Young girl punished brutally by older teacher

Dear Diary,

Today I had the most scary and humilliating experience of my life. In 7th grade math class at my strict private scool my teacher Mr. Force caught me passing notes and then talking in class.

I was passing notes with Becky about what boys we thought were cute. She wrote to me "Cindy, I think Chad is totally awesome" and I wrote back, "Becky, Troy is way cuter!" Mr. Force saw me pass the note back to Becky and made her bring it to him, he read it outloud to the class, I was so embarassed. But that wasn't the worst of it.

Later in class while we were working on some math problems I asked Becky a question and Mr. Force heard me. "Cindy, stop talking and I want to see you after class young lady!" Now I knew I was in trouble, but wasn't thinking anything like he did to me.

The bell rang and the other kids emptied the classroom. It was the last class for him so I knew he'd have time to really put it to me. I sat in my desk trembling in my uniform, you know the knee socks, shiny MaryJane shoes, plaid skirt, white blouse, usual uniform.

"Cindy, I'm very dissapointed in you! You're not paying attention passing notes and talking, all that while you are failing my class. That's not the behavior I can tolerate." He reaches down and opens a desk drawer where he keeps his paddle. I've seen it before but never been paddled by it.

It's got a flat part 10" long with holes drilled in it and a round handle about 8" long. We saw him paddle Craig and he used 2 hands, Craig almost fell on him face he was getting hit so hard. Now my shaking got worse.

"You're going to have to be disciplined to take this class serious, come here" he commanded from his chair. I walked up to him behind his desk and noticed his pants had a bulge in them. "Alright Cindy, bend over my knees." I did what he said, frightened.

"Pull your skirt up from your butt" exposing my little cotton panties with Pooh Bear prints on them. I felt his hand slide down my back until he grabbed the waistband on my panties pulling them down to my ankles. I heard a slight chuckle as he saw my naked butt sticking up in the air waiting a spanking.

I could feel him reach over and grab the paddle and then he said "Cindy, this is best for you" right before I felt the first sting of the paddle on my butt. My body jumped it hurt so bad. Then another, then another, I felt burning pain on my butt cheeks. Two more swats hurting more each time. I could hear the sound of the paddle swinging through the air, yet I still didn't cry.

"Cindy you're not crying, this must not be much of a punishment, you'll need a harsher lesson." I winced and tried to convince him, "Mr. Force, I will do better, I promise sir." He was stone cold in his reply, "no, you're going to get a firm understanding of what remedial training means."

My butt cheeks burning red, panties tangled around my ankles, he commands me to get on my knees in front of him. I do so as he sits in his chair with that bulge even larger than before. "Take off your blouse" he says which I do showing my traing bra. "Now take off that training bra" which I do, I'm too scared not to obey him.

My tiny budding nipples are barely protruding, he grabs them and twists really hard. They in turn get hard but it hurts and I let out a whimper, not loud as I don't want to anger him anymore than I have. He takes one hand off me to unbuckle his belt then unbuttons his pants.

"Pull my zipper down you naughty young girlschool slut!" I try to mutter something but again my fear takes over and all I can do is what he tells me to do. Hesitating just a bit sets him off and slaps me in the face, not really hard but it was enough to get my attention. Quickly my hands pull his zipper open.

"Reach in and pull out my cock, you know what a cock is right?" "It's what a boy has down there, we call it a peepee, girls have a coochie". My little hands struggle with his underwear and trying to get his peepee out, he slaps me again. I move faster and finally pull out this huge man size peepee.

Pulling my hands away I can see it throbbing, bouncing around in the air. At the tip there's some shiney gooey looking stuff. "Cindy, wrap your hands around my cock and move them up and down." Looking at him confused he grabs my wrists and jerks my hands onto his peepee. "Grab it like climbing rope in gym class and move up and down, now!"

