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When the older couple pulled up next to me and offered me a ride, while I was out hitch-hiking, I didn't even hesitate as I opened the back door of their old car and got in. I didn't hesitate because the old man had picked me up hitch-hiking before 5 or 6 times and the last 2 times he'd had the older woman with him, so I knew what they wanted and I knew that I could give it to them.

I'd never had sex with an older woman before until this older couple came along. Yes, I'd let older men pick me up and use me sexually, mostly because they usually paid me money and besides I liked it. Liked how their warm stiff boner's felt, as they once again eased them up into my little ass and then fucked me with it, sometimes for 15 or 20 minutes, before it started jerking again and again and again and left its warm white reward, deep up inside of me.

But this was different because one of these was a man and the other one was a woman and I'd only gone down on a woman 3 or 4 times before and what they got me to do with them was nothing, compared to what this couple wanted and got from me.

It was always the same and this time wasn't any different, as the older woman handed me a bottle of scotch or whatever and told me to drink as much of it as I wanted. I needed the booze and somehow they knew it, as the old man drove slowly down the side streets, waiting for the booze to take over and when they finally figured that I'd had enough to drink, he headed for the little motel, that was way out on the edge of town.

We even got the same room every time and I found out later that it was because the older couple knew the motel owner and he had a mini video camera set up behind one of the pictures in the bedroom. He always gave them a free tape of whatever they got the young boy's to do because he had a thing for young boy's and they always brought them there, so he could watch them.

The older lady didn't waste any time, as she started stripping, as soon as we were all in the room together. I was still amazed at how nice her little body was, even though her titties did have a little sag to them, the rest of her body was a body that any
teenaged girl would of fought for, just to have it.

The older man headed straight for the bathroom and closed the door, leaving me all alone with the older woman and even though they'ed had me in the motel room with them naked before, I was still somewhat embarrassed, as she crawled up onto the bed with nothing on but a little pair of black thong panties and then watched me as I finished getting undressed and saw my little hard boner sticking straight out in front of me.

" Ohhh, come mere baby, let me suck on it a little bit before you get started."

When I heard her saying it that way, I already knew what she was gonna make me do again, before the whole thing was over. She was gonna make me eat the warm cream pie, the warm white Creampie that the older man had left up inside of her earlier.

It wasn't the first time that somebody had watched me eating the white Creampie, that he'd just left up inside of a pretty pussy or even in a little puddle, that they'ed just left on the bedspread.

My older boy cousin Bobby, was the first one to hold me down on his bed and make me lick the wet spot, the wet spot that he'd just left on the bedspread. Yes, he'd gotten me to watch him laying there naked on top of his bedspread and dry fucking it.

I don't know why my watching him doing that excited me, in some strange kinda way but it did and I couldn't deny it. I couldn't deny it because my little boner was hard as a rock and I was only 11 year's old. Yes, that's right, I was only 11 year's old when it all started and my older boy cousin, Bobby, was already 13.

The fact that I was a boy, a very little boy at that, didn't seem to bother him, when he'd take me into his bedroom with him and expose himself to me again, before everybody else got home.

I didn't understand that he was trying to get me to want his boner, his long skinny boner and that's why he kept exposing it to me.

Yes, I'd played with my little boner before, many times and I'd even worked my little soap covered finger up into my tiny little asshole and finger fucked myself but that's all I'd ever done.

I didn't even know that a boy could squirt yet but my cousin Bobby was about to teach me that, as once again he'd taken me into his bedroom with him, closed the door and locked it.

He had no problem whatsoever, getting naked in front of me, I don't know why. All I know is that just the thought of my getting naked in front of him scared me and I couldn't do it. Yes, he'd wanted me to get naked with him 2 or 3 times before but I just couldn't do it.

Just watching him and seeing him crawling up onto his bed, on his hands and knees, with his long skinny boner hanging down underneath him, always made me feel real funny inside, like a little shiver had just gone through me and I couldn't understand it but i think he did.

He was trying to get me to want it and it was working but I just didn't know it yet.

