I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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When Billy suggested that we play a game of strip poker, after we'd watched all of the dirty movie's, on his VCR, I thought that he was joking. But then he pulled a deck of cards out and before either Johnny or I could say " No, " he started dealing.

" Hey, what are you doing?"

What does it look like, I'm dealing."

" Shit Billy, we can see that but what if we don't wanna play strip poker an we wanna go home?"

" Do ya, do ya wanna go home?"

" Well, no."

" Ok then, sitdown and let's play."

I didn't wanna play strip poker with just 3 boys and no girl's. Shit, what's the point of doing that, anyway. Aren't you supposed to see the girl's, slowly getting naked and maybe even get to play with their little titties and if your lucky, even their little pussies. Play with them or better yet, get them play with you. I didn't wanna play but Johnny was already sitting down and Billy was dealing, so I sat down to. And guess what, I lost the very first hand. Both of them laughed at me and told me that I had to take something off, so reluctantly, I took my shoe's off.

" Chicken."

" What do you mean, chicken?" " I can take anything off that I want to, can't I?"

" Well, yeah." " Ok, let's play."

Johnny lost the next hand and as he jerked his t-shirt up over his head, I could see that his nipples were hard and I was embarrassed that I'd noticed them.

Billy lost the next hand, so he to, jerked his T-shirt off and sat back down on the livingroom floor with us.

Once again I lost and this time I just sat there and pulled my socks off and both of them boo'ed me.

" What's the matter, I took something off, didn't I."

" Yeah, right. " " Let's play."

The next one to lose was me again and this time they both got what they wanted, as I slowly pulled my T-shirt off, while they were watching. I was so embarrassed because my nipples were hard to, just like Johnny's had been earlier and both of them noticed, as Johnny said, " Oh shit, he's excited, look at that, look at his nipples." I wanted to hide them but I couldn't, so, I just sat back down and hoped that the hardness and swelling in them would go away but it never did.

Johnny lost his shoe's and then his sox on the next 2 hands, which made me feel even better, I don't have the slightest idea, why.

Anyway Billy lost the next hand and slipped his shoes off.

When Johnny lost the next hand, I think that Billy and I were both holding our breath, as Johnny stood-up, unbuttoned his levis and then calmly slid them off, before he sat back down on the floor with us. If I said that I hadn't noticed the bulge in his underwear and that he was getting a boner, I'd be lying because I had. I don't know if Billy had noticed that Johnny was getting a boner or not. I guess it really doesn't matter, does it.

Now it was my turn to lose again and this time I had to slide my levis down and then off to, just like Johnny had just done with his levis. And guess what, my cock was starting to swell-up to and I was getting a boner, as I sat back down with them and we started to play again.

Billy lost the next 2 hands, took off his sox and then unwillingly, slid his levis down and off. Now we had three horny, very horny, young, 13 year old boy's, sitting on the livingroom floor, with nothing on but their underwear and all three of us had a boner.

I didn't want Billy to deal again, I don't know why. Was I afraid of what was about to happen? All I know is that, just as I was about to say something to Billy, he started dealing again and once again he lost.

I was just about to ask Billy if he wanted to quit now and let him out of it but that's when he shocked both of us, as he stood-up in front of us and slowly and I do mean slowly, peeled his underwear down, revealing his swollen cock to us, inch by inch. Billy had played the game before and that was quite obvious, as his swollen member got bigger and bigger, as he stood there and got us to look at it. It was like [ IT ] was begging us to do something with it.

I don't know what Johnny was thinking, as Billy slowly revealed his cock to us and we could see how big, really big it was and it wasn't even fully hard yet. Besides the size of it drawing me to it and making me look at it, he already had dark, pubic hair, down there, all around it and I still had " Peach-Fuzz," little blonde peach-fuzz down around mine and yes, even down around and circling my tiny, little, asshole.

Billy stood there for the longest time, probably twice as long as he should have, getting us to look at it, before he sat back down and started dealing again.

Once again Billy lost and when he said, " I'm all done, I've got nothing to lose," Johnny said, " Oh yes you have " and calmly peeled the front of his underwear down, turning his swollen boner loose, taking ahold of it and then showing it to Billy.

" Come on, come on Billy, you lost." " Touch it, touch it like your supposed to do and don't pretend that you don't know how because we both know better, don't we."

Billy wasn't saying anything at all, he was just kinda sitting there quietly, looking over at me, like he was wondering if I'd ever played with another boy's boner before or what I'd think of him, if he reached over and started playing with Johnny's boner, like Johnny was telling him to do.

