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It was the 3rd time that the same old man had picked me up hitch-hiking, that it happened.

I really didn't wanna get in the car with him but I'd been standing there for quite awhile now and I was really horny.

Yes, that's right, I was really horny, had gone out late at night and was trying to get my dick sucked.

I didn't really care if it was a woman or a man or even a girl or a boy that sucked on it. I'd been sucked by all of them, in the last few years and their mouths all felt the same to me, believe it or not.

To be honest, the first one to ever suck on it, was the little girl that lived nextdoor to me and her name was Windy.
Shit, she's the one that wanted to do it but if I told you how old we were, that I was 13 and that she was only 11 almost 12 year's old, most of you would get mad at me and I know it. I never asked her why she liked to suck it or who it was, that got her to suck on his cock, the very first time. All I know is that she really enjoyed doing it, so, who was I to tell her that she couldn't. Yes, she wanted to do it more than just once, believe me, she wanted to do it 2, sometimes 3 times a week and that was every week, so every time we were alone together, I let her do it.

Now, here I was a couple of years later, still trying to get someone to suck on it because I loved to have my dick sucked and yes, watch the person eat it.

Like I said earlier, this man had picked me up before and each and every time he did, he told me that he was some kind of a masseur or whatever and offered to give me a free massage, if I'd just come over to his house and let him do it.

Now don't get me wrong, having my body massaged and played with, sounded good to me, if it was a woman doing it. But something about having a man rubbing and squeezing on my body didn't sound all that good to me, so, I never took him up on it and went home with him.

But this time it was different, this time I was horny, really horny and somehow he was able to talk me into going over to his house with him and letting him massage me.

I don't know what I was thinking, as I let him drive me to his house. I guess it really doesn't matter, does it.

All I know is that one minute he had me there in the car with him and the very next minute, he had me standing in the middle of his living room, taking my clothes off and leaving me with nothing on but just my underwear.

I felt weird or strange standing there in front of a man, a full grown man, with nothing on but my tiny, little, underwear. But he was comfortable with it and tried to get me to relax, as he brought his massage mat out, laid it on the floor, told me to lay down on it, on my stomach and I did.

I don't know what kind of oils he was using on my back but I do know that they were warming the skin up and that I liked the feel of it, as he massaged me on my back first and then slowly worked his way down one leg, all the way down to my ankle, before he moved over to the other leg and worked his way back up, slowly.

When he'd finished with both of my legs, he moved back up, to the top of my back and started to work his way down slowly, until he was at my underwear again and stopped.

Eventually he bent over me and whispered, " I could do it alot better, if you'ld let me pull these down, if only a little." And without waiting to see if I'd let him pull my underwear down or not , he started to slowly slide them down, until my little ass was completely uncovered and sticking up at him. All of a sudden he moaned and said, " Oh shit, you've got a nice ass, a really nice ass." And before I could recover from what he'd just done, pulled my underwear down, and what he'd said to me, he was pouring more of the hot oil down onto my little ass and massaging it in, with both of his hands.

Before long, I could feel his big hands, as they stopped massaging on my little ass and then started to slowly spread my little butt cheeks apart, searching for my tiny, little, asshole and I couldn't even stop him. He had me now and he knew it, as he started rubbing some of the warm, slick, oil, along the edge's of my tiny, little, asshole. Massaging it softly, rubbing the warm, slick, oil, into it and then pushing on it gently, again and again, with his fingertip. Pushing on it gently, probably to see how tight it was and if I'd ever been had before. But just when I thought that he wanted to finger me and yes, I was going to let him do it, he coaxed me into rolling over onto my back, so, he could get at my little boner better or at least that's what I thought, as he rolled me over.

The embarrassment came, as I rolled over and he saw how my little, young, boner, was sticking straight-up at him and hard as a rock. Hard as a rock and telling him that I was excited about what was happening, even though I couldn't admit it.

I watched as he raised the tiny bottle of hot oil up over me again but this time it wasn't over my bare back and little ass, like it had been the last time, this time it was over my little boner and I started screaming at him.

" Nooo, not there, please not there."

All at once I saw the hot oil spilling over the lip of the tiny, bottle and the next thing i knew, i could feel it burning and stinging me, all over my little boner and tiny ball sac. Burning and stinging them, as the strangest little moan came out of me, as I laid there and let him do it.

When he heard the little scream or moan coming out of me, he tilted the little, bottle, back up and then just sat there and watched me squirming, on his livingroom floor, until all of the burning and stinging finally stopped.

