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When Carla went down to the city dog pound, she'd gone to get a puppy but something happened while she was walking around and looking at all of the dogs, something that changed her life forever.

She'd found a dog alright but it wasn't a puppy, it was a 2 year old German Shepard. A 2 year old male German Shepard that was just as horny as she was and it was showing.

As soon as he'd seen her and then smelled her, he knew that she was in heat, just like a bitch dog would be in heat and that's when his red angry looking cock started slipping out of it's hairy sheath down under his belly.

It was almost like he was taking it out and showing it to her, trying to get her to want it and believe it or not it worked because she did.

Carla wasn't a stranger to the doggie cock, in fact she'd tasted her first one when she was only 11 year's old and the neighbor's dog had tried to mount her but like a fool he'd mounted her little head and not her little hips and that's how she'd ended up with it right in front of her face and ended up licking on it. Yes, she'd licked a doggie's cock and she was only 11.

From then on everytime they played together it always ended up the same, with him getting little Carla to get down on her hands and knees with him, stick her little head under his belly and lick on it again.

She knew that it wasn't right to be down on her hands and knees, licking and yes even sucking on the neighbor dog's boner but they weren't hurting each other and he seemed to like it, so why shouldn't she do it for him.

It wasn't until he started squirting his warm white doggie cum at her mouth, while she was licking on it, that she rebelled against it. But by then it was already to late because he'd gotten her to swallow just a little of it and for some strange reason she'd liked it and wanted more of it, which he was only to happy to give to her.

Pretty soon it got to the point where even the neighbor's dog, " Rex " couldn't give her enough of it and that's when she decided to take up dog sitting.

It was while she was dog sitting that an aggressive pit-bull from the young couple that lived down at the end of the block from her that it happened, she got caught. She got caught down on her hands and knees with him, sucking on his warm stiff boner, out in his backyard, when the young girl that owned him had forgotten something and had to come back home and get it.

Carla didn't even hear the car pulling back into the driveway because she was to involved in what she was doing, as she worked her tiny little mouth, back and forth along his long skinny boner, all the way back to his Knot, again and again, while she sucked on it.


The pit-bull was getting more and more excited, probably because he'd never had a young pretty girl giving him a blowjob before, as he felt the warmth of her tiny little mouth and started driving his long skinny doggie boner into it harder and hard.


" Ummm "............Slurp/Slurp............." Ummm "..............Slurp/Slurp

" Oh baby, what are you doing?"

Carla couldn't believe it, when she heard Carol's voice coming from behind her and she was so embarrassed, as she let Rex's warm cock slip from her tiny little mouth, pulled her head out from under his belly and tried not to look at her, as she whispered, " I can't help it, for some strange reason I have to do it and I don't even know why."

" Don't worry Carla, I suck on it to, sometimes when I'm really horny."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

Carla was in some kind of shock and couldn't believe it, when she heard Carol telling her how she sucked on it to. I mean like after all, she was married wasn't she.

Even though Carol had just told her that she sucked on it to, Carla was still embarrassed and had to turn away from her until she'd picked up whatever it was that she'd forgotten and drove away again.

The embarrassment of being caught down on her hands and knees and sucking on a dog's cock, was unreal to Carla but something about it was turning her on, in a strange kinda way and she couldn't deny it, as she slipped her little hand down into her panties and fingered herself until she finally climaxed.

Never had she had such a powerful climax before but that was only the beginning, as she'd find out later, when Carol called her and asked her to dog sit for them again.

It was Carol that showed Carla just how easy it was to get them to mount you. But only after she'd had Carla back over to her house again, many times and they'ed suck on him, both of them, first one and then the other.

Yes, that's right, one of them would stick her head under his belly and suck him , while the other one sat there on the livingroom floor playing with herself and waited for her turn to get at it to.

Carol also taught little Carla not to be afraid of the, Knot, as she'd slide her soft pink tongue all the way back to it, kiss it, more-or-less make love to it, before sliding her warm wet tongue back up to the wet pointed tip and sucking on it until it eventually squirted and shot its warm white doggie cum into her mouth and she ate it.

It was during one of the times that Carol was down on her hands and knees sucking on it that she lost it and before Carla even knew what was happening, Carol had raised up, pulled her little sun-dress up over her head and then dropped back down onto her hands and knees naked beside him and started moaning, " Do me, Do me Jeffrey," over and over again.

