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When Leroy stopped at the old motel and went into the office to rent a room, he was shocked when he saw how pretty the little blonde girl was that was working behind the counter.

" Hi, I'd like a room, if that's ok with you."

The little blonde didn't say anything, as she just stood there wide eyed and stared at him. Probably because Leroy was black and black people just didn't come around there, at least none that she'd ever seen anyway.

" Miss, are you ok miss?"

" Huh, oh, I'm sorry."

" Can I rent a room?"

" Well, I guess so, if you really want to."

" Oh, I do, I'm tired, I've been going since early morning and my old body's getting kinda tired, if you know what I mean."

Carla looked Leroy over from head to toe, stopping half-way down his long lean body and couldn't help but to notice the swelling of his package and the way is pushed his slacks out.

Leroy heard the tiny little moan that came out of her, as she stood there wide eyed, checking his cock and ball's out and that made him happy.

" How long will you be staying?"

" Oh, just for the night, miss, unless something comes up."

Once again she looked down at his package and then while still looking at it whispered, " Oh, I think something's gonna come up tonight, it always seem's to, doesn't it."

Leroy couldn't believe it, she was horny alright and she was putting it out there to him.

" What's you name black man?"

If anyone else woulda said it to him like that, Leroy woulda been offended by it but she was still checking his package out when she'd asked him his name and wrote it down, so he forgot all about it and gave her his name.

" Here's the key, you'll be in room 6 Mister and that'll be $50.00 please."

Leroy didn't like the price of the room but what the heck, at least now he had something pretty to look at, even though she couldn't have been over 20 year's old yet.

He could still feel her pretty green eye's watching him, as he turned and slowly walked out the door, headed back to his car and calmly got his clothes out.

Walking past the pool, he noticed that there was a hot tub that went along with it and wouldn't you know it, his room was right there next to it and so was her's but he didn't know that yet.

" Oh yeah, looks like I'm gonna do me a little skinny dippen tonight, when everyone else is sleepin or doin whatever."

After Leroy showered, he came out and fell across the bed, the small bed that they never seemed to make big enough to fit him or at least that's how it seemed to him, everytime he had to stay in another motel room.

It was almost 3 AM when he eventually woke-up again and then found himself just sitting there staring at the little tv set, that was way over in the corner. All at once he remembered the little coffee pot that he'd seen up in the little office when he'd checked in earlier and he decided to go get himself a cup of coffee, if the office was still open, that is.

Just throwing his pants on, Leroy went up to the office and sure enough, as soon as he walked through the door, a little old man came out of the back room and asked him if he could help him.

" Hello, I'm over in room 6 and since I just woke up, I thought that I'd come over and try and talk ya out of a cup of that coffee that ya got over there."

" Sure go ahead help yourself but it's gotta be pretty strong by now because Carla made it and she left hours ago."

" Oh that's ok, I like it strong."

" Like I said, help yourself."

" Thanks, I appreciate it."

" No problem."

Leroy got his cup of coffee and headed out the door but instead of heading back to his room like he was going to, he stopped at the little hot tub and decided to drink it there.

Humm, so Carla was her name huh. Nice name and a really nice body she had.

Just sitting there at the hot tub and remembering how pretty the little blonde girl had been, made Leroy start to get a boner and he wished that she was there with him, so he could coax her into taking care of it.

When he finally finished his coffee, Leroy found himself being drawn back to the idea of skinny dippin again and the next thing he knew, he'd stood up, un-fastened his slacks and let them slide all the way down to his ankle's before he stepped out of them.

Leroy didn't wear any underwear, so as soon as his slacks were out of the way, his huge black boner stuck straight out in front of him like it was looking for something and it was, it was looking for the pretty little blonde girl, Carla.

" Oh yeah, this is the life, what more could a man ask for?" " Well, maybe a pretty little blonde girl curling her tiny little pink tongue around his long black cock for a while, that would be nice."

Leroy was sitting in the hot tub, enjoying the really hot water with his eye's closed, when all at once he heard a tiny little voice say, " May I,... may I join you " and as he opened his eye's there she was standing there beside the hot tub.

" Sure why not, there's room for 3 or 4 of us in here, come on in."

Without even saying another word to him, Carla pulled her little sweater all the way up over her head, dropped it next to the hot tub and to his total disbelief, undid her tiny little mini-skirt, kicked her sandal's off, slid her little skirt the rest of the way down and calmly stepped out of it.

