An erotic story based on The Valley of the Dinosaurs
18 year old Katie, the eldest of the two Butler children, had ask for her parents permission to go for a walk near Gorak's cave. They let her do so, on the condition that she be careful. She assured them that she would and left the cave area. Lok, Gorak's teenaged son offered to go along, but she politely turned him down.

Although it was unlike her to refuse his company, since he reason for her little constitutional, she thought it best if he stayed behind. As she walked, though she would often try to think of things like if and when she and the rest of her family would be rescued, her thoughts kept returning to the young caveman.

True, he had saved her more than once, but she never thought of him as more than just a friend.
Lately though, her feelings for him had changed. She began to think of him less as merely a friend and more as a prospective lover.

When she and her family had first come to the Valley of the Dinosaurs, she had fallen for his rugged good looks. Now it seemed she had fallen in love with the young caveman.

She hadn't gone too deep into the woods, when she came face to face with a hyenna. Of course,
she did what any young woman would have done when confronted by a wild animal.

she turned on her heels...and RAN LIKE MAD!

Unfortunately, she didn't watch where she was going and eventually fell into the Burma Pit that her father and Gorak had dug to trap the Sabretooth Tiger. The floor of the pit was clay, which after fourteen straight days of rain and about as many days of sunny weather, had hardened untill it was like cement. In other wordss, when she hit the floor of the pit, she lost consciousness.

In er dream, it was a very hot day and she decided to go for a nice refreshing dip in the lake. When se got to the shore, rather than just removing her bluejeans and shirt, she decided to go skinny dipping. After minutes of swimming a few inches below the waterline, she saw a large column of bubbles decend, almost reaching the bottom of the lake. This obviously meant that somebody decided to follow her lead.

She broke the surface of the water, expecting to see that either her mother, Gara or Tana had decided to cool themselves off and was surprised to see that Lok had joined her.

She enthusiasticly waved at him, "Hi Lok!"

As he swam toward her, she suddenly remembered that she was naked in the middle of the lake and folded her arms over her breasts.

Back at Gorak's cave, night was falling and John and Kim were getting worried. True, she told them she was going for a walk, but that was hours ago. Lok was worried too and it was decided that the men would go out to search for her.

As they searched, Lok recalled the times that John and Kim's beautiful daughter had taken care of him. The first time was after the cave-in caused by Molig, (a.k.a. thebrontosaurus) who had followed the scent of the Arrok. The second time was when Rokar broke out of her corral. The third time was when he had blood poisoning.

As a result, his feelings for her had changed, from mere friendship to something else. Since he didn't know what this new feeling was, he simply ignored it.

All e did know was that he would now do absolutly anything for her.

In Katie's dream, Lok swam right up to her, took hold of her wrists and applying gentle pressure, forced her arms to her sides. He then did something that surprised her. Something that she thought he'd have to be taught to do. He wrapped his stronng arms around her and kissed her on the lips. She attempted to respond in kind, but couldn't get her arms around him at all, for some reason. So, she merely kissed him back. 'Yuk...Ptooey!' Man, his lips taste like...SAND!' she thought. She turned her head, in order to spit out the unpleasant taste.

That's when she awoke.

Three things became evident when she did regain consciousness.

One: she was lying on her stomach in some kind of pit.

Two: her head felt as if it had been used as a soccer ball.

Three: the hyenna that had been chasing her was on theedge of the pit and he was pacing, looking for some way to get at her.

It took a few minutes for her to remember that she carried a ram's horn everywhere she went. Though sounding it repeatedly made her head pound, it had two more desirable effects.. The sound chased the hyyenna away and it also let anyone who happened to be searching for her know where se was.

The first to arrive was her brother Greg, who sounde his owm ram's horn to let the others know he had found her.

Lok was next to arrive and as soon as he did, Greg climbed down into the pit to help his sister out of it.

While he was helping Katie out of the pit, Greg saw a damp spot on the crotch of her jeans and he felt the dampness. He couldn't help but wonder whatt went on while they were searching for her.

Lok carried her back home. As he walked, she thought a little boldness on her part was in order.
Since her arms were already around his neck, she leaned close and kissed him on the lips. 'Ahh...much, much better!' she thought.

They were almost in sight of Gorak's cave, when Lok felt a slight pressure on the lips, along with a tingling sensation. This action startled him so, that he almost dropped Katie. Subconsciously, he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back.

At the cave, Katie's mother Kim examined her daughter as best she could, given the circumstances. Although John was the closest to being an expert in every other technological feild, Kim was the closest thing to a Medical Doctor that there was in the family. She diagnosed that, because of the fall and the blow to the head, her daughter had suffered a concussion. The only thing Kim could think to do was to keep Katie awake for as long as possible.

About ten minutes later, Katie attempted to go to sleep.

Out of the corner of his eye, Greg saw this and sent Digger, the family dog, over to her. The dog licked her face and as a result, she came giggling out of her half-sleep.

About twenty minutes later, she tried to go to sleep again. This time Tana sent Glump over to Katie and he nudged her to wake her up.

Thinking it was Digger again, she began to sit up, reluctantly forcing what little sleep there was, out of her system. She was rather startled to see the baby Stegosaurus.

