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The first time I saw a black cock, I was in the 5th grade and riding home in our old school bus. I was sitting next to the window, all the way in the back, when all at once the older boy, the older black boy that was sitting next to me, calmly slid his zipper down, reached in and pulled his long black cock out, right there in front of me.

I don't know what I was thinking, as he sat there showing it to me, all I know is that I wanted to get up and change seats but he wouldn't let me get up, as he just sat there and started to slowly stroke on it.

Leroy was in the 11th grade, so I guess that he was about 15 or 16 year's old and I was only 11 not even 12 year's old yet, so he was bigger than me, much bigger than me.

It wasn't the first time that I'd seen another boy's boner but it was the first time that I'd seen a black one and I was surprised at how big it was compared to the white one's that I'd seen.

Yes, I'd seen a white boy's boner before, 3 of them as a matter of fact because I had 3 older brother's. I used to see their boner's almost every morning, when they'ed wake up with their morning [ Pee Boner ] and have to walk past my bed to go into the bathroom and get rid of it.

In the beginning I'd been able to ignore them and pretty much look the other way, when one of them would walk by with his boner sticking out. But for almost a year now, I'd caught myself peeking at them more and more and I didn't know how to handle it.

I was being attracted to them, yes, attracted to my older brother's boner's and I didn't know why, yet.

Now here I was, sitting in the back of our old school bus, with an older boy, an older black boy, named Leroy sitting next to me, with his boner out and he was showing it to me.

How did he know?

How did he know that I wouldn't tell on him?

How did he know that I'd be attracted to it, as he sat there slowly rolling the soft loose foreskin back and forth on it, exposing the big plumb shaped head on the end of it to me again and again, as it got wetter and wetter, with his clear slick pre-cum?

It wasn't until we were getting close to my stop, that Leroy reached over, took ahold of my hand and wrapped my tiny little white finger's, around his warm black boner and held it there, as he waited to see what I'd do with it.

I couldn't believe it, I finally had my hand on someone's warm hard boner. Something that I'd been wanting to do, for over a year now and believe it of not, I almost peed my pants.

" Come on Billy, do it."

The fear that I had, as I sat there holding onto it and looking all around the bus, to make sure that nobody was watching me, was unreal. But my need to play with a cock, anybody's cock, after all this time, was even stronger, as I started to pump it up and down, just like he'd been doing to it earlier, faster and faster.

" Oh yeah, that's it, stroke it Billy, stroke it."

Up....................................Down Up.......................Down Up/down Up/down Up/down

If I said that I wasn't excited about what he had me doing to him, I'd be lying. In fact I was so excited about it, that I was still pumping up and down on it, as we pulled up to my stop and I didn't even know it. It wasn't until the old black bus driver yelled back at me, " Come on Billy, I haven't got all day " and I looked up and saw him looking back at us, in his rear view mirror, that I snapped out of it and let go of Leroy's swollen boner. I had the strangest feeling as I went past the old black bus driver, to get off of the bus. Had he seen us, did he know what Leroy had me doing to him, back there on the back seat? My question was answered as I walked past him to get off of the bus and he brushed my little butt, my plump little white butt with the back of his huge black hand and moaned, " Oh yeah."

He knew that Leroy had gotten me to do something with him, when he had me back there on the back seat with him and it scared me. I don't know why.

Later on that same night, the phone rang and when I picked it up to answer it, no one was there or so I thought. Just as I was about to hang it up, I heard someone whisper into the phone, " Did ya like it Billy?" " Did ya like how his warm hard boner felt, in your little white hand?"

" Who is this?"

" How about it Billy, would ya like to feel mine to, it's bigger?"

He didn't even wait for an answer, not that I could have given him one anyway, I was to scared to answer and before I knew it, he'd hung-up.

The shame or guilt that I felt as I put the phone down and saw that my little boner was starting to stick up, was unreal. Once again I found myself getting excited about a boner and this time it was just from an older boy or maybe even a man talking to me and telling me about how big his boner was and asking me if I wanted to feel it.

I was [ RIPE FOR A COCK ] and both of them knew it, even though I was only 11, not even 12 year's old, yet.

