I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice, as to what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.

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I was sitting at the bus stop, when the older buick pulled up with a very pretty young girl driving it and she asked me where I was going.

I wasn't hitch-hiking, so I was really surprised that she'd even stopped for me. I was also surprised because it was a young girl and not an older man, because it was usually an older men that offered me a ride, when I was out hitch-hiking.

When I had told her where I was going, she told me that she'd take me there but that she had to stop by her place first to get something that she'd forgotten, if that was ok with me.

She reminded me of an ex- teacher that I'd had all the way back in grade school. Everything about her being so prim and proper, if you know what I mean. Not a hair out of place, clothes properly pressed and nails done to perfection, to say the least.

When we got to her place, she told me that I was welcome to come on inside with her if I wanted to and since it was really hot in the car, I went ahead and went in with her. Watching her,as she collected all of the things that she'd came back for, pictures, a lot of pictures. Actually they were nude drawings, charcoal nude drawings, that she was taking to some sort of art show with her.

They were all really beautiful and when I asked her who did them, she blushed a little bit and then whispered, " I did."

I told her that I didn't believe her and that's when she grabbed a piece of charcoal, a sheet of paper and started doing one, right there in front of me.

" What are you doing?"

" I'm drawing a picture silly, what does it look like I'm doing?"

" Of me?"

" Uh huh."

" Oh."

" So you're gonna let me?"

" I guess so."

" You have to take your clothes off, you know."

" What, no way."

" You have to take your clothes off, I only do nude's or didn't you notice that?"

" Well ya, I noticed but can't you just draw one of me with my clothes on?"

" Yes, but it won't be very good because I really need to see the person's nude body, to get all of the muscle's and the lines right."

" Oh."

" Well?"

" Well, what?"

" Will you take your clothes off and let me draw you, in charcoal?"

I offered her all kinds of excuses and finally she gave-in and said, " Okay, you can leave your underwear on, how's that?"

Even though she was a pretty girl, I still had the weirdest feeling, as I stood there in front of a perfect stranger and took everything off, everything off but my underwear that is.

As soon as she had me almost naked, she led me into her bedroom and coaxed me into laying down across her bed, to do the drawing.

I'd been laying there for 15 or 20 minutes with her drawing me, when she brought the picture over to me and said, " Baby, I just can't do it, I need to see you naked, to get my inspiration."

Before I could even say anything, she took ahold of the top of my underwear and started to slowly peel them down over the top of my little hips and for whatever the reason, I didn't even try to stop her.

The squeal that came out of her when my boner popped into view, was unreal. It was like she'd just opened a box of candy and was pleasantly surprised, when she saw the size of it.

I kept trying to cover it up with both of my hands but every time I covered it up again, she'd gently move my hands aside and whisper, " No baby, don't worry, I've seen a boy's boner before, many of them to be honest and I really need to have your finger's relaxed and not straightened out like that, so I can draw them properly."

If I said that I wasn't embarrassed, as I laid there, letting a pretty young girl look at me like that, while I had a boner, I'd be lying because I was, really was, and she could tell it as she said, " I'll tell you what, why don't you turn over onto your stomach and let me give you a massage and maybe that will relax you."

I jumped at the chance to rollover onto my stomach and as I did, I saw her once again, looking at my young stiff boner, as it hung down underneath me now, before I settled back down onto her bedspread.

" Oh baby, that's it, now let me go get some of my special oil's for you."

Thinking that this was a way to get rid of my boner, as I laid there, moving it back and forth, ever so slightly, on the top of her bedspread, I had no problem whatsoever, as she jumped up, ran into her bathroom and closed the door.

I don't know how long she'd been in there, doing whatever, as she let me more or less, hump her bedspread, when all at once the bathroom door slowly opened up and there she was standing there naked, trimmed pubic hair and all, in the open doorway.

