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When Carla pulled into the supermarket and saw the young boy standing there, with a large male german shepard, she felt the warmth starting to flow, down into her pretty pussy. No, it wasn't from looking at the large male german shepard and the way the pointed, pink tip of his somewhat swollen cock was sticking out of its hairy sheath. It was the young boy, the young 12 or 13 year old boy, that she was looking at and wondering if he was a still a virgin.

Even though Carla was already in her early 20's, 23 to be exact, she still had A THING, for a young boy's boner and how it felt in her mouth, in her pussy and yes, even up inside of her pretty ass, when she could find one that would do her back there. Carla had been babysitting since she was just barely 12 year's old and couldn't even begin to count the number of young boy's cock's, that she'd had her way with.

She knew that it wasn't right, to be a full grown woman and to still like to suck on a young boy's cock, a really young boy's cock. But the feel of it, as it slid back and forth, in her warm sucking mouth and how proud it was, as it stuck straight out in front of them, always did something to her, something that a man's cock hadn't been able to do to her, yet and she'd sucked more than her share of them, believe me.

" Hi, my name's Carla, what's your name?"

" Joey and my dogs name is King and I'm trying to find a nice home for him, do you know somebody that might want him?"

" Well, I don't know, maybe I would."

" Really?"

" Uh huh, how old is he?"

" He's 2."

" Oh no, that's when they start to get horny and hump everything, isn't it?"

" Well, yes but we keep him away from all of the female dogs and that's how we control him."

" Well, I don't have any female dogs to worry about but I'm a female, would that bother him?"

" Oh, yes mam, your a female alright and a very pretty female, if you don't mind me saying so."

" Well thank you, Joey, it's been along time since anyone's told me that."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

Carla wasn't sure but she thought that she could see his little boner starting to come up, like it wanted some attention, down in the crotch of his levis. But once again, she'd looked at another young boy's crotch, way to long and he'd caught her.

He wasn't a virgin, she could tell that by the look that he was giving her, after he'd caught her looking at him down there. He was smart enough to know that she wanted it and before Carla knew it, she was blushing and had to turn away from him.

" Are you ok mam?"

" Huh, oh, I'm sorry." " My mind was somewhere else."

" I know, maybe you'ld like for me to come over to your house later and bring King with me and that way we can see if you can get along together.

" That sounds like a good idea Joey, here's my number, why don't you call me."

" Ok, I will."

The whole time that Carla was in the supermarket shopping, all she could think about, was the young boy and how fast his little boner had started to swell-up, just from talking to her.

When Carla finally came back out of the supermarket, the young boy, with the large male german shepard was gone and Carla felt like someone had just hit her in the stomach and taken her breath away. " NOOO, WHERE DID HE GO?"

Even though she tried to forget about him that night, she couldn't and before the night was over, she ended up rubbing and playing with herself and and releasing her juices, down onto the sheets.

It was the next night and almost 8:30, when the phone rang and she recognized his voice, as he said, " Want me to bring my dog over and see if he likes you?"

She wanted to answer him and tell him to come on over but something about the way he was saying it, made it sound like he was propositioning her, for his dog and she was at a loss, at what to tell him.

" Well?"

When she still couldn't answer him, he said, " Ok, never mind mam, maybe I got the wrong idea, out in front of the supermarket." " I won't bother you anymore, bye."

" Wait, don't go, please don't go."

Carla was at a total loss about what to do. But she'd been thinking about the young boy's cock so much and how it had started to harden, just from looking at her, as he was standing there and she had to have it, as she finally heard herself whispering, " OK," into the phone.

" Ok, but where do you live mam?"

" Please don't call me that, call me Carla, ok?"

" Ok."

" I live at 233 Pine St., the 3rd house on the right, from the corner."

" Oh wow, I live at 237 Oak St., we're almost neighbor's." " I'll see ya in a few minutes, ok?"

" Ok."

As soon as she hung-up the phone, Carla jumped in the shower and washed herself off, even though she had already showered earlier. As soon as she got out of the shower and dried herself off, she went over to her dresser, pulled her skimpiest little, black, thong panties out, slipped them on and then slipped her tiny, little, black bra on, to show her nice firm titties.

The agony of the wait was unbearable and just as she was slipping her short mid-thigh robe on, the little knock came at the door and she almost fainted. " Ohhh, he's here."

" Hi, come on in."

" Joey was at a total loss for words, I mean like, here was a young woman, a very pretty young woman, standing in the doorway, with nothing on that he could see but her bathrobe, her very short bathrobe and there she was inviting him to come into her house and to even bring his dog " King " in with him.

Carla was already horny and the dog knew it because he could smell her, as he followed her into the livingroom.