" Come on Billy, are you going to play with it or not?"

Just hearing Johnny talking to him like that, told me that they'ed played the game before or at least just played with each other.

Yes, I'd played with another boy's boner before, one summer when we were away at boy's camp.

I'd like to say that he only got me to play with it once but that would be a lie. Because he not only got me to play with it once, he got me to play with it almost every night, after the lights went off. I don't know how many times he'd come over to my bunk and gotten me to play with it before he eventually got me to raise-up, while he was still standing there and kiss it. As soon as he got me to start kissing on it and yes, even looking forward to doing it, he coaxed me into coming over to his bunk in the middle of the night and sucking on it, while he held onto it.

He didn't cum the first few times that he got me to suck on it, I guess because he didn't wanna scare me away from it or whatever. But eventually he got me to suck and keep it in my mouth long enough to " GO ALL THE WAY WITH IT " and that's when he started squirting me. Yes, he got me to " GIVE HIM A BLOWJOB" more than a few of them, even though I didn't even know, what a " BLOWJOB " was, yet. He even got me to slide my levis and underwear down for him, before getting down on my hands and knees in front of him. We were out in the bushes, quite a ways from the cabin and I thought that no one could see us, as I let him get down behind me and try and push the end of his swollen boner up into me, so he could fuck me with it. Yes, by then, I wanted him to fuck me with it to, I don't know why.

The pain was awful and every time he'd push against my little asshole hard enough and try and get it to open up and for him, I'd start screaming and my little asshole would squeeze closed even tighter and he never did get it to up into me.

Letting another boy coax you into getting down on your hands and knees, in front of him, with your pants pulled down, so, he can try and fuck you up your little ass, is embarrassing enough. But that wasn't the worst of it. Because that night after the lights had gone out, one of the other boy's in the cabin snuck over to my bunk and whispered in my ear, that he'd seen us out in the woods that day and that he'd watched us DOING IT. I was so embarrassed because he thought that I'd let Tommy " FUCK ME " even though he hadn't been able to get it up into me. But from that night on I was " HIS " to because he had seen me pull my pants and underwear down and then get down on my hands and knees in front of Tommy, offering him my little ass, to do with whatever he wanted.

He'd always wait until the lights had been off for about a half an hour and then he'd sneak over to my bunk, pull his warm, cock out of his underwear and while still holding onto it, he'd whisper, " Come on, do it." " You know you want too."

I wanted to say " No " but I couldn't and he knew it, as he'd calmly slip it into my mouth, grab ahold of my head and start working it in and out, slow at first but getting faster and faster, until eventually it would squirt and he'd make me eat it.

Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp Gulp...gulp

I don't know how many nights he'd snuck over to my bunk and gotten me to suck on it and eat it, before we got caught. Caught by one of the other boy's in the cabin, when he woke up and lit a match, to see what the little, Slurp...slurp, slurp...slurp, slurping sounds were and where they were coming from.

When the match was lit and the cabin lit up, I tried to push him away from me and pretend that I didn't know what was happening. But the boy that had lit the match had seen both of my little hands on his butt cheeks, pulling him to me, so his warm cock would slide into my mouth even deeper, so he knew, he knew that I not only hadn't been asleep, while the boy was getting me to suck on it but that I was totally into it and liking what he was doing to me, as he stood beside my bed and got me to do it. Now 2 of the boy's that were living in the same cabin with me had had their way with me and it was only a matter of time, before the 3rd boy, the boy that had lit the match, got to me too.

By the time summer camp was over, all 3 of them had done me, either in my mouth or up my little ass, numerous times, turning both of them into " PUSSY'S." Two little " PUSSY'S " that they could slip their warm, hard, cock's into, anytime they wanted to after that and all 3 of them did, every chance they got, all the way up to and including jr. highschool.

Finally Billy couldn't take it anymore, he had to play with " The Cock," the urge was in him and Johnny and I could both see it. As he reached over, grabbed ahold of it and started more or less, feeling Johnny up, as both of us just sat there and watched him.

There was no doubt whatsoever, that he knew what he was doing and that he had played with another boy's cock before. All you had to do, is to watch what his hands were doing to it and how they were doing it and you could tell that they were very familiar with feeling a cock and it wasn't just his cock, it was somebody else's too.

Even I could see the change that was coming over him, once again reminding me of when I was at summer camp, as his hands started caressing it, like they were making love to it and wanted him to suck on it but that would come later and both of his hands knew it.