Since it was friday night, there wasn't any school for the next 2 days but once monday came around again, Leroy took me back to the back of the bus again, took his black cock out and got me to play with it. Every time I looked up to make sure that nobody on the bus could see what he had me doing to him, I saw that the old black bus driver was looking up at his rear view mirror and somehow I knew, that he was the one that had called me.
Did Leroy know that the driver was watching us? Is that why he was getting me to play with his cock again, because he wanted to show the old black bus driver, just how much power, his long black boner, had over this little young white boy?

Once again, I was still pumping on Leroy's swollen black cock, as we pulled up to my stop and the old bus driver had to tell me that we were there. Since Leroy and I were the only 2 left on the bus this time when he dropped me off at my stop, he didn't even hesitate to feel my plump little white ass, as I went past him to get off the bus.

" Oh yeah, you've got a nice ass, baby."

How did he know that I wouldn't tell on him?

How did he know that I was a cock hungry little boy, when even I didn't really understand it yet?"

The next morning one of my brother's, a step- brother, caught me looking at his [ Morning Pee Boner ] a little to long and he knew that something was happening deep inside of me.

" Billy."

Hearing him saying my name like that snapped me out of it and I had to turn away from it, before he started asking me why I'd been looking at his [ Pee Boner ] like that and embarrassed me even more.

Did he know? Did he know that I was being attracted to a boy's boner now and I was only 11?

I think he did.

The fear of what was happening to me was unreal. Unreal because now I had one living in the same house with me, that knew something was happening inside of me, as well as the other 2 on the old school bus, that were trying to make it happen.

Leroy was in no hurry with me, probably because he didn't wanna scare me away from it and I liked that, as he let me take my time with his long skinny black boner and didn't try and make me do it.

He was in no hurry and he must have had me back there pumping on it for him, 5 or 6 different times, before he finally lost it and let it squirt its warm white cum for me. The little shiver that went through me, when I saw his pearly white cum, squirt up out of the end of it and go up into the air, 2 or 3 inches, before dropping back down onto the back of my hand again, was unreal. But it was nothing compared to the one that went through me, as I looked down and watched it running down across my hand and then go down into his dark thick pubic hair.

That was the first time that I'd ever seen a boy cum and believe it or not, I was glad that he was black and not a white boy.

I don't know why that made a difference to me but it did.

I think that it might have been the black power thing or whatever.

The black power thing, where the black man or black boy, seduces a young white girl or a young white boy and gets them to submit to his cock, his Black Shiny Cock, as he sits or stands there in front of them.

Even though I'd played with Leroy's warm black cock, so many times before, I really think that this was the first time that my mind and now even my little body, finally figured out that I'd submitted to a black man or in this case an older black boy and let him have his way with me.

Once again the phone rang that night and when I picked it up, someone whispered, " Did you taste it," and before I could even say anything, they added, " Did you like it, I bet you'll like the taste of mine, even better."

How did he know?

How did he know that when I'd gotten home, that I'd gone into our bathroom, pulled my pants and underwear down, sat down on the white toilet and as I played with myself with my left hand, I smelled and licked softly on the back of my right hand and before it was all over, I'd licked it clean.

This time he didn't hang up before I could answer him, he just sat there and waited. And even though I didn't wanna admit it, not even to myself, I still heard myself whispering, " Uh huh." I couldn't believe that I'd told him that I'd tasted it and I wanted to take it back but I couldn't and that's when he whispered into the phone again, " Oh yeah, then your really gonna like mine baby because mine's sweeter and there's more of it, my Nut Sac's full baby and it's just hangin there, waitin for ya."

" It's you, isn't it?"

" Who baby?"

" It's you and I know it."

" Does it really matter?"

" Nooo, I guess not."

" I been watchin ya baby." " I been watchin ya back there with Leroy and you knew it, didn't ya?"

" Uh huh but why?"

" Because I had to make sure that you liked it, liked the cock, the black cock and you do like it, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh.................Uh huh "

" Yeahhh, I thought so, has he gotten you to suck on it yet?"

" Nooo."

" Are you gonna?"

" I don't know, I guess I will, if he tells me too."

" You want me to tell him ya wanna do it?"

" Nooo."

" Why?"

" I don't know."

" Afraid that you won't do it right and that he won't like ya anymore?"

" Kinda."

" Wanna practice, wanna practice on mine?"

" What do you mean?"

" I can meet you down at the park in about 15 minutes, if you wanna?"