I'd never seen a girl's, hairy mound before and the little whimper that came out of me, when she saw me looking at it, must have told her that I was a virgin and she kinda giggled. I was in total shock, as she moved over to the side of the bed, she slid her little hand down to it, spread her swollen lips apart, with her tiny little fingers and then whispered , " You like it? "

I didn't know what to say, as she stood there holding the swollen brownish outer lips apart, showing me the pretty reds' and pink's that were inside of it. All I could think about as she stood there showing it to me, was " Why, were her lips swollen like that?" " Was it from her being fucked so much, by other boy's or even men or were they swollen now because of what she was about to do with me and that's what was making her get so excited?"

I was to embarrassed to answer her about liking it or not, as she slowly pulled her fingers away from it, letting her brownish lips slowly close back down around it but not even covering her tiny little hooded clit, that was nestled up in the warm folded skin, up on top of it.

As soon as she was on the bed with me, I could feel her dripping one of her special oil's down onto me and then slowly massaging it into my back, before I could even stop her.

She had the slowest and gentlest hands, as she worked the warm oils into me. Telling me that they would make me shine more and that she'd be able to see me better in the light, to do the charcoal drawing of me.

I could feel her tiny little hands moving, ever so slowly, working their way down along my little back, until they were at the top of my little boy butt cheeks and just when I thought that she was going to stop there, she dripped even more of her special oil's down onto my little butt and started to slowly massage all of it into me.

" Ohhh."

" You like?"

" Uh huh."

As soon as she found out that I liked having my little butt cheeks massaged, she poured even more of her special oil's down onto them and as she bent down over me she whispered, " Spread your leg's baby, I need to oil down inbetween your cheek's to, I'm sorry."

I don't know if I spread them for her or if she just gently pulled them apart for me. All I know is that all at once, I could feel her sliding her well oiled tiny little hand down along the inside of my thigh and the next thing I knew, she'd barely brushed my warm little nut-sac with her oily fingertips.

When she saw that I wasn't gonna try and stop her from feeling my little nut-sac, she slid her tiny little fingers down around them and then dripped even more of the special oil from the tiny little bottle down onto them, as she started to cup and pull on them gently. It was almost like she was getting some kind of strange satisfaction out of hearing me whimper again and again, as she kept fondling them, telling me, " I need to oil um baby, I need to oil um " and I let her.

As soon as she had my little nut-sac well oiled, she worked her fingers back up and started massaging on my little butt cheeks again. Working her warm slick oils deep into them, telling me, " It won't be long now baby, your almost ready," as she kneaded and massaged on them, gently spreading them apart wider and wider, so she could see my tiny little asshole, even better.

As soon as she saw it, I felt her start to touch on it again and again, with her warm stiff fingertips, just like she was spanking it for some reason and getting it ready.

When she heard the little moans that were coming out of me she whispered, " Oh baby, I'm sorry, did I hurt it?" And before I could even answer her she whispered, " Here, let me kiss it and make it feel better."

The moan that came out of me when I felt her soft warm lip's touching up against my tiny little asshole and I heard the little kissing sounds that she was making on it, as she kissed it, was unreal.

All of a sudden, I felt something slowly oozing out of the end of my young stiff boner and then going down onto her bedspread. I didn't know if it was pre-cum or cum and at that moment in time, I didn't even care, I just let it happen.

Before I could even recover from what she'd just done to me, I could feel her rubbing more of her special oil's, all around the outside of my tiny little asshole, working her warm hard fingertip, closer and closer towards the center, as she whispered, " I have to work it into the little creases baby, don't worry....... I won't hurt it."

Even if she wasn't teasing on it and that's what it felt like to me, I still ended up humping the bedspread again and I didn't even care now, that she was sitting there and watching me.

" Oh that's it, easy baby, spread your cheeks for me, ok?"

Watching me as I reached back and slowly pulled my little boy butt cheek's apart for her and let her look at my tiny little asshole, my tiny little virgin asshole, turned her on even more and the next thing I knew, she was dribbling even more of her special little warm oil's down onto it and making me whimper even louder.

The whole time that she was dropping the warm oil down onto my tiny little asshole, with one hand, she was calmly rubbing her tiny little clit and then fingering herself with her other hand and I didn't even know it yet.

