After their long night, it wasn’t a surprise when Lana awoke and saw that it was nearly one o’clock in the afternoon. Stretching her arms and legs in the king sized bed of the 5- Star Suite, she realized that not only was she alone on the massive bed but it was then that she smelled sweet aromas emitting from the kitchen.

Leaning over towards the night stand, Lana picked up the phone receiver and dialed the number to the coffee shop. After ensuring that the day’s business was going usual and there were no problems that she had to attend to, she stood from the bed and retrieved a dark blue t-shirt that David had laying across the arm of the chair in the corner of the room.

Walking into the bathroom, she saw that there was a new tube of toothpaste and three unopened tooth brushes. There was a hard, medium, and a soft bristled. Along side was a note from David explaining that they were for her and that all she had to do was choose the one she preferred. Laid out on the counter was also a pair of denim jeans and a “Throw Me Something Mister” t-shirt that are common to the souvenir shops in the area. Under the t-shirt was a “Frederick’s of Hollywood” bag containing a matching bra and panty set.

As Lana examined the tags, she wasn’t the least bit surprised to discover that they were her size. Looking between the new clothes and the blue t-shirt, it would appear that she had a decision to make. Once her decision was made, she jumped in the shower to “refreshed herself.

As David was preparing a honey dew melon, he felt two arms wrapping around his waist from behind. Knowing that the surprise breakfast in bed was now a shot in the dark, he turned around and saw Lana and her beautiful smile.

“Morning gorgeous” was all he could muster while gazing into those mystifying eyes.

“Morning, what’s for breakfast?” she asked.

“You have the choice of an Etoufee omelet with a side of melon or an Etoufee omelet with a side of melon.”

With a slight giggle, she replied “tough choice, I guess I’ll have the Etoufee omelet with a side of melon”.

As Lana turned away from David and started towards the table, he couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing his blue t-shirt. “Lana, you know I had the laundry service clean your dress and I also bought you a set of clothes. It isn’t elaborate but I didn’t know what you preferred. So I went ‘general’. ”

“I know I saw that, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Well I looked at it this way, I have a fresh set of clothes for today and you don’t so… now you do”.

“Sir Lancelot you have come through yet again. What am I going to do with you?”

With this being said, a barrage of imagery immediately came to David’s mind but he elected to keep these suggestions to himself. The only thing he would say was, “What can I say, I’m an original”

With that he turned to finish the Etoufee. As he finished the cooking, Lana sat at the table and they talked about the coffee shop and the business here in the French Quarter.

The first thing David could see when he turned from the stove to the table was Lana sitting on the chair. She was sitting on her right foot while her left foot was propped up on the seat itself. The position of her left leg pushed up the bottom of the t-shirt. What an awe inspiring sight it was. He could see the smooth skin of her left hip and could only imagine that she wasn’t wearing any panties. Knowing that this mysterious woman was definitely full of surprises, he could only wish.

While they eat, they continued to learn about each other and their future aspirations. David went on to explain that he was in the restaurant business.

After breakfast, David stood to bring the dishes to the sink. As he turned back towards the table he was amazed to find that Lana was now sitting on the edge of the table closest to him. Her legs were slightly parted and she was holding the bottom of the t-shirt over her crotch so he still can’t tell if she was wearing panties or not.

Taking this as an invitation, he approached her and they began to kiss. As David was positioned between her legs, he placed his hands on her thighs while she wrapped her arms around his neck.

The more passionate their kiss became, they harder David became. He slowly inched his hands up towards her hips. Once there he slightly lifted the bottom of the t-shirt and caressed her hips. As he did this Lana lifted up her feet and wrapped them around his waist pulling him into her.

It was at this point that his suspicions were answered. She was wearing only the t-shirt… nothing more, nothing less.

David wrapped his hands around her waist then up to her back lifting the shirt even more as he went. Once the shirt was at her shoulders, Lana picked it up and continued to remove it from her body. As her arms and the shirt were “over head”, David lowered his mouth and took her right nipple into his mouth and softly sucked and teased it with his lips and tongue.

After she dropped the shirt onto the table, she cradled his head as he continued to manipulate her nipple. The more he teased and sucked on her nipple the harder it became. She could feel David’s left hand reach up and slightly squeeze her breast as his right hand reached behind her and rested on the small of her back.

As David massaged her breast with his tongue, Lana continued to work her fingers through his hair. David continued this “teasing tactic” as he pulled her close into him with his hand around the small of her back. Once her buttocks were positioned near the edge of the table, David lifted his head and began kissing this beauty once again. After a few minutes of their tongues being engaged in an oral waltz, David lightly pushed Lana onto her back.

He then began to lightly kiss her lips. David then slowly worked his way from her lips to the front of her throat. He then worked his way towards her breasts once again. From the left to the right then back to the left. Once both of her breasts were as hard as perk little diamonds, he moved to her naval. Once he slowly worked his tongue around her concave naval, David moved to her crotch.

Ever so softly and slowly he began to lick and suck on Lana’s clitoris. Seconds later, David moved his kisses to her thighs at the base of her pelvic region, First the left then the right. Without further hesitation, David moved back to Lana’s sweet clitoris.

He continued to work his tongue over the sweet tasting juices Lana was producing due to the eroticism of the moment. The longer he engulfed her sensitive clitoris with his tongue and lips, the more Lana continued to moan with desire.

As he continued his oral onslaught on her most sensitive of female parts, Lana moved her hands to a position above her head. It took her everything she had not to hold David by the hair and pull his face into her hot nether region. The longer David was orally enjoying the heated encounter, the more she began to move her hips in tune with the motions David was producing.