I was shocked, I didn't know what to say. I wasn't offended or anything like that about what he'd just said to me. But before I could even give him an answer, he said, " Come on baby, you need a man's cock, not a boy's cock, I'll meet ya there in 15 minutes " and he hung up.

I didn't wanna go down to the park but then again, I did. I didn't want Leroy to get mad at me, just because I didn't know how to give someone a blowjob.

I kept looking at the clock and watching it as the time just kept passing by. Not waiting for me to make up my mind or anything else for that matter.

I wanted to stop the clock, so bad, but I couldn't and the next thing I knew, I was putting my jacket on, walking out the front door and heading for the park, knowing full well that he'd be waiting for me, when I got there.

Yes, I knew what he wanted from me, he wanted me to give him a [ Blowjob ] but what else did he want from me? All I could think about was how he'd checked my plump, little white ass out, every time that I'd gotten on or off of his old school bus lately. Was he gonna try and do something to it, even though I wasn't even 12 year's old yet?"

Would somebody hear us and then catch us, out in the bushes?"

Would they believe that it was my idea to let him pull my pants and then my little white cotten underwear down, before I got down on my hand's and knee's in front of him, as he knelt down behind me and tried to work his old stiff boner up into me, as far as it would go, 2 inches, 3 inches or maybe even 4 inches, if he was lucky?

I couldn't believe it, I was already there at the park and searching for him, when I passed by some really big bushes and heard him whisper, " In here, Billy, I'm in here."

Just the sound of his voice and kinda knowing what was about to happen to me in the bushes scared me but I still found myself walking back into them. It was almost like I had to do it now and couldn't change my mind, even if I'd wanted to. I don't know why.

As soon as I came through the bushes, I saw him standing there, with his old black cock in his hand and he whispered, " I been waitin for ya baby, come mere."

Even though it was dark in there, I could still see how big his black cock was and even though it was bigger than Leroy's, it wasn't as big as I'd thought that it was gonna be and believe it or not, I was kinda disappointed.

" Come on baby, you know's why your here, you wanna suck on it, don't ya baby?"

I couldn't believe that I was just standing there, letting a full grown man, show me his cock and listening to him, as he tried to get me to suck on it.

When he saw that I was afraid or whatever, he moved over in front of me, took ahold of my little hand, put it on his warm black cock and as he felt me take ahold of it he whispered, " That's it, play with it baby, play with that old black cock, like you play with Leroy's black cock, every time he gets you in the back of the bus with him.

I didn't care what the old black bus driver thought about me anymore, as I stood there in front of him and slowly worked the warm soft loose skin back and forth on it.

" Work it baby, work it."

I don't know how long I'd been standing there in front of him, working the loose skin back and forth on it, before I heard him saying, " Come on baby, kneel down, ya knows ya wants to " and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in front of him and I didn't even remember doing it.

As soon as he had me kneeling down in front of him, he moved his old black cock up to my mouth and whispered, " Smell it baby, that's what a real black cock smells like, get used to it."

Just by him getting me to smell on the end of it like that, did something inside of me and he knew it, as he watched my eye's starting to cross and he whispered, " Oh fuckkk, you do like the cock, here it is baby, come and get it."


" That's it, lick the head baby, lick the head."


" Oh fuck yesss, that's it, right there baby, right there." Agghhhhhh.

Even though I was licking on the end of it because I wanted to, I was still embarrassed about how easy it had been for him to get me to do it.

Lick.......................................................lick Lick...lick " Umm " Lick...lick

" That's it, Oh yeah, now lick the bottom." " That's it, that's it, right there..........................................Agghhhhhhhhhh."

The feeling of power that it gave the old black bus driver, as he got another little young white boy, to hold onto his swollen black cock, with his little white hand and lick on it, was unreal.

How many times had he [ Scored ] with a young white boy or even a young white girl, since he was little and gotten them to suck on his black cock, 15, 20, 25 or maybe even more? To many to count but there'd been a lot of them, along the way, that's for sure.

I'd been licking on it for 2 maybe even 3 minutes, when all at once the need to suck on it took over and the next thing I knew, I was stretching my tight little mouth down over the end of it and sucking on it gently, as he slid it in.

Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp

" Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yeah, yeah, that's it, Billy, suck it."

Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp

" Oh yeah, Leroy's gonna love your mouth, baby."

