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The first time that I saw my aunt Vicky, naked, was when I came home early from my friend's house and she was standing in the kitchen making a sandwich. Just seeing her pretty little body made my dick twitch. Well, to be honest, it did more than that to me, it started giving me a boner. I tried to cover it up with my hands but she had already seen the bulge of it, as it started to push out against my tight levis.

I knew that I was embarrassed and probably even blushing but I didn't know what to do about it. So, I did the only thing that any boy that was trying to hide his boner could do, I ran down the hallway, into the bathroom and slammed the door.

" Are you ok, Billy?"

" Please go away."

" I'm sorry Billy, I didn't know that you would be home so early or I woulda had my clothes on." " Besides Billy, you looked kinda strange and I wanna help you."

Oh shit, just hearing her say that she wanted to help me like that, made my young boner get even harder. Yes, I still had a boner, even though she was just standing there on the other side of the bathroom door, talking to me.

" Open the door Billy, please."

" No, go away, please go away."

Just when I thought that she was gonna leave, I saw the knob on the door starting to turn, turning ever so slowly, until the latch finally let-go and she slowly pushed the now un-latched bathroom door open.

She had the strangest look on her face, as she stood there naked in the doorway, just looking at me. It was like she wanted to say something but couldn't. And that's when it all started.

Nobody else was home, so I guess she wasn't afraid of being caught or whatever. Because all at once she whispered, " You've got a boner, Billy."

" Have not."

" Oh yes, you have, I can see it and I wanna help you get rid of it."

" Nooo, please go away."

" Why, if I go away, what are you going to do, play with it?"

Once again I felt my face getting hot and wanted to say something to her but I couldn't.

" Do you know what a BJ is, Billy?"

" A what?"

" A BJ, a BlowJob." " You know, it's where a girl gets down on her knees in front of the boy and sucks on his young, hard, boner and makes it squirt."

" Eeew."

" Ever had a girl do that to you Billy?"

" Nooo."

" Want me too?"

" Nooo."

" But I want too." " Please."

Before I could even answer her, she made me stand-up, reached out and started undoing the buttons on the front of my levis."

" Stop, what are you doing, aunt Vicky?"

" Shhh, I'll take care of it, Billy, just hold still."

As soon as she had all the buttons undone, my levis dropped down to my ankle's and I was left standing there in front of her with nothing but my underwear, that were still covering it up.

Even though I was only a 13 year old boy, I still had a cock on me that was big, really big, for a boy that was my age or so I'd been told by one of my babysitter's, when I was younger. One of the babysitter's, yes, there was more than one of them that used to coax me into letting her play with it. Yes, she used to play with my young, stiff, boner and sometimes she'd even go so far as to pump it up and down and a few times she even kissed it. But she never gave me a " BlowJob," at least not like my aunt Vicky was talking about.

Yes, Vicky was my aunt, my step-aunt but that sure wasn't stopping her, not even making her hesitate, as she slowly slid my underwear down and let out a little squeal. A little squeal like a little girl makes, when she's surprised about something, as she calmly reached out and took ahold of it.

" Ohhhhh, Oh Billy, you've got a nice one, a really nice one."

I was at a total loss for words, I didn't know what to say to her. Besides, what do you say to a girl or in this case a woman, a full grown woman, that's down on her knees in front of you, holding onto your young, hard, cock and getting ready to suck on it.

I didn't really understand what was going on, as she kept holding onto it and looking up at me. But then I saw it, as all at once her eyes started getting a real strange look in them, like she was going into some kind of trance or something. She wasn't doing anything at all and then all at once she let out a moan, a long low moan, leaned forward, slipped her open mouth over the end of it and started sucking on it gently, as it slid in even deeper.

" Agghhh, aunt Vickyyy, what are you doing?"