" Here, sit here in the easy chair, relax and I'll get you a coke to drink, ok." " Since I don't have a man of the house, living with me, you can sit in the easy chair and be the man of the house for me tonight." " Ok?'

" Ok, sure mam."

" No baby, call me Carla, ok?"

" Ok."

Joey watched as Carla turned her back to him and started towards the kitchen, to go get his soda. Joey wasn't the only one that had been watching her because " King " was sitting there quietly and watching her too. Watching her well tanned leg's and how her pretty little butt was moving, as she went into the kitchen.

King couldn't hide his horniness as well as Joey could hide his and when Carla came back into the livingroom and saw how the pink tip of it was sticking up out of its hairy sheath, she wanted to call the whole thing off but she couldn't.

As she sat Joey's coke down, she heard Joey whispering, " I think he likes you, why don't you get down there with him and make him feel welcome."

There it was again, she'd been right, Joey was trying to set her up with his german shepard and he was making no bones about it.

" But, but."

" What do ya mean, but?" " You like him don't ya?"

" Yes, but."

" Well then, get down there and show him and don't tell me that you've never made love to a dog before because I know better." " I could tell by the way you were looking at him, back at the supermarket."

Carla didn't wanna make love to a dog. Yes, she'd done it before, many times but this one was so big and she didn't know if she could handle it.

But now, here she was horny again and she knew that if she didn't do it, that there would be no chance at all, of her getting the young boy to let her suck on his young cock, so she stood-up, slowly slipped her little robe off and let it drop to the floor, as the young boy sat there watching her.

Just seeing Carla standing there, in the middle of her livingroom, with nothing on but her bra and panties, made joey's little boner harden even more and without even looking embarrassed about it, he reached down, undid his levis, pulled his boner out and got Carla to look at it, as he said, " Get down on the floor, get down on the floor on your hands and knees and crawl to it."

Just seeing his boner, his young, stiff, boner sticking up out of his levis like that, weakened her and the next thing she knew, she was crawling over to it, just like he'd told her too.

" Your gonna suck us both, you know that don't ya?"

" Ohhh." " Please don't let him hurt me, Please.

" Oh, he's not gonna hurt ya and neither am I. In fact we're gonna make you feel good, real good and your even gonna thank us for it, when it's all over."

Just hearing him saying that made Carla lose it and the next thing she knew, she had bent down over it and was kissing and licking on the end it, as he sat there in the easy chair, holding onto it and watching her do it.

" Oh yeah, that's it, lick it."

The need to suck on it had taken over by then and now Carla didn't care what he thought of her, as she opened her mouth, slipped it down over the end of it and started working her warm soft lips up and down on it.

Suckinggggggggggggg...Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp " Umm...Umm. "

It had been weeks, at least 3 weeks, since Carla had had a young boy's cock in her mouth and felt the warmth and smoothness of it, as it slid back and forth, slowly, along her warm, soft, tongue.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

Just when it was starting to feel really good to her, Joey pulled her up off of it and without even blinking an eye said, " I wanna watch ya with King, get back over to the middle of the room and let him smell ya, let him smell what you've got for him.

King didn't even have to be told what to do, as he watched the pretty young girl, crawling back over to the middle of the livingroom and then followed her.

" That's it, now let him smell ya, so he'll get really horny."

King's swollen cock was already hanging down, out of its hairy sheath, under his belly. King didn't need to get hornier, he needed something to mount and plunge his long, thick, boner, into and the only thing that was out there on the floor with him was Carla, so she was elected.

Carla already knew what King wanted from her and if his boner hadn't have been so big, she might have let him do it. But it was big, way to big and she knew that if she let him mount her with it, that he'd hurt her, so, she did the only thing that she could do, to satisfy him.

Even Joey was surprised, as he watched the pretty young girl, as she laid down on the floor, turned over onto her back and then coaxed King to come over and stand over her head. Stand over her head with his wet, pink cock, hanging out and pointing right at her mouth.

Carla kept looking up at it and couldn't believe how big it had gotten, now that King knew, that he was gonna get to do her with it.

It wasn't only pink now, like it was at the supermarket, it was covered with thick, dark, red vein's, crisscrossing, back and forth across it and it even had some of them running down along the side's of it. In other word's, it was mean looking and not pretty, like she thought a young boy's cock was but she still found herself being drawn up to it.

As soon as Carla's tiny, pink, tongue, touched it, King's swollen member jerked up and then as it settled back down, something shot out of the end of it and splattered against Carla's pretty face. Joey thought that his dog, King, had just ruined it by squirting on her like that but then to his amazement, he watched as she opened her mouth, raised her head back up, slipped it over the end of his swollen member and started sucking on it.

