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When I'd just turned 13 year's old, I was told that I had to start babysitting my little boy cousin, Bobby and needless to say, I rebelled at the thought of it but was made to do it anyway.

Bobby had just turned 2 year's old and he was still wearing diaper's because he hadn't been potty trained yet and since that meant that I was gonna have to change him, I didn't know if I could do it or not.

Believe it or not I'd never watched anybody changing a baby before, so when my step-aunt, Kelly, took me into the bedroom with her, made him get up onto the bed so she could show me how to do it, I had no idea on how to go about it.

Standing there behind her and watching as she undid the front of his wet diaper and slowly peeled it down, did something strange inside of me and I found myself getting all embarrassed when his tiny little cock came into view. I wasn't embarrassed because she was showing me his tiny little cock, I was embarrassed because I could feel myself getting a boner, from just standing there looking at it and I didn't know why.

" Now see Billy, after you get it all opened up like this and wipe him off, then all you have to do is to get him to raise his little leg's up for you, pull the diaper out from under him and while your holding his little leg's up, he'll let you slide another one in, down underneath him.

If it would have been that easy, I could have done it but it wasn't, believe me. Because while she was talking to me and wiping him off with the little wet towel that she'd brought into the bedroom with her, he'd gotten a little boner for her, while she was wiping on it and I couldn't stop looking at it.

When she saw me looking at it, she started laughing and said, " Oh yes, I forgot to tell you about that." " Sometimes when I'm holding onto it and wiping it off, he get's a little boner and I just try and ignore it." " Besides, I don't think that he really wants to do anything with it, do you Billy?"

I was shocked when she asked me that, because even though he may not have wanted to do anything with her sexually, I sure did. Because even though she wasn't really a woman yet, she was only 19 year's old, my aunt Kelly was one of the finest looking woman that I'd ever seen, believe me.

" Are you ok Billy?"

" Huh, oh yeah, I'm ok."

" Are you sure, do you think that you can do it for me?"

" I guess so."

" Here, you wanna practice?"

" Practice?"

" Uh huh."

" No, that's ok."

" No, come on Billy, I wanna watch ya and make sure you can do it."

I felt so strange inside as I watched her putting his little diaper back together and then step back away from him, as she waited for me to change it for him.

The fear, yes fear ,that was going through me, as I bent down over him, unsnapped first one side and then the other side of his little diaper, was unreal. But what happened next scared me even more. Because as soon as I'd gotten both sides of it unsnapped and slowly peeled the front of it down, once again exposing his tiny little cock and nut-sac to me, I had an overwhelming urge to bend down to it and suck on it and I don't even know where that one came from. Believe me.

" Come on Billy, you can do it, just take ahold of it and wipe it off."

Even I noticed the way my hand was shaking, as I reached over, picked up the little wet towel and cautiously started dabbing at it."

" No Billy, you have to take ahold of it, like I showed you, otherwise you won't get it all of it clean for him."

Even my cousin Bobby was laying there, looking at me funny, like he was daring me to do it, when I finally reached over, took ahold of his little tiny boner and started wiping on it, like she'd shown me earlier.

" That's it, wipe it good Billy, get it clean, he likes it when ya do that, don't ya Bobby."

It felt so strange, yes strange, to be holding onto boy's little boner and feeling it getting harder and harder, in my hand. Even though it was only about 1 or 1 1/2 inches long, it was still a boner that I had my hand on and when I felt myself starting to get warm inside, I had to let go of it.

As soon as I'd let go of it, a huge and I do mean huge stream of warm salty pee shot up out of the end of it, straight up onto the air almost 2 feet, splashed against my face because I was still bending down over it, before slowly dropping back down onto his little belly.

The little squeal that came out of my step-aunt Kelly was unreal, as she stood there laughing at me because I was in total shock about what had just happened and I couldn't even move away from it.

" Oh, Oh, I'm sorry Billy, he didn't mean it, honest." " Here, come into the bathroom with me and let me wash your face off."

I couldn't believe how gentle she was, as she kept dabbing the warm soft wet wash rag all over my face and got the strangest look on her face, while she was doing it.

" He peed Billy, he peed all over your face, did ya like it?"

