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It was late one friday night and I'd been out drinking, when I saw the sign on the little motel that read, " The Voyeur Motel " and it caught my attention.

Why would they call it that?

What did it mean?

Finally after driving past it, 3 or 4 more times, I finally got up the courage to stop in and ask the desk clerk.

" Hi, what does the name of your Motel mean?"

" Just what it says, we have Live Televison."

" WHAT?"... " What do ya mean by that, Live Televison?"

" It means that you can flip the channel's on the TV and see what's going on, in all of the other rooms."

" Shit, your kidding."

" Nope, not at all."

" But isn't that illegal, in some kinda way?"

" Probably but no one's ever said anything about it yet and I've worked here for over 15 year's myself." " Besides who's gonna tell, would you?"

" Well, no."

" See, it works, wanna rent a room so you can see for yourself if I'm lying or not?"

" How much, I'll bet the room's are expensive?"

" No, not really."

" Well, how much then?"

" For you, how about $ 50.00."

" That's it?"

" Uh huh, that's it."

" Wow, you got it, here's the $ 50.00, what room am I in?"

" I'll put you over in Room 12 and there's a really young couple that I just put in room 11, here's your key, enjoy."

I still thought the clerk was kidding me, as I took the key from him, went over to the room and went in.

To be honest, I really felt stupid and kinda like he'd just played an april fool's joke on me or something like that. But there it was, a huge TV, sitting at the foot of the bed and believe it or not, it was more-or-less daring me to turn it on.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and my curiosity got the best of me, as I reached for the remote and punched the " On " button...Zap...Nothing.

" Shit, I was right, I've been had."

Wait a minute, what channel's the stupid thing on? " 40 " that's it, shit there aren't 40 room's here, are there?

What was the room number for those young kid's again, oh yeah that's right, 11, let me try that one.

As soon as I punched channel 11 into the remote, " Blip ".... there they were....... bigger than shit.

Wow, this can't be for real, it must be a tape, right.

Was I really looking into the room that was nextdoor to me, come on that's crazy, but how can I prove it?

Shit, to be honest, the kid's on the screen, didn't look to be any older than high-school kids, believe it or not. But he wouldn't do that would he, rent a room to someone that was that young?

Just watching the young boy, as he kept giving her more and more to drink, reminded me of when I was in high-school and how I'd done the very same thing, only we were in my car and we ended up doing it right there in the backseat.

As soon as the young boy thought that she was drunk enough, he coaxed her into getting up on the bed with him and started to play with her little body. Her tiny little body that wasn't much older than a 14 year old's, if she was that old.

She had tiny little titties but they were titties alright, because as soon as he started touching and feeling on them, her little nipples popped right up and you could see them pushing up and out against the little sweater that she was wearing.

" Oh yeah."

I hadn't seen a young girl's titties in almost 20 year's now and all at once I was screaming at the screen, " Come on boy, take her sweater off, take her sweater off, I wanna see um."

" Oh shit, Carl, what are you doing, he can't hear you."

But sure enough just after I'd said that, the young boy started to slowly pull her sweater up over the top of her little head.

" Oh yeah, no bra, fuck yes."

Like I said, her titties were tiny, but they were titties alright. Small, probably an " A-cup, " if even that. But they were nice, really nice and firm looking, firm looking like only a teenager's young titties can be. And she was proud of them alright because as soon as he had her little sweater completely off, she raised her tiny little hands up to them and as she cupped underneath them, she looked right at the young boy and said, " Do you like them, Joey?"

" Uh huh,"

" Wanna kiss my nipples, Joey?"

" You know I do, Carla."

" Well, do it then, Joey, don't be afraid of them, they won't bite you, I promise."

Oh shit, just when I thought that the young boy was in control, she'd taken over, now what?

Watching the young boy, as he bent down and clumsily tried to kiss on them, told me that he'd never kissed a girl's titties before and I was right. Because as soon as he raised back up again and he said, " Like that," the little girl looked right at him and whispered, " Nooo Joey, your supposed to kiss and lick on my nipple's " and the young boy just said, " Oh " and that was that.

