I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.

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This is part 2 of [ MAN-SEXED ]

As soon as the older man heard me whispering, " Uh huh," into the pay telephone, he knew that I was horny, really horny and he said, " Where are you? " I didn't want to tell him where I was but by then it was to late, way to late and both of us knew it, as he whispered back at me, " Come-on, you know you wanna be done by 2 at the same time or you wouldn't have called me."

" I, I'm at a pay-phone. " " I'm at the pay-phone at 7th and Broadway, an I wanna try it." " Please don't make fun of me, I can't help it."

" Oh baby, I'm not gonna make fun of you, believe me." " I can still feel that little asshole of your's, clutching on my finger and trying to pull it up into you, deeper and deeper, while I was finger fucking it and sucking on your young cock." " Remember?" " Don't leave, we'll be right there." click.

As soon as I hung-up the phone, I wanted to run and hide but I couldn't. I couldn't run and hide because just remembering what he had done to me and gotten me to do to him, the last time, was making me get a boner and the more I had listened to him, the harder it had gotten. So, there was no way, that I could deny that I was horny now, even if I wanted to. Because my young boner was hard as a rock.

I don't know how long I had to stand there by the pay-phone, waiting for him to come and pick me up and take me to his place, before he finally got there. All I know is that as soon as his car pulled up, I pulled the front door open and jumped in. It wasn't until I was pulling the door closed behind me, that I saw the dark figure, the huge dark figure, that was sitting in the backseat and quietly checking me out. As I closed the car door, I heard him let out a long low moan and mumble, " Oh yeah, you got us a good one this time " Joe. " " How old are you, boy?"

" I'm 13 now but I'm almost 14."

" Ohhh fuck, your only 13 years old and somebody's already bent you over and gotten you to take it up the ass." " Who in the fuck got ya to let him do ya, like that?

I was shocked and embarrassed, when I heard him say that and when I couldn't answer him, he said, " Come-on boy, Joe told me about how he had fingered you back there and how your little butt had not only liked it but how your little asshole had worked out on it and ridden his long bony finger, like it was a cock, a young boy's cock."

When your a boy and another boy or an older man has had his way with you back there and " Man-Sexed " you, you can't tell anybody about it because it's so embarrassing. Plus if you liked it, really liked it as much as I eventually did, they call you horrible, ugly names and they never let you forget that you've been fucked back there. Whether you want to forget it or not. Believe me. So, even I was shocked, to say the least, when I heard the little whisper that came out of me, " My step-uncle, my step-uncle has been doing me back there since I was little.

" Oh shit, your step-uncle, how old were you the first time he got to you?"

" 9 almost 10 years old."

" Ohhh fuck, you were 9?" " Didn't he hurt you, really hurt you?"

" Uh huh but eventually the pain of it turned into pleasure for me and he could see that I was starting to like it, really like it, so, he started doing me more and more, every chance he got and made me " His " to use, whenever he wanted to."

He didn't say anything more to me, in fact he got real quiet and the next thing knew, I could hear him undoing his belt and then I heard him grunting, as he tried to pull his pants and underwear down. As soon as he had them down, he said, " Come-mere boy, crawl over the seat and get back here with me." " I got something for ya."

I wanted to tell him " No " but when I looked back over the seat and saw him sitting there, exposing his cock and balls to me, I lost it and crawled into the backseat with him, while the other older man, " Joe " kept right on driving, down 7th street.

He didn't have a boner, yet. His cock was just hanging down and nestled on the top of his huge, swollen ball sac, as he held his knees apart, so I could see it, better.

" Come-on boy, get it up for me and I'll let you " Ride it." " Ride it, right here in the car, if that's what you wanna do."

Even though I was trying not to look at it, I couldn't help it and that's when he knew, knew that I was " His." His to do with, whatever he wanted to and that's when he just reached behind my head, pulled me down to it and held me there, until he felt me starting to lick on it softly, coaxing him to get a boner.

" Agggggghhhhh fuck, that's it, that's it, lick it baby." " Lick the dick baby, lick that old dick, like " Joe " told me that you like to do."

I could smell and taste the faint stale pee on the end of it and even on the front of his warm, hairy ball sac but I didn't care by then, I had to lick it. So, I did.

" Oh shit yes, you really like licking on that dick, don't ya baby?" " Did your step-uncle teach you how to do that to or was it some of the older boys at school, that got to you in the boy's room, like they got to me, so many years ago?"

As soon as his warm cock, felt my soft warm tongue, starting to lick on it, there was no doubt anymore on what...I Needed..., as it started to swell, until he had a full blown boner. As soon as he had a boner, I raised up, grabbed ahold of it and started jacking it up and down, slowly.

" Oh fuck yeah, that's it, work it baby."

