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By the time the older man had driven past me for the 3rd time, as I stood there on the dark street corner, he knew that I was out looking for something alright, something warm and hard, that all men had down in their pants, that was covered up by their underwear.

I was a COCK WHORE and I couldn't deny it.

The only problem with the old man being, is that I was a little boy, a young 13 year old boy and it was probably a young tender ass'ed little girl, that he was driving around and looking for.

Just as I was about to give up on making anymore money that night and go home, he drove by me again, only this time he stopped and asked me if I was WORKING. After I'd checked him out really good and decided that he wasn't a cop, I let my head drop and as I looked down inbetween his leg's and saw how big the bulge in his pants was, I whispered," Uh huh."

" Oh really, how much baby?"

" $ 20.00 "

" And what do I get, for my $ 20.00?"

" I'll jack it off for you."

" That's it?"

" Uh huh."

" But what if I want you to kiss it or maybe even make a little love to it?"

" That's $ 5.00 more."

" Spit or swallow?"

" Ohhh.............I.............I.............I Swallow."

" Oh shit yesss, get in."

After hearing the young boy saying that, the old man reached down and started undoing his pants, so he could get his dick sucked.

" Nooo, not here, please not here, somebody might come by and see what your getting me to do to it." " At least find a dark side street, where we can do it in private and nobody can catch us, please."

Paul was to horny by then to drive around and look for a stupid safe parking spot. Shit he was almost to the point of " Blue Ball's," because he'd already been driving around for almost 2 hours by now, looking for a young tender ass'ed girl to do it with him.

He was out looking for pussy, a young tender and warm pussy, something that he hadn't felt wrapped around his old hard boner now, in a long long time.

" Here baby, earn your money, at least play with it while we drive around and find a place to park where you can suck on it."

As soon as the little boy saw that Paul already had his cock out, he reached over, took ahold of it with his little hand and started working it up and down slowly, as Paul drove around looking for a dark place to park.

" Oh yeah, that's it, work it baby, work it."

Paul could hear the little 13 year old boy's breathing, as it started to change and he couldn't believe it. Shit, this was a little boy and not a little girl, why was he getting so excited about having his little hand wrapped around an old man's warm stiff boner?"

" Oh shit, you really like that cock, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh."

" Then do it baby, do whatever it is that you gotta do with it."

Paul couldn't believe how good it felt, as the young boy bent down over it, stretched his tiny little mouth down over the end of it and started sucking on it, just like a little girl would have done, only better.


" Agghhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, yeah, oh yeah, suck it baby, suck it."


But just as it was starting to feel really good to the old man, the young boy raised up off of it and whispered, " Nooo, not here, I told you to find a dark place for me to do it, please."

Even though he'd stopped sucking on it, the little boy was still jacking it up and down slowly and watching the look on Paul's face, as he started to work it up and down faster and faster.


" Oh shit, you better stop baby or something's gonna happen."

The little boy didn't have to be told twice, as he let go of Paul's raging boner and moved away from him.

Just when Paul was starting to calm down again, the little boy reached over and slid his little hand down under the old man's warm nut-sac and started feeling all around with his tiny little finger's.

" Nooo, what are you doing?"

" Shhh, just keep driving Mister and find a place, I'll take care of you, believe me."

All at once the tip of one of the little boy's tiny little finger's found Paul's tiny little asshole and started trying to coax it into opening up for him by touching on it lightly, again and again and again.

Just as Paul was saying, " What are you doing," the young boy pushed his fingertip up into him and held it there, as he felt the old man's tiny little asshole going into spasm, as it wrapped itself around it.

" NOOO."

" Yesss."

" Why are you doing that to me?"

" Because you like it, don't you?"

" You know I do, please stop."

Just when Paul thought that it was all over, as he felt the young boy easing his finger back out of him, the little boy took ahold of his warm nut-sac and started feeling what was inside of them, his ball's, with his tiny little finger's.

" Oh shit, you like um baby?"

" Uh huh...........................Uh huh "

" They're full baby."

" Ohhh."

" They're full of candy baby, sweet warm white candy."

" I like candy."

" Oh shit ya, then come and get it baby, eat my candy, it's all yours."

Watching the look on the little boy's face, when he'd said it like that, told Paul that he'd better cool it and quit teasing the young tender boy because the look on the young boy's face told him that he was getting ready to cum and they hadn't even done anything yet, fuckkk.

