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I knew that the old man was watching me as I made my way back to the bathroom on the train. I knew that he was watching me because all of the old men had been watching me and having their way with me, in one way or another, since I was only 9 years old. Yes, nine years old, when my step-uncle used to sneak into my bedroom at night, stand beside my bed, rub the tip of his warm cock against my mouth and then coax me into sucking on the end of it, until it eventually squirted and left its warm, white reward in my mouth. I knew that it wasn't right to be a boy, yes, I'm a boy and to be sucking on a man's [ Thing.] But he wasn't hurting me with it and for some strange reason I liked the faint smell and taste of it, so I did it, every time he wanted me too.

In the beginning it was only in the middle of the night that he'd sneak into my bedroom and want me to suck on it but eventually he was getting me to do it in the middle of the day, every time my aunt was gone.

The first time he wanted me to suck on it in the day time, I almost couldn't do it because of the way his cock looked. Even though I'd been sucking on it for almost 6 months by then, it had always been in the dark and I hadn't really been able to see how mean and ugly, yes ugly, his old, cock, looked.

I didn't really understand what was going on, as he got me to follow him into the bathroom and locked the door. I was shocked, as he reached down, took ahold of his zipper and slowly slid it down, as he got me to watch him. I remember saying " Nooo " but he wasn't having any part of that as he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down to it. I couldn't believe how big and ugly it was, as it started to swell-up and get hard, all by itself, like it already knew, that he was going to make me suck it. It was like his cock was waiting for me, waiting for me to do something with it but I couldn't. I couldn't do anything with it because I was afraid. Afraid that my aunt would come home, catch us in the bathroom together and see what he was getting me to do to him.

When my step-uncle saw that I wasn't going to do anything with it, he grabbed ahold of it and started working it back and forth, slowly, Jacking it, right there in front of me.

I knew what he was going to do to me and I started whimpering and begging him not to, " Nooo, Nooo, please don't, I don't like it when you do that to me."

" Well, kiss it then."

" Nooo, what if she comes back and see's me kissing it?"

" So what, you like kissing on it don't you?" " You like kissing and sucking on it, why else would it have been so easy for me to get you to do it in the first place?

I was to embarrassed to answer him and he knew it. I couldn't answer him because he was right, I did like kissing and sucking on his warm, cock but it wasn't that way in the beginning. Believe me.

" Your a COCKSUCKER and you know it."

" Am not."

" Yes, you are, say it."

" Nooo."

" Go on say it, I'm a cocksucker, I'M A LITTLE COCKSUCKER."

I wanted to run out of the bathroom and hide but I couldn't. I wanted to deny it but the next thing I knew he had me whispering it, " Cocksucker, Cocksucker, I'M A LITTLE COCKSUCKER."

" Oh yeah that's it, say it again, I wanna watch how your mouth moves, while your saying it."

I had the strangest feeling down in my underwear, as I looked up at him and felt my eyes starting to cross, as I whispered it again. " Cocksucker, cocksucker, I'M A LITTLE COCKSUCKER."

" Oh fuckkk, here it comes, stick your tongue out." " Agghhhhh," Squirt..." Agghhh," Squirt..." Agghhh," and then again... Squirt..." Agghhhhhh." And that's when he started screaming at me, " EAT IT, EAT IT, EAT IT, YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER." If I said that I wasn't embarrassed, as he stood there looking at his thick, white cum, that he'd just left on my tiny, pink, tongue, I'd be lying because I was and he knew it.

" EAT IT."

I can't even describe the tiny, little, quiver that went through me again, down inbetween my little leg's, in my underwear, as I slowly pulled my little tongue back into my mouth and swallowed it.


I'd just finished peeing and was milking my little dick down, when the old man that had been watching me earlier, opened the door and came into the bathroom. Even though I knew that he'd been watching me, as I walked back to the bathroom, I was still shocked when he stepped up behind me, at the urinal, slowly reached around in front of me, took ahold of my little semi-hard boner and started milking it down for me. He was standing so close to me, while he was milking it down, that I could feel him getting a boner, as he mashed it up against my little ass, harder and harder.

" Nooo."

" Yes."

" Nooo, please don't."

" Why, you know you want it, tell me to stop doing it and I will."

I couldn't tell him to stop now and he knew it, as he slowly brought his other hand around in front of me, started undoing my pants, so he could get his warm cock up into my little ass and fuck me with it, before I could stop him. Even though I was still whimpering and saying, " No, No, not here, somebody will come in and see us," he didn't seem to care. All he cared about was getting into my little asshole, my tight little asshole, as he bent me over, pulled my pants and underwear down over my little butt, made me grab ahold of the urinal and jerked his zipper down. I can't even describe the pain that went through me as he covered my mouth with his big hand and my little asshole slowly opened up for him, just long enough for him to get the swollen head of it up into me, before closing back down around it.


The scream that came out of me was unreal but nobody on the train heard it because he still had my mouth covered with his big hand and he wasn't about to let go of me until he was finished with me and had left his sticky, white, man cum, way up inside of me.

" I'm in, I'm in, hold still, you've been cocked by somebody before and I know it. I know it because of the way that your little asshole's gripping and clutching on my warm cock.

