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If I said that I wasn't excited when I saw the 3 marines coming out of the backdoor of the bar, with the long haired, dark skinned girl, I'd be lying because I was, it was Paula. I watched as they slowly coaxed her over to their car and one of them started trying to make-out with her. It wasn't until he was kissing her on the mouth and had slipped his hand up under her tiny little mini-skirt and felt her swollen cock and balls, that were held up tight in her panties, that he knew that Paula was a boy and not a girl, Paula was a LADYBOY, a THAI LADYBOY and she was gorgeous

I'd been watching Paula work her way through almost every serviceman that came through the bar for over six months now. Getting them to fuck her if she could or at least getting them to let her give them a blowjob, somewhere out in the dark parking lot, that was down just below my upstairs window. She didn't care where it was that she was giving it, in the frontseat of the car, the backseat of a car, the bed of a pick-up truck or even just kneeling down right there beside it and sucking on it there. Just as long as they were letting her suck on it, like she knew that she was born to do. Paula was probably the best little cocksucker that I've ever seen, bar none. She knew how to coax every bit, including the very last drop of a man's sticky white cum out of him and down into her little belly, believe me. One time I walked into the bar late at night, around 1:30 AM and they had her laying up on the pooltable, on her back, with her head and its pretty long dark hair hanging down over the side of it and I personally watched as 7 men in the bar, went over and had his way with her little mouth, as she laid there and ate every bit of it, just like it was candy, white candy and to her, I guess it was because she ate it every chance that she got.

I loved to watch her taking it up the ass, from a really large male, while the rest of them just stood around and watched it, as they waited for their turn at her pretty ass to. Paula never said, " No," to any of them, in fact if anything, she always begged for more and believe it or not, she usually got it. She didn't care who they were or how many of them that there were, all she cared about was the feel of their warm stiff cocks and how good they felt, way up inside of her. Paula was a cock whore and every horny man that lived in the little town that she did knew it, even the married one's who's wife's wouldn't take it up the ass like she did.

The first time that I saw Paula out in the dark parking lot, doing her thing, she was with 2 young college boy's and they had her up in the bed of their old white pick-up truck, with nothing on but her little bra and her tiny little panties. Since the bar had already closed about 30 minutes earlier and the rest of the parking lot was empty, they didn't have to worry about getting caught, at least not by somebody coming out of the bar anyway. But what about the police, weren't they worried about them coming down the long dark back alley and seeing what they were doing to her? I mean like shit, even I could see what they were doing to her and all I was doing was just sitting there and looking down into the parking lot, out of my window.

While one of the boy's was sitting down in the bed of the old pick-up truck, with his pants opened up for her and his back to the little window. He had Paula down on her hands and knees in front of him, sucking on his long skinny boner, giving him head, as he watched his friend kneeling down behind her and fucking her pretty little ass, harder and harder, as he held onto her, wide spread hips.

Just watching how little Paula was moving her wide flaring hips, that opened out into one of the prettiest little ass'es that I'd ever seen, as the young college boy worked his young stiff boner back and forth in it was turning me on even more and more and once again I found myself sitting there stroking my boner, as I watched her.


Why, would watching a boy, even though she already had her little titties and looked just like a girl, dressed in nothing but a girl's bra and tiny little panties turn me on so much?

My boner was hard as a rock and begging for attention, as I sat there in my window, watching the 2 young college boy's having their way with Paula, front and back, one holding onto her head, while the other one held onto her wide flaring hips and both of them worked their warm stiff boner's in and out of her, faster and faster.

Why, hadn't they removed her bra and panties?

Why, had the one that was behind her and fucking her in her pretty little ass, just pulled the strap of her black thong panties aside and not even bothered to remove them or at least pulled them down like I would have done?

Were they making her keep her bra and panties on, just so they wouldn't have to see how her cock and ball's hung down just below the tiny little asshole that they were fucking and ruin the whole illusion for them? The illusion that she was a girl and not a boy, like they were pretending.

Or maybe that was it, maybe they weren't even pretending that she was a girl at all.