I had never seen a cock, that still had the foreskin on it, like his did, so watching the loose skin as it slid back and forth, over the wet swollen head, again and again was doing something to me and the next thing I knew, my eyes started to cross, the strangest moan came out of me and that's when " Joe " the driver started screaming, " Stop, stop you asshole, your ruining it, he's gonna cum, oh shit, he's gonna cum." But it was to late by then, as I felt my balls drawing-up inside of me and then all at once I felt my young, stiff, 13 year old boner, jerking " Once "...squirt " Agghhh,"..." Twice "...squirt... " Agghhh,"... " Three times "...Squirt..." Agghhhhhh," up inside of my levis.

The shame or embarrassment that I felt, as he pushed my hand away from his boner, was unreal. But it was to late by then and all of us knew it, as even his swollen boner, started to slowly go back down. Sucking on it, to get it up again was totally out of my mind now and the driver " Joe " must have known it, as he pulled the car over and said, " You asshole, see, he's not horny anymore, look at him," to the old man that was still sitting there beside me, in the backseat, with his pants and underwear pulled down.

He was right, I wasn't horny anymore but I didn't want them to be mad at me, so, without saying a word, I bent down over his cock again, raised it up with my hand, slipped my mouth down over the end of it and started sucking on it, until once again he started to get a boner.

Oh shit yes, that's it baby, suck on it." " Suck on my cock, baby and make it happy." " Oh yeahhh."

I hated my step-uncle. I hated him for the need that he had created in me, the need to suck on a cock, by getting me to suck on his warm cock, as he'd stand beside my bed, in the middle of the night or when he'd take me into the bathroom with him and close the door. I hated the 3 older boy's from my school, that were still taking me into the boy's bathroom with them, almost everyday after school and making me do whatever they told me to, back in the last stall.

" Oh shit, look at this, we got us a " Cocksucker" alright, a real cocksucker." " Agghhhh." " Suck it baby, that's it suckkkkkk ittttttttttttt." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" I told ya, I told ya how much he liked to...Suck On The Dick, didn't I?"

" Yeah but you never told me just how talented his little tongue was, you should feel what its doing to me, doing to me right now. " That's it, lick it baby, use that little tongue of yours and show it, just how much you really like it." " Oh yeah, Oh yeah...Lick it...Suck it...Work it...Work it with that little tongue of yours." " Ohhh shittttttttt yesssssssssss."

I don't know how long I had been licking and sucking on his warm cock, when all at once he grabbed ahold of it, moved it aside and said, " My balls, my balls baby, get down there and lick um, until I tell you not to." " Do it."

As I started working my warm, soft tongue down along the right side of his swollen cock, he slid down even further on the wide backseat, spread his huge legs even wider, exposing his huge ball sac to me and moaned as he watched me go down even further and start licking on them, first one and then the other.

Oh fuck yes, do it." " Do it baby, do it."

I didn't care what he thought about me anymore, as I started caressing and sucking on them, gently. Suckinggggg...Suckinggggg, working my warm soft tongue around and around on them. Caressing them, washing them, like I knew he wanted me to.

I don't know how long I had been sucking on his warm ball sac, when he slowly reached down, slid his hand under them, raised them up, pointed his finger at his little asshole and said, " Lick it, lick it here, baby."

" Nooo."

" Do it."

" Nooo, please don't make me do that."

Before I could even say any more, he pulled his pants and underwear, the rest of the way down and then all the way off. I couldn't believe what was happening, as he put his feet up on the back of the front seat and then let his knees drop slowly apart, exposing it to me, so I could get at it better.

" Come-on baby, do your thing." " We won't tell anyone that you like doing something like that." " I promise." " Just kiss it, that's all you have to do."

The shame that I was going through, as I sat there looking at his little asshole, his little asshole that was almost completely covered with his dark curly pubic hair, was unreal. How did he know? How did he know that my step-uncle and even one of the 3 older boy's at my school, had gotten me to...Kiss...French-Kiss...their's?" " Yes,...Kiss-It... and even eventually work my tongue up into it and...Tongue Fuck It or at least that's what they called it, after they'ed gotten me to do it.

For whatever the reason, I was willing, willing to do it but I just couldn't do it, not as long as the other man " Joe," the driver, was looking over the back of the front seat and watching me.

All of a sudden the car started moving and my excuse was gone now because Joe was driving again and taking us to his house or where ever.

I don't know how long I'd been sitting there, looking at his big hand, as it held his old, thick cock and hairy ball sac out of the way, before I lost it, stuck my head down inbetween his huge legs and started searching for it with the tip of my tiny pink tongue.

" Oh shit yes, that's it, that's it, do your thing baby, do your thing."

I could feel the soft, dark, pubic hair, tickling on my mouth and my nose, as my little pink tongue started moving his pubic hair aside, so I could get at it. As soon as all the hair was out of the way and he felt my warm, soft, tongue touching on it, he let out a little moan. A little moan that told me that I'd found it and I did what he wanted me to...I Kissed It...and then pulled back away from it.