Joey had seen other girl's sucking on his dog's cock before, plenty of them but none of them had ever gone after it like this one was doing. Shit, this one was even playing with King's huge, furry, ball sac, as it hung down and kept touching, again and again, inbetween her little titties.

The little sounds, the little slurping and sucking sounds that she was making, as she sucked on it harder and harder, told Joey that she'd not only sucked on a dog's cock before but that she had sucked it and liked it, really liked it.

All at once King started yelping and both of them knew that he was close and that he was about to squirt her. Would she do it, would she GO ALL THE WAY with it or would she pull it out of her mouth and make him squirt his thick, white, doggie cum, down along her pretty neck and let it run down onto the carpet.?

It was the tiny, little, gulping sounds that she started making, while she was sucking on it, that gave Joey his answer. She was doing it, she was going down on his dog alright and eating it, right there in front of him.

Gulp...gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp...gulp

There was no doubt in Joey's mind whatsoever, that King was cuming because his tail had slid over to the side and Joey could see how his little asshole was puckering up and then squeezing, again and again, each and every time, that his warm cock, squirted into her mouth again.

Carla wasn't even trying to get away from him, like some of the other girl's before her had done. In fact if anything, it was like she couldn't get enough of it, as Joey heard her start sucking on it, even harder.

By the time Carla had finished giving his dog a blowjob, Joey had taken the rest of his clothes off and was sitting over on the couch, completely naked and holding his stiff, young, boner in his hand.

As soon as Joey saw King pulling away from her, he spread his little leg's and said, " Now me, come and do me " and watched as she raised-up on the floor and started crawling towards him.

Carla couldn't believe how big his boner was, as she stopped in front of him and grabbed ahold of it.

Just looking at Carla and how she was looking at his swollen cock and holding onto it, told Joey that this was going to be one of the best BLOWJOB'S that he'd ever had, bar none.

Carla was in no hurry to get it over, as she turned her little head to the side and started licking up and down, first one side and then the other, being careful to stay away from the swollen head and the sensitive little area that was down underneath it.

Joey wanted to grab ahold of her head and tell her to suck it but he knew that if he did that, that it would probably ruin it for her and besides, he had other plans for her.

Carla coaxed and teased on his warm, hard, member, as long as she could, before finally giving in to the urge to suck on it and finally gave in.

Watching her, as Carla slipped her tight, warm, mouth, down over the end of it and started sucking on it, almost made Joey loose it but somehow he was able to stop it, because of his other plan's for her

When Joey saw that she was really getting into it and knew that she couldn't stop them, he looked over at King, called him and as soon as King was behind her he said, " Up King " and without even hesitating, King jumped her and mounted her.

" No, Nooo, he'll hurt meeeeeeeee." " Get him off of meee." " Please get him off of meee."

As soon as Carla started screaming, Joey grabbed ahold of her head, with both of his hands and told her, " Shhh, hold still and let him do ya, and don't tell me that you've never done it with a dog before because I know better."

The shame that was going through Carla's mind, at that moment in time was unreal. Because he was right, she had been with a dog before, many times. Whenever she couldn't find another young boy to suck on, when she was really horny, she'd usually end up getting down on her hands and knees with her neighbor's dog, out in her own backyard and sucking on him until he squirted. Yes, the neighbor's boy dog, who had conveniently dug a hole under their fence, so he could get at her.

She could feel the wet pointed tip, as it kept poking at her, searching, searching for her little hole, her little love hole. But he couldn't get at it because of her panties, her black, thong, panties. Finally she couldn't take it anymore, as she let go of Joey's cock, reached back, jerked the panties aside, riping them in the process, so he could get at it better and find it.

Oh, he found it alright but this time it wasn't her young, tender, pussy, that Joey's dog found, it was her asshole, her tiny, little, asshole. And as soon as King felt something warm, wrapping itself back down around the wet, pointed, tip, of his long, skinny, boner, he rammed it all the way up into her, as far as it would go and then without even waiting for her to get used to the size of it, he started humping her. Humping her, as hard and as fast as he could, trying to get his KNOT to swell-up while it was still up inside of her, so she couldn't get away from him, until he was finished with her. Finished with her and left his warm, white, doggie cum, as deep up inside of her as his long, skinny, dog cock could reach.

" Nooo, Nooo, My ass, My ass, He's up inside of my ass, get him off of meeeeeee." " Please get him off of meee."

Joey couldn't believe that King had gotten his huge boner up inside of her tiny, little, asshole. He'd forgotten how a dog's cock goes back down, after he's squirted with it, so it can slide back out of the pussy, mouth or ass, that's it's just been up inside of and fucking.

Now King's cock was the size of a grown man's finger again and that's why it had gone up into her little asshole, so easily.