Maybe they liked fucking boy's, in their young tender ass'es, like somebody had probably fucked one or both of them, when they were littler.

Who knows?

I'd talked to Paula before about how it had all started with her and she'd told me, that it was her step-uncle, that had had his way with her pretty little ass, when she was only 11. Yes, 11 year's old and she didn't even know what sex was all about yet but she liked how it felt, as he'd eased his warm hard boner up into her and then slowly moved it back and forth until eventually it squirted and left its warm white reward, way up inside of her.

In the beginning, she was still a boy, in her own mind and that made her feel guilty about letting him do her back there like that. But somewhere along the way, her mind did a flip-flop or whatever, while he was doing her one night and somehow she became a girl in her own mind and that made it ok for her to let him do her like that, anytime after that, that he wanted to. She loved the cock already and she wasn't even 12 year's old, yet.

At first it was only her step-uncle, Charlie, that was doing her back there. But eventually some of his friends that were coming over to play poker with him on friday night's, when Paula's aunt was gone for the week-end, found out about it and started wanting to do her in her little ass to and they did, all of them, before the year was over.

In the beginning it was only 2 of them that wanted to fuck little Paula after the poker game was over and they did. But as soon as the other 2 or sometimes 3 found out just how much she liked taking a cock up her little ass, really liked taking a warm cock up her little ass, almost to the point of begging them to do it again, all of them ended up doing her in one way or another. 2 of them had never fucked a little boy in the ass before and they didn't wanna do her back there but after watching their friend's doing her 4 or 5 friday night's, one of them eventually gave in and started fucking her and it wasn't long after that the the other one gave-in to, until all of them were fucking her and that's how Paula became a cock whore.

Being fucked in your little ass by 2 or 3 or sometimes even 4 or 5 full grown men, in a single night, left Paula with a well defined little asshole, believe me. The tiny little rim that surrounded the edge of it, stuck way out and even looked something like the outer lips of a swollen pussy. A pussy that had already been used way to much and Paula wasn't even 12 year's old, yet.

Even the doctor noticed how the edge of it stuck out and how swollen it looked, when they took her in to see the doctor because she was having trouble going to the bathroom. The doctor gave her step-uncle, Charlie, that look. That look that say's, " I know what you've been doing to him and you better stop " but he never said anything.

Maybe he'd been fucked to, when he was little and was way to embarrassed to talk about it.

The poker game and the fucking of little Paula went on all the way through junior high-school and even up into high-school, when Paula eventually got her own place and moved away.

By the time Paula finally got her little titties, yes, they were little because she didn't like the bigger one's, her long black hair was all the way down to the top of her pretty little ass and only emphasized how it stuck out so much.

There was no way that you could look at pretty little Paula, after she'd gotten her little titties and tell that she was a boy and not a girl, unless you pulled her panties down and saw how her cock and ball sac still hung down in front of her.

She was gorgeous and I woulda fucked her myself in an instant but my mind and my body already had other plans for me.

Having watched Paula getting fucked out in the dark parking lot, for almost 6 months now and how much she enjoyed letting them do it, did something to my mind to and the next thing I knew, I was buying panties and wearing them, up in my dark apartment.

I didn't even understand what was happening to my own mind, believe it or not, until it was already to late and there was no way that I could've stopped it by then even if I'd wanted to.

It all started out so innocent because in the beginning I was just sitting there playing with myself and watching Paula getting fucked again. But eventually I was wearing panties to and before I knew it, I was even finger fucking myself, while I was watching them and pretending the it was me that he was fucking and not Paula.

Eventually I bought the rest of the little outfit, mini-skirt and all and started wearing it, up in my little apartment and believe it or not, I still didn't know where I was going with it.

I don't even know what happened because I never left my little apartment while I was dressed up in it but one night I must have been drinking to much and ended up wondering the street's in the middle of the night and an old man in a car pulled up next to me and asked me if I was working. He thought that I was a girl and when I couldn't tell him that I wasn't, I heard myself whisper, " Uh huh " and he said get in and I did.