Slurp slurp Slurp slurp Slurp slurp

" Oh shit, Oh fuck, Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Squirt squirt Agghhhhhhh.......................................squirt " Oh fuck noooooooooooooooooooo...squirt...............ugh...........ugh.................ugh...Fuckkk"

The shame or guilt that I felt, as I felt his warm black cock, spewing its warm white liquid into my mouth and onto my tongue, again and again and again, was unreal. But I couldn't stop him, because he was holding onto my head and wouldn't let me pull away from it.

When it was finally all over and he let go of me, I couldn't get away from him fast enough, as I jumped up, ran all the way home and hid in my bathroom.

I don't know who I was hiding from, there was nobody home but me.

Is that it, was I trying to hide from myself because of what I'd just done?

I was shocked when I got home and ran into the bathroom, because I still had his warm white cum in my mouth and I had the weirdest feeling as I went over to the toilet, bent down over it, opened my mouth and watched as his pearly white cum, ran out of my mouth and splashed as it went into the water.

The very next morning, when my step brother Bobby caught me looking at his morning [ Pee Boner ] again, he could see that there was something different about me, something had happened to me and somehow he knew it, as he moved over beside my bed, took ahold of his warm [ Pee Boner ], held it to my mouth and whispered, " Want it " and just as I opened my mouth to tell him " No," he slipped it in and before I even knew it, I was sucking on it.

I was so naive, that I thought that he just wanted me to suck on his warm boner, when he'd said, " Want it " and slipped it into my mouth. Little did I know that he wanted more, much more, which I was about to find out.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

But no sooner had I started sucking on the end of it, when all at once he took ahold of my head, with both of his hands and the next thing I knew, I could feel his warm golden liquid spreading slowly across my tiny little tongue and I couldn't believe it, he was peeing.

I didn't wanna believe that he was peeing in my mouth like that but he was and before I knew it, my mouth was full of his warm pee and I had to swallow it or have it gush back out of my mouth and go down all over me.

" Gulp...............................................gulp.........gulp...gulp

" Oh yeah, swallow it Billy, swallow it."

I don't know how long he stood there beside my bed, peeing into my mouth and getting me to swallow it, before he finally pulled his still hard boner from my mouth and calmly went into the bathroom. All I know is that after I'd gotten over the thought about what he'd just done to me, peed in my mouth, I reached down, took ahold of my little boner and started playing with it.

Yes, I had a boner, just from my older step-brother peeing in my mouth.

He stayed in the bathroom for the longest time, I guess because he was playing with his to, while he was in there. I don't know. All I know is that when he finally came back out of the bathroom again and saw me still laying there, playing with mine, he came over to edge of my bed again and without saying a word, reached down, took ahold of my little boner, kissed the end of it and then just went back into his bedroom, like nothing had happened.

From then on, Leroy had no problem whatsoever, getting me to play with and even suck on his warm black boner, in the back of the old school bus.

One day Leroy had me down there sucking on it, when all at once his hands clamped down tighter on the back of my head and I heard a little girl's voice saying, " What are you doing to him Leroy, you let him go."

" Shhh Paula, he wanted to suck on it, so I'm letting him."

" He wanted to, really?"

" Uh huh."

" But he's a boy."

" Uh huh but boy's like to suck on it to, at least some of them do."

The shame that I felt as he sat there with his cock still in my mouth, holding me down on it, as he talked to her, was unreal.

" Go back to your seat Paula before the driver gets mad at you, ok."

" Can't I just sit here and watch?"

" No Paula, you might embarrass him, maybe next time, ok."

" Promise?"

" Uh huh."

" OK."

When little Paula had caught us and saw what we were doing, I'd stopped sucking but Leroy still had his cock in my mouth and wouldn't let me pull up and away from it. But now that Paula was gone, he started working my head up and down on it again and whispered, " Come on Billy, suck on it, she's gone now " and the next thing I knew, I was sucking on it again.

It was one day that he had me back there sucking on it again,
when he noticed that little Paula was missing from the bus, because she was sick that day and he knew that this might be his one and only chance, as he pulled me up off of it and started undoing my pants.

" What are you doing, stop."

" Shhh, I won't hurt ya Billy, I promise."

