I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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The excitement that I felt, as I stood there in the old abandoned house and watched the sun going down, was unreal. No, I wasn't excited about the sun going down, it did that every day, didn't it.

I was excited because I wasn't alone, I'd brought our neighbor's dog with me, our neighbor's large, male, dog and he was horny, just like I was.

I knew better than to take all of my clothes off in the beginning, because he would mount me, push his hard, stiff, boner up into me and squirt me, before I was even ready. So, I just stood there in front of him, stripped down to my underwear, leaving them on, to protect my tiny, little, asshole and keep it away from him, until I was excited enough and willing to give it up to him again. Yes, he'd mounted me before, many times and he'd even KNOTTED and TIED with me, holding me BUTT to BUTT with him, until he'd finished cuming in me and eventually his COCK and HUGE KNOT had got back down far enough for him to jerk it back out and pull away from me. Causing me more pain, than I'd ever experienced before but for some strange reason I liked how it felt and always went back for more.

Even though he'd had me many times before, he was still standing there with a suspicious look in his eye's, as I slowly dropped down onto my hand's and knee's and started crawling over towards him.

" Easy boy, I won't hurt it, you know that, remember?" " Remember how I like to suck and lick on it first, before you mount me?"

I couldn't wait any longer, I was to horny, as I reached under his warm, hairy, belly and started squeezing gently on his warm, hairy, sheath.

As soon as he felt my hand grabbing onto his hairy sheath and squeezing on his boner, that was nestled up inside of it, he started humping at my hand, like he was trying to fuck it but nothing ever came out, not even the tip of it.

Finally my need to have his COCK again took over and I didn't care if he bit me or not, as I slowly stuck my head under his belly and started licking, softly, at the little opening and hoping that it would come out for me and it did.

Something about my warm, soft, tongue, licking at the tiny, opening must have done something to him because the next thing I knew, the tip, the pointed, wet tip, started to slide out of it slowly and I kissed it.

" Easy boy, just let me kiss it ok, you don't know how much, I really need to."

By then it was sticking out of its hairy sheath about 3 or 4 inches and getting thicker and thicker, as I slowly put my tongue up to it again and started licking on it, before he could bite me.

When I eventually saw that he wasn't going to bite me, for licking on it, I reached back and took ahold of his hairy nut sac and started feeling his swollen balls, that were nestled inside of it.

" Oh yeah, there full again, full of candy, your white candy, I bet you haven't been able to fuck another doggie in a long, long, time, have ya baby?"

When I saw that his boner was starting to get to big, way to big, for him to be able to get it up into me, I quit licking on it, let go of his heavy, nut sac and moved away from him.

Once again, he didn't understand what was really going on, as I left his standing there, in the middle of the livingroom, with his cock still hanging out and wondering what had happened.

What happened next, I'm still embarrassed about, even though it wouldn't be the last time that it ever happened. Yes, I did it with him again and even some of the other male dog's that I was with after him but I still don't understand, why I have this NEED to do it. I just do.

Still being afraid that he might wanna bite me, I had to do something that he would understand, so he'd like me. I had to act like another dog to him, in other word's I had to lick on him and smell him everywhere, just to get him to like me.

I can't even describe the fear that was going through me, as he stood there and watched me, as I crawled around behind him, took ahold of his tail and slowly moved it out of the way. Did he know? Did he know what I was about to do to him? Is that why he was just standing there, waiting for me to do it? Waiting for me to sniff it and then lick on it, just like another dog would do.

His little asshole was black and it was beautiful, beautiful in the way that all of the little creases started at the center of it and then slowly spread out, as they worked their way to the outer rim of it.

The feeling was unreal, as I felt it slowly, drawing me to it, drawing me to it, like it was a magnet and my little tongue, was what it needed.

Yes, there was a smell to it but it was a faint smell, almost like it had been washed off first. Had he licked it off first, before he even came over to the abandoned house with me?

