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It was almost 3 months later, that old Carl found himself driving down the same little hwy, that the detour had put him on before.

As soon as he was on the little hwy, he started remembering the pretty little blonde haired girl, with the pony-tail, that was out in the old gas station, out in the middle of nowhere. He was also remembering the little old lady, that had given him a ride back to his car, so he could put the gas in it, that he had bought at the gas station.

It was like a dream to him, like it had never happened but it had happened and he was remembering it fondly. All he had to do, was to close his eye's and he could still remember and even almost feel, the soft warm mouth's of the 2 women, that he'd met at the little gas station. The first one being the pretty little pony-tailed blonde girl, that had gotten down and sucked on him and then let him fuck her out in the little bathroom, that was out back. And the second one being the older white woman, that had not only given him a ride back to his car but had given him one of the best blowjob's that he'd ever had, before she'd dropped him off and drove away again.

He kept looking and looking, for the little gas station again and just as he was about to give-up on finding it, there it was, way off in the distance, out in the middle of nowhere.

He couldn't believe it, he'd found it. Found it out in the middle of nowhere, where most people would never even dream of going. But he was going there alright and he was gonna try and get him some more of that pony-tailed little blonde girl, that is if she still came in to help her father out.

He knew that it was the right gas station alright because still hanging from the post out in front of it, was the same old bent, Mohawk Gas sign, all bent and rusty, like it too, had seen better days.

He could feel his heart rate starting to go up, as he eased his old buick up to the gas pump and stopped it. Trying to pretend that he needed gas when he really didn't, because he'd already filled the tank earlier that day before he'd even left to go on the trip.

As he walked slowly towards the little screen door, he looked all around for a car and when he didn't see one, he was certain that her father wasn't there and that the pretty little blonde girl would be inside, working.

As he opened the door, Carl looked over at the counter and felt let down because standing there wasn't the pretty little girl, that he was expecting to see, Paula, but the same little old white lady, that had given him a ride back to his car.

Even though it wasn't the pretty little blonde girl, with the pony- tail standing there, he still felt his old cock twitch and start to get hard, as he remembered. Remembered just how good the older woman's mouth had felt, as she'd worked it up and down, faster and faster, on his long stiff black boner, right there on the front seat of her old cadillac. Not even caring that there were other car's driving by and looking over at them, as her head bobbed up and down on his warm black boner, faster and faster.

Neither of them said anything, as he went over to the cooler, got himself another coke and went back up to the counter to pay for it.

All of a sudden she had that look again, that look that told him that she was horny again and the next thing he knew, she whispered, " Can I "and without even waiting for his answer, she led him out the back door and back out into the little bathroom. The same little bathroom, that the pretty little pony- tailed blonde girl, had taken him out to before, where she sucked on his warm swollen cock, before she let him fuck her in her soft warm white pussy.

As soon as they were inside the little bathroom, the older white lady sat down on the white toilet, reached out, took ahold of his zipper and slowly slid it down.

He looked down at her, not even believing how hungry she was, as she reached in and pulled his warm black cock out. The squeal that came out of her when she saw how really big it was again, was that of a little girl.

Nothing could stop her now, as she leaned forward and while looking up at him, she started licking softly on the almost purple, plumb shaped head, with her tiny pink tongue. Circling the swollen end of it, with her tiny pink tongue, before stretching her now open warm mouth down over the end of it and sucking on it gently, as old Carl stood right there in front of her and slid it in.

" Ohhh fuckkkk, suck it lady, suck it." Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh. " That's it, that's it, use your tongue, show that old black cock, just how much you like it."

The feel of his warm hard boner, sliding back and forth on her soft pink tongue was finally getting to her and the next thing she knew, she was sliding her other hand up under her full dress and teasing on her little button with her finger tip. Not even caring if he was watching her or not, she had to do it and she did.

It didn't take long, playing with herself like that, before she pulled her black thong panties aside and worked her long skinny finger up into it. Fingering her little bush, while the old blackman just stood there in front of the old white toilet and watched her sucking on his warm hard boner.

And that's when old Carl, lost it, because as she moaned and whimpered on it, she was sending little vibrations down through his huge black cock and down into his warm heavy nut-sac. She was giving him a " Hummer " and she didn't even know it.

Or did she?

Just as he grabbed ahold of her head and started trying to get her to " Deep throat it " the bathroom door swung open and standing in the doorway, was the pretty little blonde girl.

She didn't say anything to either of them, as she just came in, locked the door, pulled her little sun-dress up over her head and stood there naked, in front of both of them. No panties, no bra, no nothing, just naked, pure naked. She was horny alright, there was no doubt about that, as she calmly slid her little hand down across her well tanned flat tummy and started fingering herself, as she stood there watching them, as they did it.