I'd watched him do what he called dry fucking his bedspread at least 3 or 4 times before, so watching him doing it this time, was nothing new to me. But this time something different happened because this time he didn't get up, go into the bathroom and close the door behind him. This time he humped it harder and faster than he'd ever done before, until all at once he drove it all the way down onto the bed and held it there, as the strangest little low moan came out of him and his little butt cheeks started to quiver, again and again and again and just when I thought that it was all over, they quivered once again and another strange little moan came out of him.

I don't know how long he laid there after his little butt stopped quivering, before he got up off of his bed, with his now limp cock hanging down in front of him, looked at the little wet spot on the bedspread and then looked over at me.

I not only didn't understand what had just happened, I really didn't understand what was going on as he came over to where I was standing, pulled me over to it and as he pushed me down to it, he said, " Lick it."

" Nooo."

" Lick it Billy."

I didn't know what had happened, as he held me down to it and kept telling me to lick it over and over again. All I knew was that there was a little wet spot on the bedspread and I was so naive, that I thought that he'd peed.

I don't know why I was so afraid of it, the little wet spot but I was and when he saw that I couldn't do it, he pushed me the rest of the way down to it, mashing my little mouth against it and held me there until he heard the funny little noises coming out of me, saw my little head moving and knew that I was doing it, just like he'd told me to.

I was shocked that it didn't taste like pee, like I thought that it was going to. Yes, I knew what a boy's pee tasted like because I'd tasted my own, by peeing on my finger, more than a few times and licking on it, until it was all gone.

Whatever he'd done to the bedspread had a strange sweet creamy taste to it and that's why I ended up licking and tasting it, just like he wanted me to.

As soon as Bobby saw and heard me licking on his wet spot, he let go of me and then just stood there and watched me doing it.

" Oh fuck Billy, that's it, lick it."


" Ohhh yeahhh."

As I licked on the wet spot, I could see him standing there beside the bed watching me do it and I was shocked because he was getting another boner already and it hadn't even been 5 minutes since he'd had the last one.

I licked until the sweet and creamy taste was all gone and all I could taste was the bedspread, before I stopped and left his bedroom.

Even though I didn't really understand what I'd just done to him, more or less gone down on him, I knew that he'd gotten me to do something NASTY with him and for whatever the reason, I'd liked it and he knew it.

Yes, from that day on, I was letting him use me sexually in any way that he wanted to, just so he'd like me. Oh, he liked me alright, especially after he was getting me to eat it and he knew that I wouldn't tell on him for getting me to do it.

I knew that it wasn't right to be a boy and to be letting another boy, even if he was my cousin, getting me to suck on his warm boner. Yes, he was eventually getting me to suck the warm white liquid, right out of the end of his warm cock, supposedly so that none of it would get wasted on the bedspread.

Since he wasn't hurting me with it or making me do it, I got caught up in it and started to crave it and that's what he wanted. He wanted me to crave it, so he could turn me out to his 2 older friends, both of them in high-school and he did, about 3 months later, when the 3 of them took me outback and down into the fort, where Bobby made me suck on his warm boner, as he got them to watch me. What I didn't understand was that while Bobby was getting me to suck on his warm boner, that both of the older boy's had unbuttoned their levis and were just standing there with their cock's sticking out in front of them and waiting for me to come and do their's to and before they let me come back up out of the fort again, I'd not only done their's, both of them but I'd also been made to suck on Bobby's again, even though he didn't squirt again.

After Bobby and his 2 older friends had taken me down into fort with them, more times than I can remember, I started craving it more and more and that's how I ended up letting an older man get to me, while I was out hitch-hiking and going over to my friend's house.

He did it the same way that my cousin Bobby had done it. By pulling his old cock out and getting me to look at it and eventually play with it, while he was driving me over to my friend's house.

I don't know if he pulled me down to his warm boner or not and made me suck on it or if I just bent down and started sucking on it, on my own. All I know is that by the time he dropped me off at my friend's house, that he'd squirted his warm white cum into my mouth and that I'd felt the warmth of it, as it slowly slid down the inside of my warm soft throat and then eventually ended up, down in my little belly.