His peepee is so big my hands, one on top of the other, still leaving a lot of peepee showing. It is so fat around my fingertips don't even touch my palms, but I'm really tiny anyway. "Yes, that's what to do you fucking insolent bitch, jack my cock" he says with a forceful tone.

"Now see that goo on the head of my dick, take your tongue and lick it off." I shake my head, "no Mr. Force, it looks gross", and he slaps my face again. "You're going to do everything I tell you or it's going to be worse and worse everytime you disobey me, understand?" "Yes sir" is all I can say.

Moving my head forward, still trembling, I put my tongue out and barely touch the goo on his peepee. "I said lick it off, damnit, LICK IT OFF!" So I lap at it until all that is left is my spit. "Now lick my whole cock up, down and around like you would an ice cream cone." Of course I do not want to be slapped again, my tongue feels the thick veins that seem like they're straining in his even harder peepee.

My chin keeps bumping into his family jewels and he presses himself on my face and tongue. This must excite him because he tells me to suck one into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it, then do the other. Funny he had no hair there like my coochie has no hair, I've seen pictures that had hair down there.

His head rolls back agianst the chair and he lets out a moan, his hips are moving around as my tongue swirls around his nuts. All of a sudden he looks down at me, grabs me by my ponytails and pulls real hard lifting my head just above his peepee. "Open your mouth whore!" I do.

Still grasping my hair painfully he shoves his peepee into my mouth. I gag and wince but he's controlling my head, he pushes his huge man peepee deep into my mouth. At first about half way then jerking my head by the hair forces it deep into my mouth. I can feel it going deep into my throat.

I'm gasping, choking, can't breath, but he keeps thrusting until my eyes water. "Those aren't tears bitch, you haven't come close to taking your punishment and crying yet" he says in a very scary tone. I feel like I'm going to puke but he doesn't stop. Then he pulls out and I gasp for air, he's still holding my ponytails and they feel like he's going to rip them out of my head.

Wham, he jerks my mouth back down on him and in one push goes deep into my throat again. He pumps and pumps my mouth, pulling half way out then jamming himself back into my throat. I'm gasping, choking, my knees are hurting from the hard floor.

"You're going to see a lot of gooey man stuff today sweetie, I'm going to put some in all your places and you're going to like it!" I didn't know what he meant at the time but I thought about the gross gooey stuff he made me lick earlier. His thrusting into my mouth was getting even more forceful and I could his peepee head getting larger.

Now he's only pulling out of my throat a little, I can't breath and feel like I'm going to pass out soon. He starts pushing harder and faster, I get a little taste of something thick and salty. Grunting he says, "I'm cumming you little whore, suck me and swallow this cum you cunt, drink every drop or I'll spank you more".

A flood of gross stuff that is hot and salty starts shooting into my mouth, he presses my face so hard on him my nose is in his belly. Can't breath but heard him tell me to drink it so I gulp with every spasm I feel his peepee does, each one bringing another shot of the gross stuff. I try to swallow all I can but some is dripping out the edges of my mouth.

He shutters a few times then relaxes back in his chair still holding my head but pulled his peepee out of my mouth. I almost throw up but I'm too afraid. "Clean me up Cindy, lick all that sticky stuff off my dick and swallow it, and I mean all of it or you'll be sorry."

Looks like melted vanilla ice cream so I take my tongue and lick it up like an ice cream bowl. It takes gross and feels weird but I must obey, this is already the scariest day in my life. I'm worried about what he meant by "going to put some in all your places..."

"Ok, for your next punishment I want you to lay on my desk, on your back, with your head hanging off the edge." I didn't understand what he wanted so he grabbed me by my hair pulling me to my feet then slapped me again. By now my face was almost as red as my butt from the paddle beating.

It was difficult moving beacuse my panties were still tangled around my ankles like I was tied-up. Pulling me on to his desk he was being very rough and had this strange mean look I've never seen. I laid flat out and he grabbed my face by each side pulling me back so my head was dangling off the edge.