I wanted to deny it and tell him that I'd never felt a cock up inside of me before but I couldn't. I couldn't because of the way my little asshole was opening and closing, again and again, around his warm, stiff, boner, like it wanted him to push more and more of it up into me and it did.

As soon as he knew that I'd been Cocked by a man before, he eased another inch of it up into me.

" UGH "

" Oh fuck, Oh fuck your tight, can you take it?"

" Nooo, Stop, Stop, It's to big."

" To late baby, I'm in, I ain't stoppin now and you know it."

I don't know how much of It he had gotten up into me, 4 inches, 5 inches maybe even 6 inches, when all at once he started to ease it back and forth in me, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the longer he did it. Finally I could feel his pubic hair, touching all around my little asshole and I knew, knew that I'd taken it all and so did he, as he moaned and started working it in and out of me, harder and harder.

" Oh yeah, fuck yeah, that's it, fuck me baby." " Fuck this old man's cock, with that sweet little ass of your's." " You like that big cock up inside of ya, don't ya baby?"


" Agggghhhhhhhhhhhh, squeeze it baby, squeeze it."


" Oh yeah, you've been fucked before, alright, your a Milker baby, a Milker." " Go on, get it, suck my dick with that little asshole of your's, like you were born to do."

By then I didn't care what he thought about me, as I let go of the urinal with one hand, grabbed ahold of my little, stiff, boner and started jacking on it. Jacking on it faster and faster, as I raised my little ass up and started working my little asshole back and forth, along the old man's, long, stiff boner. The more I worked my little asshole back and forth on it, the harder he pounded his warm, stiff, boner, up into me again and again. Just as both of us were about to come, the bathroom door swung open and one of his friends came in.

" I'm not done with him yet, can't you see that?" " Get the fuck out of here and let me finish doing him, you can have him later, you know that."

Even though his friend had turned and left, he was still fucking me but I couldn't get into it anymore and he got mad at me. It wasn't because someone had seen a man fucking me that turned me off, because that had happened to me once before and for some strange reason, it had turned me on even more, rather than ruined it for me. When he saw that I wasn't really into it anymore, he slowly and I do mean slowly, eased his long, thick, warm, cock, back out of me, inch by inch and whispered, " Turn around." I was still holding onto the urinal with one hand because even though he'd pulled it back out of me, he still had me bent over in front of him. " I said, Turn around." I knew what he wanted, he wanted me to suck on it. He wanted me to suck on it, just like some of the other old men had gotten me to suck on their's, after they'ed done me with it. Sometimes I could do it and sometimes I couldn't and when I couldn't do it, that's when they'ed get mad at me. I don't know why I could do it some of the time but not always. I guess it all depended on the way they treated me, when they were trying to get me to do it or whatever.

I don't know what I was thinking, as I slowly turned around, with my little boner still sticking out and saw his thick, cock, with its simi-hard, boner just hanging there, waiting for me.

" Come on baby, you can do it, just kiss it." " That's all ya gotta do, just kiss it."

I don't know how long I stood there looking at it, before I finally gave-in to it and knelt-down in front of him.

" Oh yeah, that's it, come on, kiss it baby, then hold your mouth open, I got something warm and sweet for ya, down here in my nut sac."

I don't know what it was about it, that was drawing me to it. Pulling me to it, like a magnet and the next thing I knew I'd kissed it and opened my mouth for him.

As soon as he saw my little mouth starting to open, he knew that he had me and while I knelt there on the bathroom floor, looking up at him, he took ahold of it, raised it up to my open mouth and calmly slid it in.

" Do it, Do it baby, suck it."

I didn't even try and argue with him about not wanting to do it, he knew better. He knew that I was down there, fighting the urge to do it, that it was just a matter of time before I did it and that all he had to do now was wait and he waited.

He didn't have to wait long and pretty soon the only sounds coming from the train's bathroom, were the little sucking and slurping sounds that I was making on it, as I started to suck it.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh fuck yesss, I knew it, I knew it, you are a cocksucker, aren't ya, baby."

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp " Umm...Umm." Slurp-slurp

I don't even remember grabbing ahold of my little boner, while I was sucking on his big, thick one but I must have. Because all at once he pushed his warm, boner, all the way down into my throat, as far as it would go and held it there, as it erupted again and again and again, and sent its sweet, warm, white reward, straight down into my little belly.

" Eat it, Eat it, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

All at once I felt my little boner jerk, not once but twice, as it sent its own white, liquid, up into the air, before it dropped back down onto my little hand again.

" Oh fuckkk, you just came, didn't ya, baby?" " Keep suckin, keep suckin it baby, don't stop now."

Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp

" Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

If I said that I didn't feel dirty or something like that, when he'd left me kneeling there on the bathroom floor, of the train, after he'd fucked me up my little ass and then gotten me to suck on it, I'd be lying because I did. Not because he'd gotten me to suck him off after he'd done me with it because some of the other older men, that had gotten to me after my step-uncle started doing me back there, wanted me do the same thing to their's too and I'd done it. I think what was bothering me the most about it was, the fact that he really hadn't made me do it, I'd just done it on my own and now he knew, just like my step uncle had known when I was only 9 years old, that I was a cocksucker, a natural born little cocksucker and now even I couldn't deny it, as the train's bathroom door opened again and his friend came got me to suck him off and eat him to, before he left the bathroom.
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