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One night, I'd gone to bed early and I woke up in the middle of the night. I don't know why.

Anyway, I couldn't get back to sleep, so I got up and went outside, to see if I could see any falling star's and that's when I heard it.

It sounded like someone was whimpering and crying, over in our neighbor's little shed, that was over there, out in their back yard.

Since both of our house's are owned by the same person, we have what's called a common gate inbetween the two yards and that's how I went over there, to see who it was that was crying.

I really wasn't ready for what I saw, as I opened the little shed door and looked inside.

Because draped over a little, padded, saw horse, with his pants and his little underwear pulled down, was my little friend Billy and he had someone's, white, cum, slowly oozing back out of him and he was crying.

Oh shit, someone had " Fucked " him.

Even though I was already 14 year's old and Billy was only 11, we'd still become good friends, over the year's, even though we did have our little differences, every now and then.

" What happened Billy, who did it, who fucked ya, bent over like that?"

When he didn't answer me, I didn't know what to do. But I do know, that I shouldn't have been doing what I was doing. Because I was standing there, looking at his little, cum, covered, little asshole and getting a boner. Uh huh, a raging boner and I was glad that he couldn't see it.

" Please go away." " Please go away Bobby, I'm ok."

" Are you sure?"

" Uh huh, just forget what you saw, ok, Bobby?" " Please."

" Oh shit, I won't tell, Billy, I promise."

Before I left him there, still hanging over the little padded saw horse, like that, I sneaked another little peek, over at his tiny, little, asshole and I couldn't even believe, how much cum there was, as it slowly oozing back down and out of it. Whoever it had been, that had fucked him like that, draped over the little saw horse, had a " Huge Nut Sac " and had completely drained it all, up into him, before leaving him there.

I'd like to say that I calmly went back up to my room and fell asleep but I can't. Because all I could think about, as I laid there, playing with my young, stiff boner, was how enticing Billy's hairy, yes, he had fine little hair's growing all around it, just enough of, to make it look like a hairy, little, pussy and there was cum smeared all over in it and slowly running back out of his tiny, little, asshole.

I didn't see Billy, out in his back yard, for over 3 day's and when I did, he turned away from me, like he was ashamed, that I had seen him like that, draped over the little padded saw horse, with his pants and little underwear pulled down and someone's white cum, slowly oozing back out of him.

I finally broke down and called him on the phone, two days later but he still couldn't or wouldn't talk about it.

I couldn't really blame him, because I don't think that I coulda talked to someone either, especially another boy, about how someone was getting me to " Take It Up The Ass," bent over like that.

I mean like, who could you talk too about it, especially if you liked it?"

Every time I saw Billy for the next few weeks, he shy'ed away from me, so I didn't push it. Eventually, when he told me all about it, I was shocked.

" Do you really wanna know, Bobby?" " I'll tell you, if you promise not to tell anybody."

" Ok."

" No Bobby, you gotta promise me."

" Ok, Billy, I promise."

" It's my step-uncle, " Charlie," he's been doing me back there for almost 2 year's now, every since I was nine."

" Oh shit, Billy, are you serious?"

" Uh huh."

" But why haven't you told anyone?"

" You don't really wanna know, Bobby?"

" Uh huh, like shit, I woulda told somebody, if it were me, that he was doing that too."

" Would ya Bobby?"

" You bet I would."

" But."

" But what, Billy?"

" But what if you liked it Bobby, would you tell someone about it, then?"

" Oh shit, Billy, you mean that your actually letting him do ya back there?"

" Uh huh."

" Oh shittt."

" You won't tell, right Bobby, you promised."

" But."

" No bobby, you promised, remember?"

" Your right Billy, I'm sorry."

" I have to go somewhere, ok Bobby?"

" Yeah sure, Billy, I'll see ya later,ok?'

" Ok."

I wish that I could say that I forgot all about it but I can't. In fact it was even worse than before. Because now I found myself sneeking out into our back yard at night, hoping to hear the little whimpering sounds coming out of their little shed again, telling me that " He'd Taken It Up The Ass Again " because he'd wanted to and nobody had even made him do it.
Since I hadn't the slightest idea, what time it had happened the first time, I kept going out at the wrong time, thinking that they weren't doing it anymore and then on the 4th night I heard the little whimpers again and immediately, I got a boner. " Fuckkk."

I could hear Billy's step-uncle, grunting and Billy moaning, with each and every stroke, as he rammed it up into Billy's little ass, faster and faster."

" Oh fuck Billy, here I come, push back, that's it, push back." " Agggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt, Agghhhhhhh...Squirt

Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze

" Oh fuck, Billy, Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...Squirrrrrrrrrrrt."

