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I'd just turned 14 and I was running away from home, when a huge simi-truck, stopped down the road, for me. I couldn't believe that he was stopping to give me a ride, I guess because even though I'm 14 now, I'm so little, that I still look about 12. And that's caused me nothing but problems, with the other boy's at my school.

" Where ya goin boy?"

" Dallas."

" Dallas, hop in, I'm goin right thru there, this is your lucky day, boy."

I had the strangest feeling, as I hopped up on the steps, grabbed the door handle, pulled it open and saw what he looked like.

I hate to call people big or fat, probably because of all of the teasing that I've taken over the year's from the boy's at school, about how big and plump my little butt is and how far it sticks out behind me, when I'm walking.

But he was " Fat " alright and he had a " Huge " belly, that hung down over his belt, that probably covered his cock up, when he was sitting somewhere.

I was embarrassed that I'd looked down at where his cock was and I was hoping that he hadn't seen me doing it but he had, as I was gonna to find out later, when he had me back in his " Sleeper." And he didn't take me back there to " Sleep " with him, believe me. He took me back there to drain his " Nut Sac " and he did.

I wasn't a " Stranger " to " The Cock, believe me. An older boy had seen to that, when I was little and he used to get me to " Suck " on his warm, boner, , before he'd turn me over and " Do " me with it. And he was one of my babysitter's, believe it or not.

Oh, he used to " Tuck me in " alright, but he'd slip his warm boner up into me, while he was doing it.

Since his boner wasn't all that big, 5 inches or so, it wasn't hurting me all that much. And by the 3rd or 4th time that he'd tucked me in like that, I was looking forward to it. Believe me.

When he saw how much I was starting to like it, really like it and hadn't told on him, he started bringing one of his friends, another boy, with him, every time he baby sat me. My aunt and step-uncle didn't have any idea whatsoever, what they were doing to me or how much they were getting me to like it.

" Did ya eat yet, boy?" " If ya haven't, there's a truck-stop, just a little further down the road and we can stop there, if ya wanna."

" Sure Mister, thank you."

" You don't have to thank me boy and you sure don't have to call me Mister. Just call me Mac and what's your name, boy?"

" Tommy." " Hi, Mac."

" That's better."

When we walked into the truck-stop and had to walk past all of the other trucker's, to get up to the counter. One of them reached out and felt my little butt as we went by and yelled out, " Way to go Mac, it's young and tender, have ya ridden it yet?"

I couldn't believe that he'd said that and as I felt my face getting hot, I knew that I was blushing and ran into the men's room. Ran into the men's room, thinking that I could hide there but I couldn't. I couldn't hide in the men's room because there were 3 more of them in there. One at the wash basin's and 2 more, over at the urinal's, peeing.

" Well, well, lookie here, what's the matter boy, why you all red like that?"

" Shit, he's blushing Charlie, can't you tell that."

" Blushin, why ya blushin boy?"

I couldn't say anything, I was to embarrassed and besides I felt trapped and had to get out of there.

" Shit Charlie, look at his butt, if you had a butt like that, you'ld be blushing too, if you came in here."

" Oh wow, you got's you a fine butt there, boy."

Now, I felt my little face getting even hotter, as one of them, from the urinal's, came over to me, grabbed my little hand, pulled it over to his crotch and held it there, as he whispered, " Ever had one of these up inside of it, boy " and before I could even stop myself, I'd whispered, " Uh huh.

" Oh shit yeah, come on boy, I got something for ya."

He'd already gotten me half-way back to the last stall when " Big Mac " walked in and said, " You alright boy, they ain't botherin ya, are they?"

And as I felt my little asshole squeeze up and release again, I looked at the one that was trying to get me into the last stall with him and I whispered, " No Mac, they weren't bothering me, they were just talking to me."

" Good, let's eat, so we can get on down the road, kid."

" Ok."

As I followed Big Mac back out of the men's room, to go eat, I knew that they were watching me, watching my young, tender, ass and how it was moving. I wish that i could say that I'm ashamed of what I did next but I'm not. Knowing that they were watching it, I arched my back, causing my little, plump, ass to stick out even more, showing them what they'ed just missed out on, as I went out the door.