Carla didn't know what to do, as she sat there on the livingroom floor and watched Carol's pit-bull, " Jeffrey," jumping up and mounting her, like she was another pit-bull. But she wasn't a pit-bull, she was a pretty girl and that made it even better for Jeffrey, as he kept jabbing the wet pointed tip of his long skinny boner at her again and again. Poking and searching, searching for her tiny little love hole.

There was no doubt when he'd found it and drove his long skinny doggie boner up into it because the scream that came out of Carol, was a scream like nothing that Carla had ever heard before and she thought that Jeffrey was hurting her, as he started to hump her.

Just as Carla was going to try and get the dog Jeffrey up off of his owner Carol, Carla saw Carol's pretty rearend starting to respond to the pit-bull's furious humping and the next thing she knew, Carol was whimpering and crying, " Fuck me Jeffrey, Fuck meee " and he did.


Jeffrey was in no hurry to squirt his cum in her and have the whole thing be over in a matter of minutes, as he settled into a rhythm with her pretty little ass, gripping her wide flaring hips with his strong front leg's, digging his sharp dew-claw's into the sides of her pretty hips, so she couldn't get away from him, until he was through with her.

Carol knew what he was trying to do to her, as she felt his long skinny boner swelling up inside of her, along with its Knot. Yes, he'd gotten his Knot up into her, all the way back in the beginning, before it had a chance to swell-up and maybe be to big for her.

" Oh, that's it, fuck me Jeffrey, fuck meee."

The was no shame in the way Carol's little ass was moving, embracing Jeffrey's warm hard cock now, as he drove it up into her harder and harder, faster and faster, until all at once, her little back arched and she screamed.

Jeffrey wasn't moving anymore but he was yelping, that's for sure. Yelping as the pretty young girl that was bentover in front of him and down on her hands and knees, let him pump his warm white doggie cum up into her young pretty pussy, as deep as he could.



Even though Carla had felt guilty about watching it, while it was happening, she hadn't turned away from it and that's how Carol knew that she could get Carla to let Jeffrey mount her to but that she had to go slow with her or she'd scare Carla away from it and she knew it.

It wasn't until Jeffrey was through with Carol and was finally able to pull his cock back out of her and Carla saw some of his warm white doggie cum slowly oozing back out of her, that Carla felt her little pussy twitch and that's when she knew, that she was in trouble.

It was almost like Carol was staying down on her hands and knees on purpose, trying to get little Carla to see how Jeffrey's warm white cum was slowly oozing back out of her and running down along the insides of her pretty little thigh's.

Without even thinking about what she was doing, Carla got down on her hands and knees behind Carol's pretty rearend, reached out and touched the pearly white liquid with her tiny little fingertip, brought it back up to her little mouth and touched it to her tiny pink tongue.

" Ohhh Carla."

Watching Carla licking her dog Jeffrey's cum off of the end of her finger like that, turned Carol on even more and the next thing she knew, she'd laid down on the floor, turned over onto her back, pulled her pretty little leg's up and was saying, " Do me, Do me, " over and over again, as she looked at her new friend Carla and not at her dog Jeffrey anymore.

Carla had never had sex with another girl before but something about seeing Jeffrey's warm white cum slowly oozing back out of Carol's pretty pink pussy lips like that did something to her and the next thing she knew, she'd crawled up on top of Carol, lowered her little pussy down onto Carol's wet pussy and started grinding on it, just like she'd seen the other girl's doing, in the movie's.

She could feel Carol's hard little nipple's pushing up against her and without even caring what Carol thought about her anymore, she moved her little head down and started sucking on them, first one and then the other.

" Ohhh you like um, don't you baby?

" Uh huh."


" Oh baby, if I weren't married already, I'd marry you in an instant, believe me."

Carla heard the married part of what Carol had just said to her and once again it bothered her, that a married girl would have sex with another girl and even a dog and not think anything of it.

It bothered her alright but it didn't stop her from mashing her pretty little pussy down even harder on Carol's wet pussy and grinding on it even harder, as Carol squirmed all around, down underneath her and told her to do it.

All at once when Carol knew that little Carla was really getting into it, she raised her pretty little leg's up, wrapped them around Carla's little back and started to squeeze her.