Even though I was wearing a padded bra under my little sweater, he was to drunk to tell that my titties were phony or he just didn't care, as he kept feeling on them and eventually he pulled my left hand over to his warm boner and got me to feel it. I didn't even know that he'd taken it out, that how caught up I was, in what he was trying to do to me.

" Come on baby, kiss it, earn your money."

When I'd gotten into the car with him, I had no desire whatsoever to suck on a man's cock, believe me. But something had happened while he was playing with me and the next thing I knew, I was bending down over it and licking on the end of it, while he sat there and held it for me.


" Oh yeah, that's it baby, lick it."

" Ummm." Lick/Lick................................Lick.........Lick/Lick

" Oh fuck yeah, lick that cock baby and it'll give ya a reward, a warm white reward, that you can eat and swallow."

I don't even remember slipping my mouth down over the end of it. All I know is that one minute I was licking on the end of it, just like he wanted me to and the next thing I knew, all I could hear in the car were the little sucking sounds that I was making on it, as he sat there and got me to suck on it.


" Easy baby, we ain't in no hurry."


All of a sudden I felt his huge hand sliding up the inside of my thigh and under the little mini-skirt that I still had on. Just as I was about to grab ahold of his big hand and try and stop him, I felt the edge of one of his finger's, brushing up against my panties and touching my little nut-sac.

He knew.

He knew that I was a boy and not a girl, a boy that for reason's not even really known to him yet, had to wear a girl's panties.

Just when I thought that he was going to tell me to get out of his car, I felt his huge hand as it slid down under my little nut-sac and he started feeling on them, just like they were supposed to be there, for him squeeze on and play with.

I don't know how long he'd been playing with my little nut-sac, before I felt his fingertips sliding down under the strap of the black thong panties that I was wearing and searching for my tiny little asshole.

Since I'd already been fingering myself back there for 3 or 4 months by then, there was no shock and very little pain, as he pushed his long skinny bony finger up into me and started to finger fuck me, right there on the frontseat of his old car.



" Come on baby, let's get in the backseat."

" Nooo."

" What do ya mean no, why not, don't ya want it?"

" Uh huh."

" Well, get in the backseat then and I'll give it to ya."

" I can't."

I couldn't tell him that I'd never been fucked before, even though I'd fingered myself back there many times and liked it. I wanted to tell him that I'd never even had one in my mouth before his tonight but I couldn't because I was afraid that he'd get mad at me, make me get out of his car and drive away.

I don't know what happened to him, all of a sudden he just gave up on the idea of fucking me, pulled me back down to his swollen cock and made me suck on it, until it eventually erupted in my mouth, spewing its warm white liquid all over the inside's of my little mouth and he kept screaming at me, " Eat it, Eat it " over and over again and before it was all over, I did.


Now I knew what Paula had felt the first time that her step-uncle had gotten her to eat it, as I felt his warm white cum slowly sliding down the inside's of my warm throat and going down into my little belly.

I'd been had by my first man and now there was no way that I could deny it.

As he drove me back to my apartment building and let me out, he gave me a $20 dollar bill and said, " Maybe we can do it again sometime " and before I even got to think about it, I heard the little whimper come out of me and heard myself whisper, " Uh huh " and watched his drive away.

I don't know what changed about me but something must have and Paula even noticed it. Because one night we were sitting up at the bar and all of a sudden she stood up, walked behind me, leaned over and whispered into my ear, " You've been had, haven't you baby?"

The feeling of warmth that was spreading across my face was unreal and I was glad that we were sitting in a dark bar and not some well lit restaurant. I was blushing and I knew it.

How did she know?

How did she know that I'd been had?

Did the same guy come into the bar and tell her about how he'd gotten me to go down on him and even eat it, after he'd squirted?

How does it feel, to walk up to a man, that's had his cock in your mouth and know that he'd do you again in a minute, if you'ld let him?

Or let him leave his sticky white cum up inside of your little ass, before he goes on his way and does another. Leaving you there with your tight little asshole, swollen shut and throbbing, like that's the way that it's supposed to be. And I guess that at that moment in time, that it was or why else would you have let him do it?