Why? Why did I prick tease them, like that? I guess because I was as horny as they were and I wanted their warm cock's to want me.

" Oh shit, Charlie, did ya see that?"

" Oh yeah, Mac's gonna have himself a good time tonite, alright." " I know if I'd been the one that picked him up on the road, like that, that I'd sure be tryin to get my cock, up into it."

" You and everybody else, including me."

Mac, didn't say anything while we were eating and neither did I but I did notice that he bought some beer, before we got back in his truck and started on down the road again.

When we got to where we were about an 3 hours away from Dallas, Big Mac broke out the beer and handed me one. I didn't say anything, I just took it and drank it, so he handed me another and watched me, as I downed that one too.

" Shit boy, you better slow down, what's your hurry?"

I didn't wanna tell him that I needed it because I knew that he was gonna try and " Fuck me " like the men back at the truck-stop, would have done, if he hadn't come into the men's room, looking for me. And one of them woulda, " Fucked me " right there in the last stall, while his 2 buddies stood on the other side of the door and waited for their turn, with me.

As we got closer and closer to Dallas, Big Mac knew that he had to act fast or he was going to " Miss Out " on me and he didn't wanna do that.

" Why don't ya crawl back there into the " Sleeper " and take a nap and that way when we pull into Dallas, you'll be all rested up, boy."

" Yeah, ok. " " But be sure you wake me up, ok?

" Oh yeah."

I'm embarrassed to admit, that I was probably just as horny as him by then, just from what had almost happened to me, back at the truck-stop. So, getting back into the sleeper and pretending to be asleep, was no problem for me and sure enough, as soon as he thought that I was sleeping, he pulled into another truck-stop and parked.

I could feel my little asshole, starting to pucker-up, as he got into the " Sleeper " with me, started undoing my pants and then gently pulled them down, along with my little underwear.
Just when I thought that he was going to roll me over, so he could get at my plump, tender, ass, he took ahold of my little boner, yes, I had a boner, slipped his warm mouth down over the end of it and started to suck on it.

" Ohhh, what are you doing?"

" Shhh."

I wanted to tell his to " Fuck me " so bad but I couldn't. I don't know why.

All at once I heard him trying to undo his belt buckle and that's when I knew that he was going to fuck me and I felt my little asshole, as it started to " Pucker Up " again, as it got ready for him to fuck it.

Oh, he fucked me alright, fucked me right in my little mouth and made me eat it, as he drained his " Warm Nut Sac " down into my throat and then down into my little belly.

I don't know why but whenever a man or even a boy does me, I have to get out of there, as soon as he's finished doing me.

I think it's guilt, guilt because of how much I like " The Cock, " and I'm a boy and boy's aren't supposed to like how a cock feel's, up inside of them, moving back and forth in them, as much as a girl does or are they?

How does a boy know, if he likes it or not, unless an older boy or man, has " Mated " with him and shown him how a cock feels, as it moves in and out of him, until one or both of them reach a climax and their warm, white, cum, squirts out of them?

Old Mac didn't say anything to me, he'd gotten what he wanted from me, " A Blowjob " as he watched me put my little cock away. My little cock that was still hanging out from earlier, when he'd sucked on it, to get me horny.

" I'm sorry, I have to go."

" I know baby, here kid, take this, you may need it and handed me a $ 20.00 dollar bill.

I don't know why it embarrassed me, to take his money but it did.

Was it because now my mind had no control, over who was going to do me, anymore? Because now all they had to do, was give me money and they could have me, no matter who they were?

As I was stepping down from the cab of Big Mac's Rig, the trucker, a black man, parked in the space next to us, said, " Hey Little Mama, ya need a ride, wanna go my way?"

And as I stood there looking up at him and felt my little asshole starting to pucker up again, I whispered, " Uh huh, " got up into his big rig and almost fainted, when I saw how big he was.

" How far ya goin baby?"

" As far as you want me to Mister, as far as you want me too."
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