" Don't move, I'm out of oil, I'll go heat some more up for you."

I couldn't believe it as I laid there more or less naked, with my underwear pulled down, on a man's livingroom floor and waited for a stranger to come back into the room and pour more of his hot massage oil's onto me. I wanted to get up and leave or at least I think that that's what I wanted but for some strange reason I couldn't do it, so, I just laid there. It was like I was his now and I didn't know why.

When he finally came back into the livingroom with the little bottle of hot oil, I was still laying there with my legs spread, just like he knew I'd be, the only difference being that my little boner gone and I had my eye's closed. I think I had my eye's closed because I was ashamed about what I was doing or whatever. I don't know.

It wasn't until he'd stepped over me again and was straddling me, making me wait a long time before pouring it down onto me again, that I opened my eye's and screamed.

" Nooo."

He was standing over me alright but now he was standing over me naked and he had a boner, a huge, long, skinny, boner, that looked to be at least 8 or 9 inches long, maybe even longer.

When I started screaming about him being naked, he kept telling me that it was alright and that he'd only taken his clothes off in the first place, to keep them from getting any of the hot oil on them. Before I knew it, he was pouring another tiny, stream of hot oil down onto my cock and believe it or not, I started getting another boner, as he worked the little stream, back and forth on it. Just as I was starting to really get used to the feel of it again, he worked the little stream of hot oil down onto my little, ball, sac and got the strangest look in his eye's, as he stood there over me and watched me squirming.

" Rollover."

" Nooo, no more, please no more."

" Just rollover, I'm not gonna hurt you, I promise."

No sooner was I on my stomach, than he started dribbling the hot oil down and along my back. Working his way down and then stopping, just above my little butt cheeks.

As I was laying there thinking that that was as low as he was going to go, I heard him whispering, " Spread um, spread your cheeks baby," in the strangest sounding voice.

" Nooo, I don't wanna."

" Come on, I won't hurt it."

I had the weirdest feeling as I reached back and started to slowly pull my little, cheeks ,apart for him, knowing that he looking at my tiny, little, star shaped asshole and was getting ready to pour some of his hot massage oil, down onto it.

Just as I was going to tell him " No, I don't want to do it anymore " he poured the first of the hot oil down onto it and I screamed, " Nooo, Nooo, It's to hot, way to hot." But he didn't care, he just kept pouring it and watching me squirming and screaming down underneath him. Squirming and screaming, until eventually all of my screams turned into little moans of pleasure and once again, he knew that he had me. " Keep um apart baby , there's only a little of the oil left, I promise." And once again I felt nothing but shame, as I laid there holding my little, butt cheeks, apart and letting a naked man pour hot oil down onto my tiny, little, asshole. I could feel it puckering up for him, just like he wanted it to do and there was no way that I could stop him now, even if I wanted too.

I can't even describe the feelings that were going through me while he was doing it. One minute it was burning and stinging and the next minute there was a warmth and a weird pleasure going through me and my mind was going back and forth between the two of them.

When all of the oil was finally on me, he set the little bottle back down and squatted down ontop of me. Sitting on the back of my legs gently, as he started rubbing the warm sweet oil first into my back and then slowly working his way down to my little, butt, cheeks and started kneading on them.

If he was only kneading the oil into them, it would have been alright. But he was doing more than just kneading the oil into them, he was brushing his fingertips inbetween my little, butt, cheeks and touching on my little asshole, causing it to pucker -up even more for him, so he could finger fuck it, if I'd let him.

All of a sudden I felt the pressure, the pressure of his fingertip, pushing up against my little asshole, causing it to open up for him and then letting him slide his well oiled finger up into me.

" Ugh."

" Easy baby, I won't hurt, I told you."

" Ohhh."

" That's it relax and it'll all be over in a minute."


" Ohhhhhhhh."


Being a boy and being finger fucked in my ass by a man, a full grown man was hard enough for my mind to handle. But the real embarrassment came when he felt my little asshole clamping down, again and again, on his long skinny finger, like it was trying to make love to it or whatever and he said, " Oh yeah, you like to have something up in there, don't ya baby?"

All I'd wanted when I's gone out earlier that night, was to cum and just when I thought that his finger was going to do it for me, he eased it back out of me, slowly and then laid down ontop of me. Just as I started to say, " What are you doing," I felt him reaching down inbetween us, feeling for his long, skinny, boner, taking ahold of it and putting it down inbetween my little butt cheeks, before he laid back down on me and started work it back and forth, slowly. He was dry fucking me, dry fucking my little ass, right there on his livingroom floor, just like we used to dry fuck the girl's, when we were in high-school.