I don't know if she heard me or not, she was so busy with what she was doing. Sucking on a cock, a young boy's cock again, something she probably hadn't been able to do, in a long, long time. But oh how wrong I was about that, because I found out later that she'd been sucking on our young paper boy's cock for over 2 years now and probably even the paper boy that came before him. Even my uncle got kinda suspicious, when the same paper boy would come around 2 or 3 times in the same month and try and collect for the paper again. Always pretending that he'd forgotten that he'd already collected for it, as he'd stand there looking at my aunt Vicky, while he was talking to my uncle. Did my uncle know about her insatiatable need to " Suck The Cock?" I guess he must have known because he'd been married to her for many years by now. But did he know of her need to suck on a boy's cock, a really young boy's hard, and throbbing, young, stiff, cock, every now and then and not just on his old one? His tired, old, wrinkled one?

I couldn't believe what was happening, as I kept looking down and watching my warm, now slick, boner, sliding in and out of my aunt's mouth. Sliding in and out faster and faster, as she kept sucking on it, harder and harder.

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp..." Umm....Umm" Slurp...slurp " Umm"

I don't even remember grabbing ahold of her head, with both of my hands, so I could work her warm, mouth, back and forth on it. All I remember is all at once getting this huge urge, this huge urge to fuck her, fuck her in her warm, hairy, pussy but I knew that she wouldn't let me do that or would she. Did she like " The Cock " in her pussy to or did she just like to suck on it, like she was sucking on mine, now? They didn't have any kids, so maybe that's it, she just liked giving what she called " Blowjobs " and that's what my uncle liked about her. I couldn't ask her, so I did the only thing I could do, I just pretended that her mouth was her hairy, warm, pussy and that she was letting me fuck it, as I moved it in and out, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the longer I did it.

" Oh yeah, that's it aunt Vicky, that's it.

" Uh huh, uh huh." Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp " Oh cum baby, cum." Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

"Ohhh shit, something's happening." " It feels really funny inside."

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp " Hurry baby, hurry, he'll be home soon."

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh Nooooooooo,...Squirt........Squirt, Agghhhhhhhhhhhh......................Squirt "

" Ohhhhhh, Gulp...gulp...gulp, That's it, cum baby, cum for aunt Vicky." " Yes baby, yesss." Gulp...gulp............gulp

" Agghhhhhhhhhhh."

Right after it finished squirting, the end of my dick got so sensitive that I couldn't stand to have her tongue touching on it anymore and I started begging her to stop but she wouldn't. She wanted more of it. She wanted more of my young, pure white, boy cum and believe it or not, before she let the end of my young cock slide back out of her mouth again, she got it. As once again I felt it jerking and listened to the little, slurp...slurp, gulp...gulp...gulp, slurp...slurp, slurping sounds that she was making on it, as she kneeled down on the bathroom floor, right there in front of me and " Swallowed it."

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhh."

As soon as she found out, that she'd gotten all of it and that there wasn't going to be anymore of the sweet, white, cum, coming out of the end of it, she pulled back, letting my now limp cock slip slowly from her mouth and while looking up at me, she wiped one of the pearly, white, drops from the corner of her mouth and got me to watch her, as she slipped her fingertip back into her mouth and " Ate it."

If I could have gotten another boner, there's no doubt in my mind that I would have tried to get her to lay down, right there on the bathroom floor and let me fuck her. But I couldn't get another boner, she had seen to that and I think that that's why she had gone ahead and totally drained my ball's dry, until they were empty. Drained the contents of my young ball's down into her belly, so I couldn't or wouldn't wanna fuck her.

I don't know what was going through her mind, as she finally stood-up and started to leave the bathroom. All I know is that what she did next shocked me again, as she took ahold of my now limp cock, bent down to it and " Kissed It." It was like she couldn't get enough of it, as she turned and went out the door, with a smile on her face and a gleam in her eye.

The next morning, when we were all sitting around the table and eating breakfast. She would push her little pink tongue over to the corner of her mouth and lick at it, every time she saw me looking at her. I know that my uncle saw her doing it at least once, maybe even twice but he pretended that he hadn't seen anything and just ignored it. Once again, " Did he know?" Did he know that she had sucked on a young cock, my young cock and that she was probably going to try and do it again, the very next chance she got? She didn't have to wait long to suck on it again because he couldn't take me to school that day and he asked her if she'd mind doing it."

