This is my second and i think much much better story, but we will see by your comments.
"When i stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home."
Brittney shut the book and set it on her desk
"How am i ever going to get through these stupid reading assignments?"
Her highschool class had been assigned to read "The Outsiders", and Brittney wasnt biggest on reading.
She decided that she would take a "break" from her school work and go take a shower before bed. The way she saw it, she had all weekend to read the first three chapters so why do it now?
She left the room heading to the shower as her sister Jenna came running past her, yelling after her friend to give back the picture of her boyfriend.
Brit just walked past into the bathroom. After she shut the door, she wasted no time removing her clothing. She hated being in cloths. She slept naked as well as only wearing a thong, or nothing at all around the house 90% of the time.
Both of her parents had low paying jobs, so as a result they were mostly gone, and her sister was always out somewhere with her friends, so she decided she would be comfertable while she was alone.
She stripped down, admiring her beautiful body as she went. She payed much attention to her lovely tits, which she thinks is her best asset. She loved her tits, being a 32c she was always grabbing attention in highschool from the guys. She was in her Junior year, and had been looking for a boyfriend. Oh, it wasnt that she couldnt get one. It was that she wanted one that cared for her, not just wanting sex like most of the rest.
She continued to undress as she was looking at her pussy in the mirror, she had really just shaved, but saw a few "rebel hairs" poking back out. So she decided to trim them up before the shower. She always liked to keep her pussy neat and well shaven. Not only in the event she was going to be "hooking up" with some of her guy friends, but also because she never really liked the look of it hairy. She was just finishing up shaving when she heard a knock on the door.
"hurry up brit i gotta go!" hey sister called
"wait im just about to get into the shower"
"no i really gotta go, just get in the shower and when your in i will come in."
"fine just give me a second" brittney yelled back
She climbed into the shower, feeling the warm rush of water cover her body.
"are you in yet?"
"Yes, yes come in already"
Jenna ran in through the door, pulled down her pants and started to pee.
Brittney wasnt really paying any attention, and was starting to feel herself, making sure she had done a good job on her shave.
But while she was checking, she felt a tingle run up her spine, and she realized she was staring through the semi-transparent shower curtin at her sister!
She pulled her hand back when she felt herself getting wet.
"How am i possibly getting turned on by this?" she thought. Jenna finished peeing and was about to leave the room when Brittney who was now really horny which the reason she gave for it was "because she was checking herself" started to masterbate and rub her pussy.
Jenna decided to "scare her sister" and threw open the shower cutin yelling "Gotcha BRIT!"
But when she saw her sister masterbating, quickly shut the curtin yelling "IM SORRY IM SORRY" as she ran out of the bathroom.
Brittney was so embaressed, but also very turned on when her sister saw her masterbating.
She kept on blowing it off as different reasons trying to reason out why she was getting horny, especially over her SISTER!
She decided to stop masterbating, and finished up in the shower.
While she was drying herself off though, she realized that she was really wet. But continued to ingore it.
She went into her room, passing Jenna and her friend on the way. Brittney was way to emberassed to look, so she just continued on.
She shut her door, and dropped her towel. She was still thinkin gabout Jenna catching her masterbating and was still so turned on by it.
She couldnt ignore it anymore, she layed across her bed and started to play with hersself.... Brittney was furiously rubbing her cunt, and playing with her lovely tits at the same time...
She inserted 2 fingers and started pumping her hand in and out, giving her so much pleasure she could barely hold in her moans.
She could hear the squishing noises from her dripping wet pussy as she continued to finger fuck herself.
Brittney arched her back as she was now moving her fingers faster and faster.
she did her best to silence her moaning but was overwhelmed with the feeling. She started to moan as she went into her climax. She fingered herself furiously rubbing and fuckign herself as fast as she could. Her juices were flowing on the bed and down her leg as she continued on her orgasm..... She grabbed the pillow to cover her face as she let out her long moan of her orgasm subsided, she slowed down rubbing her dripping pussy, and came to a slow stop.
She was breathing hard and was appreciating the intensity of pleasure she just experienced.
after she had rested a bit, she went to get her cloths on. She put on her sports bra, her thong, and a pair of boxers, and left her room. Her mother had just gotten home, and her father would soon follow.
"hi mom" she said as she walked into the door
"hey mom" jenna said coming down the stairs..
Brittney wasnt sure if she was right, but she thought jenna gave her a bit of a stare as she walked past.
Amy, jenna's friend, was leaving, and they all said goodbye as she left. Just as amy was leaving, their dad walked through the door. they all said their hello's and sat down as dinner was almost ready.
All through dinner brittney was silent, exchanging looks with her sister every once in a while which she would turn away every time she felt it was turning into a stare..
Brit could no longer deny it. For some odd reason, she was attracted to her sister. She never thought she was bi, nor had she ever done anything with another girl.
But for some strange reason, her sister really turned her on.
Well i guess it wasnt that much of a suprise, her sister was only a year younger, had the same sized boobs, and a tight ass. Jenna would get just as much attention from boys as brit at school. and she knew it too.
After dinner, they all said good night and went to their own rooms.
Brittney laid there watching some tv. and of course she slept in the nude, She started drifting off to sleep when she thought she heard the door open.
She turned to look, and to her suprise, the silhouette of her sister stood in the door. Jenna walked up to the bed and sat down on the edge.
"im sorry for looking at you in the shower today"

