I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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It was almost 3 AM, the bars were closed and there I was again, laying on my bed horny, playing with myself. I had been playing with myself, every night, for almost 2 week now. Playing with myself and trying to deny that I was horny, horny for...The Cock...again, something that I wasn't supposed to get horny for because I'm a boy and not a girl.

I know that I'm not supposed to get horny for it, " The Cock," like I do but I've been this way since I was in the 4th grade and 2 older boys, from the 6th grade, took me down into their " Fort, " that one of them had dug out in his backyard. I really didn't understand why they had taken me down there with them. But that became apparent real quick, as first one and then the other, took his little dick out and showed it to me.

I don't know why I couldn't turn away from them and not look at them, I just couldn't. I couldn't even look away, as they played with them and their little dick's, started getting boner's. Boner's that only girl's were supposed to wanna look at but there they were getting me to look at them and something was happening inside of me and they could see it.

" Come on Billy, we won't tell, I promise."

I didn't know what he was talking about and before I could say anything or do anything about it, he had moved over in front of me, reached out and taken ahold of my hand and pulled it onto his boner and was whispering, " Play with it Billy, you know you want to."

When they'ed taken me down into the " Fort " with them, to do whatever, I had no desire whatsoever, to play with another boy's dick. Believe me. But there I was holding onto another boy's cock and now it wasn't just a limp dick, it was a boner, a full blown boner and he wanted me to play with it, so I did.

" Oh yeah, that's it, work it Billy, work it."

The other boy had moved around behind me and I could feel him reaching around and trying to undo my pants and even though I kept trying to push his hands away, he got them undone and pulled them down anyway.

I didn't understand what was going on and that's when I started screaming, " Nooo," as the boy that had had me playing with his warm boner, turned me around and bent me over.

" Hold him."

And as the other boy grabbed ahold of me, like he told him to, the one standing behind me pulled my underwear down and then spread my cheeks apart.

The embarrassment that I was feeling, as he stood back there looking at my little ball sac and my tiny little asshole, that was up above it, was unreal. But it was nothing compared the the shock and shame that I went through, as he put the end of his little boner up against my little asshole and shoved his little boner all the way up into it.

The scream that I made, never came out of me and that's when he must have thought that I liked it up the ass and he grabbed ahold of my little hips and started working his warm boner back and forth in me.

I couldn't believe that 2 boy's were holding onto me and that one of them was fucking me. Fucking me up my little ass, using it like it was a little pussy, until he squirted and left his white sticky cum, up inside of me.

I was in some kind of shock or whatever, about what had just happened to me, as his now limp cock, slowly slid back out of me and the second boy took his place and worked his warm boner up into me to.

Before it was all over, he had fucked me so hard and so long, that he had turned my little asshole into a pussy, making me a " Boy Pussy " but I wouldn't understand that, until years later, when my " Boy Pussy," needed to be satisfied.

When I saw them at school the next day, I couldn't look at them because I was so embarrassed about what I'd let them do to me. Yes, I'd let them do it, they didn't have to make me do it and they knew it. When I didn't tell on them, they knew that I'd liked it, even more than they had thought, so, from then on, I was fair game to them and they more or less " Came-On " to me, every chance they got. It wasn't until after they had taken me down into their fort with them 6 or 7 times, that I found out that boy's can't keep a secret. It's almost like they have to brag about it and tell somebody who they did it with and whether that someone had liked it or not. Before the school year was finally over, I'd bet that almost every boy in my school and maybe even afew of the girl's, knew that I had " Taken It Up The Ass, " taken it up the ass and liked it, more than anyone was supposed to like it. I don't know how many more of the older boy's got to me that year and the next year, before the year was over. At least 5 or 6 of them, that I can remember but I guess it really doesn't matter, does it. All I know is that I'd found something that I liked " A Cock. " " A cock that was slowly moving back and forth in me, until it eventually squirted and left its warm, white, sticky cum, way up inside of me.

Yes, some of them called me dirty, filthy names and made fun of me, while they were fucking me. But the feelings that I'd get, as once again I felt a hard, warm cock, moving back and forth in me, made all the names go away, believe me. And left me with nothing but pleasure.

Once again, just laying there playing with myself wasn't getting it anymore and I knew that I was losing the battle, as I went over to the dresser, opened a drawer, pulled out a pair of pale yellow panties and slowly slipped them on. The change was almost immediate, I was no longer a boy, I was a girl. A girl that I had no control whatsoever over what she did sexually.

I don't even think that 3 cars went past me, before I got a ride, hitchhiking. All I know is that as soon as I got into the car with him, yes, it was a him, I felt like he was an undercover policeman, a Vice Cop or whatever.

Just when I was chickening out and was about to tell him to pull over and let me out, he reached over, put his huge hand inbetween my legs and started feeling my cock and balls, through my levis.

" Open um up, I wanna see it?"

" Are you a cop?"

" No, take it out and show it to me."

