I still remeber what I was wearing that night. Black skirt and button up white shirt. I babysat for Mr. Allen (a friend of the family) and his wife all the time. It was my only way to get spending cash since I was only 13.

I liked babysitting for them, the kid went to bed at 7 and they didn't come home till midnight. It got even more fun the night I was board and looking through random drawers and found a stash of porns. I had masterbated before but never to a porn so this was a major perk when I came over here.

Anyways this night I came over and as usual they gave me the run down. Mrs. Allen rushed out the door "Have fun Amy" and Mr. Allen (tall dark hair and eyes kind fatherly face) "Yeah have fun" he said it in a kind of knowing manner but I figured whatever and the night went as usual. Put the kid to bed popped in Barely Legal and started to rub my wet pussy.

As usual at midnight Mr. and Mrs. Allen came home. Usually Mrs. Allen paid me then drove me back home. "Honey could you take Amy home I am way to tired to drive" "Sure thing" and he kissed her forehead and ushere me in to the garage and his BMW.

We had some idle chit chat in the car, how's school, your parents, was my night entertaining. After about 10 minutes Mr. Allen pulled the car into a deserted church parking lot and parked in a dark far corner. Keep in mind I'm not alarmed at this point, this is a man I have known since I was 3 years old.

"Amy I've known you since you were a little girl. And until recently thought of you as such. But something you are doing has me thinking differently." I had no clue what he was talking about so I just stared at him.

"I know that you have been watching my porns. I noticed them out of order a few months ago." I didn't know what to say. How on earth would he have noticed something stupid like that I just decided to play dumb. "Mr. Allen I swear I don't know what you are talking about my parents would kill me if I had ever seen a porn and honestly they gross me out I'm only 13 years old"

He looked at the steering wheel and breathed out deeply looking a little annoyed. "Please get in the back seat I have to show you something I have in the trunk." This creeped me out a bit but if it got him off the porn subject then great. So I got out and back into the back seat. Mr. Allen got something out of the truck and joined me in the back seat. He scooted next to me and pressed against my left side. I was surprised to see a small portable video camera in his hands. He didn't say anything just positioned the camera so I could see the small screen. And what I feared was there, me sitting on the couch at the house fingering myself. You could even hear the porn in the background.

I was so ashamed and petrified that he would tell my parents. I had no idea what to do. Tears started to run down my cheeks and I couldn't look up at him. He set the video camera aside and exhaled deeply. "Don't cry Amy" he put his arm around my shoulders and I burried my head in his shoulder. "My parents are going to kill me" my sobs started to get louder. "shhhhhhhhh, I'm not going to say anthing to them" this started to ease my fears. He contined to rub my arm "this video has shown me something Amy, your not a little girl anymore. Your a woman" When he said this he put his arm lower around my waste and his other hand pulled my head to his and he gave me a deep kiss, I tried to pull back but there was no room and he had me in a tight grip he tounge slid all over my mouth and his free hand stroaked my face. After a second he dropped his head to my shoulder and whispered in my ear while he slowly unbuttoned my blouse "your a beautiful woman Amy, even when you were a little girl I used to love feeling you pressed against me when you sat in my lap" he had all of my buttons undone and my embarresingly large breast straining against their 36C bra could be seen by him. "Mr. Allen please I just want to go ho....." he put a finger to my lips "Shhhhhhhhhh"

He then put hand in one cup of my bra and pulled my breast out, he started to massage the nipple gently at first then a little rougher. I didn't know what to do. If I made him mad he might tell my parents about the porns. Maybe if I just let him touch my breast he would stop and then we could go home. At this decision I just closed my eyes and clenched my hands to keep from crying out. Sensing this resignation Mr. Allen put his free hand up the back of my shirt and unclasped my bra. With it lose he easily pulled both breasts out and hungrily grabbed at them. He massaged both of my large tits with his hands then brought his head down to my left nipple, he fit as much as he could in his mouth and started to suck as hard as he could. His hand was pinching so hard at my right tit that I cried out in pain this seemed to egg him on more because he started getting rough with his teeth. I clenched my teeth harder and tears started rolling down my cheeks.

He took his hands away then but contined to suck, with my eyes closed I wasn't sure what he was doing until I heard the zipper sound. My eyes popped open He had pulled his pants and boxers down and his huge cock was out and hard. I gasped in surprise. I had never seen a mans dick in real life. He was rubbing it with one hand and with his other he grabbed my right hand and wrapped it around his cock and showed me how he wanted me to touch it. Crying a little harder now I felt the fleshy hard cock and stroked my hand up and down. It was slick and there was a little wetness on the tip. "mmmmmmmmmmmmm oh good girl oh yeah Amy you know what your doing oooooooooooooo" He had leaned back in the seat and was enjoying my touch. He then slid farther away. I relaxed thinking this was over THANK GOD!

