A young boy gets caught by his hot sister
Hi, my name is Joe and I'm your average 13 year old boy, just discovered masturbation, looking at girls, always horny, the usual. But I also had one trait that most boys didnt, I had hot sisters that I would always dream about.
I have three sisters, one 18, one 22, and one 25 whose married and lives with her husband. One day my 22 year old sister Michelle asked me to check her email for her over for the phone since she was at work and had ordered something and wanted to see if they were going to send it. So I grudingly did a she said, I went onto her laptop (the only working computer) and found her email, called her back and told her, then I looked in her pictures curiously, they were mostly just her friends and family but then I came to the last pictures, it was her in a Black lace brace and thong, she was holding most of the bra up in one and another she was bent over (my sister has a big ass, but its very soft becasue I've accidently squeezed it before) and I instantly had a hard on.
So for weeks to come I would make excuses to go upstairs and use her laptop so I could look at her pictures and jack one off. Well one time I did it three times in less than an hour so I fell asleep in the chair, I was home alone so I ididnt think anything of it until I realized my sister Lisa whose 18 came home at 12, well by the time she was up the stairs my sisters computer froze and I had to hide my prick and shut the laptop at the same time. My sister, who knows how 13 year old males think, opened up the computer and had this surprised look on her face, then she looked at my tissues and felt them, they were sticky with liquid. She just looked at me and smiled slyly. She didn't say a word she just walked downstairs and I figured she would tell my parents and I'd be dead. So I asked
"Are you going to tell mom and dad?"
she answered "Only if you do me a favor"
"I want you to jack off to me, since you do it to Michelle it's only fair to do it to me"
"Well, I only did it because she was almost naked"
"I can fix that"
And with that she took off her shirt showing her small white bra, her breats were only little A cups but they were very perky and then she pulled down her pants and showed me her thong, she had the smallest firmest ass ever, the kind you just want to spank for hours. She then took her bra off and dropped it onto the floor, then she took her panties off and slid them down to her ankles, with one hand she started to rub her nipple and with the other she fingered her cunt.
"Is this good enough for you" she said in between grunts and moans
My hardening prick told her the answer. Lisa sat down and ripped open my pants and took out my hard throbbing cock. She said that the only way it wouldn't be incest is if we didnt fuck, but blowjobs weren't incest. I had no idea what she was talking about but my sister was here naked in front of me, nothing mattered. She started to stroke my coke and rub her nipple at the same time, making it stand up erect at least half an inch. Since I had already jacked a few off only an hour ago, it took a while for her to finish. By that time she had already fingered herself to a few orgasms. She then took her clothes and ran into the shower. I was tired so I went into bed and fell asleep again. When I woke up my parents were home and we're calling me to dinner. Both my sisters were out witth they' re friends so that night was uneventful. For a few more weeks during the summer my sister did the same thing, but nothing more. Then in August things changed.
Lisa did the usual routine of the handjob, but this time she let me blow my load into her mouth, saying that she never tasted a mans cum before, I couldn't beleive that she was a virgin by the way she was acting,but I didn't care much for her sexual life. Then she slapped my prick onto her nipples harding both her nipples and my prick. She then giggled a bit and squeezed her tiny mounds and moaned out load. She took my fingers and started making me finger her cunt.. This had my dick growing and made it fully extended. Then she gave me my first blow job.
First she took started to lick the bottom of it and then she put her lips on the head and just sucked and licked there. She then deep throated my enetire shaft, which was pretty long for a 13 year old, and kept bobbing her head up, it felt amazing, since I had never had a blow job before, I didnt last long until I felt pressure in my balls.
"O GOD, LISA, I'm gonna fucking cum soon!"
She just kept on bobbing her head up and down my shaft until I couldn't hold it anymore, I unloaded the biggest load of my life into her mouth, It kept flowing out of her mouth even as she tried to swallow it. When it was done she started to lick the rest of the cum off her tits and chest until she looked clean. She had a sexy look on her face and she turned around and bent over on the side of my bed, so her ass was right in my face. She wiggled it and opened her cunt lips for me. I took the signal and stuck my the head of my dick in.
Her pussy was very tight, it was almost hurting my dick, then I hit a wall and knew from Sex Ed that it was her hymen. She looked over my shoulder and nodded, so I pushed a bit harder and I felt the wall break. Blood poured over my prick but my sister moaned in pleasure. So i pushed in until my entire cock was in her pussy. She actually started to move so I didn't have to do anything. In less than a few minutes we were both fucking like mad dogs and we were loving every minute of it. I felt more pressure in my balls and my sister felt my cock expand.
I never heard my sister talk like that ,she was usually quiet and never really raised her voice, but her dirty talk had turned me on and I knew there was no turning back, I put in a few more strokes until I unloaded a humongous amount of cum into my sisters cunt, I couldn't beleive what was going on, it felt unreal, but the pleasure I felt wasnt fake, it was reality.
Then the door opened and we stopped.

END- let me know if its good enough for a 2nd part

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2014-04-12 15:55:55
this is the truth
i read this saturday 12 april 2014 and im your average 13 year old
except i learned to masturbate when i was10

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2013-07-26 01:36:16
Person from seconn part.

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2013-07-26 01:35:24
Gotta do paragraphs buddy... had "hard" time readinn it. Get it?! Yeah u do.

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2013-07-04 19:26:58
it was ok i guess but keep it up ur do great

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2013-07-04 19:26:49
it was ok i guess but keep it up ur do great

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