I was so close, so close to the fence and to their little shed, that I could hear the little sucking sound, that Billy's little asshole made, as his step-uncle stepped back and his big cock, made a popping sound, like it had broke the suction, coming back out of him.

I couldn't believe it, as all at once he lit a match and then just stood there watching. Watching Billy's little asshole pulsating and throbbing, as most of his white, cum, gushed back out of him, before it was finally able to go back together and close back up. Until the next time.

Once again, just seeing Billy's little asshole with a man's cum running back out of it, did something to me again and that's when I finally realized, that I wanted to " Fuck Him to " and that I didn't care, that he was a boy and only 11. He liked to be fucked, didn't he? At least that's what he'd told me.

Since Billy had already told me how much he liked " Taking It Up The Ass " from his step-uncle, I asked him what his being draped over the padded saw horse had to do with it and he told me that that's how his mind was able to handle it. Because it was his way of submitting to " The Cock," even though it was his idea to do it most of the time now and not his step-uncle's.

Jokingly I said, " Want me to make a padded saw horse Billy and then you could come over to my house too?"

I was totally shocked, as he looked down at the bulge in my levis, turned his little head away, like he was embarrassed about his needs and then quietly whispered, " Uh huh."

" Oh, Fuck,..........................Billy."

He couldn't look up at me, after he'd said it and he couldn't " Take it back " because now I knew. Now I knew that he wanted me to " Do him." Do him in his " Little ass " just like his old, step-uncle had been doing him, for almost 2 year's now.

Neither of us said a word, as he quietly turned and ran back to his house.

If I said that I wasn't watching his Tiny, little, butt, as he ran away, I'd be lying. Because I was not only watching his little butt now, I was already thinking about building the " Saw Horse and where I was gonna hide it, until he came over.

Fuck, he was horny, he had to be. He had to be really horny for " The cock," in order for him to come right out and tell me, like that.

I had the little saw horse built, yes, I was gonna take him up on it, by the very next weekend, hid it under the house and waited until we could be alone, so hopefully we could " Use it."

When I told Billy, that I already had it made, for him, he got the strangest look in his little eye's, his mouth dropped half-way open, as once again he looked down at the bulge in my levis, the bulge were my cock and balls were and let out a little whimper.

" Oh shit, Billy, don't do that or I'm gonna throw ya on the ground and " Do Ya " right now. Fuck my boner was coming up and I couldn't stop it.

And once again he couldn't look at me, as he turned and ran home.

Three days later, it was saturday and everybody decided to go to the park, so, I pretended to not feel good and didn't have to go with them.

I couldn't even believe the fear that was going through me, as I picked-up the phone, dialed Billy's number and almost hung-up, when Billy answered.

" Hello."

" Billy?"

" Uh huh."

" It's me, wanna come over?"

" Now?"

" Uh huh."

The silence was awful, as I waited for his answer and finally I got scared or embarrassed or whatever and hung-up on him."

3 minutes later I heard it, the little knock that came at my backdoor and I almost peed myself, as I opened it and there stood little Billy.

" Let me see it."

" See what Billy?"

" The little saw horse, you did make it, didn't you?"

" Uh huh."

" Well, let me see it."

" Are you sure, Billy?"

" Uh huh, are you?"

" Oh shit yes, come on in Billy, I've got it up in my bedroom."

I had the weirdest feeling as he followed me up into my bedroom and there it was, sitting at the foot of my bed.

Billy didn't say anything, when he saw it, he didn't have to, as I watched the look on his face, slowly change, as he went over and touched it. It was almost like he was touching it, to see if it was real or not.

" Do you have vaseline?"

" What?'

" Do you have any vaseline?"

" Oh yeah, it's in the medicine cabinet."

" Go get it.....hurry." " Please."

When I came back out of the bathroom, with the little jar of vaseline in my hand, Billy had already pulled his pants and his little underwear down and was draped over the padded saw horse, that I'd made for him.

" Oh fuck, Billy."

" Shhh, just do it, Bobby,ok?

Even if I'd questioned it in my mind before, there was no doubt in my mind now, as I stood there looking at Billy's little ass, draped over the little saw horse, naked and waiting for me to do it, to him.

Getting the button's of my levis undone and getting my young, stiff, boner, out, for him, was one of the hardest thing's that I've ever done. Not because I didn't wanna do him in his little ass because I did, but I couldn't get the stupid button's undone. I couldn't get them undone because I was standing there looking at his little ass, his " Little Boy Ass " and wondering what it was gonna feel like, to have it " Wrapped " around my long, skinny, boner.