Even in the pale moonlight, Leroy could see that she had a gorgeous little body and that she was proud of it, as she stood there next to the hot tub now with nothing on but her bra and her tiny little pair of black thong panties, letting him look at her real good, before she stepped down into the hot tub and slowly slipped down into the water across from him.

" Do you always go into the hot tub with nothing on but your bra and panties little girl?"

" Nooo, not really and how about you, do you always go into a public hot tub naked like you are now?"

" I'm not naked."

" Oh really, then stand-up for me and prove it."

When Leroy didn't stand-up, Carla moved across the hot tub and said, " See I was right, you are naked aren't you?"

Before Leroy could even answer her, he felt her tiny little hand slowly sliding up his long black thigh and taking ahold of his swollen black boner.

" Oh black man, you've got a nice one, a really nice one."

" You like that cock, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh, you know I do."

" Well, come and get it then, it's all your's baby, ain't nobody stoppin you but you." " Do it."

Carla was in no hurry, as she sat there in the hot tub with him and stroked it up and down slowly for almost a full 5 minutes, teasing him, before letting go of it.

Just as Leroy was going to ask her why she'd stopped, she un-hooked her bra, wiggled out of her black thong panties and giggled, as both of them floated to the surface of the water.

" Oh shit baby, what are ya doing?"

" I'm coming after it, just like you told me to."

" Oh fuck, not here baby, are you crazy?"

" No black man, I'm horny, I've been horny for your black cock, every since you checked in earlier."

" Oh fuck ya, let's go to my room baby."

Before Leroy even knew what was happening, Carla had turned around and worked her pretty little white ass onto his lap and as he reached around and started playing with her little titties, she reached down, took ahold of his huge black boner again, wiggled her pretty little white ass onto it and then quietly settled down onto it, swallowing it an inch at a time, with her tight little pussy.

" Oh fuckkk, Oh fuck yesss, get it baby, get it."

" You like it black man, you like my pussy?"

" Oh fuck yesss, you know I do baby, ride it."


Leroy could feel her hard little nipples under his huge black hands, as he kept working his long skinny black cock up into her pretty little white pussy, deeper and deeper.

" That's it, that's it, ride it baby, ride it."


Just as it was starting to really feel good to him, Carla raised her pretty little ass back up off of it, turned around, slipped down under water and started sucking on it again.

" Oh shit, what are you doing?"

After saying that out loud, Leroy started laughing because she was under water and there was no way that she could hear him, so how could he expect her to answer him.

After getting the end of his huge black cock into her pretty little mouth again, Carla's tiny little fingers took ahold of his hairy black nut-sac and started feeling both of his huge nut's with her tiny little fingers, just like she was weighing them, to see how full they were.

" Agghhh, easyyy, easy."

All at once the pretty little blonde's head popped up in the center of the hot tub and she said, " Can I, can I go all the way with it " and before Leroy could answer her she added, " Please, I want to " and he lost it.

" Oh fuck yes baby, suck it, suck that old black cock, like you were born to do."

Once again he watched as her tiny little head disappeared and before he knew it, she was sucking on it again alright, only this time she was sucking on it even harder and that's when he knew for sure that she wanted his warm cum in her mouth and down inside of her tiny little belly. There was no way that Leroy could stop now, as he grabbed ahold of her head with both of his huge black hands and started fucking up into her pretty little mouth and using it just like a pussy.

Carla stayed under water sucking on it for as long as she could, before once again she had to come up for air and that's the only reason that she let go of it again and rose to the surface.

" Oh fuck, baby, your something else, who the fuck taught you to suck a cock like that?"

" Please don't say it like that."

" Tell me."

" Nooo."

" Come on baby, you can tell me."

" It was, it was my uncle, the man that was working behind the counter when you went back for your coffee."

" Your kidding, that old man?"

" Yesss."

" Oh fuck, how old were you, the first time that he got you to do it?"

" I'd rather not say."

" Come on, you can tell me, who am I gonna tell anyway, besides I don't even know ya?"

" You won't get mad at me?"

" Are you kidding, why should I get mad at you?"

" I don't know, I just thought that you might, that's all."

" No baby, I won't get mad at you, I promise."

" Promise?"

" Uh huh, I promise."