"ummm its okay, just as long as you dont tell anyone about it"
"why would i? i do it all the time"
Brittney felt a tingle between her legs... she realized that she was getting turned on by talking about this with Jenna.
"so do you do that a lot?" jenna asked
Brittney was suprised, was her sister just really inquiring about it, or was she feeling the same way for her as she did for Jenna.
"actually, i did it as soon as i got in my room after the shower"
Jenna leaned closer to her sister
"do you wanna do it again?"
Now brittney was stunned! her sister just asked her to masterbate for her. She was scared and happy at the same time, she didnt know what to do.
" i dunno.. wouldnt that be kinda weird?"
"aww come on sis, i know you sleep naked anyway, here i will start out"
with that jenna took of her long t-shirt showing that she had nothing on underneath.
"i have lusted after you for a while you know, admiring your figure, and i have always wanted to try something like this."
Brit was admiring her sisters perfectly shaven pussy and her equal set of tits to hers.
Jenna started to rub her pussy in front of her sister.. She couldnt hold it any longer and brit moved up grabbing her sisters head, forcing their mouths together.
They swirled their tongues together in a lustful incestious kiss.
Jenna pulled down the covers revealing her sisters beautiful naked body and ran her hand along Brittneys beautiful perky tits.
Brit let out a soft moan into Jenna's mouth as she too fondled her sisters breast.
They were both squeezing and moaning and brit moved her hand down jenna's chest
she started rubbing her inner thighs and finally moved to her sisters dripping wet pussy. She started to caress it playing with her clit and massage her swollen pussy lips
Jenna was moaning like crazy now sucking on Brits face, sucking in her tongue and kissing wildly and passionatly. Jenna was now mimmicking brits moves by playing with her cunt and making brit moan in her mouth as well.
Brittney broke the kiss and moved down to her breast. She started to suck on Jennas beautiful round and smooth tits, playing with her nipple with her tongue flicking it over and sucking on her breast.
Brit then moves further down kissing and sucking her stomach. When she reaches her pussy, she kisses around and licks her sisters inner thigh teasing her with her tongue. Just by the look in jenna's eye, brit know she was now begging to be eaten out by her beautiful sister. Brits tongue went away, she started to lap up the juices of her sisters dripping cunt! she flicked her tongue in and out of Jennas fuck hole licking and slurping every drop of cum she could get
Jennas head flew back in ecstacy moaning and grabbing brittneys head pushing her further into her awaiting pussy. Brittney loved the taste and licked harder and faster swallowing all she could get.
"OOHHH GOD BRITTNEY... YES!!!! MMMMM KEEP EATING ME!!!" jenna cried out.
"mmm YOU ARE SO GOOD BABY" brittney moaned back.
Jenna started to grind her hips into her face, brittney decided to UP the pleasure and inserted her fingers into her sisters love hole.
She finger fucked her while she ate her out with her pussy hungry mouth.
Jenna was in heaven. Her head thrown back and moaning.
a MASSIVE wave came over jenna as her muscles spasmed and her pussy walls contracted she moaned loud and long!
" MMMMM " brittney moaned as she got all of her sisters juices flowing into her loving mouth
She kept licking and jenna could barely move but she was in such a state of pleasure she did not realize her screaming as she was brought into a second EARTH SHATTERING orgasm with such intensity she almost passed out.. She laid there breathing heavily as her sister came to lie up beside her... Jenna moved her hand down to her sisters cunt. they kissed for a few seconds, and then Jenna started to go down. She started to lick Brittneys cunt and it drove brit wild! She was really getting into it when all of a sudden. The light turned on. And in the frame of the door stood their mother. Wide Eyed, and jaw hung.
"Oh shit" the two sisters said in unison.

This may just be the first part. It all depends on your ratings. Would you like to read more? If so, comment me and leave me a good rating.

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