I'm not a writer, I just try and write dirty little fuck stories. So, if you want to read a love story, please go read another writer's stories. PEACE MILKER
The first time that I felt a grown man's cock, moving back and forth, up inside of me, I was 13 almost 14 years old and he had it up my little ass and not in my pretty pussy. He told me that I couldn't get pregnant by letting him [ DO ME THAT WAY ], so, I let him.

The pain was awful, when [ IT ] first went in and he was holding me down and saying, " DON'T FIGHT IT, DON'T FIGHT IT " over and over again, until I finally couldn't fight [ IT ] anymore, relaxed, and that's when he knew that [ I WAS HIS ] and started [ DOING ME ]. He didn't care, that my aunt was asleep in the next room. All he cared about was [ GETTING HIS NUT ] and for whatever the reason, I was young and available to him and somehow he knew it.

It wasn't the first time that my step-uncle had snuck into my bedroom at night. In fact he had been doing it for almost a year now but up until now all he wanted me to do was [ SUCK ON IT ] and I would. I loved [ SUCKING THE COCK ], I had been sucking the boy's from my school, every since I was in the 4th grade and my boyfriend had coaxed me into kissing and sucking on his, in the boy's bathroom after school and everybody else had gone home.

I could say that he [ FORCED ME TO DO IT ] and in a way, he kinda did. Because he told me that I couldn't be his girlfriend anymore, if I didn't do what he told me to, as he snuck me into the boy's bathroom with him.

I had [ PLAYED WITH IT ] before, so I wasn't to shocked, when he took me into one of the stall's with him, pulled it out and [ SHOWED IT ] to me. But what he did next, really embarrassed me because as he stood there [ HOLDING IT ] he looked right at me and more or less hissed, [ KISS IT ] and even before I could answer him and say " NO " he said, " KISS IT OR I'LL FIND ANOTHER GIRL THAT WILL." I don't even know what happened next. All I know is that one minute I was standing there looking at [ IT ] and crying and the next thing I knew, he was moaning and saying, " YEAH, YEAH, OH YEAH, THAT'S IT, KISS IT MARIA, KISS IT." I didn't even know that I had already done it but I must have because as I was raising back up, I had the strangest taste on my mouth. A taste that I would [ GROW TO LOVE ] before the school year was over. Neither of us said a word, after I raised back up, touching my lips with my tiny tongue, [ TASTING IT ] and watched him putting [ IT ] away.

The next day, he acted as if nothing had happened or at least that's how he acted until school let out and everybody else was gone again. Then without saying a word to me, he headed back into the boy's bathroom, expecting me to follow him and I did. This time he went a little further, as he pulled his pants all the way down, sat down on the white toilet, spread his legs wide and while looking right at me whispered, " KISS IT, KISS IT MARIA, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO." I didn't know what to do, I didn't wanna [ KISS IT ] or at least I didn't think that I wanted to but why else, had I gone into the boy's bathroom with him? With him sitting there like that, with his legs spread, I could not only see his hard little cock, sticking straight-up, I could also see his little [ PEACH FUZZ COVERED ] ball sac, hanging down below [ IT ]. I'm embarrassed to admit, that just seeing his little ball sac hanging there and [ KNOWING ] what was in it, was doing something inside of me and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in front of him, as he sat there and licking, [ YES, LICKING ] on them, as he slid down and let me do it. Licking on first one and then the other, as I slipped my little hand underneath them, raised them up, so I could get at them better.


I was so naive, that I didn't even know that he had just [ SQUIRTED ]. I thought that he just liked how good it felt, to have me [ LICKING SOFTLY ] on his warm, soft, little ball sac, as it hung down below his stiff little boner. It wasn't until I raised back up and saw that his boner had gone back down and that there was still a little drop of white cum slowly oozing out of the end of it, that I finally understood what had happened. I felt guilty because I hadn't kissed it, [ KISSED IT LIKE HE WANTED ME TO DO ] and I think that he was feeling guilty because of the way he had squirted so fast and not being able to [ HOLD IT ]. Neither of us said anything about what had just happened and as we were walking towards the door, he grabbed ahold of a paper towel and handed it to me. I was so naive, that I didn't even understand, that he had left his 3 or 4 drops of [ BOY CUM ] in my hair and that he was handing me the paper towel, to clean it off.

The next time he had me in the boy's bathroom with him and was getting me to [ KISS ON IT ] like he took me in there to do, he also coaxed me into sucking on it and before I knew it, he had me sucking on it and [ IT WAS SQUIRTING ]. I tried to pull up off of [ IT ] or at least jerk away from [ IT ] but he had both hands on my head and was holding me down on [ IT ] until [ IT ] had finished squirting.

I can't even describe the feelings that I had that day, as I left him sitting there on the white toilet, with his pants pulled down, his legs spread and ran out of the bathroom. That was the first time, believe it or not, that I felt like he had done something, [ DONE SOMETHING NASTY ] to me and he had. He had [ FUCKED ME IN MY MOUTH ], [ FUCKED ME IN MY MOUTH AND SQUIRTED ] and I had let him. Did I swallow it? I don't know. All I know is that as I stopped at the sink, on my way out, spit and tried to wipe my mouth off, not very much came out, so, I guess I did.