All at once he saw it, as he pulled around the corner, the park, the dark City Park. It was dark in there alright, really dark and they could do it out behind the bushes, where nobody else could see them or so he thought.

" Here, how about here baby, lets get out of the car and go over there behind the bushes, where nobody can see us and what we're doing."

" Ok."

Paul felt so strange, as he led the young little boy over into the bushes with him and once again wished that it was a young tender ass'ed little girl that he had with him and not just a little boy.

Even though the young boy was more than willing to do whatever he wanted him to, it still wasn't the same as having a young girl playing with it and then letting you push it up into her and fuck her with it, until eventually it squirted.

Paul had never had sex with a young boy before, even when he was little and all of the other little boy's and even some of the little girl's were experimenting and playing around with each other. Some of them even going so far as to enter each other, with their tiny finger's, their tiny little warm tongue's and yes, even some of their young little boner's.

Boy's fucking boy's, girl's fucking girl's and then eating each other.

But Paul was afraid to do anything like that, mostly because he was afraid that he might like it and then what would he do?

Paul wished that the little boy, was a little girl, as he knelt down on the ground, down in front of Paul, took ahold of his warm stiff boner with his tiny little hand and started to work the warm loose skin, back and forth on it again.

" Oh yeahhhhh, that's it, work ittt."

Looking down and watching the young boy and how much pleasure he was getting out of working it, once again reminded Paul of his childhood and all of the physical pleasures, that he'd missed out on, just because.

Just because boy's weren't supposed to do that with each other, no matter how innocent it was.

" Stop baby, oh shit, please stop."

" Why, did I do something wrong, Mister?"

" Nooo baby, I just need to do something, can I?"

" What, what is it Mister?"

" I need to play with your little boner."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

" But why?"

" I don't know, I guess that it's just something that I shoulda done a long time ago or whatever." " Please don't stop me now baby, I need to do it, believe me."

The young boy looked like he already understood what the older man was going through, as he let go of the older man's boner, slowly raised up in front of him and then just stood there and waited.

The desperation on the old man's face, as he slowly knelt down in front of the young boy and started trying to undo his pants, was unreal. When the young boy saw how much trouble Paul was having, as he tried to get the button's undone, he reached down, moved the old man's hands aside and whispered, " Here, let me do it," as he undid the button's and let his pants drop all the way down to his ankle's.

Again, Paul wanted to stop. Wanted to stop, as he saw that it was a young boy, with a small bulge inside of his white cotton underwear, that was standing there in front of him and not a young girl in her pretty little silk panties, like they'ed always told him that it was supposed to be.

It was a boy, a really young boy, that was standing there in front of him with nothing on but his little white cotton underwear and a tee-shirt. And young boy's and older men, weren't supposed to kneel down in front of each other like that or at least that's what they'ed told Paul, when he was littler and the old man from down the street had wanted to suck on his little stiff boner and he'd told one of his friends about it.

But there he was now, kneeling down in front of a young boy, a young boy that he'd picked up on a dark street corner, hoping to get the young boy to suck on his old cock but now look what had happened.

Everything had turned around on him and now it was him and not the young boy, that was kneeling down in front of somebody and slowly easing their underwear down.

" Ohhhh."

" What's the matter Mister, don't ya like it, is it to small for ya?"

" Nooo, no baby, it's not to small for me, believe me."

" Well"

" Well, what?"

" Don't ya wanna kiss it or something?"

Paul didn't know what to do, so the young boy settled it for him, as he took ahold of his little boner and then slowly inched it towards Paul's mouth and when he got it there he whispered, " Open " and without even thinking about what he was doing anymore, Paul just opened his mouth and felt his whole body starting to quiver, as he let the young boy, slowly slide his little boner in.

" That's it, now close your mouth Mister, close it and suck on it."

The faint smell of pee on the end of it almost stopped Paul but the urge to suck on a cock, even if it was only a little cock like this one was, had taken over by then and before he knew it, his warm wet tongue was sliding around all over it and had washed the faint smell of pee completely off of it before he even knew it.

The taste and feel of the young boy's, young tender boner in his mouth, moving back and forth in it, wasn't enough for the old man and without even knowing that he was doing it, he undid his pant's the rest of the way and slid them down slowly, along with his underwear.

" What are you doing, what are ya doing Mister."

" Shhh."

" No Mister, don't turn around, I don't do that, I don't like it."