" Ohhh shittt yesss." " That's it, now lick it." " Lick it baby."

" Nooo."

" Come on, you kissed it didn't you and you didn't mind doing that, so, I know that you've...Licked It...licked somebody's before, havent you?."

The little whimpers that were coming out of me, as I sat there in the backseat next to him, looking down at it, as he kept telling me to " Do It " were more than embarrassing to me, to say the least.

" Come-on baby, don't tease me, do it." " You and I both know that you want to."

There was no shame now, it was to late for all of that, as once again another old man, got me to stick my head down inbetween his wide spread legs and coaxed me into licking on his little pink asshole.

" Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, that's it, that's it, lick it baby." " Lick my asshole, Oh yeahhhhhh, aggghhhhhhhhhhhhh."

As soon as I had it wet enough and he was starting to hold still again, I started pushing the tip of my tongue up against it, coaxing it to open and he started screaming, " What are you doing, oh fuck, what are you doing," as all at once it slowly opened-up, swallowed my warm tongue and the next thing I knew, I was...Tongue Fucking Him, right there in the backseat of their old car.

" Agghhh shit, look at this, he's doing it," " He's doing it and I didn't even have to tell him to."

Feeling his little asshole just open up and let my warm tongue slide up into it did something to me and the next thing I knew, I was pushing it in and out, faster and faster. IN/OUT...IN/OUT...IN/OUT, pushing it up into him, as far as it would go and then letting it slowly slide back out of him, only to push it up into him, again and again and again.


I could feel his boner starting to come back up again with my little hand and I knew that he liked what I was doing to him, so I kept...Tongue Fucking it...and listening to the little moans and then whimpers that were coming out of him.

I don't know how many times I had worked my warm tongue in and out of it, 20 maybe even 30 times, before slowly, easing it back out of him, raising up and then slipping my now open mouth back down over the end of his warm, stiff boner. He didn't even have to tell me to start sucking on it again, I just did it. Because by then, I had to go all the way...All The Way With It... and now, both of us knew it.

Pretty soon, the only sounds that were coming from the backseat of the car, were the little grunts and groans, that were coming out of the old man and the... Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurping sounds that I was making on his warm cock, as he slid it back and forth, in my mouth.

I didn't even know that " Joe " had stopped the car. All I knew was that all at once the backdoor jerked open and " Joe " was standing there and saying, " Come-on, let's go in the house, there's more room in there " and left us there.

I was still in some kind of shock, shock from having the door jerked open, while I was in the backseat of a car, sucking on an old man's cock and I couldn't move. But the old man wasn't in any kind of shock because his swollen boner was still sticking straight-up, with its clear sweet pre-cum, slowly oozing out of the end of it and running down along the sides of it, as it kept pointing right at me. He wasn't ready to get out of the car and go into the house yet and neither was I, as I kept looking down at it. Looking down at it and watching as his clear pre-cum kept slowly oozing out of the end of it. Finally he understood my need, my need to...Go All The Way With It...grabbed ahold of my head, pulled me back down onto it again and whispered, " Come on baby, I got it, I got what ya it."

All of the shame was gone now, as the need to suck on his cock and taste it took over. Taste his warm, white cum, before he got me to swallow it and I felt it sliding down into my little belly.

" Oh yeah, that's it, suck it baby." " Suck that dick, suck that hard, stiff, dick, like you were born to do." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Ohhh." Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, " Uh huh, Uh huh, Fuck me, fuck me with it, Fuck me in my mouth and make me,... Eat it." Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp

" Oh shit yes baby, your gonna eat it alright but don't make it cum now, we're going to do you in the house, the 2 of us, remember."

Just hearing him saying the " We're ", of the " We're going to do you in the house, the 2 of us, remember, " made me ease up on it and stop sucking on it so hard. I still wanted to be done by 2, 2 at the same time, like I had called " Joe " for in the beginning and I couldn't deny it.

" Yeah, Oh Yeah, that's it baby, do it easy." " You like that old dick in your mouth, don't ya baby?"

Slurp...slurp, Slurp...slurp, " Uh huh," Slurp...slurp " Uh huh." Slurp...slurp

" Oh fuck, Oh fuck, stop, you better stop." " Shit, you better stoppppppp." " Noooooooooooooooooooo, Nooooooooooooo, Agghhhhhhhhhhhh," Squirt...Squirt...Squirt. " Oh Fuck." Squirt...squirt, squirt, squirt. " Ohhh, eat it baby, eat it." " Swallow it, swallow my candy, my White Candy."

Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp..." Ohhh "...Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp

" That's it, candy baby, " White candy," eat the candy." " I saved it baby, I saved it up
just for someone like you." " Agghhhhh, Oh Fuck yeah, that's it." " Don't stop, don't stop, there's more." Squirt...squirt...squirt. " Aggggggh."


" That's it, swallow it, swallow it, eat it." " Oh Yeah "...Squirt

To be continued:

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