That's when he grabbed the paddle again, I was so scared he was going to hit me more. But that wasn't what he had in mind I found out. "Pull your knees up Cindy and spread them as wide as you can." I did, panties keeping my feet together but my knees up and as wide as I could spread them.

He walked around to the end of the desk my feet were saying "you have the prettiest little hairless pussy I've ever seen." My legs are trembling as was my whole body. Then he truns the paddle around so he's holding the flat end. Leaning over the desk he puts his mouth on my cunny. With one hand he spreads it open then licks me all over with his tongue making these weird "yum" sounds.

After doing this for awhile my coochie starts to feel strange, like it was clenching. My back lifts slightly off the desk and my hips seem to be moving. At one point I'm terrified and at another I'm tingling, I can feel my coochie spasming and get a sensation of feeling hot and happy.

Mr. Force stops sucking on that bump at the top of my coochie and starts sucking and tonguing in the hole area. "You taste so good, a delicious young virgin pussy tastes great, but you're not done yet you sorry little student". Holding my knees apart I see him raise the paddle, round handle facing me.

In one motion he jams it into my coochie, I scream and try to move away from it but he grabs my hip holding me down. There's nothing I can do, he's too strong. The paddle handle rips into me, my virgin coochie violated for the first time. I feel searing pain down there but that only seems to make him happy, delighting in my pain.

After a time of him shoving the paddle in and out of my cunny he tells me to grab it. "Now you hold the paddle and fuck your pussy with it, you need to get it ready." Ready for what I can't imagine, he's already beat me, spewed goo in my mouth, and jammed a huge paddle handle into me, what's next?

Reaching down grabbing the sides of the flat part I hold it there, Mr. Force comes back around to the end of the desk my head was hanging over. "I said FUCK YOURSELF, not hold it there!" he says then slaps my face again. Already in pain from the handle, which is smaller than his peepee, I begin pulling it in and out of my coochie.

Mr. Force then put his hand around his peepee moving it up and down. With the other hand he grabs me by the throat forcing my head back dangling off the edge of the desk. As I'm moving the paddle handle in my cunny Mr. Force starts to slap my face with his peepee. Harder and harder he uses his peepee to beat me in the face.

With his hand still aroung my throat, head pushed as far back as possible, he shoves his peepee back in my mouth. Pressing hard on my throat he pushes his peepee deep down my throat like before. I get that same gagging, can't breath, want to puke feeling. He thrusts over and over pushing himself harder and harder into my mouth while I feel him grow bigger with each thrust.

I'm still moving the paddle in and out of me. "Fuck your pussy you sassy mouthed little bitch" he barks at me. I start moving the paddle handle faster and deeper to make him happy. I too scared not do what he says.

Pulling out of my mouth Mr. Force's peepee is poking straight out again, the tip looks purple now. He moves back to the side of the desk where my feet are pulling me by the hips towards him. Reaching over he pulls the paddle out of me, I can see a mix of stuff and a little blood. "Looks like we popped your cherry, now we're going to make use of that hole between your legs."

He pushes my legs way back, almost where my knees are by my ears, and tells me to hold the there. His hands start rubbing my cunny then his thumbs go in me pulling me open. I feel his man peepee pressing against me, first rubbing up and down my opening. Then he beats me with it like he did my face and rubs it all over my no hair slick cunny really hard.

I'm still holding my legs back as far as I can keeping my knees as wide as possible. Mr. Force reaches up and grabs my panties that are stretched between my ankles forecing my legs back so they hurt. Grabbing his peepee with the other hand he positions the tip so it is pressing on the outside of my coochie.

His face scrunches like he's mad, in one hard fast move he shoves his peepee all the way in me. I scream with pain it hurts so much, my back comes off the desk and I try to move away. He lets go of my panties and slaps me harder than before saying "don't try to get away you fucking tiny slut, you're getting what you need! You think boys are cute and I'm going to show you what a man size cock can do to you cunt."