I couldn't believe it, as I held his tail up out of the way and started licking on it softly, knowing that I was licking on a dog's ass but not being able to stop it. For some strange reason, I had to do it, so I did.

I don't know if he moved back towards me or if I was pushing against the center of it a little to hard or not. All I know is that one minute I was licking on the outside of it and the next thing I knew, his little asshole had opened up, if only for a second and my little tongue had slid up into him and even though he yelped, when my tongue went up into him, he didn't even try and get away from it, believe me.

I don't know how long I did it, stayed back there behind him, French-Kissing his little asshole, before I slowly eased my warm, tongue, back out of him, stood-up and quietly moved around in front of him.

I still didn't know if he was going to bite me or not, as I hooked my thumb's in the top of my underwear and slowly slid them down, exposing my little boner to him, let him lick on it again and again, hoping that he wouldn't bite it and he didn't.

But there was a difference in us, a big difference in us and somehow he knew it, as he kept licking on it and making me squirm for him. He knew that I was a male alright, a male that needed a MASTER. A MASTER that would do me, as long as I got down on my hands and knee's in front of him and showed him my little asshole.

The fear was unreal, as I got down on my hand's and knee's, turned my little butt towards him and waited for him to mount me, even though I was a boy and not a girl.

He didn't care. He didn't care, that there was a little, cock and a pair of small, ball's, hanging down underneath the little hole that he was getting ready to fuck. All he cared about was getting his stiff, cock, all the way up into it and fucking it, before I could get away from him and he hadn't squirted, yet.

Just thinking about it and him draining his huge, nut sac up into me, turned me on even more than I already was and the next thing I knew, I was begging him, begging him to do me. But he wasn't ready to do me yet, as he just stood there, showing me his huge cock, prick teasing me with it and it was working, believe it or not. I wanted it, sooo baddd and he knew it but he still wasn't willing to give it to me.

Just looking at it hanging down there under him, turned me on even more than before and the next thing I knew, I was telling him not to bite me, as I laid down of the floor and coaxed him into coming over on top of me, in the 69 position.

Once again, fearing that he would bite me, as I grabbed ahold of my little boner and held it up for him, wanting him to lick on it but he wouldn't. Or at least he wouldn't lick on it until I'd raised-up and started licking on the back of his hairy, nut sac, showing him what I wanted him to do to me and that's when he started licking my little, boner and my tiny, little, nut sac.

Oh yeah, who woulda thought it? Who woulda thought that I could get a dog, a large male dog to go 69 with me, without him even biting me?

Once again, I found myself being attracted up to his tiny, little, asshole, as I laid there, licking on the back of his nut sac and looking up at it, as it glistened in the moonlight.

I don't know how long I licked and sucked on his warm, nut sac, before I lost it, gently pushed him off of me and gave-in to the urge, THE URGE TO HAVE HIM FUCK ME, as I got up into my hands and knee's again.

The was no shame, only need, as I got back up on my hand's and knee's, turned my little butt back towards him, offering him my little ass, as I reached back and slowly pulled my cheeks apart for him, so he could see it and get at it better.

As soon as he saw my little, asshole, that was nestled up, inbetween my little butt cheeks, he jumped up, mounted me and started searching for it again.

Jabbing at me, Once, Twice, Three Times, before finding my little asshole and then plunging his hard, stiff, boner, up into it. Humping me, driving it up into me as fast as he could, before I could pull off of it and get away from him.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, wait, wait, waittttt."

But there was no stopping him now, he was in me, feeling up inside of my little asshole and warm soft rectum, with the entire length, of his hard boner. Humping on on my little ass, harder and harder, driving it up into me deeper and deeper and feeling my little asshole, as it started to respond to him.

Yelping, like he was in pain, again and again, as he felt my little asshole clamping down on it, only to release it, before clamping back down on it again.

" Fuck me, fuck me doggie, fuck meee." " Fuck my little ass, with that hard, stiff, boner, of yours."


" Ohhh Ohhhh Oh yeah, that's it, that's it harder harder har...DERRRRRRRRRRRRR."