Carla was whimpering and crying, because she could feel his cock, as it swelled, getting bigger and bigger, up inside of her. And even though she liked the feel of it and how big it was getting, she also knew that his KNOT, that he had gotten up into her, from the very beginning, was swelling up to and that it would get almost twice as thick, as his cock would.

" Oh baby Please, Please get him off of me." " He's gonna hurt me with it, hurt me bad with it and you know it."

Joey didn't care, as he watched his dog, King, driving his warm boner up into Carla, deeper and deeper, yelping every now and then, to show her, that he liked her.

Even though Carla was still begging him to get his dog, King, off of her, Joey was watching her face, watching the expression on it, as she TOOK IT UP THE ASS, when all at once something happened to the young woman and she started screaming, " Oh Yesss, Fuck me doggie, fuck meee," as she raised her pretty ass up for him and let him hump her.

Joey was shocked, he'd never watched one of the girl's that King had fucked before, taking it up the ass and this one looked like she was enjoying it, really enjoying it, as his dog, King, worked it back and forth in her.

Joey'd almost forgotten about his cock, his swollen cock, as he watched the young woman taking it up the ass. But she sure hadn't forgotten about his young cock because once King's cock had KNOTTED HER and settled into a rhythm with her, sweet young ass, she grabbed ahold of Joey's cock and started sucking on it again, only this time she was sucking on it even harder.

" Agghhhhhh, that's it, that's it, suck it."

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh fuck yeah, Fuck her King, Fuck her."

King's head was on her shoulder, his tongue was now hanging out, his back was curved, and his pelvis was curled down around her pretty ass, as he kept pulling her back onto it, with his front paw's, driving his long, thick, boner up into her tight, little, asshole, harder and harder. Did he know, did he know that it was her tight, little, asshole that he was fucking and not her young, tender, pussy? Did he even care, as he kept pounding his now huge, thick, cock, up into her deeper and deeper?

Just watching Carla, taking it up the ass, from his dog, was to much for Joey and all at once he grabbed ahold of her head , pushed her down and held her there, as his warm, stiff, boner, erupted up into her tight, warm, sucking, mouth, again and again and again. And even though she was gagging on it, he wouldn't let her come up off of it, until he was through cuming and she had swallowed it, swallowed it all.

Gulp...gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp...gulp

Right after Joey had finished pumping his warm, thick, white, cum, up into her warm, sucking, mouth, Carla's back arched, her eyes crossed, her mouth dropped open and just as her head started swinging back and forth, her pelvis jerked and quivered, jerked and quivered, jerked and quivered, as she lost it and her clear, sweet, woman's juices, started flowing.

Feeling her little asshole clutching on his warm, boner, like that, again and again and again, finally got to Joey's dog, King and all at once he started yelping and driving it up into her, as hard and as fast as he could.

Joey could tell that his dog, King, was cuming up inside of the young woman because all at once he drove it all the way up into her, as far as he could and held it there, as it started squirting,up into her.

The sounds that were coming out of Carla, as the huge dog kept pumping his warm, thick, white, cum, deep up inside of her were unreal. But it wasn't the sounds that were getting to Joey, it was the look on Carla's face, as his dog, King, stepped over her pretty ass with his rear leg, leaving them locked together, Butt to Butt, right there in front of him.

Joey knew that King's cock was still squirting, its warm, white, reward, up into her, even though he was just standing there and not even moving.

The look on her face was a look of surrender, she had found her MASTER now and she knew it.

Eventually King was finished cuming in her and started trying to get away from her but his huge KNOT was still locked up inside of her tiny, little, asshole and all he could do was drag her around the livingroom, behind him, Butt to Butt, as Joey just sat there and watched them.

King's cock and KNOT were locked up inside of her for almost a full 15 minutes, before it finally went back down far enough for him to jerk it back out of her little asshole.

The scream that came out of Carla, as King's cock jerked viciously out of her now swollen, little asshole, was unreal. As soon as King was out of her, Carla got up off of the floor, crying, grabbed her little asshole, ran into the bathroom and locked the door.

Joey didn't know if he should try and say anything to her or not, through the closed door, so he just got dressed and left her there, hoping that she'd get over it.

Three weeks later, Joey got his answer, as to whether she'd liked it or not, when he was standing at the supermarket again. Carla pulled up, in a nice car and as the passenger window came down, he heard her say, " Get in. " Joey didn't know what to say to her, should he apologize to her, for what happened or should he ask her if she'd liked it? As Joey got into the front seat with her, Carla reached into the back seat, where King was, slid her hand under his belly and started rubbing gently on his hairy sheath. The look of desperation in her eyes, gave Joey his answer, as he looked right at her and said, " You want it again, don't ya " and she whispered back at him, " Uh huh."

Neither of them said a word, as they drove to her house and the 3 of them went inside.
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