" Ohhh."


Carla could feel Carol's tiny little body pushing up at her, harder and harder, as she pulled Carla down to her even tighter and let Carla continue to grind her.

It wasn't until Carol had started kissing her and slipping her tiny little pink tongue into her mouth again and again that Carla lost it.

As all at once Carla's little back arched and her pretty little rearend started quivering and jerking, as Carol held onto her and whispered, " Cum baby, cum," over and over, as she licked her little ear lobe.

Carla could feel her wet juices starting to flow and even though she tried to stop it from happening she couldn't and that's when the juices of both of them started to mingle together because neither of them would stop the grinding.

By then Jeffrey was ready again and Carol knew it, as she gripped her tiny little leg's around Carla even tighter and out of nowhere screamed, " Up Jeffrey, up."

As soon as Carla felt Jeffrey leaping up onto her back and gripping her pretty hips with his front paw's, she started screaming and begging Carol to stop him but that was pointless because she wouldn't.

" Noooooooo, Nooooooooo, get him off of me, I don't want him to do that to me."

All Carla could do was to mash her pretty pussy down even further onto Carol's little pussy, trying to keep him from finding it with the pointed tip of his wet slick boner. But by her pushing down and getting even lower to the floor, she left her tiny little asshole exposed to him and being the dog that he was, he took it. Driving his wet slick boner all the way up into it before she could even try and get away from him.

Carla tried to scream but nothing came out, as her little mouth dropped open and her head started swinging from side to side, like she couldn't believe what was happening to her and she couldn't, as Carol's dog "Jeffrey" drove his warm stiff boner up into her pretty little ass, harder and harder.

Since Carla wasn't screaming, Carol thought that she was liking it, as she tightened her little leg's around Carla's tiny waist even tighter and kept grinding their warm wet mounds together, as she watched her dog, Jeffrey having his way with her and knew how much he was liking it.

" Oh, fuck her Jeffrey, fuck her."

Jeffrey's warm slick boner had settled into a hard fast rhythm by then and before she knew it, she could see the change coming across Carla's little face, as she to, was starting to get into it and really enjoy it, like her new friend Carol always did.

It wouldn't be long now and she knew it, as she watched Carla's pretty green eye's starting to cross and then felt her little back arch, as she tightened her little leg's around her tighter and tighter and screamed, " Cum Jeffrey, cummmmmmmm " and all at once Jeffrey drove his long stiff doggie bone up into Carla's pretty little ass and starting spewing his sticky white doggie cum, all over up inside of it.




" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh noooooooooooo."

" Hold still baby, let him finish, it'll all be over in a few minutes."

But it wasn't all over in a few minutes because Jeffrey had " Tied " with her and he was trying to turn around on her and finally he did.

The scream that came out of little Carla was unreal, as Jeffrey tried to pull away from her and ended up pulling her up off of Carol, before dragging her along behind him, butt to butt, all the way back across the livingroom floor and out into the kitchen.


His huge full Knot was still locked up tight, just up inside of her tiny little asshole and there was no way that he could get away from her again until his Knot went back down and Carol knew it but Carla didn't as she kept crying and trying to pull away from him.

It wasn't until Carol got up off of the livingroom floor and came into the kitchen, that she saw that her dog Jeffrey had entered Carla's tiny little asshole and not gone up into her pretty pussy, like she'd thought he had, earlier.

" Oh baby, I'm sorry, I didn't know, I didn't know that he'd gotten you there."

Just as little Carla was about to beg Carol to pull Jeffrey off of her, Carol got down onto her hands and knees in front of her and started kissing softly on Carla's little mouth.

Neither of them said a word, they didn't have to, as Carla's little mouth slowly opened up for her and as Carol slid her tiny little pink tongue in, Carla started sucking on it, while Carol's pit-bull Jeffrey was still " Tied " with her and squirting her.


" Umm, that's it, suck it baby, suck my little tongue, like it's a tiny little penis."

Carla didn't have to be told to suck on it because something inside of her was driving her on and making her do it. Something that she didn't even understand, until all at once her little back arched again and then her little pelvis started to quiver.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Oh yeah, give it up baby, give it up to him, let him have it, he knows what to do with it, believe me."