I was sadly mystaken though. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me forward. Unable to get leverage I had a hard time fighting it when he brought my face down and shoved his big cock in my mounth. He put his hands on the back of my head and tangled them in my hair pulling my head back and forth in the rythem he wanted. His cock tasted salty and was too big for my mouth I tried to fight it but the more I fought the further he shoved it in my throat, my gagging seemed to turn him on more. "Oh yeah good girl baby good girl you dirty little girl you like that don't you" He started pounding into my mouth harder and harder and just when I thought I couldn't take any more I felt something thick and hot in the back of my throat. "oohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhh that was so good" "I'm gonna pull out of your mouth now okay when I do I want you to make sure you swallow everything in there" I nodded in consent and did as he said.

I sat back in my seat unsure of what to do now. Should I get out of the car and run or just wait for him to get back in the front seat and take me home. I just gave a 39 year old a blow job! I was only 13 I had never even kissed a guy before. I started to get upset thinking about this and started to cry again. Maybe not such a good idea.

Mr. Allen sided up next to me again and put his arm around me. He started to softly stroke my breast. "Didn't you like that Amy, I thought you would it would make me so sad to think you didn't" I lied "Yes I did can I go home now" He started to stroke my leg and pushed his hand so it was between my thighs. Scared now not wanting this to go any further than it all ready had I pressed my legs together as tight as I could. With more force he pushed his hand so that it was next to my panties. "Amy relax you will like this I saw you in my video I saw you sliding your finger inside of yourself I know you like this. I know your parents would be ashamed of you but I'm not I just want to make you feel good. We don't want to have to talk to your parents right."

He had hit the nerve, what could I do. I relaxed my legs they were shaking really bad. He pushed my skirt up so that it was all bunched up around my waist. My simple white cotton panties were all that you could see now. Mr. Allen pulled my legs apart so they were wide open. He went back to sucking on one breast but his hand was doing much more than before. I sobbed openly as he pushed his big rough hand in the side of my panties. I could feel it between my pussy lips rubbing up and down trying to excite me.

Even though I hated myself for it my pussy started to respond to his touch and a dampness began to spread. "Oh good girl you want this don't you" I just sobbed in response. He pulled my legs up under him on the seat and was laying on top of me. He slipped my panties off and spread my legs again. He began wiggleing one of his big fingers into my tight hole. It hardly fit, it was much bigger than any of my fingers. He sucked on my tit hard again like before, biting it and pulling it with his teeth. His finger slid in and out slowly at first but harder and faster. He pulled it out then "Open your mouth Amy" I opened obediately and he put the finger in. "Lick it and suck it, it is your juice" I wanted to shove him off so bad but I did what I was told.

He then pushed me down further so that his cock was at the entrence to my virgin hole. He rubbed it against my clit back and forth, this was too much there was no way I was losing my virginity to this man "Stop NOW I don't want you to do this" I tried pushing him off now. This seemed to make him angry "You little tease you know just what your doing get me here and then stop no way!" He took both of my hands in one of his and pinned them above my head. Then he took his other hand and rubbed his Dick harder against my pussy he finally got it wet enough and started to push the head of his big cock inside my little pussy.

The tip felt good I almost gave in but when the head started to strech apart my tight little cunt I couldn't take it I gasped in severe pain I felt like I was being ripped apart and the whole head wasn't even in yet. He was obviously enjoying my discomfort he grinned and kept entering in slowly. I cried and begged him to stop but he refused to listen. He finally was in far enough to have hit my unpopped cherry. He was sliding in to slow to break the cherry but the pain was intense. He smiled at my pain and kept pushing slowing back and forth finally he thrust in hard. "oh yeah Amy that feels so good" my pussy felt like it was on fire stretching around his big cock. He put my legs over his shoulder, the deeper penatration made me cry out louder. He pumped in me harder and harder until he finally jammed it in one last time as far as he could coming deep inside of me.

He pulled out of me then and moved me on to my side so that my back was against his sweaty chest. I cried into the seat as he nuzzled the back of my neck. He stroaked my wet pussy as the juices dripped out of it his finger sliding easily in and out with his left over cum. He trailed his wet finger back into the crack of my ass and easily stuck it in my tiny hole, the juices creating a nice lube. At this point I didn't care. It was uncomfortable but nothing compared to what he just did. He sat there fingering my ass hole for quite a while then he licked my ear and said maybe next time.................

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