" Oh no honey, I can do him, I mean I can do it, I don't mind doing it at all."

He gave her one of " Those look's " and I knew that he knew. But he still couldn't take me to school, so he had to let her do it.

Sure enough, as she was taking me to school, she decided that we needed to take a short cut. A short cut down a little dirt road, a little dirt road that even I didn't know about and after she'd driven a little over half way down it, she pulled the car over under a tree and stopped it.

She had the wildest look on her face, as she leaned over and said, " Don't worry baby, we've got plenty of time, as she started undoing my levis, reached in and slowly pulled my cock out. It was wild, she didn't even ask me if I wanted it sucked on or not, she just bent down and started doing it. Not even caring that it was daylight and that we were out in public now and not at home and could probably get caught.

Oh, I wanted her to suck on it alright and she
knew it, as she started bobbing her head up and down on my now, stiff, boner, faster and faster.

" Oh yeah, that's it, suck my boner." "Suck it aunt Vicky, suck it." " Agghhh."

I could feel her little hand, as it started working its way into my open levis, searching for my warm, soft, ball sac. I didn't understand what she was doing, until she found it and started pulling and then squeezing on them, once she'd found them.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooo, don't do that, please don't do that, it hurts."

She either didn't hear me or she just didn't care, as she kept squeezing and pulling on them, again and again, as she whispered, " Cum for me baby, cum," over and over again. All at once she let out a little squeal, as the warm, sticky, white, liquid, that she had been searching for, squirted up out of the end of it and up into her now open mouth, before she started sucking on it again.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Gulp...gulp

" Oh shitttttttttt, Yessssssssssssssss."

Just looking down and watching her head bobbing all around on it, as she licked and sucked on it, was enough to make my little ball sac pull up again and squeeze the last few drops of pearly, white, cum out for her.

" Oh shit aunt Vicky, your something else, you like " The Cock " don't ya?"

" Uh huh, uh huh, I can't help it, it's like I have to suck it, especially the young one's." " Please don't tell your uncle, please."

" I won't tell aunt Vicky, I promise."

It wasn't even 3 weeks later, that I came home from school early one day and caught her out in the garage, kneeling down in front of the young paper boy and sucking on him. The same young paper boy, that I'm quite certain that my uncle already knew about but hadn't said anything about it, yet.

As soon as he saw me standing in the doorway, he tried to push her away from it but she wasn't having any part of it, as she grabbed ahold of his little butt cheeks, pulled him towards her and started sucking on him even harder.

" Stop lady, stop, he's home." " He's home and standing in the doorway, watching us."

She only pulled away from it for the briefest of second's and then when she saw that it was only me and not my uncle standing there, she attacked it again, with even more vigor. It was like having me there watching her, as she did it, was turning her on even more or something like that.

If I said that I wasn't getting a boner, just from watching them doing it, I'd be lying because I was and before I even knew what I was doing, I had taken it out and was pumping on it, as I stood there in the doorway and watched them.

All at once I heard the strangest moan come out of him and I watched as he tightened his grip on her head, like he wasn't about to let her get away from it and his warm cock started squirting, Once..." Agghhh," Twice..." Agghhh," Three times..." Agghhh."

" Oh shit, eat it lady, eat it." " Eat it like you always tell me that you have too." " Agggghhhhhhhhhhh."

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Gulp.....Gulp.....Gulp

" Oh yeahhhhhh, that's it lady, eat it."

As soon as he knew that she'd sucked all of it out of him, he stepped back, put his now limp cock away and without saying a word to me, gave me one of those looks, one of those, " If you tell looks," went out the door and down the driveway.

My aunt was still down on her knees, on the garage floor, like he'd left her, when she started begging me not to tell my uncle about her.

" Please, Please Billy, I can't help it, I have to do it, more and more." " It's a craving, a wild craving that I've had since I was little and I can't seem to get rid of it." " Please don't tell your uncle, I'll do anything you want me too.'

" Anything?"

" Well...yesss."

" Good, then I wanna fuck you."

" What, you wanna fuck me?"

