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When I was in the 5th grade, 2 of the older boy's from my school took me out behind the backboard after school and showed me their boner's.

I was more shocked than scared, mostly because I couldn't figure out why they were doing it and why they'ed picked me to show their boner's to, I didn't like boy's.

It wasn't until the oldest one, a boy named Dennis, reached out, took ahold of my little hand, pulled it over to his boner and then just held it there, until I finally understood what they wanted from me and I tried to pull my hand back but Dennis wouldn't let go of it. He wouldn't let go of it until I took ahold of his warm boner and started pumping on it, slowly.

" Oh yeah, that's it Harold, pump it, I knew you would."

I wanted to let go of it when I heard him saying that but I couldn't and somehow he knew it, as he stood there and got me to play with it, while the other boy, Bobby, stood there and watched him as he got me to do it.

He must of had me pumping on it for at least 3 or 4 minutes before all at once he pushed my hand away, took ahold of his swollen boner, that was sticking straight out in front of him by now and whispered, " Kiss it."

" Nooo."

" Why not, you want to, don't ya?"

" Nooo."

" Come on Harold, we heard all about you from Charlie, you know Charlie, one of the boy's that used to go to the same school that you did before you moved down here. The school where they called ya " FatButt Harold," because you like to take it up the ass, don't ya Harold?"

The shame that I felt as I heard him saying that was unreal. It was unreal because now somebody else knew how 3 of the older boy's from the high-school in the town that I used to live in, had caught me in the park one day, taken me behind the bushes and one after another, they had fucked me up my little ass, with their long skinny boner's.

They didn't care that I was a boy and that there was a little dick and a tiny little pair of ball's, hanging down below the tight little warm hole that they were fucking and not a little pussy, like there should have been. Their hormone's were raging and they had to fuck something and for whatever the reason, they'ed picked me. Probably because of the way that my little butt stuck out when I walked and how plump it was getting as I got older.

Just then the school bell rang and that meant that lunch time was over and that we had to go back to our classrooms.

Needless to say that I didn't sleep very well that night and I'm embarrassed to admit that I couldn't go to sleep because I was thinking about their boner's, while at the same time I was playing with myself.

It had been almost 6 months now since I'd moved to the new school and even though I'd been fingering my tiny little asshole and trying to keep it satisfied, by fingering it and then even 2 fingering it, it wasn't working anymore and I knew it.

Yes, my tiny little asshole needed to be satisfied by then because the 3 older boy's had not only gotten to it, they'ed gotten to it many times. In fact one of them was doing me almost every weekend before it was all over because I was starting to like how good it felt almost as much as he did.

The next day at school the fear set in, fear of what I don't know but it was there alright and I couldn't deny it.

I kept looking over at the BackBoard but I never saw Dennis or Bobby or anybody else for that matter, go over behind it. But just before lunch was over, my curiosity got the best of me and as I went over to the backboard and went around behind it, I saw them standing there, both of them.

" See Bobby, I told you he'd be back."

Dennis didn't waste any time, as he unbuttoned his levis, pulled his cock out and while he held it out to me he said, " Come on Harold, Kiss it, I won't tell anybody that you did it, I promise."

I don't know why him telling me that he wouldn't tell anybody how he'd gotten me to do it, made it alright for me to do it but it did. Because the next thing I knew, I'd looked all around to make sure that nobody could see what he was getting me to do to it and before he could say anything more to me, I'd bent down, taken ahold of it and kissed on the end of it, just like he'd told me to.

" Oh fuck, did you see that Bobby, he did it?"

" Oh yeah, I saw it Dennis, Charlie sure wasn't lying to us, was he."

Being a boy and having another boy getting you to kiss the end of his warm hard cock was bad enough, but being a boy and having another boy watching you, as the first boy gets you do it, degrades you even more and makes you feel submissive to both of them.

I guess that it's because they both know that you can be had now and that there's no way that you can get away from them now, until they've both had you and all 3 of you know it.

As soon as Bobby saw me bend down and kiss the end of Dennis's warm boner and raise back up again, he pulled his boner out and said, " Now mine," knowing full well that before he put it away again, that I'd have to kiss it and I did.

The embarrassing part wasn't that he'd gotten me to kiss on his warm boner to, while Dennis was standing there watching it. The embarrassing part came when my tiny little tongue came out, slid down under the swollen head and started licking and tasting underneath it, while I was still kissing on it and he told Dennis about what I'd done to it.