How many times had Billy played with another boy's boner before and had it all started at summer camp for him to, like it had all started for me? I'd tried to push summer camp and what had happened there out of my mind and had done a pretty good job of it, up until now that is. Because there it was again, the urge, the urge to suck on it again, suck on " The Cock " and all I was doing was looking at Johnny's boner and how it was sticking straight-up, out in front of him.

Why, why didn't I just get up, get dressed and leave? Why, was my boner as hard as a rock and sticking straight-up, just from looking at another boy's boner, Johnny's? Why?

All of a sudden, Johnny just pushed Billy's hand away from it and said, " That's enough, stop or your gonna make me cum and you know it " and Billy jerked his hand back, picked up the cards again and started dealing.

This time I lost and when I didn't wanna pull my underwear down, they pulled them down for me and there I sat, on the livingroom floor, naked, with 2 other boy's and only one of them still had his underwear on.

The shame or embarrassment that I felt, as Billy pointed to my boner and said to Johnny, " Oh shit, look at his boner, it's twitching, it must be horny." " How about it Tommy, does showing your boner to other boy's, like that, make you horny, turn you on and make you wanna do something with um?" " Or is it you seeing another boy's boner, that's turning you on?" " Because if that's it, here's mine, come and get it."

When I lost the next hand and Billy got a smile on his face, I thought that I was gonna have to play with his boner but that's when Johnny said, " You've gotta play with your boner and let us watch you, while your doing it."

I can't even describe the feelings that I was having, as I took ahold of my boner, felt the warmth of it in my hand and started working the loose skin on it, up and down slowly, as they sat there watching me. There was shame, there was desire, there was embarrassment and believe it or not, there was a feeling of being " Turned-on " because I was exposing myself to them and had them looking at it, my now swollen boner.

Johnny lost the next hand and even though we'd already seen it, we were both still kinda surprised at the size of it, as he calmly stood up, slid his underwear down and we saw all of it, along with his hairy nut sac, that was hanging down below it. Once again I was embarrassed because my boner still had, little blonde peach-fuzz around it and even all around my tiny, little, asshole.

Now all 3 of us were sitting there naked, on the livingroom floor and believe it or not, all 3 of us had a boner. 3 boner's that were waiting, waiting for somebody " Anybody " to take ahold of them and do something with um.

Mine didn't have to wait long because Johnny, not Billy, leaned across the open floor space that was inbetween us, took ahold of it and started working it up and down slowly, as he kept looking at me, I guess to see if I was going to stop him or not. When he heard me whimper, he knew that there was no way that I was going to stop him. In fact the little sounds that I was making, as he did it, told him that I liked what he was doing to it and to keep doing it, for as long as he wanted to.

Billy was just sitting there stroking his stiff cock up and down and watching Johnny, as he played with mine, when all of a sudden he lost it, reached under Johnny, who was still on his hands and knees, stretched across the open space and started working Johnny's boner, down underneath him.

I didn't know what to do, I didn't wanna play with Billy's boner but Billy was playing with Johnny's and Johnny was playing with mine, so I didn't have any choice, as I grabbed ahold of it and started pumping on it.

" Oh yeah, look at this Johnny, he's doing it." " Keep playing with him like that and maybe we can get him horny enough, to do it."

I wanted to ask Billy, what he meant by that but I didn't have to, because I already knew what he had meant by it and somehow both of them knew it.

While Johnny slipped his open mouth down over the end of my swollen boner and started sucking on it gently, Billy slipped his warm hand under my little nut sac and started feeling all around it, searching, searching for my little asshole, with his fingertip.

I knew what he wanted and what he was looking and believe it or not, I tried to tell him to stop but nothing came out and that's when he found my little asshole and started teasing on it with his fingertip. Touching on it, teasing it, again and again, trying to get it to open-up for him and let him push his finger up into me and finger it and eventually it did.

I can't even describe the shame and embarrassment that I was going through, as he got me to lay on the livingroom and let him finger fuck me, like I was a girl and his friend Johnny sat there and watched him.

" Owww, Owww, don't hurt meeeeeeeeeee, please don't hurt meeeeeeeeeee."

" Easy Tommy, we aren't gonna hurt you, I promise." " Get up on your hands and knees and it won't hurt so much, believe me."

As soon as they had me up on my hands and knees, Johnny sat down in front of me, with his knees spread, slid forward, until his swollen cock was right under my mouth and I knew what he wanted, as I bent down to it, took it into my mouth and started sucking on it.