" Uh huh, I wanna fuck you in your warm, hairy, pussy and leave my cum, way up inside of you."

" Noooooooo, nooo, not my pussy, I don't like that, but you can have, can have my ass, if you really want too."

" Your ass, you'ld let me do you in your ass?"

" Uh huh, that's how your uncle does me, whenever he needs more than just a blowjob."

" Eeew."

Before I could say anymore, she started crawling over to me, on her hands and knees.

" What are you doing, he'll be home any minute now, are you crazy or what?"

The look on her face told me that she didn't care if my uncle was coming home and caught her sucking on it or not. She " Needed to suck it again " and there was nothing that was going to stop her, until she'd done it.

Once again I pretended that I was fucking her, fucking her in her warm, hairy, pussy, as I worked my young, stiff, boner, in and out of her warm, sucking, mouth, faster and faster.

Just when the " Blowjob " that she was giving me, was starting to really feel good, I heard his car pulling into the driveway and I pushed her away from me.

" Stop, stop, he's home, do you hear me, he's home " and after telling her that, I ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

I heard it as he came into the house and kissed her and I had the weirdest feeling going through me, as I wondered how he would have felt, if he'd known where her mouth had just been. Sucking on a young boy's cock, mine, as well as the cock of the young paper boy's to, earlier.

Could he taste it ? Could he taste the young paper boy's cum, that he'd left on the corner's of her mouth, while she was sucking on him and then " Eating " him? Or what about my pre-cum, my clear, sweet, pre-cum, that I'd just left on her warm, soft, lips. Left on her, warm, soft, lips because he had come home from work to early and ruined it for the both of us. " Could he taste it?"

The following saturday, when I rode my bike home from the saturday movie's early and I saw the young paper boy's bicycle laying on the ground, out in our driveway, I felt my dick twitch and had the weirdest feeling, as again, I started getting a boner. Since my uncle was off fishing for the weekend, my aunt Vicky must have called the paper boy, told him that she needed to suck on him again and told him to come on over. How else would he have known that it was safe for him to be there?

I don't know why I snuck into the house so quietly, I guess because I wanted see if she was letting him fuck her, now that my uncle was gone. I was to young, way to young to join them in whatever they were doing or was I.

Anyway as I quietly moved from room to room, I finally found them and yes, they were in the bathroom, naked, both of them.

The young paper boy was sitting on the toilet naked, with his legs spread and my aunt Vicky was kneeling down in front of him, giving him a blowjob and sometimes even humming, while she was doing it. Neither of them knew that I'd come home and that I was standing there in the doorway, watching them. Because the young paper boy's eyes were closed and his head was swinging from side to side, as my aunt Vicky's head bobbed up and down, inbetween his naked legs and she couldn't see me because she had her back to me.

I could hear the little slurping sounds that she was making on his warm, stiff, boner, every time she stopped humming but then she'd start humming again, as she reached under and started feeling on his swollen ball sac, with her long and slender fingers.

I knew that I shouldn't be standing there watching them but I couldn't help it.

All at once he grabbed ahold of her head, with both of his hands and started telling her, " Oh shit, you better stop lady." " Oh fuck, I warned you, here it comes." " Agghhhhhhhhh," SQUIRT..." Agghhhhh," SQUIRT..." Agghhh," SQUIRT...SQUIRT.

But she not only didn't stop sucking on it, like he was telling her to do, she started sucking on it even harder, until once again she was making the same little, gulp...gulp..............gulp...gulp, gulping sounds that she had made on my warm, boner, earlier, right before I'd left for the movie's. As soon as his warm boner, spewed its first blast of sticky,white, cum out of the end of it and up into her warm, sucking, mouth, my aunt Vicky's whole body started quivering and jerking, like there was a shudder or something, going through it, the whole time that she was swallowing it and letting the warm, white, liquid, slide down her throat and then go all the way down into her belly.

Even though I wanted to watch them longer, I didn't wanna ruin it for them, like my uncle had ruined it for me, so, I snuck down the hallway, went into my bedroom and closed the door.

To be continued:
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