Once again, I'm screaming at the screen, " What are ya doing, get back down there and lick on um you little asshole." But as far as the young boy was concerned, he was done with that and wanted to move on to something else and he did.

When kissing her little titties hadn't worked for him, the young boy got really ambitious as he grabbed ahold of her little hand, gently pulled it over to his boner, that was still trapped in his levis and said, " Play with it " and she did.

Even Joey was shocked as he laid there on the bed and watched her tiny little finger's, as they slowly slid back and forth on it, working from one end of it to the other, stopping every now and then to squeeze on it gently and make Joey moan again.

It was almost like she was measuring it, trying to figure out if she wanted it or not or something like that.

Shit, I couldn't take it anymore, as I sat there on the end of my bed watching them and the next thing I knew, I'd taken my boner out and was stroking it up and down, faster and faster and believe it or not, I was feeling guilty about it and I don't even know why.

Watching the boy's young stiff 16 year old boner and how proud it was, as it stuck straight-up for her, made my old boner get even harder and the next thing I knew, I'd taken all of my clothes off and was laying there on my bed and stroking it, while I watched them.

The skin on it was all loose now and it didn't even get as hard as it used to, but it was still sticking out there and crying for some attention, as I took ahold of it again and started to work it up and down slowly.

All at once my attention went back to the TV screen, as I heard the young boy saying, " Come on Darlene, suck it, I won't tell anybody that you did it, I promise."

The little girl didn't even look like she wanted to suck on it but her nipples were as hard as little rocks, so something was getting her sexually excited and there was no way that she could deny it, even if she wanted to.

" Please."

" Nooo Joey, I can't."

" What do ya mean, you can't?"

" I just can't Joey, it's personal, please don't ask me to do that."

The young boy looked lost, totally lost, as he laid there looking at his boner and knew that she wasn't going to do anything with it.

" I'll tell you what Joey, why don't you go into the bathroom, jack it off and get rid of it." " And don't try and tell me that you boy's don't do that Joey, because I have 3 older brother's, remember."

Joey couldn't believe that she was telling him to go jack it off, I mean shit, hadn't he rented a motel room for them, so that they could do something, anything, sexually and hopefully cum together."

Finally Joey couldn't stand it anymore and as he looked at her he said, " Are you sure?" " Are you sure that it wouldn't bother you, if I go in there and do something like that?"

" Nooo, not at all, go ahead and do it."

Darlene watched as Joey got up off of the bed and headed for the bathroom, with his young stiff boner, swinging back and forth, out in front of him.

Oh, he had a nice one alright and she really wanted to suck on it but what would he think of her, if she did something like that?

Darlene had been sucking on a cock since she was 11 almost 12 year's old, when her step-uncle had coaxed her into the bathroom to wash his back for him, while her aunt was gone. And while she was washing his back with the tiny little wash cloth, he'd somehow gotten a boner and the end of it was sticking up out of the water. Before he let her out of the bathroom again, he'd not only coaxed her into kneeling down beside the bathtub and washing on it to but he'd also coaxed her into kissing on the end of it, something that she had no problem doing and that shocked him.

Had she kissed one before, is that why it had been so easy to get her to do it?

Was it an older man, like he was, that had gotten her to do it or had it been a younger boy?

The first few times that she did it, she just washed it and then kissed on it but eventually she needed to do more with it and the next thing he knew, she was slipping her tiny little mouth down over the end of it and giving him a blowjob, while he was still laying there in the bathtub.

Oh shit yes, she'd sucked on one before alright, there was no doubt about it, as he felt the way that her tiny little tongue and then her little girl fingers were working out on it, coaxing it to cum, until eventually it did. Spewing and squirting its globs of warm white stuff up into her tiny little mouth, again and again and again, until there was so much of it inside of her mouth that she had to swallow and she did.