" Oh fuckkk yesss, look at this Billy, look at this, he's suckin it, he's suckin on it, just like you said he would."

I heard him, when he said that Billy already knew, already knew that I'd suck a cock and even though I wanted to stop sucking on it, I couldn't.

I hated the boy's from the summer camp, for getting me to " Go all the way with them," time and time again, until eventually, I had to have " The Cock " and somehow they knew it and were only to happy to give it to me, again and again and again, all 3 of them.

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh yeah, suck it Tommy, you like that cock in your mouth, don't ya boy?"

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp..." Uh huh, Uh huh "...Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh shit, I bet you've even taken it up the ass already, haven't ya Tommy?" " Some older boy pushed his warm boner up into you and made you scream and cry, just like a little girl, while he was fucking you." " Am I right Tommy, am I right?" " You've been fucked before, haven't you?"

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp...................." Uh huh " .............................Slurp...slurp

" Oh shit, come on Billy, he's had it before, let's do him."

While Johnny held me down on his cock, with both of his hands, I could hear and feel Billy, as he got around behind me, spread my cheeks apart, so he could get at it and started teasing my little asshole again, with his fingertip.

All at once the teasing stopped, I heard him spit and then felt it, as he started rubbing his slick spit, all over my little asshole, wetting it and getting it ready. Getting it wet and ready, so he could fuck it.

As soon as he put the head of his swollen cock against it and started to push, my little asshole squeezed together, tightened up even tighter and wouldn't let his swollen boner go up into me.

" He's to tight, he can't take it."

" Don't be a fool, didn't you hear him before when he admitted that he had already " Taken it? " " Finger him some more, that'll loosen him up."

Billy didn't have to be told twice, as he pushed his finger back up into me, started fingering me me again slowly and watching as my little ass, " Lost it " and started moving back and forth on it.

" That's it, that's it, look at that, give him another one, stretch him."

" Owww, owww, nooo, nooo."

" Come on Billy, finger him, don't let him pull that shit on ya, stretch him." " Yeahhhh, that's it, do it."

I don't know how long he'd been fingering me and I'd been fighting it, when all of a sudden my little asshole just relaxed, my butt started moving all around, like a girl's butt. A girl's butt that's being fucked and just when it was starting to feel really good, Johnny said, " There see, he likes it, give him another one, make it 3 and then maybe I'll be able to get mine up into him."

The scream that came out of me, as he added another finger, making it 3 fingers, that he had worked up inside of me, was unreal but my little butt kept working out on them, just like Johnny knew that it would.

" Oh yeahhh, fuck yesss." He's been fucked before, look at that, he's been fucked before by a cock alright, a lotta big cock, haven't ya Tommy."

It didn't matter if I answered him or not, I didn't have to, he knew. He knew by the way my little ass kept following Billy's fingers, his 3 fingers and going after them, that somebody's big cock had already been up inside of me and that I'd liked it, really liked it, by the way my little ass was squirming on his 3 long fingers.

" Oh shit, Oh shit Johnny, look at this, he likes it."

Johnny was way to busy now, getting his dick sucked, to really care much about what Billy was doing to me. When he saw that I wasn't gonna fight it and try and get away from him anymore, he let go of my head, leaned back and watched as my head started bobbing up and down on his warm, hard, boner, faster and faster.

" Oh yeahhh, that's it, suck it Tommy, suck it."

The feel of his warm, hard, boner in my mouth was driving me on and the next thing I knew, I was trying to " Deep-throat " it and it was gagging me, so I had to raise back up off of it and Johnny got mad at me.

" What are you doing, don't stop." " Don't stop until I tell you to, do you hear me?"

" But it was gagging me"

" Come on, your not through yet, get back down there."

Just seeing his boner sticking up like that, gave me the weirdest feeling inside, as it drew me back down to it, like a magnet.

" Oh fuck yesss, that's it Tommy, you like suckin that dick, don't ya boy?"

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp..." Uh huh......Uh huh "...Slurp...slurp

As soon as Johnny had me sucking on his cock again, Billy pulled his three fingers out of me and the next thing I knew, I could feel his warm boner starting to work its way up into me.

" Nooooooo, it's to big."

" Hold still, hold still, there's more, I'm not all the way in, yet."

Just when I thought that I couldn't take anymore of it, I felt his dark, curly, pubic hair touching all around my little asshole, tickling it and telling me that I had taken it, taken it all and that's when he started pulling back on my little hips and moving his warm, hard, cock, back and forth up inside of me.