As he continued to lick and suck all of Lana’s juices, he moved his hands up to her breasts once again. While moving his tongue from her clitoris to her vagina, his hands were lightly rubbing and pinching her hard nipples. The combination of the two was nearly too much for Lana, he began to moan even louder as David moved his right hand down to her vagina and pushed 3 fingers into her self lubricated opening.

The feeling of David’s fingers deep inside her nearly pushed Lana over the edge. Now continually manipulating erotic sensations to her breast, clitoris, and vagina, David knew she was producing the type of response he wanted when Lana began to call his name between her moans of desire.

It was then that David removed a single finger from her hot wet vaginal area and began to rub her anal region. After a few short seconds, David pressed his finger against her anus.

Just as he was beginning to insert his finger into her anus, David began to rapidly suck on her clitoris while inserting his two fingers into her vagina in rapid succession. During the initial anal penetration, Lana nearly lost her breath and gasped as she felt this erotic new experience. As David continued his double penetration, Lana couldn’t help but move her hands from their position above her head. With both hands she grabbed David’s hair and pulled him into her as she rotated her hips into his face and invading fingers.

Leaving one of her hands to control David’s head, Lana used the other to pick up his hand from her breast. Opening her mouth Lana took two of David’s fingers deep into her mouth while he continued to manipulate her clitoris, vagina, and anus.

It wasn’t long before David hit Lana’s “G-Spot”. She began to moan loader as she bucked her hips against David’s mouth, while he continued to work all three areas in increasingly rapid fashion. The harder and deeper David went into her, the louder Lana moaned in total ecstasy.

Once David hit is panicle of speed, so did Lana hit her peak. She exploded without notice or warning onto David’s invading fingers as he continued to move into and out of… then back into her. Once she started to explode, David moved his fingers faster than before, the faster he went the harder Lana came. The harder she came the harder she bit down on David’s fingers that she was sucking on.

Lana began to buck furiously on the table top as David continued to simultaneously work his fingers into both of her holes. As her bucking began to subside, David removed his fingers from her inside areas. Taking back his hand that she was biting on, David used it to rub her clitoris, integrating her own saliva with her vaginal juices. He then moved his mouth onto her vagina to taste her sweet juices.

As David was completing his actions, Lana sat up and kissed him long and hard. David completed the kiss and again gently directed her to lie on her back. He lifted her legs positioning her feet above his shoulders and her knees spread apart as he slowly drove his rock hard penis into her waiting vagina.

He first set a slow shallow pace barely entering her vagina then picked up the pace. As he picked up the pace he, maintained the shallow entry only barely pushing his penis into her. Although barely entering this lovely woman, the rapid intrusions were bringing her back to the brink of orgasm.

After a few minutes of this rapid but shallow entry, David pushed forward with the entire length of his manhood into Lana’s sweet spot. David was holding onto her thighs as she held onto the opposite edge of the table with her hands overhead. The faster and harder David pushed into her, the closer she was to coming yet again. As he continued his rapid invasion of her sweet spot, Lana reached down with one hand and began to massage her clitoris. This brought the both of them to the breaking point.

As Lana began to have her second orgasm since breakfast, David pulled his rock hard penis out of Lana and began to work it with his hand. Less than a second later Lana could feel David’s hot semen dropping in large amounts onto her stomach. The pressure that David had built up even deposited some of his hot love juice onto her breasts and neck. David and Lana both continued to massage themselves until their orgasms stopped.

Once they had completed their “self-manipulations”, Lana sat up and passionately kissed the man that she was quickly beginning to become wildly attached to.

After she completed this passionate kiss, she slid off of the table while moving David towards a nearby chair. After sitting him into the chair, she began to lean over and kiss his neck then rose to kiss his ear. After lightly nibbling at his ear lobe, Lana whispered, “I came twice today...”

She then began kissing his neck again working her way back to his other ear where she began to nibble on this one as well. Then she continued her comment, “… Now I owe you one more, Sir Lancelot”. With this she reached down and began to stroke his hard cock.

David’s head fell back in anticipation as Lana began to kiss down the front of his chest and over his stomach. When she reached his rock hard penis, she began to skillfully lick around the head of his penis, then down and back up the shaft. Once she reached the top of the shaft, she slowly took his head into her mouth. She continued slowly began to work David’s penis into and out of her mouth. While doing this, she used both hands to heighten his pleasure.

While one hand and her mouth were working the head and shaft, she had the other hand massaging his testicles. Lana allowed her saliva to run its way down the length of David’s penis to better lubricate it for upcoming events. Moving from a seated position on her feet, to more of a kneeling one, Lana repositioned herself.

Once repositioned, she began to slide David’s entire penis into her throat. Although she couldn’t make it down the entire length in the first attempt, she continued her efforts.

Every time Lana went further and further down onto the length of David’s penis, he moan even louder. As Lana expertly worked her mouth down his penis, David could feel himself touching the back of her throat. The deeper she took him the closer he came to exploding.

When David felt himself coming, he told Lana, but she only worked his penis into her throat even faster and deeper. It wasn’t long before Lana could feel David’s penis throbbing more and more. She knew he was close and continued her efforts. The more David throbbed, the faster she went. With no further warning, David bucked his hips forward and shot his large load deep into Lana’s throat.

She continued to manipulate his penis inside her mouth until she knew that without a doubt, she had 100% percent finished the job.

As she finished her handy work, she simply stood up and kissed him on the cheek and said, “Now we are even but not for long because the night has only just begun”.

She kissed him on the neck just under his right ear and then left to room to shower.


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This is just getting better with each chapter; I hope you plan to continue with this story. Great Job!!!!! MrLickHer


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