26
god ur really an ignorant american asshole if you really think that america is the best country and all the other countries are our bitches, have you ever traveled or tried to learn about another culture. just because america likes to boss everybody around doesnt mean they are the greatest nation in the world. people like you are the reason im not proud to be an american

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2009-02-22 00:19:25
teachme, you need to get an education and you need to grow up. One can be a proud American, as I am, and also rationally acknowledge that interventionist America is responsible for a lot of the unrest and brutality throughout the world. Not for nothing is our country despised by many worldwide. True patriotism means loving your country enough to take a critical look at it and improve it. Not only has the US made lots of military blunders that have destablized nations elsewhere (and by the way, good ole Dubya gave the Taliban $60 mil roughly one year before 9-11), we have a lot to answer for at home: homelessness, a high infant-mortality rate, inadequate healthcare, mediocre public education, a high incarceration rate, etc etc etc -- a host of social problems that are far worse here than in most European countries. So stop being a stereotypical ugly (and ignorant) American and instead read a real newspaper everyday. Read mags like The Nation and Harper's and Utne. Open your mind.


2008-09-19 09:49:38
Yeah, in only 250 years we are the most powerful country on the planet, trumping the "allies" that are thousands of years old.

so suck my asshole you weak ass piece of shit! from what country is one of our bitches are you from? England, our bitch, Australia, our bitch, Canada, everyone's bitch, so what weak ass shitty bitch country you think can stand up to the US?

We're not ethnocentric, which by the way does not apply to country of origin you prententious asshole, just race, creed, or religion.

We just know that the US does more for the world, each and every country, than any other nation. How much has your country spent to help reduce AIDS in Africa?

So fuck off jealous of us bitch!

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