With every thrusy my whole body slams on the desk, so hard my head is getting sore as it bangs against the desk. I'm so tiny and he's so big, like a person and a kitty cat, the kitty is helpless. He pushes into me so hard he has to keep pulling my body back to him after each thrust.

"Mr. Force please, you're hurting me there, it hurts so bad" I beg him to stop. He slaps me again and his thrusting becomes more violent, "shut-up, haven't you learned yet not to talk in class you stupid little bitch, I'll do what I want, I'm the authority here!"

He keeps going at me, each time it feels harder and harder as he grabs my hips lifting my tiny body on his. I wince and squirm, his grip is so tight my hips feel like they're in a vice. His face contorts with a look of anger and pleasure mixed. Again and again his peepee feels like it's ripping my cunny apart.

A few more long hard thrusts and I feel him lifting my hips up to him. Buried deep inside me his face twists, he pushes very hard into me, his body stiffens, and I can feel his peepee throb and my cunny having that goo shot in like he did before. This seems to last forever then he twitches a few times breathing heavy then goes limp almost collapsing on me.

I hope it's over, this has been so brutal and rough I silently beg it to be over. But it's not.

Mr. Force finally pulls out from my coochie, as he does I can feel some warm stuff drip out of me down my tooshie. He takes his fingers and puts them in me squishing around then rubs them on my tooshie hole.

His eyes looked strange like he's in another world. I still have my legs pulled back afraid to move unless he tells me so. He reaches over me grabbing the paddle again and I shake thinking of what else he'll do to me. Soon I find out.

Reinserting the paddle handle in my cunny it brings real pain but I'm too afraid to squirm this time. He just keeps slowly pusing it inside me and as goo leaks from me he wipes it on the paddle handle. Using one hand on the paddle he uses the thumb on the other hand to rub the bump at the top of my coochie. I can feel it getting harder but I don't know why. As much pain as I'm in down there what he's doing makes me feel lightheaded.

Pulling the paddle out of me I can see stuff dripping off the handle. Then he commands me again, "turn over on your belly", and I comply. Moving back to the end of the desk my head's at, still holding the paddle, he grabs the back of my neck pulling forward to him.

"Now for your ultimate punishment, this will teach to never interrupt my class again".

I'm laying there face down, my chin on the edge of the desk, Mr. Force directly in front of me with a soft peepee brushing against my cheek. That's when I feel it again, the stinging pain of the paddle on my butt. After each strike he rubs the gooey stuff on my poopie hole then hits me again.

He does this 6-7 times and on the last few times he puts his fingers in my poopie hole. First 1, then 2, then 3, and it feels bad. His fingers cram into me then spread me open. I buck against it involuntarily, "Mr. Force that hurts the most, please stop I beg you, you are hurting my butt really bad" saying in a whimpering voice.

"But Cindy you have yet to cry, until I make you cry I don't know if you're getting sufficient punishment to not repeat your bad behavior." As soon as he says that I feel pressure on my tooshie hole then a huge painful insertion. He shove the paddle handle in my hole, my tiny young butt being ripped apart and I'm helpless.

"I told you we weren't done and this isn't the end either. My promise was to put my man stuff in all your places, remember?" "Yes Mr. Force, but please don't hurt me anymore." He didn't stop for a second, all that handle was in me by the time I finished begging. He wasn't through, I had one more severe lesson to learn.

With the paddle handle buried in my butt he tells me to lift my ankles up to him. As I do he grabs the panties between my ankles and pulls my legs forward. Taking my panties in hand he pulls them over top of the paddle still stuck in my butt.

Then he told me to put my hands behind my back. Using my training bra he tied them together. Now I'm on my belly, head face down over the edge of the desk, legs bent forward, arms bound and legs held in place by my panties looped over the paddle. I must have looked like I was 'hog-tied'.

