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This is part 2 of Wood-shed

It was almost three weeks before my step uncle would find an excuse to take me out to the wood-shed again and spank me. He didn't waste anytime getting my pants and underwear down, bending me over his knee and slapping my little ass * Smack *... " OWWW "...* Smack * " OWWW " ...* Smack * " OWWW " again and again, until I begged him to stop hitting it and told him that I'd do anything for him. " ANYTHING."

Even though I could feel his hard stiff boner, pushing up against me, as he held me there, laying across his lap, I wasn't even ready for what happened next, as he pushed me off of his lap and made me kneel down in front of him.

Just as I was about to ask him, why he had pushed me down there, he grabbed ahold of my hand, pulled it up to the bulge in his pants and held it there on top of the bulge, watching to see what I would do and the next thing I knew, he had me rubbing on it and I felt it getting bigger and bigger.

" Oh yeah, that's it, rub it NASTY BOY, rub it." " Agghhh." " Take it out and rub it."

" Nooo."

" Go on, take it out, I won't tell, I promise."

I don't know what happened next. All I know is that one minute, I was kneeling down there rubbing on it and the next thing I knew, I had raised-up and was undoing the button's on his pants.

" Oh yeah, that's it baby, you wanna see that old dick, don't ya?"

I was so embarrassed about what I was doing but I couldn't stop and somehow he knew it, as he watched me slip my little hand into his cotton underwear and slowly pull his huge cock out.

" Ohhh."

" Yeah, I thought so, you like it baby, don't ya?"

" Uh huh."

" Oh yeah, so does your aunt." " You ever played with another boy's cock yet?"

Before I could even answer and tell him " No, " he wrapped my little fingers around it and started working my hand up and down on it, slow at first but then getting faster and faster.

" That's it, play with it, make it happy." " Oh yeahhh."

Just when I thought that I was doing what he wanted me to, he grabbed ahold of it, pointed it at me and whispered, " Kiss it, kiss it like your aunt Jenny does."

" Nooo, that's nasty."

" I know but your my " NASTY BOY," remember?" " Now kiss it " NASTY BOY " or do you wanna be spanked some more."

My little butt was still stinging and smarting from the blistering that he had given it earlier and I knew that I couldn't take anymore of his big hand whacking on it, so I did the only thing I could do. I leaned forward and slowly " Kissed it " right on the end of it.

I had the strangest feeling as I pulled back from it and some of the clear, liquid that had been oozing out of the little hole in the end of it, stuck to my bottom lip and was stringing all the way back to it, even though I was now almost 8 or 10 inches away from it. As soon as he saw that my lips were wet from kissing it, he grabbed ahold of my head, pulled me back down to it and held me there. He wasn't trying to get me to kiss it again or anything like that, he was just mashing my face against the underside of it and holding me there, like he was trying to get me to smell it or something like that. I could smell it alright and I'm embarrassed to admit that the strange smell that was on the underside of it was turning me on. Turning me on in some strange kinda way and the the next thing I knew, I was licking all along the underside of it, all the way down to his warm, hairy, ball sac, just like he wanted me too.

" Agghhhhhhh, Oh shit yesss, that's it baby, lick it." " Oh yeahhh."

I didn't understand that by his getting me to lick on it, that he was getting me to wash what was left of their cum, his and my aunt Jenny's, that was still left on it, from the last time that he'd fucked her. I knew that I could smell the faint stale pee on it and that didn't seem to bother me. But it was the other strange smell and taste on it, that was drawing me to it and causing my little tongue to lick on it again and again, until it was all gone.

" Oh fuckkk, your something else baby, your something else." " Do ittt."

I don't know how long he held me down there licking on it, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, maybe it was only 7 or 8 minutes, I don't know. All I know is that when he finally let go of my head, so I could pull away from it and stop licking on it, I didn't. I didn't pull away from it and that's when he knew. He knew that I was " A COCKSUCKER " a little cocksucker and I was only 11, not even 12 years old, yet.

He didn't finger fuck my little asshole this time and to be honest, I felt cheated or at least my little asshole felt cheated because believe it or not, it was looking forward to having his finger up inside of it again, stretching it, stretching it just like he's stretched it the last time that he'd taken me out to the wood-shed.

I felt so weird, as he stood up, buttoned his pants and left me kneeling there. Kneeling there on the wood-shed floor, with my pants and underwear still pulled down, as he said, " If you tell your aunt Jenny, what I just got you to do to me, I'll whip you so hard, that you won't be able to walk right for over a week " and went out the door.

When I was finally able to pull my pants and underwear back up and go into the house, my aunt Jenny gave me the strangest look, as she saw my little hard boner, still pushing against the inside of my levis. I knew she was looking down at it and I felt so embarrassed, as she watched me go into the bathroom and close the door behind me.

She knew, she knew that I was going into the bathroom to play with it again and just as I was pulling my pants and my underwear down, I heard my step-uncle's old pick-up truck start and then heard it drive away.

I knew that it was just a matter of time, before the door swung open and I was right. Because no sooner had the sound of his old pick-up truck gone away, than the bathroom door opened slowly and there she was standing in the doorway. Neither of us were saying a word, we didn't have to, as she stood there looking at my little boner and watching me as I worked it up and down slowly.

