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It was the 6th or 7th time, that I had seen the sexy little blonde, hitchhiking along that long stretch of the highway. I don't know why I'd never been able to stop and pick her up. I guess because I was an old man and she was a young teenager, looking to be no more than 15 or 16 years old. I found out later that she was 14 and had just turned 14, only three weeks ago. [ OH FUCK ]. I don't know what was different about this time, as I was coming up behind her, once again checking out her tight little butt , as it not only swung from side to side, as she walked but churned like 2 little teddy bears fighting, as she worked it. Yes, she was " Working it alright," trying to get someone to stop for her, stop to pick her up and give her a ride. Oh, she had a butt on her alright, she had the kinda butt, that a black girl has, " You know, the kind that sticks way out, sticks way out from either to much walking or to much fucking or maybe even both."

I was so excited about stopping for her, that I went right on by her and she had to walk a little ways, to catch up to me. I swear that my heart was all the way up inside of my throat, as I watched her reach for the front door handle of my car, pull the door open and swing her pretty little body into the car and sit next me.

Even though I had watched her walking and churning her little hips along the highway, so many times before, I was still shocked at how tan she really was, as she slid her little body over next to mine and said, " Can I change the radio?" I was shocked and couldn't say anything because I could feel the warmth of her little body, as her thigh mashed up against mine and she played with the radio, just like nothing was happening. And I guess to her, maybe nothing was happening but to me something sure was because before I knew it, I could feel myself starting to get a boner and I was embarrassed about what was happening. My mind was screaming, " WHAT ARE YOU DOING, ARE YOU CRAZY, SHE'S JUST A LITTLE GIRL." She was just a little girl alright, a well built little girl, that was a prick teaser, [ A NATURAL BORN PRICK TEASER ] and she knew it. I know she knew it because all at once she put her other little hand on my thigh, to balance herself better, as she tuned the radio. Now putting your hand on a man's thigh, is bad enough. But putting your hand on a man's thigh, so that the edge of your little finger, is just barely touching against his swollen boner, is another. Once again, I wanted to say something and stop her but I couldn't. I couldn't stop her because it had been a long, long time, since I had had a young teenaged girl, touching my boner. Did she know what she was doing? I mean like every time she changed the radio station again, the edge of her little finger would slide ever so gently, along the side of my swollen boner, as it lengthened in my pant leg. I don't know how long she had been changing radio stations like that, when all of a sudden she let out a little giggle, a little girl giggle and whispered, " What's that mister?" I was so embarrassed, yes embarrassed, that I had let her touch my boner like that and I couldn't answer her. Then she shocked me even more as she whispered, " DON'T WORRY MISTER, I HAVE 2 BOY COUSIN'S, I KNOW WHAT IT IS, REALLY KNOW WHAT IT IS, BELIEVE


" UH HUH, AND....

" AND?"

She didn't answer me but the next thing I knew, she had turned towards me, had her little hands on my zipper and was saying, " CAN I, CAN I MISTER?" And before I could even answer her, she was sliding my zipper down, had reached in and was pulling my warm swollen boner out, so she could get at it better. As soon as she saw how big it was, she let out alittle whimper and whispered, " PLEASE, PLEASE MISTER, I WANNA." " I WANNA SUCK ON IT AND EAT YOUR CANDY, YOUR WHITE CANDY."

Even though I was trying to tell her, " NO," I still couldn't stop her, as she bent down over [ IT ], took ahold of [ IT ] and started licking softly on the swollen head, caressing it again and again, with her warm, wet tongue.



I didn't know what to say. Shit no, I didn't want her to stop, who the fuck would, but sitting there alongside the highway, with a young teenaged girl sucking on my cock, with car after car driving by, wasn't the place to be and I knew it. " WE CAN'T DO IT HERE." " YOU CAN SUCK ON IT BUT NOT HERE, OK?"

