Her first time
My 13 year old daughter came home from school everyday with her best friend Jennifer. Jennifer was a couple of years older than my daughter but to my surprise was a virgin. She had a boyfriend but spent very little time with him due to the fact that he lived two counties away. Jennifer was an absolutely drop-dead gorgeous girl and I could not figure out why she was a virgin for she talked about sex a lot.

One particular day Jennifer came by the house with my daugher after school just like she always did and completely blew me away. She was short, only about 4'10 only wieghed a handful of pounds. She was incredibly skinny and had waist length red hair and just the cutest little ass you ever saw. She was dressed in a tight pair of jeans that showed every curve of her ass and she knew how to work it. Her perky little nipples stuck out of her equally tight pink teeshirt. She approached me in the kitchen as my daughter went into the bathroom take a shower.

"Mr. Johnson," she said with a curious smile, "Am I pretty?" I looked at my daughter's best friend with a bewlidered look on my face.
"Why do you ask that?" I asked the cutie.
"Because the boys at school won't have sex with me!" she said, "The boys at my school say they only have sex with really hot girls." I knew what to the young girl in front of me and I knew I wouldn't be lying because I believed myself.
"I think you are the hottest little number my daughter's ever brought home. My daughter only brings home hot girls." Then she said something that startled me.
"You have a crush on me don't you Mr. Johnson?" she said, "I've seen the way you stare at me!"
"There's nothing illegal about a crush!" I replied to her. She cracked a smile that went from ear to ear as she spread her legs in the chair she was sitting in, giving me a perfect view of her jean covered crotch. I suddenly started to feel a bulge in my jeans as my cock began to get rock hard. My wife was out of town so I knew that anything that happened she wouldn't know about.
"I'm a virgin because the boys don't think I'm hot. Maybe I've been targeting the wrong market! Maybe the right market has been right in front of me the whole time. Angelique tells me all the time how you talk about me from the time I walk out the door until the time I walk through the door after school. Anyway, I'm sick of fingering myself every night wondering what it would feel like to lose my vriginity." I looked down to notice that she was rubbing her demin clad crotch up and down with a couple of fingers. When she noticed me watching she slowly got up and walked up to me and rubbed her hand across my crotch and my cock instantly finished standing at attention in my pants causing slight pain.
"Well, Angelique wasn't lying. I think you are incredibly sexy," I replied with a gasp.
"Do you want to see me naked?" she asked me.
"I've always wanted to see you in your cute little panties," I replied, "I usually only get to see the tops of them when they stick out of your pants." Jennifer slowly unbuttoned the top button of her jeans and unzipped them. She slowly managed to wriggle them down to about her knees and revealed her panties to me. They were a bright green with white stripes and they fit her ass so perfectly my eyes took a second to adjust. Jennifer slowly bent over so I could also see her crotch. MMM she was so sexy. She turned her head and looked up at me.
"Are you going to touch me or are you going to just stand there?" she scolded. That was all the invitation I needed. I reached for her panty-clad ass and my hand gently rested on her ass cheeks. Her soft yet firm ass felt so good in my hand that I couldn't help beginning to rub it as she braced herself on the counter. Suddenly she turned herself around and leaned back against the counter with her covered pussy slightly in the air and her panties had cameltoed into her pussy crack. She was so sexy. I put my hand on her pussy and ran my finger up and down the crack. She was warm and wet and I wanted this gorgeous tight virgin pussy all to myself.
"I'm ready for you to pull your panties down!" I told her as my bulging cock began to throb.
"I'm waiting for you to pull my panties down!" she replied back. I couldn't take it anymore as I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out of my underwear. It sprang to attention startling Jennifer as I went to work pulling her jeans and panties down to her ankles. Her pink pussy was glistening with girl cum as I inched my hand toward it. It was perfectly clean and shaven. Her little mound was perfect. So I engrossed in playing with her pussy that I didn't hear my daughter enter the kitchen.
"I see you and my dad are having fun!" she called out.
"Your dad is...Ohhhh....Gooodddd....That feels so good!" she instructed me as I slowly eased my finger in and out of her hot steamy pussy. I turned my head slightly to see that my daughter hadn't gotten dressed yet.
"Daddy, what was our agreement?" she asked me, "You weren't allowed to play with Jenny unless I got to join in!" My daughter walked up to me and spanked me on my now bare ass. "Now start licking my pussy! Jennifer, do to my dad what I showed you the other day where you put his dick in your mouth!" Jennifer dutifully got down on her knees and grabbed my cock with her hand and eased her mouth down onto it. Her tiny mouth felt so warm as she slowly closed it down on my bulge. Up and down she stroked it with her lips as I ate my daughter's pussy rampantly while she sat on the kitchen table. I had always wanted Jennifer but I never thought Angelique would go through with our plan. This was better than I ever expected it to go.
"Now it's my turn! Jenny, get up on the table and let my dad eat your pussy. It feels so fantastic!" Angelique ordered. As my daughter began to suck my cock, I began by slowly licking Anastacia's pussy. She jumped slightly as I began to lick faster and suck on her clit. I was so horny now I couldn't wait to fuck her. I was so horny that I suddenly blew my wad down my daughter's throat. Some of my hot cum managed to make it down her chin. She lapped up the rest and swallowed. Jennifer quickly took her shirt off.
"Now, Daddy, I know how badly you want to fuck Jennifer, but you know that before I let you do that, you have to fuck me in the ass like I saw in the video!" she said. I remembered our agreement as my daughter bent over the kitchen table as her best friend watched. I grabbed cooking oil from the counter and began to apply it to my daughter's asshole as extra lubricant as my cock starting getting hard again. I ran my cock up and down Angelique's ass crack and teased her before beginning to put my cock in. It was a tight fit but the lubrication helped a lot and my daughter barely even winced until I began to pump back and forth. It wasn't long before moans of pleasure and pain came from Angeliques mouth as I felt her girl juices run down my legs before I reached the point of no return. A scream of excitement filled the air as I began to fill my daughter's virgin asshole with my hot goo. After regaining her composure she looked at me with a smile.
"Now you may fuck my best friend Daddy!" she said.

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Fuck me this was sooooooo fucking hot

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2013-11-26 16:47:38
I wanna have sex i want to fuck your daughter im a virgin

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2012-12-12 13:41:04
Pedophilia and incest in the same story, sick cunts

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2012-04-24 22:38:22
Anybody wanna have sex! I'm a best friend of a daughter! Call me. (562) 652-4708. And tell me u luv me!

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2012-04-24 22:35:56
Let me tell you my storie.
Everyday my daughter brings home diffrent girls. Every Friday I get excited. Why? Becouse my daughter BFF Sammy comes over. She's blonde and is as slim as a stick. She has bright sea blue eyes. One Friday Sammy came to my house. My daughter wasent with her. " Wheres Tiana?" I asked. "Shes with Bryan. She told me to wait her for 5 hours!"
bryan wad her bf I hated him.
"5 hours! Do you want me to tell her to come home in 1 so she can hang out with u?"
" well I was hoping mabey... Me and... You could do something?!"
" ok. Wanna watch movies and eat snacks?"
" Yes plz." I walked in the kitchen and grabbed a bunch of snacks. I walked in the livingroom. "Mmm thanks." we watched 2 movies in 3 hours. We watched sexual movies. After 2 movies we decided to get washed up. At 8:30, she said "I've been wanting to do this forever!" she shoved her hand up my pants and let my cock pop out. That night was magical. Ahh SEX

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