But the old man was to far gone by now and he had to feel it, even if it was just for this one time, he had to know what it felt like, to have a young boy's, young stiff boner up inside of his tight warm ass, moving back and forth in it and find out what he'd been missing out on, every since he was back in junior high-school.

" I got a friend Mister, he'll do ya back there, I promise, want me to call him?" " He's got a big cock, Mister, not a little one like mine is and you'll like it better, once he's got it up inside of ya and fucking you, believe me."

Even the little boy could just barely hear the old man and he was standing right there next to him, when the old man, let out a tiny little whimper and then he whispered, " Call Him " and he did.

The old man was so embarrassed, as he stayed down there on his elbow's and knee's, in front of the young boy, waiting for who he thought was another young boy, to come down to the dark city park and fuck him.

Yes, fuck him up his ass, just like the 3 older boys had tried to do to him, when he was only 11 but they were to big for him and they really hurt him, before they finally gave up on doing him and left him laying there crying back behind the bushes, with his pants and his tiny little white underwear still pulled down.

Just as the old man, was starting to chicken out of it and wanting to call the whole thing off, he heard someone coming and the next thing he knew, the second young boy was down behind him, rubbing the end of his warm swollen boner up against Paul's tiny little asshole and when he thought that he had it wet enough, with his wet slick pre-cum, he grabbed ahold of Paul's wide hips and jerked him back on it. The scream that came out of the old man was unreal, as he drove his hard stiff boner up into his tight warm ass, as deep as it would go and then started fucking him, as Paul continued screaming and kept trying to crawl away from him.




But the boy's friend couldn't stop now, even if he'd wanted too. He couldn't stop now because his huge black cock was starting to like it. Like how the old man's warm soft rectum felt, as it wrapped itself around his huge black boner, clutching and massaging it, as it kept working its way up into him, deeper and deeper.

" Oh fuckkkkkkkk, look at this Billy he's taking it, he's taking it Billy, he's almost taken it all." " Oh fuckkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhhh."

IN/OUT IN/OUT IN/OUT IN/OUT " Come on, come on, fuck me old man, push back on it with the big white ass of your's." " Yeahhh that's it, that's it, grind my cock and make it spew its warm white cum, way up inside of ya."

Even the young boy, Billy, couldn't believe that the old man had taken all of Leroy's huge black cock up into him but there he was not only taking it but now he was working his big white ass back and forth on it, devouring it inch by inch, as Leroy kept pounding it up into him, harder and harder and faster and faster.

" Fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeee."


" Harder, harder, do me harderrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr."

" Oh shit, oh shit, here I come, here I come." "AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH"...Squirt..."AGHHHHHH"...Squirt...."AGGHHHHHHHHHH"...Squirt...Squirt...Squirt. " Oh fuckkkk yeah."

Billy was shocked, as he stood there next to them and watched the old man's big white ass, as it started to buck and jerk, with Leroy's long black cock still up inside of it, as Leroy's huge black nut-sac, drained itself up into him.


" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "...Squeeze..................Squeeze

" Oh fuck yeah, milk it white man, milk it."


" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."...Squirt......................Squirt

When it was finally over and Paul felt Leroy's warm smooth cock slowly slipping back out of him, he made the mistake of turning around and that's when he lost it and really started screaming.

Screaming because it wasn't another younger boy that the first young boy had called, to come to the park and fuck him, it was the guard, the old black guard, Leroy, that the city paid to watch the park at night.

The shame and embarrassment that Paul felt, as the old black guard and the young white boy stood there and watched him, as he pulled his pants and underwear back up, got in his car and drove away, was unreal.

The little boy never got back together with the old man named Paul again because " Fucking someone up the ass," just wasn't his thing. But every now and then, when some of the other older men would take him down to the dark Park with them, to get the young boy to suck on them, he'd see the same older white man, Paul, coming out of the bushes again. Coming out of the bushes again and the old black guard, Leroy would always be coming out behind him, with a look of complete satisfaction on his face, as he'd be reaching down and fastening his pants back up.

Paul had finally found what he'd needed all of these year's and it wasn't a young girl's, young tender ass or sweet young pussy to push his warm hard cock up into. It was somebody's huge black cock, that was more than willing to fuck him up his tight warm ass and even in his mouth, every time that he needed it and Leroy's huge black cock was more than willing to do it, believe me.
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