It wasn't long after Paula figured out that something had changed inside of me, that we started spending more and more time together and believe it or not, one thing led to another and Paula and I ended up going to bed together.

Both of us had been at the bar drinking that night but I can't blame it on the liquor because I wanted her. Yes, I wanted to push my hard stiff boner up into her tight little asshole and fuck her until she begged me to stop and then I could tell her " No," that I wouldn't.

It wasn't until she was kneeling down in front of me, undressing me and saw that I was wearing a pair of girl's panties that she lost it and decided that I was the one that was going to get fucked that night, up my little ass and believe it or not, I let her.

Even though I'd seen Paula's cock and nut-sac, many times, from out of my bedroom window I'd never seen them up close or even seen her with a boner and I was shocked at how big it was, as she put the end of it up against my tiny little asshole and started trying to push it up into me but she couldn't because it was just to big for me.

By the time she had me down on my hands and knees and she was trying to push it up into me, I was so horny, that even I couldn't believe it. So, when she couldn't get her huge cock to go up into me, I turned around and without her even having to tell me to, I just started sucking on it.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh baby." " Uh huh, Uh huh, that's it."

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh yeah, that's it, use your tongue baby, circle that big head and show it just how much you like it."

I couldn't believe how long her cock really was, as I slid my warm soft tongue down along one side of it, all the way down into her dark curly pubic hair, ran my tiny little tongue all around in it, before working my way back up the other side of it and slipped my warm open mouth down over the end of it.


" Oh please baby, don't do that, let me fuck you with it first and then you can suck on it the next time, if you still want to."

Just looking at her long stiff boner, as it stuck out in front of her like that was scaring me and somehow she knew it, as she coaxed me into laying on her bed, on my stomach and pushed my head into the pillow, so I could see what was about to happen to me.

Just when I thought that she was gonna do it because she'd made me reach back and spread my cheeks apart for her, I felt something soft and warm brushing across my tiny little asshole and I couldn't believe it, she was licking on it, wetting it and getting it ready.

Nobody had ever licked on my tiny little asshole before and I was shocked, when I found out just how good it felt.

What I didn't understand about it, was that that the whole time that she was licking on it, that she was coaxing my little ass to raise up higher and higher, until she finally had me down on my hands and knees again, right there in front of her.

All of a sudden I felt her moving the swollen head of it back and forth across my little asshole and I knew that she was smearing her pre-cum all over it, so that she could get her swollen boner up into me.




" Oh fuck your tight, you haven't been fucked very much, have ya baby?"

" Nooo, take it out, please take it out."


" Oh Paula, fuck me, fuck me Paula, make me feel it, like you do."


" Ohhh, harder, harder."

" Harder?"

" Uh huh, uh huh."

" Oh fuck yesss, you like it don't ya baby?"

" Uh........................................huh."


All of a sudden she leaned over my back and I could feel her little titties mashing against me and for some strange reason I lost it and my little butt started bucking and jerking, as she held onto my wide hips and rode me all the way down onto her bedspread. Grinding her swollen cock all the way up into my tight little ass, until it eventually erupted and squirted its sticky white cum, all the way up inside of me.

I don't know how long Paula laid there on top of me, before I finally felt her now limp cock, slowly easing back out of me and she ran into the bathroom to wash her cock off.

What happened next shocked even me, because the next thing I knew, I'd somehow gotten up off of the bed and was kneeling down in front of her, as she stood there in the bathroom and was licking on her now limp cock, as she held it out to me.


" Oh baby, that's it, lick that cock, lick and suck that cock, like you were born to do."


For the next 3 year's Paula and I fucked each other every chance we got, when the horny servicemen weren't around to fuck us. Sometimes there would be a group of 5 or 6 of them and they'ed want one of us to pull a train. Even though I didn't mind doing it by then, in fact I liked it, it was usually Paula that they wanted to do it, even though I had my titties by then, just like she did.
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