Tommy didn't say anything to me at school the next 3 or 4 days and I thought that he was mad at me and had found another girlfriend but then he came after me again and I was [ HIS ] from then on and he knew it. As day after day he would take me into the boy's bathroom with him, after school and watch, as I'd get down on my knees and suck on him again, not even caring by then, if he was sitting on the white toilet with his pants pulled down and his legs spread or standing just inside the door, where nobody else could get in and see, [ SEE, WHAT HE WAS GETTING ME TO DO TO HIM ].

Before the year was over, I was not only his but I was [ UP FOR GRABS, UP FOR GRABS FOR ANY BOY, THAT WANTED ME ] and I didn't even know, how it had all happened.

I didn't understand that boy's can't keep their mouth's shut, about what they're getting a girl to do with them sexually. That for some stupid reason, they have to tell any and every boy that will listen and boy's that young will listen, believe me.

I didn't even understand what was going on, when one or another of the boy's at school would sneak up behind me and whisper, " WHICH WAY'S THE WIND BLOWING, MARIA ?" It wasn't until I was standing there talking to one of my girlfriends and she heard it, that I finally found out what they meant by that. But by then it was already to late because the whole school knew about MARIA and just how much [ SHE LIKED TO SUCK ON IT ] or at least it seemed that way.

I can't say that [ I DIDN'T CARE ] that the whole school knew what Tommy had been getting me to do to him, in the boy's bathroom, after school, because I did. But by then, Tommy had gotten me to suck on his so many times, that I had developed [ A LIKING OR CRAVING ] for [ IT ] and would look forward to doing it again, just so I could [ TASTE IT ].

On the days that he couldn't or wouldn't stay after school and let me do it again,[ YES, LET ME DO IT AGAIN ] I would go home with the strangest and emptiest feeling inside and not understand it. It was on one of those days, those day's that Tommy couldn't or wouldn't stay, that another boy, an older boy from my school, took me into the boy's bathroom with him. [ TOOK ME INTO THE BOY'S BATHROOM WITH HIM ] and got me to do what the older boy's called [ EAT IT ] and I did, willingly. It was from that day on, that I knew that I was [ UP FOR GRABS ] [ UP FOR GRABS, FOR ANY BOY TO USE ME ] and somehow all of the boy's at my school knew it. [ KNEW IT, as just about each and every one of them [ HAD HIS WAY WITH ME ], before the school year was over.

Even though I was known as a [ COCKSUCKER ] all the way through school, I was still a virgin, because I hadn't let any of them [ FUCK ME ]. But my step-uncle was changing all of that now, as he worked his warm cock up into me deeper and deeper, covering my mouth with his huge hand, so my sleeping aunt couldn't hear the screams, all of the screams that were coming out of me, before turning into little whimpers and moans, little whimpers and moans of pleasure. I don't know how long he had been [ FUCKING ME ], when even I was embarrassed by the way my body was reacting to him and the things that he was doing to it. Even though he was in my ass and not my pretty red haired pussy, I still found my pretty rearend reacting to him, raising up, pushing back at him, pushing back to meet his thrusts again and again, as he worked [ IT ] in and out of me, faster and faster. Fucking me, [ FUCKING ME HARD, LIKE HE HADN'T HAD A GOOD PIECE OF ASS, IN A LONG LONG TIME ] and maybe he hadn't.


Feeling his long, hard cock jerking and erupting again and again, way up inside of me was to much for me and the next thing I knew, my little ass was bucking and jerking underneath him and the strangest moan came out of me. I thought I was peeing, as I wet the bed underneath me. It wasn't until later, that I found out that I was what they call [ A SQUIRTER ]. That when I climax, it's almost like I'm squirting pee but it isn't pee at all, it's my juices [ MY LOVE JUICES ].

I don't know how long my step-uncle laid there on top of me, keeping his long cock deep up inside of me. I didn't mind it [ HIS COCK ] being up inside of me like that and somehow he knew it, as he just laid there, until his hard-on went away and then [ IT ] slowly slipped back out of me. He didn't say anything as he crawled up off of me and snuck into the bathroom. I guess he went in there to wash his dick off. I don't know. All I know is that as soon as he came out of the bathroom, I went in, closed the door behind me and while sitting on the white toilet, with my legs spread, reached under my little red haired pussy and wiped my little asshole off. My [ THROBBING AND NOW SWOLLEN ] little asshole off. Even though he had hurt me, [ REALLY HURT ME ], in the beginning, the whole thing had turned to pleasure, [ PURE PLEASURE ] before he was through with me and left me there, [ LEFT ME THERE ] with his white [ MAN CUM ], deep up inside of me. When I saw the little bit of blood, that was on the toilet paper, as I pulled it out from under me, I knew that he had taken my cherry, [ MY LITTLE ASSHOLE CHERRY ] and I was glad, [ GLAD THAT IT WAS HIM ] and not one of the boy's at my school, that had taken it. Because if one of the older boy's at my school had [ GOTTEN TO ME ] that way, [ GOTTEN TO ME, UP MY ASS ], that I would have ended up letting them all [ DO ME THAT WAY ] and I don't think that I could have handled [ THAT MUCH COCK UP MY ASS ] or [ COULD I ]?

I'm a firm believer that we haven't any more choice, over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what out taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE MILKER
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