As soon as I had my boner out and it was a boner, believe me. I took the top off of the little vaseline jar and just as I was about to take some of it out and smear it on the end of my boner, Billy said, " Put it on me Bobby, put it on me, please." " Make sure it's completely covered, so you won't hurt it, like my step-uncle does."

Oh fuckkk, just hearing him telling me to put some of the vaseline, on his little asshole, almost made me lose it and I had to look away from him for a minute, so I could calm back down.

" Hurryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy...............................Bobby."

I couldn't see his little asshole because of the way he was hanging there and I felt so weird, knowing what I was doing, as I reached out, slowly spread his little butt-cheeks apart and saw his tiny, little, asshole, nestled back up, inbetween them.

My boner was raging by now, wanting to get up inside of his little ass, so bad, but I had to put some of the vaseline on his little asshole first or did I?

Why couldn't I just do him this way, " Dry?" Wouldn't he feel it more and like it better?

I felt kinda guilty, as I moved up behind him, slipped my finger into my mouth, wet it, pulled it back out and started rubbing his tiny little asshole, with the wet tip of it, pretending that there was vaseline on it, when all it was, was just spit. But he didn't know and who was gonna tell him, I sure wasn't.

" Ohhh, Ohhh, Bobby, that's it, get it ready, I want you to fuck it." " Please, fuck me."

" Spread your cheeks Billy, so I can get it all over."

Once again seeing a little boy draped over a saw horse like that, with his pants and little underwear pulled down, started to get to me and when he reached back and spread his little cheeks apart for me, like I'd asked him to do, I couldn't take it anymore, as I moved up behind him, placed the end of my long, skinny, boner up against his tiny, little, asshole, grabbed ahold of his little boy hips and shoved. Shoved my long skinny boner up into him, as far as I could.


" Hold still, hold still Billy, I'm in, I'm in."

" I don't wanna do it anymore." " Stop, your hurting meee."

As I looked down at my swollen, boner, I saw that I'd only gotten half of it up into him, when I'd entered him. How could it be hurting him that much, was his step-uncle, that small?

Once again, standing there, looking down at his little bare ass, draped across the padded saw horse, did something to me only this time it was worse because this time, I could see my long, skinny, boner, half-way up inside of it and I lost it again and started jabbing my cock up into it, again and again and again. Not even caring that Billy was screaming and now crying, as I kept pushing more and more of it up into him, until it was all in.

It was his idea, wasn't it? Wasn't he the one that wanted it, isn't that what he'd told me?

I didn't feel guilty, at all, as I looked down and couldn't see my boner anymore, I was all the way up inside of him and all that I could see now, was my pubic hair, as I started to work it back and forth in him, slow at first but getting faster and faster, as I watched his little boy ass, starting to respond to me.

" Oh yeah, Oh yeah Billy, come on, come on."

It was so weird because all at once his little scream's and crying, had turned to little whimper's and moan's, as his little asshole adjusted to the size of my long, skinny, boner, relaxed and then let me " Fuck " it."

" Uh huh........................Uh huh, fuck me Bobby, fuck me."

Even though I was jabbing it up into him, as fast as I could, he started screaming, " Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrder, Harrrrrrrrrder and that's when I felt his little asshole clamp down on my warm, stiff, boner and start squeezing on it, again and again and again. Squeezing on it, just like it was trying to milk my boner and it did. Because the next thing I knew, my long, skinny, boner, was erupting, spewing its white, sticky, liquid, deep up inside of him and that's when I saw and felt his little ass starting to buck and jerk and quiver on my warm cock, as his 3 or 4 drops of boy cum, dribbled out of the end of his little cock and dropped down onto his little, underwear.

I don't know how long I stood there, with my cock, still up inside of Billy, 3 min, 4 min, I don't know, before it slowly slipped back out of him and then just hung there, down in front of me. It had gotten what it wanted and so had he.

I couldn't believe the amount of cum, my cum, that was slowly oozing back out of him, running down towards his little ball's, spreading out across the back of them, before slowly running down, to the tip of his little cock and dripping down onto his little underwear, as they laid there, down underneath him.

I don't know how Billy, felt, about letting me fuck him, like that, up his little ass. Showing me that he was a little boy, that " Takes It Up The Ass " and loves it. And that I could fuck him up his little ass, anytime I wanted too.

Before it was all over and Billy had moved away. He'd not only shown me what it felt like, to be a boy that " Took It Up The Ass " but he'd also turned me into one, " A Boy That Needed To Take It Up The Ass Now, " just like he did.
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