When they saw what she'd done, locked the door and taken her clothes off, both of them started taking their clothes off too. Feeling safe because they knew that the door was locked now and that nobody would be able to see them and what they were doing in there.

All at once Paula said, " Me first " and moved over onto the white toilet before the older woman could beat her to it.

Old Carl, thought " This must be a dream, it can't be happening." As he watched the pretty little blonde girl, with the pony-tail, reach out, take ahold of his thick black cock and start kissing and licking on the end of it, as the older woman stood there rubbing on her little clit, while she watched them.

No sooner had Paula taken him into her warm soft mouth again, when the older woman just disappeared and the next thing he knew, he could feel her warm soft white hands on the back of his black butt cheeks, gently spreading them apart, so she could get at it better.

Before he could even say anything to her , she blew on it softly and then watched as it squeezed closed-up even tighter, pulling up into him, before it finally relaxed again, came back down and opened up for her. " Can I, you won't get mad at me for licking on it, will you?"

Without even waiting for an answer, Carl felt her warm soft wet tongue starting to lick on it.

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, yessssssssssss."

Looking down at the pretty little blonde girl, that was sucking on his huge black boner and feeling the older white woman's, warm soft tongue, as it licked softly on his tiny little asshole, again and again and again, was hard enough for old Carl handle but then the older white woman did something that he never expected, as she worked her warm tongue up into his tight little black asshole and started French-kissing it, while she gently sucked on it.

" Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooooooooooo" squirt.................squirt, " ugh ".............squirt..........squirt.......squirt
" Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk."

As soon as Paula felt his huge black cock starting to erupt in her warm sucking mouth, she started swallowing, again and again as fast as she could, causing his huge black cock to slide down into her warm sucking throat even further. Deep throating it as he drained his huge warm nut-sac, down into her tiny little well tanned belly.

Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp..............gulp

As soon as he was finished cuming, he felt the older woman pull her warm tongue back out of his black ass and then heard her whisper, " Now me " as she stood-up behind him, gently pulled him back towards her, causing his now limp cock to slide back out of the little blonde's mouth and then just hang there in front of him.

Carl didn't understand at all, what was going on, as he watched young, Paula, get up and swap places with the older woman. Paula now behind him, as the older woman sat down on the old white toilet, where Paula had just been.

Just as old Carl was starting to tell them that it was all over and that he had to leave now, the older woman whispered, " Do it baby, get him up for me."

Carl couldn't believe it, as the older woman slipped her warm mouth over the end of his now limp cock and started sucking on it gently, as the pretty little blonde girl, that was kneeling down behind him, started working her now wet fingertip up into him. Finger fucking his tiny little black asshole, just like the older woman had done to him, when she'd taken him back to his car the last time.

" Nooo...............................Oh fuck."


" Oh shit yesss, " Suck it bitch, suck it."

The older woman didn't have to be told what to do, as she slipped her little hand down under his warm soft nut-sac, pulling and feeling on them with her long skinny finger's to see how much warm white cum was still left up inside of them.

Carl couldn't believe it, he was getting his cock sucked, his balls played with and his tiny little black asshole finger fucked and it was all happening at the same time.

" Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, yessssssssssssssss."

All of a sudden his big black ass started bucking and jerking, as his huge black cock erupted, spewing it's warm sticky white cum, all over the inside's of the older woman's mouth.

Squealing like a little girl when she saw what was happening, Paula eased her finger back out of his tiny little asshole and just stood there watching, as the old black man's huge black balls, drained themselves into the older woman's warm sucking mouth.

Pretty soon the only sounds that were coming out of the little bathroom in the back of the old gas station, were the little, Gulp...gulp............Gulp...gulp..........................Gulping sounds that the little old lady was making on it, as he stood there and got her to eat it.

When it was finally over, old Carl sat down on the white toilet, still thinking that it was a dream but it wasn't. Because as he sat there, he watched both of them getting dressed and then kissing him on the cheek, as they went out the door.

Old Carl sat there for the longest time, before getting up and putting his clothes back on. And when he walked around the building and opened the little wooden screen door again, he was shocked because neither one of them were standing there at the register. Instead there was a little old man, the same little old man that had been there before, when he'd run out of gas, Paula's father.

He went over to the cooler again and got another coke, turning back around he said, " I got one from the older lady earlier, is she still around?" And the little old man said, " Oh her, that's my wife, Nancy, no she left already but I'll take the money for the one she gave to you."

Old Carl, couldn't believe it, as he handed him the money. Thanked him TWICE and mumbled, " Oh shit, I don't believe it, his wife and his daughter."

" What's that?"

" Oh nothing mister, nothing, I was just talking to myself, see ya."

" You got it and I'll be sure and tell her that you paid for it, ok?"

" Oh yeah, I paid for it alright mister or did I?"

" Huh?"

" Never mind."
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