All at once his yelping got louder and louder and that's when I felt his huge, dog, cock, as it started erupting up into me, again and again and again. Spewing his warm, white, cum, up into me, as he stepped over me, to show me that he'd TIED with me and that I couldn't get away from him, until he was through with me. I WAS HIS NOW AND HE KNEW IT.

It wasn't the first time that he'd TIED with me, so I wasn't all that afraid, when he'd stepped over me. But then I saw it. I saw the beam of the flashlight, out in the middle of the darkness and it was coming towards us. It was coming towards the old abandoned house, where he had me down on my hand's and knee's with him, butt to butt, as his huge, cock, kept pumping its cum, its warm, white, cum, up into me and filling my little rectum, with his seed.

" Nooo, stop, stop, get off of me, someone's coming."

But he couldn't stop and he couldn't even get away from me because his huge KNOT, was still stuck up inside of my little ass and that's when I started crying and trying to crawl away from him. The pain was awful, as I drug him along behind me and tried to hide in the kitchen.

" Hello, hello, who's in there?" " Come on out, I know your in there."

I could see the beam of the light, getting closer and closer, until it was finally moving around in the livingroom and heading straight for us, as Rex and I, tried to hide out in the kitchen.

I can't even describe the shame and guilt that I felt, when the beam of light finally hit us and the old man that was holding onto the flashlight, saw what was happening.

" Oh shit, what are you doing?" " Oh nooo, nooo, he's fucking you, isn't he?" " I don't believe it, what's the matter with you, boy?"

The shame and embarrassment that I felt, as he kept moving the strong, light beam, back and forth, going from Rex's ass and then moving it back over to mine. Looking at how Rex's huge, pink, cock, was being pulled back through his rear leg's and then disappearing up inbetween my little Butt Cheeks and going up into my little asshole, where it was locked up inside of me, as Rex's huge, cock, continued to squirt me.

The old man couldn't stop looking at Rex's swollen cock, as it disappeared up into me and he knew what was happening to me, as Rex stayed right there with me.

" Ohhh, Oh yeah, he's cuming in ya, ain't he boy." " I used to know a boy just like you, out on the farm, when I was little." " So, ya like the cock, do ya boy?"

He didn't even want an answer from me and I couldn't have given him one anyway, as he moved over in front of me, undid his belt, slid his zipper down, dropped his pants and underwear and than dangled his warm, cock, right there in front of me. He knew I wanted it but I couldn't tell him and when he finally figured it out and raised it to my mouth, I went after it, like a baby goes after a nipple, when he's lost it and then starts sucking on it again, once he's found it.

As soon as he had his old, cock, in my mouth, he started talking dirty to me, calling me nasty names, as he worked his warm, boner, back and forth in my mouth, until it finally started squirting and that's when he started yelling at me and telling me to eat it and I did, while he watched me.

Right after he finished getting me to eat it, he stepped back from me, pulling his now limp cock from my mouth and said, " Ewww, your a nasty fucker," pulled his pants back up and left me there, still TIED with Rex, as he went out the front door.

Since it was already dark and there was no light, except where he'd been shining the flashlight, when he'd found us, I thought that I didn't know him and that I was safe because he was a stranger, but I was wrong, terribly wrong. Because 3 days later, that he was a stranger but 3 days later, when I was taking the trash out, the old janitor, from the apartment building nextdoor, came up to me and whispered, " Hi Billy, been with the dog lately?" " Let me know the next time, huh, so I can come over and join you again."

I was shocked. I was shocked because he knew who I was and now he even knew where I lived, so there was no hiding it anymore, I was his now, along with being Rex's and he knew it.

Even I was shocked and embarrassed, as I heard the little whimper come out of me and the next thing I knew, I was whispering, " Tonight, meet us there tonight, ok?"

" Oh yeah, I'll be there, I'll be there Billy, you can count on that."

All I could think about for the rest of the day, was how I was going to take on 2 of them tonight, 2 of them at the same time and just how much I was looking forward to doing it again.
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