" Oh fuckkk, he licked down underneath it."

" I told you he liked the cock, let's get him to join the CLUB."

Once again, as the school bell rang, they put their cock's away and left me standing out there behind the Backboard, with the faint taste of their stale pee and even a little bit of pre-cum still in my mouth and wondering what THE CLUB was.

For the next 3 weeks, Dennis and Bobby got me to meet them out behind the Backboard, almost everyday at lunch time and even twice after school, before Dennis asked me if I wanted to join the CLUB that they had going.

I was ready by then and Dennis knew it, as once again he had me out there behind the BackBoard, sucking on his warm boner, while his friend Bobby was standing there making sure that nobody was coming and watching Dennis as he finally got me to start swallowing it.


" Oh fuck, he's eatin it Bobby, he's eatin it." " Fuck yeah, eat it Harold, eat it, eat my warm cum, just like you were born to do."


" I want your ass Harold, pull your pants down."

" Nooo, not here, please not here."

" Oh yeah, you want me to do it don't ya Harold?"

The embarrassment that I felt, as the 2 of them heard me whimper and then whisper, " Un huh," was unreal. But the need to feel a long skinny boner moving back and forth, up inside of my plump little ass again had taken over and there was no way that it was gonna go away again, until someone, anyone, had fucked me back there and I knew it.

" Where Harold, where can we do it?"

" I don't know, just not here, ok."

" How about the park, meet us at the park, just after dark, by the men's room."

I couldn't even look at them, as I turned my head away and whispered, " Ok " and once again they left me standing there behind the Backboard, as they went back into their classroom.

All I could think about for the rest of the day, as I sat there in my classroom, with a boner, believe it or not, was how good it was gonna feel, to feel a boy's warm hard boner, moving back and forth, up inside of me again.

I couldn't help it, I'd been COCKED up my little ass, when I was little and I'd liked it.

When it finally started to get dark, I found myself going down to the dark city park and there they were, both of them.

I can't even describe the feelings that were going through me, as they got me to follow them into the bathroom, the public bathroom, that didn't even have an outer door on it anymore.

" Stay here and make sure that nobody's coming Bobby, I get him first and then you can have him."

" Ok but hurry, I'm really horny."

" No Bobby, I'm not gonna hurry, I'm gonna fuck him for as long as he'll let me, ain't that right Harold."

I wanted to scream at them and tell them to shut-up and to just get it over with and then leave me alone but I couldn't. I couldn't do it because I didn't want them to get mad at me and just leave me standing there wanting it and not knowing who to turn to.

As Bobby watched the entrance, Dennis pulled me into the last stall with him, the only stall without a door on it and started undoing my pants, so he could get at my tiny little asshole.

I didn't even argue with him or even try and stop him, what was the use, he already knew that I'd been had before because of what the other boy Charlie from my old school had told him.

What I didn't understand was that after he had my pants undone and they'ed dropped down to my ankle's, he kneeled down in front of me to pull my little white cotton underwear down.

As soon as he had my little underwear down far enough to expose my little cock and my tiny little nut-sac, he started breathing faster and louder and I couldn't understand what was happening.

All at once a tiny little moan came out of him, as he leaded forward and started licking on them, first my little cock and then on my tiny little nut-sac, caressing my little ball's with his warm soft tongue.

I was shocked because none of the other older boy's that had had their way with me before, had ever licked on me down there and I didn't even know how to handle it.

Bobby was still over by the open doorway of the building and saying, " Come on Dennis, hurry, I told you, I'm horny."

But Dennis was in no hurry, especially now that my little cock had gotten hard for him and it was sticking straight out at him, like it was trying to coax him into sucking on it.

I could see by the look on his face that he wanted to suck on it but I could also see that he was afraid that I'd tell his friend Bobby, if he did something like that to me.

I don't know what happened next. I don't know where I got the courage or whatever it was, to grab ahold of his little head and whisper, " I won't tell him, I promise " and watched as he slowly opened his little mouth, let me slide the end of my little boner into his warm mouth and then just started sucking on it, like he had to do it.


I'd never had my cock sucked on before and now I could see why all if the older boy's at the other school, wanted me to suck on their warm hard boner's before they fucked me with it and yes, even sometimes after they'ed fucked me with it to.

I know that it sounds nasty to do that to them but by the time they were getting me to do that, I was as horny as they were but just in another way.