Around midnight, Katie got an idea.

She took a piece if wood from the dying campfire to use as a torch.

She then hiked to the lake where she and Greg once gathered shells in order to make an enormous S.O.S.. After reaching the shore of the lake, she planted the torch in the ground like a lawn dart.

Since she didn't see anyone else around, not that she could see very far, she removed her clothes and decided to go for a midnight swim, or rather skinny dip, just like in her dream. As in her dream, she swam inches below the waterline. When she broke the surface, she found that she was staring Lok in the face.

Lok was still awake when Katie left the cave with her torch. This time he would follow her if she wanted him to or not. He followed her to a body of water. It was not the Black Lagoon, where he and Katie dove to retrieve the Copper wire, but a small lake. By the light of the moon, he saw her plant her torch and then begin to remove her clothes.

As she stripped, Lok began to feel strange, like something was tuggung at his loin cloth. She dove in and swam a few inches below the surface of the water. He crept closer to the lake as she swam. As he watched this nubile young woman swim, the uncomfortable feeling in his loin cloth got worse by the moment. Finally, she broke the surface and he gazed into those beautiful blue eyes. What he didn't notice was the look of surprise on the rest of her face.

"Lok! W-what are you doing here?" she asked, barely above a whisper.

"Just watching you swim." he said, also above a whisper.

The young caveman was fumbling with his loin cloth, as if trying to alliviate some kind of pressure.

Katie saw this and smiled slyly. 'I was going to ask him just how long he'd been standing there, but I guess it's kinda obvious.' she thought.

"A little help please..." she said and held out her hand, indicating that she needed assistance getting out of the water. He took her hand to help her out. But instead, she managed to pull him in.

He hit the water with a loud splash.

After a few moments, he broke the surface of the water, gasping for air. "What did you do that for?" he demanded, more surprised than angry.

She merely smiled at him and said, "You looked like you needed to cool down, so..."

She couldn't complete her sentence, because Lok splashed water at her.

She splashed him back, giggling.

As their splashing duel continued, so did her giggles and he began to chuckle as well. With every splash sent his way, she inched closer and closer to him. Close enough to reach under the water and remove his loin cloth.

He really didn't mind, because the strange feeling he had was lessened.

She then inched closer, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. This time hard and with all the passion that was in her.

Again he was taken by surprise, but this time he willingly kissed her back, picking her up and carrying her out of the lake.

He carried her to a nearby meadow and laid her down on the grass. He then lay down beside her and admired the vision of loveliness that was Katie Butler. He kissed her again, mimicing her earlier demonstration and to her surprise, his tongue snaked it's way past her lips and sought to explore her mouth. After comming up for air once again, he stared lovingly at her beautiful face. She simply stared at him wth passion in her eyes and smiled, which to him made her look even more beautiful.

Instead of kissing his way to them, as a young man in the civilized world would have done, Lok simply managed to knead her breasts. Soon after he began to do this though, she managed to roll them both over so that he was on his back. She was now strattling his stomach, with her lovely legs on either side of him. There was a look of fear in his eyes and he wondered if he had done something wrong.

She simply looked down at him and smiled. "You didn't do anything wrong Tarzan, but you were going a bit too fast. Here, let me show you." she wispered. She then leaned in and kissed him passionately on the lips. Her long,luxurious brunette hair creating a curtain, which hid both their faces. Then she kissed his cheek, down his neck and along his collar bone. She trailed kisses down his chest to his nipple. She closed her mouth over it and began to alternately suckle, lick and even gently bite the small knot.

As Katie kissed her way southward on his body, her hair massaged places she'd already been. Finally, she reached her goal. While Lok only knew this as the place on his body where he had recently felt discomfort, Katie knew exactly what she was now gazing at. At first she reached out with the tip of her tongue and slowly drew imaginary circles around the penishead. Next, she licked up and down the shaft, going very slowly. She could almost sense Lok's release building.

After she again reached the tiip with her tongue, Katie bypassed the penis altogether to kiss lick and even suck on his testicles. After paying homage to his balls, she returned tohis penis, licking it from base to tip once more. Then, after circling the head once again and with the tip of her tongue still touching, opened wide and took the entire head into his mouth. Up and down she went, going from base to tip several times.

Because he was such a strong young man, she was surrprised when, after a short time, his nnow throbbing penis exploded, his seed shooting tothe back of her throat like a garden hose. She immediately began swallowing all that he offered her. After his orgasm had finally subsided, his member slipped from her mouth. She kissed her way back up his body, before collapsing on top of him. "See? That's...that's the right way...nice...and easy." she said, panting. "Now it's your turn." she added, after her breathing returned to normal. She made it easy for him, lying on her back.

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Lol that was great. Keep going bro.


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Sweet sexy story. Glad you like my stories Davejohn. I am writing the next one right now... with a lot of excited input from women readers! Not what I expected but Vickie's adventures with her father seem to cause a lot of wet pussies, clit rubbing and remembering .........or wishing.

Keep writing Dj.


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I meant to add 'to be continued' at the end of this story, but yes there is a part 2


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ok is there going to be a part 2?????

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