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When the old man pulled up to the bus stop and offered me a ride, I didn't think anything about it, as I opened the door and got in.

" Hi."

" Hello mister, are you going to the next town?"

" I sure am, I live there." " Where ya going?"

" Oh, I'm just going over to a friends house, to play some video games."

" Oh, you like playing games,huh?"

" Uh huh."

" How old are ya?"

" I'm only 11 but I'll be 12 next month."

" 11, ohhh, I thought that you were much older that that." " I thought that you were at least 13 or 14 years old, your big for a boy your age, has anybody ever told you that before?"

" No, not that I can remember."

" Well, you are and I'd even be willing to bet your little dick's bigger than an 11 year old's to, isn't it?"

I was shocked, when i heard him say that but I still managed to say, " Well, no, not that I know of."

" You don't know, you don't know if your bigger or littler down there?"

" No."

" Take it out and let me see it and I'll tell you if it's bigger than one a boy your age usually has." " Don't worry, I'm a doctor and I've seen plenty of them."

" Nooo."

" No, what do you mean " No " haven't you ever shown it to a doctor before?"

" No, not really." " Well, kinda."

" Wanna see mine, wanna see a big one, a really big one?"

" No."

" I'll tell you what, you show me yours and I'll show you mine." " Ok?"

Even though I was only 11 years old, I wasn't a stranger to " The Cock," my older boy cousin and a friend of his, named Tommy had been seeing to that, since I was little. So, when he told me that he had a big one, a really big one, I had the strangest feeling up inside of my little one, like something was being pulled through the middle of it and out of the little hole in the end of it. It was like a tickle or whatever inside of it and it gave me a little shiver. The little shiver meant nothing to me but the old man picked up on it right away and mumbled, " Oh yeah, you wanna see it alright, don't ya?"

I was shocked, how did he know? How did he know that just by his telling me that he had a big one, a really big one, that something had happened inside of me and whatever it was, made me wanna see his big one? I couldn't answer him, I was to embarrassed, to say anything. Besides, what do you say to a man that's just offered to take his cock out and show it to you? Especially when you really do wanna see it but your to embarrassed, way to embarrassed, to tell him.

At the next light that he had to stop at, he calmly reached down and slowly slid his zipped down. When he saw that he had me watching him, he reached in and slowly pulled it out.

" Ohhh no."

" I told you, I told you it was big, didn't I?"

" Uh huh."

" You like it?"

" Uh huh."

" Wanna feel it?"

" Nooo."

" Yes you do, gimme your hand."

" Nooo, please don't."

I thought when I told him " No ' that it was all over and that he'd just put it away but he didn't. Instead, he drove to a little dirt road and turned down it.

" Where you going?"

He didn't say anything, as he parked the car and the next thing I knew, he was slowly sliding his pants down, showing me his huge ball sac and saying, " Come-on, play with it, you said that you liked playing games, so, play doctor with me."

I don't know how long I sat there looking at it, wanting to touch it but being afraid of what he might think of me, if I did something like that, before I lost it, reached over, took ahold of it and started working it up and down slowly.

Up/Down...Up/Down...Up/Down...Working it.

" Oh shit yes, that's it, work it, you've played with one before, haven't you?"

" Uh huh, my cousin's and...

" And?"

" And his friend, Tommy's."

" Oh yeah, did they make you do it or did you do it willingly?

" I don't know, I guess they coaxed me into doing it or something like that."

" Ever kissed one?"

I couldn't answer him.

" Well, have you?"

" Please don't make me have to say it."

" Oh shit, you have, haven't ya."

" Uh huh."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

" Who's, their's?"

" Uh huh, both of um."

" Both of them, if you kissed both of their cocks, then you must of liked doing it?"

" Kinda."

" Wanna kiss mine?"

" Uh huh but it's to big, way to big."

" Just close your eyes and do it." " It won't hurt ya." " I won't cum, I promise."

Why, him promising not to cum, made it alright for me to go ahead and kiss it, I don't know but it did. Because the next thing I knew, I had lowered my head down to it and kissed the wet end of it, just like he wanted me to.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, yesss, yesss, that's it, kiss it baby, kiss it." " Kiss it again."

I could taste it. I could taste his clear sweet pre-cum, that it had left on my mouth and without even thinking about it, I started licking on the end of it, so I could get more of it.

" Oh fuckkk, your something else." " Lick it baby, lick it." " Agghhh."

By then I didn't care what he thought about me, as the need to lick on his warm cock took over and I started licking on it faster and faster. Circling the swollen head, on the end of it again and again, with my tiny pink tongue. The craving, the craving to taste the stringy white cum again had taken over, deep inside of me and there was no way that I could stop the craving now and somehow he knew it, as he coaxed me into sucking on the end of it, just like my cousin Bobby and his friend Tommy had been coaxing me into sucking on their's, every since I was little. Yes, they were still getting me to suck on their warm boner's, both of them. But now it was different, it had turned around. Because by now it was me, that would be following them around and begging them to let me do it again, just to satisfy the craving and somehow they knew that I couldn't help it, as once again they'ed just stand there and let me get down and do it.

