Sleepover then a plan for getting punished
Brutal Punishment by Teacher, Pt. 2 Dec. 02, 2006 (Sleepover at Becky's)
First part under Brutal Punishment by Teacher, Nov. 02, 2006
Be looking for Part 3 when me and Becky both get punished by our teacher.

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Dear Diary,

Last week Mr. Force, my 7th grade Math teacher, caught me and Becky passing notes and later talking. He made me stay after class and punished me real hard (see November 02, 2006 XNXX Brutal Punishment by Teacher). I had never touched a peepee before and he put his in my mouth, my coochie, and finally my poopie hole.

It hurt me so bad but later that night I found myself touching my private parts. It must have been ok because at the top of my hairless cunny this little button like thing got real hard. I rubbed it fast and then it had some gooey stuff trickle out.

Immediately I called Becky and we decided to spend the next night at her house. I went over there and had dinner then we went to her room to listen to some music. We undressed down to our cotton panties and tank top see-through undershirts. It was the first time I noticed Becky's boobies were larger than my barely budding pink nipples.

"Becky, you've got boobies!" I said excitedly. "Yeh, I noticed some boys looking at me at gym practice" she replied. "Mom changed my training bra to an A cup, whatever that means". "Can I touch them" I asked. "Sure, we're best girlies."

She pulled up her shirt and I liked seeing them. Reaching out touching them they were so soft but her nipples were really hard now. "Can I kiss them?" "Sure." So I lightly kissed all around them then put one of her hard nipples in my mouth swirling my tongue around like Mr. Force made me do to his man peepee, licking off his gooey stuff right on his peepee hole.

"Cindy, that's making me feel tingly down in my private place" she moaned. "I know, isn't that weird! When Mr. Force did that it felt the same way. Lay back on the bed and I'll show you something else he did" saying almost in a commanding voice like he used. Becky sat on the edge of her bed, legs held together.

I kneeled down in front of her, pulled her panties down to her ankles and spread her knees. She had this very thin fuzz on her coochie and it was dark like her hair. "Gosh Becky, you even have some hair down there barely but I don't have any" I told her. Her cunny looked like a tiny slit in her skin but I could see it was wet looking.

"Mr. Force had some wet, gooey stuff on his peepee head kinda like I see on your cunny. He made me lick it off." "Really! What'd taste like" she asked? "It was salty but not a lot of stuff, later when he was in my mouth so much came out of his peepee it shot out the corners of my mouth."

"Wow, when you told me about him punishing you didn't tell me all that." I said, "I was ashamed and embarrassed, he used me in every way as a sex toy for his perverse pleasure. It wasn't until later that night that I realized I kinda liked it. I was sore and in pain but it was a pleasurable like pain, know what I mean?"

"Yes, sometimes when Daddy spanks me I get wet and tingly down there. After he's done spanking me he rubs my butt to make me feel better and his hand slips between my legs. That makes me squirm and he rubs me there for a while until I feel hot then relaxed."

Her knees seem to automatically spread more open. I reach up to her coochie and touch it lightly. Becky moans and presses into my hand a little harder. With my hand I slowly spread her cunny outside open some. This is a view of a girlie's private part I've never seen. With my thumb and finger I gently massage her hard button it the top of her cunny. I'm much more gentle than Mr. Force was to me.

It gets real hard and red, with my other had I slip one then two fingers in her coochie, it's easy because she's so wet there. Rotating her button and pushing now three fingers in her I replace my thumb and finger and put her button in between my lips. Becky throws her head back breathing in short, fast motions.

My tongue then licks her button like Mr. Force made me lick his peepee, but I like this much more. Swirling it around at first I change my tongue motion to an up and down flicking right on the tip of her button.

Becky's cunny starts gripping my fingers hard, her breathing gets faster, and she's pressing her hips into my face hard. I just keep doing what I was, it reminds me of when Mr. Force was going to shoot all that salty gooey stuff in my mouth so I was nervous. Becky's hips and tooshie rises off the bed and she's shaking.

Grabbing my head with both hands she nearly smothers me pulling my face harder into her cunny. Inside her cunny she grips really hard and begins to tremble. She pushes her hips in my face and lets out a muffled groan followed by several hard thrusts into my mouth.