I knew she wanted it. I could tell by the wild look that she was getting in her eyes. I wanted to talk to her and tell her to do it, just like my step-uncle had talked to me but I couldn't. I was to afraid that I'd scare her away and that she'd never wanna suck on me again, so, I kept quiet and just sat there watching her. Waiting for her " Need, " her need to suck on it to take over and it did.

I was only 11 years old and there I was, I had a woman, a full grown woman, standing in the doorway and wanting to suck on my dick and I was about to let her. I don't know how long she just stood there looking at it before she got down onto her hands and knees and started crawling towards it.

Neither of us said a word, when she finally grabbed ahold of it, slipped her warm mouth down over the end of it and started sucking and licking on it, like it was a sucker, an all day sucker and it was her's to suck on.

The funny and strange noises that were coming out of me, told her that I liked it and to keep doing it and she did. Licking it here and then licking it there, like she was afraid that she'd miss a little spot on it, so she was licking it everywhere, just to make sure that she didn't.

Looking down and watching her licking on it, showed me just what my step-uncle had seen and felt earlier, as he'd sat there, out in the wood-shed and watched me licking on his.

All at once she raised up off of it, slipped her warm open mouth down over the end of it and started sucking on it.

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, " Umm," Slurp...slurp " Umm."

Pretty soon, all you could hear in the bathroom, were the little slurping sounds that she was making on it and the little whimpers and moans, that were starting to come out of me.

I don't know how long she sucked on it before it started squirting and leaving its pearly, white, cum on her warm soft tongue. All I know is that even after it had finished squirting, she kept sucking on the end of it and coaxing it for more but there wasn't anymore. There wasn't anymore because I was only an 11 year old, not even a 12 year old boy.

The next time my step-uncle had me out in the wood-shed, kneeling down in front of him and licking on his warm, stiff, boner, the urge to suck on it, suck on it like my aunt Jenny had sucked on mine took over and the next thing I knew, I had raised up over it, stretched my open mouth down over the end of it and was sucking on it, just like I knew that he wanted me too.

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh shittt, that's it NASTY BOY, suck ittt."

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh yeah, I knew it, your a COCKSUCKER aren't you baby." " You like that dick in your mouth, don't ya?"

Ummm, ummm, slurp...slurp, " Uh huh, Uh huh," slurp...slurp

" Oh fuck yesss, then go ahead and suck on it baby, I won't tell anyone, I promise."

I didn't even know that I was bobbing my head up and down on it, like my aunt Jenny had bobbed her head up and down on mine, until he grabbed ahold of my head and whispered, " Easy baby, we got time, she won't be home for a while " and then started working my head up and down on it again, slowly.

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Uh huh that's it, suck it baby, suck it." " Suck it like you were born to do." " Oh yeahhhhhh, do it."

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

I don't know how long he'd been getting me to suck on it, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, before he grabbed ahold of my head real tight and held me down on it. I knew what was next and I tried to get away from it but I couldn't and the next thing I knew, he was screaming, " Here it comes, here it comes baby " and all at once it squirted up into my mouth, Once..." Agghhhh," Twice..." Agghhhh, Three times..." Agghhhh."

And without even thinking about it I swallowed it, Gulp...gulp........................Gulp and had the weirdest feeling, as I felt it sliding down into my belly.

" Oh yeah, that's " MY LITTLE COCKSUCKER," eat it baby, eat it." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."...Squirt

Gulp gulp

" Oh fuck yesss." Squirt Squirt Squirt

Gulp gulp gulp

As soon as he was through cuming, he pulled my head up off of it and while looking right at me said, " If you tell your aunt, what you just did to me, I'll tell her that it was all your idea to do it." " Hear me?"

I was to embarrassed about what I had just done, to say anything. Besides, what can you say to a man, a full grown man, that's just gotten you to suck on his cock and eat it, when your only 11?" He knew that I wasn't going to tell on him and ruin it for him. Ruin the fact that he now had " A COCKSUCKER, " a horny little cocksucker, that he could take out into the wood-shed with him and get him to suck on his old warm cock, whenever he needed it sucked on again.

I had the weirdest feeling, as he stood up to put his cock away and leave. Even though I was totally embarrassed about what he had just gotten me to do to him, " Eat him," I was still attracted to his cock, even though it was now limp and just hanging there, out of his still open pants in front of him and he saw me looking at it. Neither of us said a word, as he took ahold of his warm cock, raised it up to my mouth, milked it until he saw one more drop of his pearly,white, cum, start to ooze out of the end of it. I wanted to turn away from it but I couldn't and the next thing I knew he was whispering, " Stick your tongue out."

" Nooo."

" Come on baby, stick it out."

I didn't wanna stick my tongue out but I did. I don't know why. All I know is that as soon as I saw the last little drop of his pearly, white, cum, dropping down onto my tongue, I felt a little quiver go through me and then I felt my little boner jerk once and then again, as it unloaded my pearly, white, cum, out into in my underwear. I was so glad that he couldn't see what was happening to me, since he hadn't pulled my pants and underwear down this time to spank me. Having him seeing me cuming like that and knowing that he had gotten me to cum, just by getting me to kneeldown in front of him and suck him off like that, would have been more than my mind could handle at the time. Believe me.

Neither of us said a word, as he finished milking the last few drops of his pearly, white, cum, down onto my tongue, calmly put his dick away and then went out the door, just like nothing had happened.

To be continued:
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