" That's it, listen to him, you got him, clamp down on it."

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh "................................SQUEEZE


Even her dog Jeffrey was starting to make funny noises now, he couldn't fuck her any more and he wanted to get away from her.

All of a sudden Carla's little asshole relaxed for just a second and that's all he needed as he jerked his huge Knot back out of her and left her down on her hands and knees, with her tiny little asshole throbbing and his warm doggie cum slowly running back out of her.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Hold still baby, hold still, it'll all be over in a minute."

" But it hurtssssssssssssssssss, it's throbbinggggggggg."

" I know baby, I know."

Carol knew what to do but she didn't know if Carla could handle it or not, as she crawled around behind her, reached out, spread Carla's pretty cheeks apart, leaned forward and started licking on it softly, with the tip of her soft warm tongue.


" No, No, what are you doing, stop, stop."

" Do you really want me to stop baby, I will if you want me to."

" Ohhh, I don't know."

" Umm, yeah I though so." Lick............................Lick/Lick

It wasn't until Carol had pushed her tiny little pink tongue all the way up into her, that Carla lost it and once again her whole body started quivering.


Just feeling what Carla's little asshole was doing to her little tongue made Carol's juices start to flow again and the next thing she knew, her pit-bull Jeffrey had mounted her again and was working his warm stiff boner back and forth in her, only this time he was working it back and forth up inside of her tiny little asshole, just like he'd done the other girl earlier. Jeffrey knew what he was doing, even though the 2 girl's didn't know it yet.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Jeffreyyyyyyyyyy, Jeffreyyyyyyyyyyyy, Fuck me Jeffrey, Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee."

Carla couldn't believe how much Carol was enjoying it, as she crawled around behind them and saw how Jeffrey's long pink cock was going up into Carol's tiny little asshole, just like he'd had it up inside of her's, not even 10 minute's earlier.

What happened next shocked Carol but she went along with it anyway, as Carla came around in front of her, backed her pretty little rearend up to her and whispered, " Eat it, eat it and lick it clean or I'm gonna tell your husband Tommy, all about what you did with Jeffrey and me."

There was no shame or embarrassment now, as Carol spread Carla's pretty cheeks and started licking on her tiny little asshole again, as her pit-bull Jeffrey pounded his hard stiff boner up into her as hard and as fast as he could.

It was almost like her dog Jeffery knew what was going on, as he stayed bent over her and kept humping up into her harder and harder and watched his master, Carol, licking on her friend Carla's tiny little asshole. The same tiny little asshole that he'd had his warm cock up inside of, not even 10 minutes ago.

All at once Jeffrey started yelping again and Carol knew what was next, as she clamped her tiny little asshole down tighter and tighter on his long skinny boner, again and again, until it started squirting.



Jeffrey didn't have any trouble whatsoever, in pulling his still swollen Knot, back out of her Carol's little asshole. He didn't have any trouble pulling back out of her, because he'd fucked her back there more than he'd fucked her pretty pussy over the last 2 year's, because that's where she liked it the most and now her little asshole was all stretched out and wouldn't shrink back down again, like it used to.

When it was finally all over, Carla had to get out of there as fast as she could and Carol understood why and didn't even try and stop her, as she watched her get dressed and run out the front door.

And yes, she was crying but it wasn't from all of the pain that she'd just gone through, she was crying because she'd liked it.

Carol knew that Carla had never been fucked by a dog before and she was remembering how it had felt the first time that she'd done it and how dirty she'd felt.

Yes, dirty because she'd done it with an animal and girl's weren't supposed to do it with animal's or were they?

3 day's later when the phone rang and Carol picked it up, only to find that there was nobody on the other end of it, only silence, she knew who it was and she waited.

Finally after waiting 3 or 4 minutes, she heard the tiniest little voice on the other end of it whispering, " Can I, can I come over again?"

" Are you sure, are you sure that you really wanna do it again?"

" Uh huh. "

" Then come on over baby, Jeffrey and I have been waiting for you."

10 minutes later, there was the tiniest little knock on the front door and as she opened it up, there stood little Carla. Neither of them said a word, they didn't have to, as they stood there letting their pretty eye's devour each others pretty little bodies and then headed for the bedroom, with Carol's pit-bull Jeffrey following them.
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