" Ok then, I was 11 almost 12 year's old, the first time that he got me to take it into my mouth and suck on it."

" Oh shit, really?"

" Uh huh."

" Fuckkk, did you like it?"

" Yesno."

" Huh, what do ya mean by that?"

" I mean that I liked the warmth of it in my mouth and on my tongue but I didn't like the smell of pee that always seemed to be on the end of it.

" And what happened?"

" I told him and he started washing it off for me, before he comes into my bedroom."

" Comes, he still comes into your bedroom at night, even after all of these year's?"

" Uh huh, why else do you think that I'd work here, it surely isn't for the money baby, believe me."

When Carla found out that Leroy wasn't gonna be mad at her, she reached under the water and started playing with his cock again, until he had a boner.

" Can I, please, can I?"

" Oh shit yes baby, do your thing."

Carla didn't have to be told twice, as once again she slipped down under the water, opened her mouth, slipped it back down over the end of it and started sucking on it again. It was almost like she couldn't get enough of it and she couldn't.

Just as it was really starting to feel good to Leroy again, the office door swung open and the little old man, Carla's uncle, stepped out and started walking towards him.

" Hello, I see that your enjoying the hot tub, you haven't by any chance seen Carla have you?"

Leroy already had one of his huge black hands on top of Carla's little head, holding her down on his warm hard cock, as she sucked it underwater. But when her uncle said that, he calmly slipped the other hand on top of her head to and hoped that she didn't need air again, before he could get rid of her uncle.

" No........ah, No not really, maybe she's in her room, have you checked there yet?"

" No, not really, but that's where I was on my way to when I saw you over here in the hot tub and just thought that I'd stop and ask you first."

Just as the old man was starting to walk away, Carla pulled away from Leroy's grip and as she shot up out of the water she screamed, " You tried to drown me " and that's when she saw her uncle standing there talking to Leroy and she moaned.

" Oh Nooo."

" Oh yes Carla, there you are." " Why would I think that you'ld be anywhere else, when there's a fresh young cock around?"

Leroy didn't know what to say, she'd been sucking on his cock and there was no way that he could deny it now, that's for sure.

All of a sudden the old man, her uncle, just turned and walked back to the office, without even saying another word to her.

" Fuck girl, let's get out of the hot tub."

" No, he'll be alright, your not the first one that he's caught me with out here or in their room with them."

" Oh Really?"

" Uh huh."

" Oh shit."

" I'll just go over and suck him off later and he'll forget all about it."

" Oh fuck, your something else, girl."

" I can't help it, it's like I need to suck on it now and he knows it because he's the one that started the craving in me, remember."

Leroy couldn't believe what he was hearing, as he raised up out of the water, sat down on the edge of the hot tub and let her look at his boner again.

" Come on baby, finish me off, before he comes back out looking for you again."

Even Leroy could see the desperation on her face, as she let out a little whimper, bent down over it, started licking on it and then slowly worked her tiny little pink tongue all the way down to his huge black nut-sac.

" Oh fuck yeah, lick my ball's baby, lick my ball's." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Licking on them was one thing but now she was starting to suck on them, first one and then the other and Leroy couldn't handle it, as he grabbed ahold of her head and whispered, " No baby, your gonna make me cum if you keep doing that and you know it."

Without even saying anything, Carla put both of her tiny little hands on Leroy's chest and gently pushed him the rest of the way down along the side of the hot tub.

Just as he was about to ask her what she was doing, he felt her raising his huge full nut-sac up and before he could stop her, she'd touched his tiny little black asshole, with her tiny little pink tongue.

" Oh no, don't do that, please don't do that."

" Please, please, I want to."

" No baby, that's nasty."

" No it isn't, you were in the water for almost a half an hour, remember?" " Please,...........................Please."

Without wanting to hurt her feelings or whatever, Leroy pulled his legs up and whispered, " Do it baby, if that's your thing, do it " and she did.

Leroy had never been tongue fucked before and even he was shocked, by all of the little noises that were coming out of him, as she moved her tiny little pink tongue in and out of his tight little black asshole, faster and faster.

It was almost like she already knew when he was gonna lose it and just as he was about cum, she pulled her tiny little warm tongue back out of him, laid down next to him, on the side of the hot tub and said, " Now me," as she raised her little leg's up, spread them for him and grabbed her ankle's.