If I said that it didn't feel good, feeling his boner sliding back and forth inbetween my little, butt, cheeks and having his warm, full, ball sac, bumping and rubbing against my little asshole, I'd be lying because it did, really did and I couldn't deny it.

But once again I started feeling guilty about letting a man, an old man use me sexually, even though he wasn't really doing anything to me, and that's when I started whimpering and begging him to get off of me but he wouldn't. I could hear his breathing starting to change and the next thing I knew, I could feel him putting the end of his swollen boner up against my little asshole and I started screaming and begging him not to do that to me but it was to late by then because the end of his boner had just torn its way up into me and he was already fucking me with it, before I could even stop him.

" Ugh, Ugh, Nooo, Nooo, No more, No more, it hurts." " Please stop, please."

Feeling a man's boner working back and forth up inside of you is a feeling that can never be explained, fully. Because eventually the pain turns into some kind of strange pleasure and you feel guilty about letting a man, do you back there. You feel guilty, especially when you feel your little ass starting to respond to him, raising up for him, so he can get it up into you, deeper and deeper.and fuck him back and you don't know why. I found all of this out while he was still fucking me and inbetween his grunts and groans, he was saying, " There's more, can you take more baby, can you take more " and I was shocked when I heard myself whimpering and then saying, " Uh huh, Uh huh, Deeper, Deeper, do me Deeper."

I don't know if he ever got the full 8 or 9 inches of it, all the way up into me or not but I do know that before it was all over, that I could feel his huge, warm, nut sac, slapping up against my little ball's again and again and I almost came just from them doing that.

All at once he reached under me, pulled my hips up to him and drove his huge cock up into my little ass, as deep as he could and while he held me there and I started screaming, " Don't cum in meee, Don't cum in meee, Pleeeeease don't cum in meee " but he couldn't stop now even if he wanted to and that's when I felt his huge boner starting to jerk, way up inside of me. ONCE...SQUIRT and he moaned " Agghhh ", TWICE...SQUIRT and once again he moaned " Agghhh " and the next think I knew my little ass had raised-up to him, started bucking and jerking underneath him and I was moaning to, just like he'd just done. The whole time that my little ass was bucking and jerking underneath him, he was riding it and staying with me, like some kind of cowboy and saying, " That's it, that's it, cum baby, cum, cum for me " and boy did I.

I don't know if he came in me anymore or not, when I started cuming. All I know is that I had the weirdest feeling when it was all over and I felt his now limp cock, slowly, sliding, back out of me, as he got up and went into the bathroom.

I don't know how long I laid there with my little asshole pouting and throbbing from the abuse, if that's what you wanna call it, that it had just been given, by an older man. All I know is that I put my clothes back on, as quietly as I could and snuck back out the door, before he came back out of the bathroom and wanted to do me again or whatever.

The shame I felt as I made my way home, was unreal. I could feel his warm, white, cum, slowly, oozing back out of my now stretched asshole, soaking down through my underwear and then running down along the inside of both of my thighs and I felt awful.

The shame wasn't coming from the fact that I'd just been fucked up my little ass by a man, a full grown man, with a really big cock. The shame was coming from the way I had to walk home, more or less bow legged, after he'd done me with it. Fucked my little asshole, until I was so raw and so sore, that I couldn't walk right and everybody that was driving by, knew what he'd just done to me. Knew that I'd just taken it, taken it up the ass, from a dirty old man and for whatever the reason, I'd liked it and couldn't deny it.

If I said that it stopped there I'd be lying because it didn't. It was 5 or 6 weeks later and I was drinking and the next thing I knew and I do mean the very next thing I knew, I was standing at his front door, in the middle of the night and knocking on it. Neither of us said a word as he opened the door and saw that it was me. He just let me in, watching the movement of my little ass, as I went into his livingroom and started undressing for him to do me. He didn't have to be told, he knew why I was there and what I Needed, as once again he went into the kitchen, got undressed and heated the little bottle of oil up, for me.

Before the night was over he had poured the hot oil onto my little asshole, 3 or 4 times, burning me with it more and more, each time he did it, before he fucked me again and let me feel his huge, warm, boner, moving up inside of me again.

By the time it was all over, almost 2 year's later, he'd not only done me up my little ass, more times than I can remember but he'd also coaxed me into giving him blowjobs, while he'd be sitting on the toilet, with his leg's spread and watching me do it.
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