He slaps me in the face again for no reason. As soon as he does that he grabs my chin lifting my head and shoves his peepee back in my mouth. It has a nasty taste from all the places it's been and what goo was on it. Pumping it in my mouth he presses deep into my throat more. Still can't breath when he does that but he has no compassion.

With each thrust into my mouth me beats me on my butt with one hand, the other around my throat holding my head steady for him. At this point I'm gasping and tears running out of my eyes. Every thrust and smack on my butt makes me jolt causing the paddle in my butt to press into me. My legs are cramping and my chest is hurting from the hard desk, Mr. Force just keeps grunting.

Finally he's very hard like before. He then was forcing his peepee deep into my throat and leaving it there until I almost pass-out. Dribbling spit from my mouth I can see it dripping off his nuts and puddling on the floor. Mr. Force won't stop, I try to beg but can't say anything becuase he's filling my mouth. I whimper but that only seems to excite him more.

Pulling out of my mouth I gasp for air, breathing deeply and quickly. Mr. Force slaps me one more time in the face but not hard. I lay there breathing hard and see a pile of spit puddling below me, his peepee must be slick from all that.

Mr. Force moves behind me, I can't see him of course since I'm facing the floor. I feel him pull up on my panties over the paddle releasing my legs. He removes my panties finally so my legs aren't bound at the ankles. That's when I feel his big hands grab my hips and pull me forcefully towards him. I come to a stop in a bent over position, my chest on the desk and my legs hanging over, my butt poking up in between.

"Now you silly schoolgirl bitch you're going to get a real lesson", but what more could he do to me?

He pulled the paddle out of my tooshie hole and put it in my face. "Lick it clean like you did my cock, you understand stupid cunt whore!" I was forced to lick the whole handle until he was satisfied, it had a gross smell and was slick from all the various places it had been. While I was doing that he was sliding his peepee between my butt cheeks. It was real slippery I guess from all the spit when he had it in my mouth.

Suddenly he grabbed one ponytail then the other then into one hand, pulling my head to the side then pressed into the desk. "Alright you smart mouthed young cunt this is going to teach you not to fuck with me you little bitch."

Pushing my head into the desk I could feel his peepee right at my tooshie hole. He gave out this deep grunt and as hard as he could he pushed all himself into my butthole. I screamed in pain, tried to get away, squirmed and my legs tried to run. It was no use, my arms were tied behind me, he had my head in control, and he was so much bigger and stronger than my young tiny body could fight against.

He thrusted into me so hard it was bruising my hips on the edge of the desk. Time and time he pushed so hard I thought the desk was going to break. Grunting like an animal with each thrust he'd lift my head up a little bit then slam it back into the desk.

I screamed with pain, "oh gawd Mr. Force please stop, I feel like I'm going to die. Please, please stop, you're ripping my butt apart. I beg you, I'll be good, I'll never tell, please stop Mr. Force!"

Quickly I realized to say nothing because it only made him be more violent. He kept at me, harder and harder if that was possible. I was in so much pain I started sobbing. My tears began making a puddle like my spit did. He would pull completely out of my butt then stab himself all the way in, doing this many times.

His hands were now pulling my butt cheeks apart so he had a good shot. This seemed to go on forever. I could feel his balls slamming into my cunny. All I could do was be his sex toy, he raped me in every way possible and was really enjoying this part.

His peepee was like a huge burning hot rod plunging deep into my butt with no mercy. I felf his hands move to my hips, his thrusting getting shorter but harder. This was familiar, he was going to shoot more of that man goo.

Short but deep hard pulling my butt up into him strokes were happening. He grabbed my hair again forcing my face hard on the desk. He rises on his toes, buried deep in my butt, grunting wildly he stiffens. There it is, hopefully the end of my punishment.

My tooshie hole feels his peepee throb and the warm goo spurting out of it, many spurts he does. He presses even deeper causing me to wince and cry more. As he stands there over me I can feel his peepee getting smaller but I'm spent. He has brutalized me in every possible way.

Tomorrow I'm really going to be the class bitch to get more detention!

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