Seeing her little body, her tiny little white body, glistening in the moon-light like that turned Leroy on even more and before he knew it, he had his head down inbetween her pretty little white thighs and was lapping again and again at her now swollen clit, with his warm soft tongue.

" Ohhh black man, lick me black man, lick me."

It was almost like Leroy was in a trance now, as he licked and sucked on her pretty little white girl pussy, just like she was telling him to do.

Had they put something in the coffee, something that would make him not even understand what was really going on?

It wasn't until he'd finished licking on her, climbed up on top of her and had started to work his long skinny black boner up into her again, that he finally began to understand what was really going on.

As soon as Carla felt his warm boner working its way back up into her again, she wrapped he tiny little white leg's around him, clamping him to her, just as her uncle came back out of the office and joined them.

Leroy din't know that he was standing there behind him, sliding his zipped down and pulling his old boner out but Carla sure did and she wasn't about to let Leroy get away from her.

All at once Catla's uncle laid down on top of them, mashing little Carla's leg's onto Leroy even tighter and started feeling for Leroy's tiny little asshole, with the head of his swollen boner.

When Leroy felt the old man's boner mashing up against his tiny little asshole, he started screaming, " No, No, I'm not like that."

" Hold him Carla, hold him."

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooo, noooooo."

Carla didn't say a word, as she gripped her little white leg's around Leroy's long black body even tighter and then watched the look on his face, as her uncle started to do him up his black ass, with his hard white boner.

Leroy fought it for as long as he could before he finally relaxed and let Carla's uncle fuck him, while he was fucking Carla.

Carla's uncle didn't have to be told what to do, as he felt Leroy's tiny little asshole relaxing its grip on his warm hard boner and he slowly eased the last 2 or 3 inches of it up into Leroy's tight black ass and started to fuck him.


"Ugh"........................................................." Ugh"...................
"Ugh".........................."Ugh"...." Ugh."

It wasn't long after Carla felt Leroy's ass responding to her uncle's warm stiff cock, that she felt Leroy's huge black boner starting to move in and out of her tight little white pussy again and she started screaming, " Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me black man, Fuck meee " and he did, not even caring now that her old uncle was fucking him up inside of his warm black ass, the whole time that he was fucking her.

Eventually Leroy could feel his nut-sac starting to draw-up inside of him and knowing that he couldn't hold on much longer, he looked in her pretty green eye's and started saying, " Here I come baby, here I come," over and over, until all at once his huge black cock erupted, deep up inside of her, spewing its warm white cum all over her insides, again and again and again, as he drained his huge black nut-sac into her, filling her pretty pink pussy, with his warm, white, black man's cum.



Just feeling Leroy's tiny little asshole tightening up around and clutching along his long skinny boner, everytime it spewed even more of its sticky white cum up into his little niece Carla, was to much for her uncle and the next thing he knew he'd lost it to and started screaming, " Hold him Carla, hold him," as his huge cock erupted deep up inside of Leroy's warm black ass and spewed its warm white liquid all over up inside of him. As soon as her uncle had told her to hold him, Carla had tightened her little leg's around him and wouldn't let the black man get away, until her uncle was completely through with him.

Leroy had the strangest look on his face, as he felt the old man's long skinny boner jerking up inside of his big black ass, again and again and again, until the old man had finally finished cuming and draining his huge warm nut-sac up into him.

Carla didn't get to cum this time but she didn't even seem to care about it. She didn't care because she'd finally seen a black man, having to take it up the ass to, just like the 2 older black boy's had made her take both of their warm stiff black boner's up her tight little white ass when she was little, so little that she didn't even have any pubic hair yet.

None of them said a word, when the old white man finally crawled up off of Leroy, put his cock away and went back up to the office.

Carla could see the look of shock or shame on Leroy's face, after just being fucked up his black ass by a white man. He couldn't say anything, as he pulled his now limp cock back out of her and just left her laying there, as he made it back over to his room and closed the door.

Carla didn't move for the longest time, as she laid there feeling the lips of her now swollen pussy with her tiny little fingertips, raising them to her mouth every now and then and tasting them, just to see what a black man's cum really tasted like and she liked it.

Somewhere during the middle of the night, Leroy, still being ashamed or embarrassed about what happened, packed his car again and drove out into the darkness and down the road.
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