I was so afraid that he was a cop but I was also horny, really horny and the next thing I knew, I was unbuttoning my levis, not even remembering that I was wearing panties, girl's panties and that's when he reached over, slipped his hand into my open levis and said, " Oh shit, what's this," as he started rubbing on the panties, until I had a boner.

" Ohhh."

" Yeah, you like me rubbing you down there, don't ya?"

" Uh huh."

I don't know how long he'd been feeling my little boner through the panties, when all of a sudden he stopped, pulled his hand back and whispered, " Pull um down, I wanna see it."

The embarrassment was unreal, as I raised my little butt up off of the car seat and slowly slid my pants down and my little boner came into view, was unreal. I've never been proud of my boner, I guess because it's so small and all of the other boys that I've seen, with their pants down, have one that's bigger than mine, so much bigger than mine.

Anyway, he didn't seem to mind about the size of it because as soon and he saw it, he reached over, took ahold of it and said, " Oh yeah, you've got a little one, is it for-sale?"

I don't even know what was going through my mind, when I heard myself whimpering and then saying, " Uh huh."

" How much?"

" $20.00 "

" And how about this, is it for-sale to?"

As he said that, he slid his big hand down under my little balls, inside of my panties and started searching for it. Searching for my little asshole, with his bony fingertip.

" Ohhh."

" As soon as he heard the little whimpers and moans that were coming out of me, he knew that he had found it and that's when he started teasing on it and pushing against it gently, with his fingertip. Coaxing it, coaxing it to open up for him and it did.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhh, Noooooooooooooo."

" Hold still, I'm not gonna hurt it."

" Ohhh, Ohhhh, Ohhhhhhhh."

" Oh yeah, that's it, relax baby and just let me do it."

" Uh huh, Uh huh."

I knew what he was doing, as he worked his long bony finger back and forth in me and then started pulling against one side and then the other. He was trying to see if it was big enough, big enough so he could fuck it and it was.

" Oh yeahhh, you've been had before, haven't ya baby?"

I couldn't answer him but he could tell by the way my little butt was squirming all around on his hard bony finger and not trying to get away from it, that I had and that's when he said, " How much, how much for this tight little asshole of yours?"

I didn't care if he was a cop or not anymore, now that he had his finger up inside of me and was finger fucking me. All I cared about was how good his warm cock was going to feel up inside of me and the next thing I knew, I was whispering, " $20.00." I don't know why I said $20.00, I just did. I didn't even care if he paid me, all I cared about was feeling a warm cock up inside of me again but he didn't know that yet or did he.

As soon as he found out, that my little asshole had been had before and was now for-sale, he sped-up the car and eventually pulled the car into a dark carport, at the back of a large apartment building.

I thought that he wanted to fuck me right there in the carport, so, I turned towards my window, reached down and slowly slid my pants and the panties the rest of the way down, exposing my little butt to him and waited for him to " Come and get it." Just as I was about to look back at him, over my shoulder and ask him what was wrong, he pushed his car door open and the dome light came on.

" No, not here, pull your pants up and come with me."

I can't even describe the embarrassment that I was going through, as I laid there on the front seat of his car, with my bare ass sticking out of my levis and waited for another stranger, to come and have his way with it and fuck it, right there in the carport. Eventually I snapped out of it, pulled the panties and my levis back up and followed him into his apartment.

As soon as we were inside, I asked him where the bathroom was and when he showed it to me, I went inside and closed the door behind me. Once again, I had the weirdest feeling as I stood there in front of the mirror and calmly took my clothes off. It was a weird feeling because it was almost like it wasn't me that was standing there taking my clothes off. It was more like it was someone else taking their clothes off and I was just standing there watching them. It was like I was a third person and I was watching a boy, a boy in yellow panties, that was about to get fucked and I didn't even understand, that the boy in the yellow panties was me or whatever.

I'm not saying that I didn't want to get fucked because I did. I'm just saying that my mind had somehow removed me, the boy, from the act, so, that the girl that was inside of me, that had the need to be fucked, could be fucked by the grown man out there and enjoy it.

When I finally came out of the bathroom, it was more or less dark in the room because he had the light off. He had the light off but I could still see him laying on the bed naked, because of the light that was coming through the window. He was laying there naked, with his boner in his hand and it was sticking straight-up, waiting for me.

I had left the yellow panties on because I wanted him to think that it was a girl that he was getting ready to fuck and not a boy, even though he already knew better. It was just that I didn't want him to see my little dick or my little ball sac hanging down and ruin the whole thing for him.

I didn't know what he wanted me to do, as I slowly made my way over to the bed and stood there beside it. Neither of us were saying a word, as I stood there watching him work it up and down slowly, looking at my yellow panties, the whole time that he was doing it.

Finally I couldn't wait anymore and I got onto the bed, crawled up to where he was jacking it, on my hands and knees, bent down and started licking on the end of it, while he just laid there moaning and watching me.

" Oh yeahhhhhh, that's it, lick it." " Lick it baby, get it ready."