The little whimper, that came out of her, as she reluctantly raised up off of it and whispered, " THERE'S A DIRT ROAD UP AHEAD ABOUT A MILE, WITH AN OLD ABANDONED FARM HOUSE ON IT, WE CAN DO IT THERE, IF YOU STILL WANT ME TO, OK?" The whole time she was saying that, her eyes never strayed from my swollen cock, as it stuck-up out of my pants, just the way she had left it. The look in her eyes told me that she not only wanted to [ WANTED TO SUCK ON MY WARM BONER, SOMEMORE ] but now that she [ HAD TASTED IT ], that there was no way, that she was going let me get away from her, before she'd finished, what she'd started.

She was still holding onto my warm cock, working it up and down slowly, with her little hand, as I turned up the dirt road and started looking for the old farm house. Before I could even find it, she had bent down over my hard, warm, cock again and was sucking on it, harder and harder.


She didn't say anything, as she calmly reached down, started unbuttoning her little short shorts and slid them down. Not even missing a beat, on [ THE BLOWJOB ], that she was giving me.

She was wearing " Pale yellow panties " and as I reached over and started rubbing gently on them, caressing her little pussy through them, I realized how young she really was because she didn't even have hair down there yet, , she still had her [ PEACH-FUZZ ]. " OH SHIT."

I wanted to push her away from my long, hard, cock and tell her that I was sorry and that I couldn't let her do that [ SUCK MY COCK ]. But something about what her little warm mouth and her warm tongue were doing to me, told me that she had not only done it before, [ SUCKED A COCK ] but that she had liked it, really liked it, so I let her. My mind was screaming, " HOW OLD WAS I, HOW OLD WAS I, WHEN I LOST MY [ PEACH-FUZZ ]? 12, 13 or maybe even 14 YEARS OLD?" Shit, was she that young and not the 16 years old, like I thought she was, when I had first picked her up?" Could a 12, 13 or 14 year old girl, really suck on a dick, [ SUCK ON A DICK ] as good as she was sucking on mine? " How young was she the first time, [ THE FIRST TIME ] that some young boy or even a man, got her to suck on his warm boner?" All of these questions were going through my mind, as I sat there rubbing gently on her little pussy, through her pale yellow panties.



All of a sudden I couldn't control myself anymore, as I pulled her pretty little yellow panties aside and slowly worked my finger up into her and started fingering her, as I watched her sucking on [ IT ]. As soon as she felt my finger going up into her, she clamped her little mouth down tighter and tighter on my warm, swollen, member. The feel of her little mouth, as it worked its way up and down, faster and faster and she started sucking on it harder and harder, was to much for me and I started to loose it. I could feel her warm tongue, as it caressed the underside of the thick swollen head, teasing it, coaxing it, coaxing it for it's warm, white liquid.


But instead of stopping, like I was telling her to do,she started pumping [ IT ] up and down, faster and faster, with her little hand, while she sucked on the end of [ IT ], even harder. She wanted my cum now and there was no way, that she was going to let me stop her.

All at once I felt my heavy ball sac starting to pull and draw-up into me and I started screaming, " HERE IT COMES, HERE IT COMES, OH SHIT, HERE IT COMES. " " AGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH," SQUIRT...SQUIRT, " AGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH," SQUIRT...SQUIRT...SQUIRT and without even being told to [ EAT IT ], she did. I could hear the little [ GULP...GULP, GULP...GULP, GULP...GULP ], gulping sounds that she was making on [ IT ], as [ SHE SWALLOWED AND ATE MY WARM CUM ] and let it slide down her little throat and go down into her belly.

Just when I thought that it was all over and was begging her to stop, she shocked me even more by working her warm mouth all the way down to the base of my cock, [ DEEP THROATING IT ], caressing and massaging [ IT ], as she continued to swallow and [ MILKED IT ].

I wanted to [ FUCK HER ]. I wanted to fuck her so bad but I knew that at her young age, that I would hurt her, so I couldn't do it. When I asked her if I could return the favor and [ KISS AND LICK HER DOWN THERE ] she gave me the strangest look and said, " NO, THAT'S NASTY."

I never did find out why she thought that [ KISSING AND LICKING HER DOWN THERE ] was nasty. And even though I tried to get her to let me do it, each and every time I picked her up after that, she never did.
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