As soon as Leroy had my pants and my little white cotton underwear down and he saw how my little boner was sticking out, he turned me around, bent me over the back of the seat that was in front of us and started rubbing the wet tip of his long black boner all over my tiny little asshole.

Just looking at my little white butt cheeks sticking up in front of him and knowing that my tiny little asshole, was nestled down inbetween them and waiting for him, was almost to much for Leroy, as he sat there smearing his clear slick pre-cum all over it and knew that he had to get his cock up into it before he lost it and squirted all over it. When he finally figured that it was wet enough to get his black boner up into me, he reached around and covered my mouth with one hand, as he slipped his other arm around my waist, so I couldn't get away from him and started to slowly pull me down onto it.

As soon as I felt my tiny little asshole starting to stretch down over the end of Leroy's black cock and felt it starting to go up into me, I started screaming into Leroy's black hand and trying to get away from it. But I couldn't get away from it and Leroy knew it, as he held me down on it and started working it up into me deeper and deeper.

It was almost like, the more I screamed into Leroy's black hand, the more of his warm stiff cock, Leroy pushed up into me, until finally, my little asshole, just gave-in to the fact that it was gonna get fucked and the strangest feeling came over me, as my little white ass just relaxed and let me settle down onto it.

" Oh yeah, that's it, come on Billy, ride it."

The pain that had been there in the beginning, had slowly gone away and now I had the strangest feeling up inside of my little ass, as I started working my plump little white butt up and down on his warm stiff boner, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the more I rode it.

" Oh fuckkk yesss, you like how my warm cock feels up there inside of ya, don't ya Billy?"

" Uh huh, Uh Huh."

Even though I wasn't riding up and down on it very high, maybe just an inch or 2 at a time, Leroy still couldn't get over just how much this young little white boy, me, liked riding up and down on his warm black boner, as he sat there holding onto my little white hips, with his huge black hands and got me to ride it.

" That's it, work it Billy, work it."


" Oh fuck yesss, ride it."

Leroy wasn't the only one that was watching me ride up and down on his warm stiff black boner, because the old black bus driver had been watching everything, in his rear view mirror, since we'd started. Even though he couldn't really see Leroy's cock going up into my tight little white ass, he could tell by the way my head was bobbing and my little mouth was hanging half-open, that Leroy had his cock up inside of me and was actually fucking me, right there in the back of his old school bus.

I didn't know that the old black bus driver had been watching us, although I should have and I didn't even notice how Leroy was slowly working the two of us over to the center of the old bus seat. The center of the old bus seat, where all the old black bus driver had to do, was to turn around and look back down the aisle and he would be able to see everything that was happening.

When I finally opened my eye's and saw what was happening, it was already to late. It was already to late because the old driver had pulled over and was looking back down the aisle at us. Leroy had me sitting on his lap, with my pants and my little white cotton underwear pulled all the way down to my ankle's and the old black driver could see how Leroy's long black boner was disappearing up inbetween my little white butt cheeks, just behind my little boner and my tiny little nut sac.

Up/down up/down up/down...up/down...up/down up.................................down up..............................down

" Ohhh fuckkk yesss Billy, that's it, ride it."

" Uh huh..................... Uh huh."

" Ride that cock Billy, ride that black cock like that little white ass of your's was born to do."

All at once Leroy stopped moving, pulled me down on it, jammed it up into me as far as it would go and then just held me there, as he let out the strangest moan and his swollen cock started jerking up inside of me, again and again and again, spewing its warm white liquid all over up inside of me.


"Ugh" "Ugh" "Ugh" "Ugh" "Ugh"

Every time that Leroy's big cock, would jerk up inside of me again, my little ass would jerk and then give a little quiver, telling Leroy that if I'd just been a few year's older, that his huge black cock would have been making my little white boner jerk and squirt its own white cum all over the place, just from him fucking me back there.

When the swelling in Leroy's cock finally went back down again and it slowly slipped back out of me, I couldn't pull my pants and little white cotton underwear back up fast enough.

It was almost like I thought, that if I could cover my little white ass back up, that I could pretend that it hadn't happened or whatever.

But it had happened alright and that wouldn't be the last time that Leroy's warm stiff black boner, would find its way up into my tight little white ass because I was his from now on and he knew it, as both he and the old black bus driver each had their way with me, each and every time that they wanted to, for the next 2 year's.
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