As her grip on my fingers and my head lessens she collapses on the bed laying out flat. What I taste from her is sweet and a little flow, nothing like Mr. Force's salty gooey huge flow.

"Did that make you feel weird or anything Becky?" "No, I feel lightheaded like spinning in circles then falling down" she said. "Can I do that to you Cindy" she asks. "Of course, I think I'm starting to like stuff going on down there, but can you do something else also?" "Sure" Becky says, "what do you want me to do?"

"Get your hairbrush, the one with the big handle," I say as I'm pulling my panties off. "Now this is one thing I learned from the punishment by Mr. Force. There is another place you can put things in that makes you feel tingly but it hurts until you really get loose."

"Another place? What do you mean?" "Well, do to me in my cunny place just like I did you but when you feel me getting wet there take the brush handle in put it my coochie. When it gets all gooey from my juices push my legs back and put it my poopie hole."

"I thought you said it really hurt you there!" "Yes, but after a while I felt like a really dirty girl and it made me let go of my gooey stuff much harder" as I was instructing her. So Becky began rubbing my button and doing to me just like I did her. And just as I asked she put that brush handle in me to get it all slicked to put in my poopie hole.

She could tell it was time because I was acting just like her when she was getting excited. Pulling the brush out of my cunny she tells me to pull my legs back. Grabbing the back of my knees I pull the back as far and wide a possible. My poopie hole and coochie hole are right in front of her face.

First she licks my poopie hole then puts a finger in it. It slides right in and I wiggle some. "Am I hurting you Wendy?" she asks. "No, it feels good, keep going" is say in a groaning tone. I then feel the handle of the hairbrush pressing against my poopie hole. My hole opens to accept it but tries to hold it from going in too fast. I'm controlling the speed now, Mr. Force just rammed in my hole really fast and hard.

Becky keeps sliding the handle deeper until it is totally buried in my booty hole. She pulls it in and out of me slowly while rubbing my cunny button. She gets up, "where are you going" I ask? She just smiles, opens her closet and pulls out one of our cheerleading pompoms.

Back to me, legs sticking up in the air, hairbrush buried in my butt hole, Becky puts the handle of the pompom in my cunny hole. I can't even talk at this point. Shoving the handles in each hole she pulls one out while pushing the other in. My hips begin rotating like a ride at the fair. I feel really hot and start breathing very hard. Becky can tell I close to a goo release.

Just then she sucks my cunny button into her mouth. It is hard and throbbing and she starts moving her tongue like I did on her. Now she's pushing the handles hard and fast in and out of my two holes.

I stiffen and begin to whimper, a small tear rolls out from my eyes. "Ohh, ohh, Beckkkyyy, don't stop please, ohh Beckyyy, harder, harder!" Within seconds I almost faint and shaking all over. My body falls into a heap in the floor, pompom and hairbrush still inside me. I'm folded over and Becky is hugging me stroking my hair.

Eventually I sit up a pull the objects out of my holes. Becky asks, "was that good, did you like that?" "Yes, it was awesome, kiss me" I ask her.

"Wendy, if that was good didn't what Mr. Force do to you good?" "Well Becks, it's kinda like this, at first no, he hurt me very much and was really brutal to me. When you're going through it the first time you're so scared."

"But later you realize you liked it. And Mr. Force said if I acted up in class again it would be worse!"

"Wendy, I have an idea, wanna hear it?" "Sure Becky, tell me." "Ok, tomorrow we'll get in trouble together in class so we'll both have to be brutally punished together. Whattayathink?"

"Becky, that's why we're best friends, we think alike!"

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dude the baby talk is a turnoff, make them talk and scream like the lesbians in playboy, who gives a fuck if theyre 11/12


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you must be a dumbfuck so go fuckoff asshole!


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Kill the fucking baby talk!


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well written but i just couldnt get past all the baby talk shes like 12. 12 year olds know the words pussy, cock, clit, cunt, dick, cum. i really think you should think about that when writting the next one, or just change what grade shes in to like 3rd or 4th.

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