As soon as my little ass started feeling his warm hard boner moving back and forth in it, it raised up for him and that's when he lost it and really started letting me have it. Driving his warm hard cock up into me harder and harder, as he looked down at me and watched me sucking on his friend Johnny's warm cock and giving him the " Blowjob " that he'd always wanted.

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

I didn't care what they thought of me anymore, as the need to feel " The Cock " up inside of me again took over and my little ass started grinding, on the warm hard cock, that was up inside of it.

" Oh Fuckkk Yesss." " Look at this Johnny, I ain't even movin, his little butt's doin it all." " Oh Fuckkk, you like that cock up in there, don't ya Tommy?"

Ummm...ummm " Uh huh Uh huh."

" Yeah, Yeah that's it, work it."

Watching Billy fucking me, while I was sucking him, must have been to much for Johnny because all at once I felt him pushing my head down onto his warm cock, as far as it would go and then I felt it. Felt it, as it spewed its warm, white, liquid, up into my warm, sucking, mouth, again and again and again. And that's when all you could hear in the room, were the little sucking and gulping sounds that I was making on it, as he got me to " Eat it."

Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Slurp...slurp, Gulp...gulp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck Billy, he just ate it." " He just ate my cum Billy, shit I don't believe it."

" I told ya, I told ya he would, didn't I?"

" Well, yeah but..."

" But what?"

" But, I didn't believe you."

" You believe me now, don't ya?"

" Uh huh, Oh yeahhh."

" We got us a cocksucker, Johnny, a little cocksucker." " Ain't that right Tommy, your a cocksucker, go on, tell him."

" Nooo, I can't."

" Yes, you can, just say it." " Just say, " I'm a cocksucker, Johnny, I'm a little cocksucker, Johnny and you just proved it by getting me to suck on your warm cock."

" Nooo, please don't make me say a thing like that."

" Why not, it's true isn't it?"

I couldn't have answered him, even if I'd wanted to. I was to embarrassed to admit it, even to myself. I'd been called " A LITTLE COCKSUCKER " before and I couldn't handle it mentally. Just the word, the word " COCKSUCKER " sounds NASTY to me, OH SO NASTY. So, when someone [ anyone ] even uses the word " COCKSUCKER " around me, I start feeling NASTY again or like I've done something NASTY and somehow they know it. Then for whatever the reason, I feel like I should let them punish me for what I've done, in anyway that they choose too.

When Billy saw that he couldn't get me to say it, he started to hump my little ass, harder and harder, like he was trying to drive the word " COCKSUCKER " out of me with his long, stiff, boner or whatever.

Once again the feeling of his warm, hard, cock, moving back and forth, up inside of me took over and the next thing I knew, I had dropped my head back down and was kissing and licking on Johnny's warm, soft, ball sac.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh Shit, he's licking my balls, Billy, he's licking my balls." " Oh Fuckkk Yesss, Agghhhhh."

Even I was shocked, not from hearing what Johnny had just said. But from hearing myself and what I was whispering and saying, over and over again. " I'M A COCKSUCKER,........ I'M A COCKSUCKER,.......... I'M A LITTLE COCKSUCKER."

As soon as Billy heard the word " COCKSUCKER " coming out of my mouth, he jammed his warm, hard, boner, up into my little ass as far as he could get it and then held me there, as it erupted up into me, again and again and again, flooding my insides with its warm, sticky, white, cum.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...Squirt, Agghhhhhhhhhh...Squirt, Agghhhhhhh...Squirt, Squirt, Squirt, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

As soon as Johnny saw how my little ass was starting to buck and jerk, with Billy's hard cock up inside of it, he knew that Billy was squirting his warm, white,cum, up into me and that's when he grabbed ahold of my head and made me start sucking on his wet, cock, again and the next thing I knew, it was erupting up into my mouth and he was screaming, " EAT IT, EAT IT YOU LITTLE COCKSUCKER, EAT IT."

Both of them were cuming up inside of me at the same time and there was no way that I could have stopped them by then, even if I'd wanted too.

Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh shit, Oh shit Billy, he ate it again."

I'd like to say that I never went over there and played strip poker with them again but that would be a lie. Because after I found out that they weren't going to tell anybody, about what they'ed done to me or gotten me to do to them, I ended up going back over to Billy's house again, the very next weekend. And yes, we ended up playing Strip Poker again, only this time there were 4 of us playing and not just 3.
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