From then on the older men had no problem what so ever getting to me. They didn't care that there was a little cock and tiny little nut-sac hanging down below the tight little asshole that they were easing their warm hard cock's up into, as one after another they'ed pull me up on my hands and knees and then fuck me dogstyle, on the backseats of their old car's. Or that the little head that they were holding onto was that of a little boy and not a girl, as once again they'ed get their old cock's sucked on again. All they cared about was getting their old warm cock's sucked on again and for some reason I was more than willing to do it and they let me, again and again and again, as I kept trying to get enough of it but I just couldn't. The craving was controling me and I couldn't stop it.

Watching the older woman sucking on my young hard boner was turning me on and I can't deny it. Even though my little 13 year old boner wasn't all that big, it was big enough for me to hold her by her head and fuck her in the mouth with it and watch her warm soft lips, sliding back and forth on it, as it got wetter and wetter, with my pre-cum.

All at once she stopped, pulled away from it and I knew that it was time, as she slid up onto the middle of the bed, leaned back against the headboard and whispered, " Take my panties off baby, you know what I want."

She had the wildest look on her face, as she watched me climb up onto the bed, on my hands and knees, with my little boner hanging down underneath me and then slowly side her black thong panties down, exposing her pretty black haired pussy to me, as I went ahead and took them off of her.

As soon as I had her panties all the way off, she spread her little leg's apart, one on each side of me and got me to look at it.

Even though she didn't even have to do it because I could already see the wet white cum on it, she still reached down and spread the outer lips of her pretty pussy apart for me and made me watch it, as even more of the warm white liquid, slowly oozed back out it.

" Do it baby, do your thing, you know you wanna do it, just as much as I want you to."

There was no argument from me, as I bent down inbetween her wide spread leg's and couldn't believe that an old man could cum that much, as I watched the steady little stream of white cum, slowly running back out of her.

Was it just his warm white cum, that was still up inside of her?"

Or had they already been with a few other boy's or maybe even a few older men earlier, that had pumped their warm white cum up into her and left her with a little Creampie?

I couldn't help it, as I watched the pearly white liquid slowly oozing back out of the middle of it, felt myself being drawn down to it and the next thing I knew, I was sliding my tiny little pink tongue back and forth in it, licking it off of her outer lips, before slipping my little tongue up into the middle of it, where most of it was waiting for me.


" Ohhh baby, that's it, eat it, eat my little Creampie, like you were born to do."


All of a sudden she grabbed ahold of my head and I knew what was coming next and I'm embarrassed to admit that I was ready for it and looking forward to it, as I felt the old man crawling up onto the bed with us, getting down behind me, putting the end of his long stiff boner up against my tiny little asshole and then shoving it up into me, as hard as he could.

" Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Hold him, hold him, I'm not all the way in yet."

" I got him Harry, just do him."


" Oh fuck, he's still tight, I don't believe it."

" Come on baby, don't stop licking, all the pain will go away in a minute, you know that."


" Hurry Harry, he's gonna cum, I can tell by the way he's licking on me."


" Oh fuck here I come, hold him." Aghhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt...Squirt
Aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt squirt squirt.


" Oh fuck, he's milking it Gloria, he's milking it." Aghhhhhhhhh


I had no control of it when my little asshole and warm tight rectum did that to the older men, while they were fucking me. It was like it had a mind of its own and it didn't even care what he thought of me, as it squeezed on his old stiff cock, again and again and again and sucked the warm white cum up out of his warm soft nut-sac, until it had all of it up inside of me.

When the older man finally pulled his warm cock back out of my now stretched little asshole and I started to get up to go into the bathroom, the older woman, Gloria, saw the little wet spot, that my young boner had squirted down onto the bedspread while Harry had been fucking me and without saying a word, she gently pushed me down to it and made me eat it to, while the two of them watched me.

None of us ever talked when it was over, we didn't have to because all 3 of us had gotten exactly what we'd needed from each other and it wasn't necessary.

As they dropped me off at my friend's house, Gloria said, " Thank you Billy, maybe we can do it again sometime."

And as I said, " Un huh," I felt my little cock twitch and watched as they calmly drove away.
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