The longer she did it, the better it felt to me and pretty soon she was bending over and whispering, " You like it, don't you " and I almost peed. I almost peed, as I heard the little whimper that came out of me as I heard myself saying, " Uh huh " and I really didn't understand what was happening to me yet but she sure did.

All at once, I felt her crawling up on top of me and as she laid down on top of me, she whispered, " The heat of my body, will make the oil's work better baby." So, he let her lay there on top of me and ride me.

She'd been laying there, covering me completely, with her warm little body for about 2 minutes, when all at once I felt the slightest movement starting to happen down in her pelvis. Just as I was about to ask her what she was doing, I felt it again and the next thing I knew, she was starting to dry fuck me and for whatever the reason, I was letting her.

I don't know how long she'd been humping me like that when all at once she worked her little hand down inbetween us and I felt her fingertip, as it started rubbing and then teasing all around the edges of my tiny little asshole.

" What are you doing?"

" Shhh baby, I told you, I won't hurt it."

I'd never been finger fucked before and when she started trying to work the tip of her finger up into me, I squeezed my little asshole even tighter, started whimpering and begging her not to do that to me.

But it was to late by then, she couldn't stop now, even if she'd wanted to, as her well oiled finger eventually worked its way all the the way up into me and she started to finger fuck me with it.


" Noooooooooooo, Nooooooo, take it out, please take it out.

" Come on baby, give it up, I wanna make you cum."

The embarrassment that I felt, as I laid there and let her finger fuck me, was unreal. But the need to cum had taken over by then, as I felt my young stiff boner, sliding back and forth along the top of her warm soft bedspread.

" Uh huh, Uh huh."

"That's it, work it baby, work that tight little butt of yours, come and get it."



It didn't take long at all, before I felt my tiny little nut-sac starting to draw-up into me and the next thing I knew, I was screaming, " You better stop, you better stop," over and over again but she not only didn't stop, she rammed a second finger up into me as far as she could, started wiggling them again and again, like they were a little cock and it was jerking and cuming up inside of me and I lost it.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh," Squirt..................Squirt. " Agghhh"..............................................Squirt.

Just when I thought that it was all over and she'd slipped her finger's back out of me, I couldn't believe it, as she spread my little butt cheeks again, put her pretty pussy up against my tiny little asshole and whispered in my ear, " No baby, now it's my turn " and started grinding her warm soft pubic hair, onto and into my tiny little asshole.

" Ohhh."

" Yeah, you like having that tiny little asshole of your's humped, don't ya baby?"

"Uh huh"................................................................."Uh huh."

The harder she ground her dark pubic hair into me, the better it felt to me and somehow she could tell it, as she whispered in my ear, " You've been fucked, haven't ya baby?"

" Nooo."

" Oh yes you have, I can tell by the way that your little butts moving. Only someone that's been fucked before would move their little ass like your's is moving, believe me."...." I know because I've been fucked back there before to and I know how good it feel's, if they do it right."

" Uh huh."

" Yeah, I thought so, did ya like it?"

" Uh huh."

As soon as she found out that someone had fucked me before, I could hear her breathing starting to change and then she started humping her little mound of pubic hair up against my tiny little asshole harder and harder.

And then all at once she bit the bottom of my ear lobe, let out the strangest little moan and that's when I felt her little back arch and then felt her start to quiver, as her warm sweet girl juices started flowing. Flowing out of her and down onto me, covering my tiny little asshole, wetting it, before running on down across my little warm nut-sac and then on down onto her bedspread.

The young girl was in no hurry to get up off of me, as she laid there on top of me and let her warm sweet juices run down and cover me. me.

In her own strange way, she'd gotten me to submit to her inner self and mated with me and she didn't want me to forget it.

I don't know how a wild animal feels, when its just been held down and fucked like she'd just held me down and fucked me. All I know is that I felt totally in her power now, whatever that means, as she drove me the rest of the way across town and then quietly let me out.

She'd mated with me and I was her's now and she knew it, as she calmly started her car and drove away again.

This was a rewrite of one of my earlier stories called, [ A BUS STOP ] with an older woman and a younger boy. I hope you liked it...Milker
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