I couldn't believe what she was saying to me, why would anybody like to have someone peeing on them.

" I didn't like it the first few times he did it to me either, Billy but eventually I did and I started looking forward to having him do it again, just so I could feel the warmth of it and yes, even taste the saltiness of it." " Does that shock you Billy, that I like the taste of a boy's pee?"

" I don't know."

" Can I taste your's Billy, can I taste your pee?"

" Now?"

" Uh huh."

" Nooo, I don't think so."

" Please."

" No aunt Kelly, that sounds nasty."

" I know Billy and that's why I like doing it, I like being nasty." " Don't you like being nasty with the little girl's at school Billy?"

" I guess so."

" Please, please Billy, I won't ever bother you again, just let me taste it this one time,ok?

When she saw that I couldn't answer her and that I was standing there really thinking about it, she knew that she had me, as she took ahold of my hand and led me over to the white toilet.

I don't know why it gave me a feeling of power, as she knelt down beside the white toilet, reached out and started un-buttoning my levis for me but it did.

The embarrassment that I felt, as I stood there and watched her reach inside, grab ahold of my little boner and pull it out was unreal. Yes, I had a boner alright but it was still the same little boner that started up when I was looking down at Bobby's little boner earlier and wanted to suck on it and I felt guilty about still having it, I don't know why.

" Oh Billy, you've got a nice one, pee for me Billy, pee for me."

It felt so weird to have someone else in the bathroom with me, watching me, as I took ahold of it, pointed it down at the white toilet bowl and watched as the first little squirt of warm pee shot out of the end of it. SSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

" Oh Billyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy."


" Oh baby, that's it, pee for me."


It wasn't until I'd finally quit peeing, that I found out what she really wanted to do with it and it shocked me.

I'd just finished peeing and I was still standing there milking the last few drops out of the end of it, so they wouldn't end up down in my underwear, when I saw what looked like a little shiver go through her and that's when it happened.

After the little shiver went through her, she reached out, took ahold of it, leaned forward, slipped her warm mouth down over the end of it and sucked the last few drops of my pee, out of the end of it.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, what are you doing?"

" Shhh baby, just let me do it."

Once again that same feeling of power came over me, as I looked down and watched my aunt, Kelly, sucking what was left of my warm pee, out of the end of my little cock and that's when I felt myself getting another boner again.


" Uh huh, uh huh, suck it aunt Kelly, suck it."

Slurp/slurp.............................slurp/slurp................................" Umm."

I could feel her warm soft tongue trying to wrap itself around my young stiff boner, as I moved it in and out, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the longer I did it.


" Umm, Umm,"...Slurp/slurp.....Slurp/slurp..........." Do it Billy, do it."

I didn't wanna cum yet, but looking down into her pretty green eye's, as she looked up at me and more or less begged me to do it, was way to much for me to handle and the next thing I knew, I could feel my little warm nut-sac drawing up and all at once my little cock started squirting, again and again and again.

Squirt..." Aghhh ".....Squirt..." Aghhh "..........Squirt/squirt.." Aghhh."


" That's it, cum for me baby, cum for me." Slurp/slurp...Slurp/slurp

Squirt........" Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."


Even though I was already through cuming, I could still feel her warm tight mouth and tiny little pink tongue caressing the end of my little boner and trying to coax the last little bit of it out of me.

When she finally figured out that she'd gotten it all she pulled away from it, letting my now limp cock, slide slowly from her warm, now open mouth, stood up and without even saying a word to me, calmly went back into the bedroom and finished changing my little boy cousin Bobby.

I don't know how long I stood there, with my little cock still hanging out, before I finally put it away and left the bathroom.

It wasn't until the next morning, when she caught me in the hallway with my morning pee boner sticking up, that I found out just how much she really needed it, as she pulled it out and started sucking on it, right there in the hallway.

I could hear my uncle's electric razor, as it hummed in the bathroom, so, I wasn't to afraid of us getting caught but then all at once it stopped humming and just as I was pushing her away from me, he yelled out, " Is breakfast ready yet " and after she'd let out a tiny little moan, she yelled back, " Not yet, take your time honey, I'm just getting started with it."

" Oh, ok." Buzzzzzzzz
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