She was a little cocksucker alright and both of them knew it, as time and time again, she joined him in the bathroom and got him to squirt for her again.

Joey'd closed the door, as he'd gone into the bathroom but he hadn't closed it all the way and Darlene could see him jacking up and down on his young stiff boner, as he sat there on the old white toilet.

Even though Darlene was trying not to get excited, just from watching him, she still couldn't help it and eventually she ended-up raising her little skirt up and fingering herself, as she laid there on the motel bed, with her tiny little leg's spread.

Joey was stroking it harder and harder but he didn't seem to be getting anywhere with it. It was almost like he was embarrassed about it or something like that.

Just when I thought that he was going to give up on it and go back into the bedroom, where Darlene was, Darlene stood-up and walked over to the bathroom door, slowly pushed it open and while Joey sat there with his mouth still hanging open from jacking on it, she got down onto her little hands and knees and started crawling to him.

As soon as she got there, Joey let go of his young throbbing boner and watched as she came after it. Came after it, like the little cocksucker that she was and there was no way that she could deny it now, as he watched her take it into her warm smooth mouth and devour it.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhh, easy Darlene, easyyy."

Slurp...Slurp Slurp...Slurp " Ummm " Slurp/Slurp

" Oh fuck yesss, suck it Darlene, suck it."

" Ummm, Ummm." Slurp...Slurp Slurp...Slurp

Just watching Darlene sucking on the young boy's warm stiff cock, as he sat there on the old toilet watching her do it, reminded me of a little cocksucker that I'd gone out with year's ago, that couldn't get enough of it and she ended up sucking me off, almost everywhere that we went out to.

One time she even sucked me off in the back of a city bus and even though the bus had plenty of people on it, nobody said a word.

Were the men remembering, remembering what it felt like to get a Blowjob, from a young girl's warm soft mouth?

And how about the women, that were sitting there and watching it?

We they remembering what it felt like, to have a young boy's, young stiff boner in their mouth to, instead of the older one's that they were forced to suck on now, just to get the huge amount of warm fresh white cum, that they needed to feel down in their bellies now?


" Oh shit, you better stop, you better stop." " I'm gonna cum Darlene, I'm gonna cum." " Stoppppppppp, Ohhh Noooooooooooooo, Noooooooooooooooo, Get away from ittt."........Squirt...Squirt..............................................Squirt, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."..........................Squirt " Oh Nooo, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I couldn't stop it."

It wasn't until Joey eventually heard the little, Gulp............................Gulp...........................Gulping sounds that she was making on it, that he finally understood where she was coming from. Finally understood that she was really a little cocksucker and that she'd wanted him to blow it off and spew his warm white liquid up into her warm sucking mouth, so she could eat it again, just like her step-uncle used to get her to do.

When Darlene finally knew that there wasn't going to be anymore of the pearly white liquid coming out of the little hole in the end of it, she raised up off of it and with pleading eyes looked right at Joey and said, " Don't tell, promise me that you won't tell anybody what I did to you and I'll suck you and go all the way with it, anytime that you want me to."

Before Joey could say anything, Darlene had stood-up, leaned forward, kissed him on the mouth, slipping her tiny little tongue into his mouth and said, " Now if you tell anyone that I went down on you and gave you a blowjob, I'll just tell them about how excited you were about getting me to do it and how you insisted on French-kissing me afterwards, just so you could taste it to."

" You wouldn't."

" Oh wouldn't I?" " Wanna try me and see?"

" Nooo."

As Joey watched Darlene's pretty little ass leaving the bathroom, he said, " Well, can I at least return the favor, how about it, can I lick you down there to?"

" Nooo, maybe next time Joey, ok."

" Ok."

I don't know what happened after that because believe it or not, I fell asleep. Yes, I fell asleep and yes, there was a little wet spot on the bed next to me, when I woke up again.

And I'm not gonna say if I bent down and tasted it with my tiny little tongue, you figure it out.
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