Even though I kept trying to stretch my little mouth down over the big head on the end of his huge cock, I couldn't. It was that big. He didn't seem to mind that I couldn't get my mouth down over the end of it, I guess because not to many people had ever be able to get their's down over it, either. Instead, he grabbed ahold of it and while he was still holding onto it, he whispered, " Lick the little hole baby, just lick on the little hole " and I did.

As soon as he had me licking on his little pee hole, he started working the loose skin on his warm cock up and down, faster and faster.


I don't even know when I started trying to suck on the swollen head again. All I know is that all at once he was moaning and saying, " Oh yeahhh, suck it baby, suck it."

Even I was embarrassed, when I heard the little sucking sounds that I was making on the end of it, after he said that. Sucking sounds, that sounded like a little baby does, when it's lost the nipple, the nipple that was feeding it and tries to get it back into its mouth again.

" Use your tongue, use your tongue baby, coax it." " Coax it for your reward." " Your reward that you and I both know, that you want it."

The need to taste it was unreal, as I started teasing the little hole in the end of it, by spreading it open, with the tip of my tiny pink tongue and then licking softly, on the inside of it.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Aggghhhhhhh, Stop, Stop, Oh Shit, Stoppp."

" Do it, Do It Mister, Cum For Me...Please...Please cum for me."

" Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh Yeahhh, Oh Yeah Baby, here it comesssssssssssssss." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

All of a sudden, the first squirt came spewing out of the end of it, splattered against my little pink tongue, covering it with its warm, white, wettness, before running down into my mouth, sliding down my throat and then going down into my belly.


" Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, Oh Fuck, You Ate It." " There's more baby, there's more." " " Here it comes baby, here it comessssssss..." Agghhhhhhhhh "...SQUIRT, " Agghhhhh "...SQUIRT...SQUIRT..............SQUIRT.

Gulp...Gulp, Gulp...Gulp......"Uh huh, Uh huh,".........Gulp...Gulp

" There's Your Reward Baby, Eat It." " Oh Fuck Yeahhh, That's It, Eat it, Eat It All."


I don't know how much of his warm, white cum, went into my mouth or even how much of it ran down along my chin and dropped down onto his car seat. All I know is that I was so embarrassed about how my need to suck on a warm cock again and taste it had taken over, so fast and now I had to get out of there. I didn't care where we were, as I shoved the car door open and started running down the little dirt road. Not knowing where I was going, just knowing that I didn't want to be there anymore. I had been running and walking for almost 10 minutes, when I heard a car pulling up behind me and I knew that it was him but I couldn't turn around. Finally he couldn't take it anymore and when he pulled up beside me, he leaned out the window and said, " Come on, get in, I'll take you the rest of the way home." " I promise."

I didn't wanna get back in the car with him but I was lost and I didn't know which way to go, so, I got back in the car.

Neither of us were saying a word and just when I thought that it was safe, whatever that means, he reached over, took ahold of my hand and pulled it back over inbetween his legs and once again, got me to start feeling it. I had the strangest feeling happening up inside of me, as I sat there and I once again, let an old man get me to feel his warm cock, out in the middle of nowhere. All at once my eyes felt really funny and then as they started to cross, my mouth dropped open and my head started swinging from side to side, as the strangest moan came out of me and I felt my little boner, my little 11 year old, boy boner trying to do its thing and squirt, down in my underwear.

" Ohhh yeahhh, that's it, that's it, do it baby, I won't tell." " Fill your panties, with your young, boy cum."

" Ohhhhhhh, Uh huh, uh huh."

" Oh Shit Baby, You can play with my dick anytime, if that's what it does for ya." " Fuck yesss."

I was so embarrassed about what had just happened, even though the same thing had happened to me before, with both Tommy and my cousin Bobby. But they were boys and this was a full grown man and I was worried about what he would think about me, again. After watching me doing that, just from playing with him.

Oh, he was thinking about me alright, because the next thing I knew, after I had calmed back down, he asked me if I wanted his phone number, so, that I could call him, if I ever wanted to do it again.

I was embarrassed, to say the least and even though I was never able to answer him, he gave me his little card anyway. His little card with his telephone number on it, drove me the rest of the way to my friends house and calmly drove away.

I'd like to be able to say, that the need to call his number never came up but that would be a lie, because it did. It came up when Tommy was up visiting my cousin Bobby and the craving to suck on it again, came over me. I didn't wanna call him, I guess because I was so embarrassed about needing it again but I didn't have any choice and I knew it. .

I didn't wanna tell him my name, when he picked up the telephone, so, when he asked me, who it was, I just whispered, " The boy, the boy on the little dirt road " and he said, " Oh Fuck Yesss, where ya at baby " and came and got me. Came and got me, again and again and again, each and every time, that I needed to do it again.
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