I don't know if it was the faint smell of pee, that was on the end of it or the need to once again feel " The Cock " up inside of me that was driving me on. All I know is that he had what I needed, " The Cock " and he was laying there offering it to me and waiting for me to come and get it.

Just when I was really starting to get into it and was licking on the end of it faster and faster, he moved it aside, pulled his legs up to his chest, spread his knees apart and said, " My balls, my balls, lick my balls baby and earn your money."

If I said that I wasn't embarrassed, as he watched me bend down and start licking on them, I'd be lying, because I was, really was. It wasn't because he was getting me to lick on his warm ball sac, while he was watching me because other older men and even afew older boy's had gotten me to lick and suck on their warm ball sac's to. It was because of the way he was laying there, with his leg's spread and pulled up like that, exposing his huge ball sac and his tiny, little asshole to me, that I was loosing it.

" Oh fuck yes, lick um, lick my balls baby." " Agghhhhhh."

Even though I kept stopping and pulling away from them, something kept pulling me back down to them and that something was his little asshole, his little, tiny, star shaped asshole, that was nestled down underneath um.

I couldn't understand what was going on, as I kept getting the urge, the urge to bend down and touch it, touch it with my tiny pink tongue. I don't know where the urge was coming from. I had never licked on anyone's little asshole before, not a man or woman, not yet, anyway. But there it was, drawing me down to it, like it was a magnet and the next thing I knew, my tongue had touched it and made it open up for me. I couldn't believe that I'd touched it and watched it open up, like a flower. There wasn't any taste, like I was worried that there might be and there wasn't any smell. It was just there, waiting for someone to kiss it and now that I'd found it, it was trying to show me, by opening up for me, that I was the one, that it had chosen to do it.

I don't know what he was thinking, as he once again watched me, the yellow pantied boy, bending down over it and licking softly on it, again and again and again. Caressing it with my soft warm tongue and making him whimper, as I started to work the pink pointed tip of it, up into him, slowly.

" Agghhh, what are you doinggg?" " Stop, stop, oh fuck, please stoppp."

His leg's were bent all the way back over to his head now and I was holding them there, as I slowly spread his cheeks apart, even wider, so I could get at it, better.

I didn't care what he thought about me now, as the urge to suck on his little asshole and work my tongue up into it took over and the next thing I knew, the only sounds coming from the bed, were the little, small, sucking sounds that I was making on it, as I worked my warm tongue in and out of it, faster and faster.


I don't know how long I had been tongue fucking it, when my little stiff boner, that was still being held down in the panties, the pale yellow panties, that I still had on, started crying for attention.

I'd never fucked a man or boy in the butt before but I had fucked the little girl that used to live nextdoor to me, in the butt and she'd liked it, really liked it and so had I. So, my little stiff boner already knew what a tight warm ass and a little tight asshole felt like, when they were wrapped around it and that's what it was looking for, as I pulled the front of the pale yellow panties down, put the end of my little boner to his little star shaped asshole and started pushing.

As soon as he felt the end of my little boner pushing against it, he started screaming, " No, No, I'm not that way, I'm not that wayyy." But my little boner didn't care if he was that way or not, as it pushed its way up into him and I felt his little asshole and warm tight rectum, slowly closing back down around it. Gripping tighter and tighter on my little cock, as I started working it in and out of him, faster and faster.


Pushing it up into his tight, warm, ass, as far as I could and then letting it slide back out again, slowly. Fucking him, fucking him harder and harder, faster and faster, making him scream and cry, the whole time I was doing him. I'd been fucking him for what seemed like 10 or 15 minutes, before I finally lost it and started squirting, " Once "...Squirt, " Twice "...Squirt, " Three times "...Squirt and then just when I thought that it was all over and he couldn't take anymore, his little asshole clamped down around my little swollen boner and made it squirt again. Squirt..." Agghhhhhhhhhhhh."

I knew what he was feeling, as I slowly pulled my now limp cock back out of him, crawled off of the bed and went into the bathroom. He was thinking that he had just been had, had by a boy, a very young boy and what would everybody think, if they found out about it.

I had the weirdest feeling, as I finished dressing, came back out of the bathroom and saw him still laying there on the bed, on his side and whimpering. I could still see part of my white cum, slowly oozing back out of his little, now stretched asshole and running down across his little butt cheek and down onto the bedspread. And now I knew what I looked like, after I'd once again let another old man or even more than one of them fuck me, to once again fulfill the need, the need to feel " The Cock " again, way up inside of me.

I wanted to tell him that I was sorry, sorry for turning him on to " The Cock " as I opened the front door and let myself out but I couldn't.

2 or maybe even 3 months later, I saw the same older man, when I was out late at night hitchhiking. But this time he wasn't driving, like he'd been driving before, he was hitchhiking. Hitchhiking just like I was and that's when I knew, knew that he was caught up in, " Getting the cock, the big cock, up his ass now," just like I was.

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