I don't know how long Dennis had been down there sucking on me, when all at once he just stopped, pulled away from it and as he stood-up, he whispered, " Turn around " and started undoing his levis.

As I turned around and he got a really good look at plump little ass, he grabbed ahold of it with both hands and said, " Oh fuck, you've got a really nice ass " and before I could say anything he added, " Bend over " and I did.

Even being bent over like that, I knew that he couldn't see what he wanted to, my tiny little asshole. He couldn't see it because my plump little butt cheeks were so big by then , that it was nestled way back inbetween them and moreorless hidden.

I couldn't wait any longer, I had to have it and without even being told to, I just reached back, grabbed ahold of both of my little plump butt cheeks and slowly spread them apart for him.

" Oh fuck, that's it, show me that tiny little asshole of your's Harold and tell me what you want me to do with it."

" Please."

" Please what?"

" You know, please."

" Say it."

" Nooo, I can't."

" Say it or I won't do it."

" Ohhh."

" Well?"

" Oh, please."

" Come on, that's it, say it."

" Oh please...................Please fuck me......Please."

As soon as he heard me say it, he grabbed ahold of my little ass, jerked back on my little hips, driving his long skinny boner up into my plump little ass and started fucking me, as I started screaming and trying to get away from him.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooo, Nooooooooo, not dry, please don't do me dry."

But he didn't care that he'd rammed his long stiff boner up into me dry and that my tiny little asshole was gonna end up all swollen and raw from him doing me like that, as he started working his warm stiff boner in and out of me, faster and faster.



" Oh shit yes, work it baby, work that little ass of your's."

The shame that I felt, as I saw a mental picture of what he was doing to me, bending me over an old white toilet, making me hold onto the hard cold toilet seat, with my pants and my little white cotten underwear pulled down, was unreal. But the need to feel a warm hard boner up inside of me again, fucking me up my plump little ass, far out weighed the shame of it all and the next thing I knew, I'd raised my ass up and was working up and down along his long stiff boner, as he let go of my little hips and he and his friend Bobby, just stood there and watched me doing it.

" Oh fuck yesss, you like that cock, really like that cock up in there, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh.................................................................Uh huh."

" Then ride it baby, ride it."


Just looking down and watching how his long stiff boner was dragging my tiny little asshole inside out, as it clung to his warm dry boner was to much for Dennis and all at once he drove it all the way up into my plump little ass and then just held it there, as it erupted and started squirting.



" Oh shit Harold, what are you doing?"


" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

As soon as Dennis was finished cuming in me and I felt his cock starting to slip back out of me, he bent down over me even further and whispered into my ear, " Turn around Harold and finish it."

Even though his cock didn't really look dirty to me as it hung there, I still knew that it had just been up inside of my plump little ass and that made it a nasty thing for me to do but I slipped my little mouth over the end of it anyway and started sucking on it, just like he'd told me to.


Bobby couldn't believe that Dennis could get me to do something like that because he knew that Dennis had just fucked me with it and that's when he came back to stall and watched Dennis, as he got me to do it.


I wanted to stop, when I saw that the other boy, Bobby, was standing there watching us but I couldn't. I couldn't stop because I knew that Dennis would get mad at me, if I didn't finish it off like he wanted me to.

All of a sudden somebody came through the open doorway and said, " What's going on in here " as he came back to where Dennis was doing me and said, " Oh shit, when he saw what we were doing." Dennis and Bobby didn't waste any time getting out of there, as both of then ran past the man that was standing there and out of the building.

" Shit, did they hurt ya boy?"

When he saw that I was more embarrassed than anything else, he knew that there was a little more to it than he'd thought when he'd entered the building.

Somehow he knew that I must have liked it and that's when he started getting a funny look on his face, reached down, grabbed ahold of his zipper and then started to slowly slide it down.

" Nooo."

" Why not, you sucked on their's didn't you?"

" Well yes, but just one of them."

" Good, then that means that there's still room in that little belly of your's for more cum baby, come mere and let me fill it up for you and satisfy it, so that you won't have to go out looking for any more of it tonight."

Before I could even say no, he'd slipped his warm boner into my mouth and pretty soon the only sounds that were coming out of the bathroom again, were the tiny little sucking sounds that I was making on it, as he worked it back and forth in my little mouth.


" Oh shit, Oh shit Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, here I come baby, here I come, Squirt............Squirt/Squirt.........................................Squirt Agghhhhhhhhhhh, Eat it you little cocksucker, eat ittt."


To be continued :
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