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I'd been drinking the whole weekend, when an old man picked me up hitch-hiking and asked me where I was going.

" No where."

" No where?"

" Uh huh, I'm just horny and I'm out looking for sex."

" Really and what kind of sex, might you be out looking for boy?"

" I don't know, I told you, I'm horny?"

" Now don't get mad at me but have you ever tried " Same sex?"

" What?" " Oh, you mean, sex with another boy or even a man?"

" Uh huh, that's it." " Have you?"

I couldn't be honest with him and tell him that the older men had been getting to me, since I was little, when my step-uncle got to me with his warm hard cock, when I was only 11.

" So I turned my head away from him, hoping that he wouldn't be able see that I was lying and whispered, " Uh huh, but only once."

" Did you like it?"

" I don't know, he got me drunk and I don't remember what happened."

" Oh, so, you never tried it again?"

" Nooo."

" Why, not?"

" I don't know."

" And what now, what if I told you that I wanna have sex with you, right now,would you do it?"

" No."

" No, why not?"

" I don't know, because I'm not drunk, I guess."

" Your kidding."

" No, I'm not."

" So, you mean that if I told you that I have something to drink at my house and offered it to you, that you'ld come with me and have sex with me?"

" That's not what I said."

" No, but that's what you meant, isn't it?"

" I don't know."

" He didn't even ask me again, if I wanted to go with him, he just drove me to his house, talked me into going inside with him and started giving me more and more scotch or something like that. When finally figured that he had me drunk enough, he took me into his bedroom, laid me down across his king sized bed and started undressing me.

When I felt him starting to undo my levis, I tried to stop him. I tried to stop him because I didn't want him to see what I was wearing. But it was to late by then because he'd already seen them and was yelling at me and saying, " Oh shit, what's this " as he reached into my now open levis and touched the black panties that I had on.

I couldn't answer him because I was to embarrassed.

I couldn't tell him, how my aunt used to make me put on my cousin's panties and wear them in front of her, when she wanted to punish me, for something that I'd done wrong.

But it wasn't until the older men started picking me up hitch-hiking and were getting to my little ass, more and more, that I started wearing them all the time, like I was now.

I don't know why, seeing a little boy's ass, in a girl's panties, makes an older man wanna fuck it more but it does, believe me.

If they saw a little girl's ass, with nothing on but her panties, would they wanna fuck her back there too?

Is it the panties or is it just the young tender little ass, that's wearing them, that makes them wanna fuck it?" I don't know.

When the old man saw that I was wearing black thong panties, there was no doubt in his mind, that I'd been fucked before by someone and that's when he stopped trying to get my pants down, so he could get at my little boner. He had other things on his mind now, as he took all of his clothes off, crawled up onto the bed with me, held his now swollen boner to my mouth and said, " Suck it, suck it baby and don't even try and tell me that you don't do things like that because you and I both know better now, don't we?"

The moan that came out of him, as he watched my little hand come up and take ahold of his warm hard boner, told me that he was just as horny as I was, as I started licking on the end of it softly, circling the end of it again and again, with my tiny pink tongue.

Lick lick Lick lick Lickinggg...Circlinggg

" Agghhhhhhhhhh, fuck yes, lick it baby, lick it."

Slurp slurp Slurp slurp Slurp slurp

" Oh yeah, Oh yeah, you've have had a cock in your mouth before alright, haven't ya baby?"

" Uh huh."

I couldn't tell him about my step-uncle and how he'd started having his way with my mouth, when I was only 11 and he'd caught me wearing my cousin's, panties. The same little panties, that my aunt would make me wear in front of her, as punishment, when I'd done something wrong. But my aunt wasn't even home, when he caught me wearing them, so, now he knew that there was something going on inside of me that was different. Something that even I wouldn't find out about myself until later, when the older men started getting to me.

Slurp slurp Slurp slurp Slurp slurp

" That's it, suck it, you like that old, warm, cock, in your mouth, don't ya baby?"

Slurp slurp slurp slurp " Uh huh " slurp slurp

" Use your tongue baby..............Oh yeah...............That it." " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Slurp...slurp Slurp...slurp

" Oh shit, take your clothes off baby, I wanna see ya in the panties."
My mind was screaming, " What are you doing," as I slowly took all of my clothes off, except for the women's black thong panties, crawled back up onto his bed, laid down on my back and closed my eye's. It was like, if I had my eye's closed and couldn't see it, then it wasn't happening or something like that. And the next thing I knew, he was feeling me up. Feeling me up just like he woulda felt a little girl up, even going so far as to playing with my little titties, by kissing and sucking on my now hard nipples.

Nobody had ever sucked on my nipples before, I didn't even know that a boy's nipple's had any feeling's in them but mine sure did. Believe me. Now I can see why all the little girl's liked to have their little titties played with so much, when they'ed let us get close to them.

I could feel one of his big hand's slowly working its way down along my flat little belly, stopping at the top of the panties, like it was going to slide down into them but it didn't. Instead it slid on down along the top of them, until it felt my little cock and tiny nut sac, squeezed the whole package gently, before it continued on down underneath them.

As soon as I felt his hard cold fingertip searching for my little asshole, I started whimpering and begging him not to hurt it. But not hurting it was the last thing on his mind, as he grabbed ahold of the strap of the panties, jerked it aside and jammed his hard stiff long finger all the way up into me and started finger fucking me with it, before I could get away from him.

" Nooooooooooooooooooooooo, Nooooooooooooooo, stop, stop, please stop."

" No way baby, your mine now, you ain't leavin here until I've had you."


" Nooo, Nooo, Ohhh Nooo."

" That's it, give it up, relax baby, just relax and let me do it."


" Ohhh, Ohhh."

" Oh yeah, that's it, squeeze my finger baby, squeeze it."

Squeeze Squeeze Squeeze

" Oh fuckkk, Oh fuck yeah."

Just when his finger was starting to really feel good to me, he pulled it back out of me, grabbed ahold of the panties, jerked them off of me and while holding my little leg's apart, he crawled up inbetween them.

The embarrassment that I felt, as he reached under me, raised my little ass up off of the bed and held it there, as he kept trying to get my little asshole to open up for the tip of his huge boner, was unreal. When he couldn't get it to open up for him, he dropped my little ass back down onto the bed and screamed at me, " Your not gay."

" No."

" Then why?" " Why are you wearing the panties?" " And why were you gonna let me try and fuck you, then?"

" I don't know, it's an itch, it's an itch that I've got up inside of me and the only thing that I've found that'll scratch it and make it feel better, is an older boy's or a man's warm stiff boner."

" Oh shit, really?"

" Uh huh."

" But you said you weren't gay."

" I'm not."

" Yeah right, but you let a man or an older boy, push his dick up your ass and fuck you with it?"

" I can't help it, please don't say it that way."

" Oh shit and how often do you do that?"

The young boy couldn't tell the old man about how the old black janitor had gotten him to take his swollen black cock up into his little white ass when he was little and how much he'd liked it, as he felt it slowly moving back and forth up inside of him.

Even though they lived in the south and white's weren't supposed to have sex with black's way back then, that didn't stop the old black janitor. That didn't stop the old black janitor from taking his warm black cock out and getting the little white boy to play with it, a few times, before he was eventually able to coax the little boy into sucking on it, even after it started squirting. After he was getting the young little white boy to go all the way with it, he had no trouble whatsoever in getting the little white boy to pull his pants and little white cotton underwear all the way down for him and let him try and push his warm black boner up into him. But even though the old black man's, thick black cock, was eventually able to stretch and push its why up into the little boy's tiny little asshole, his rectum wasn't long enough to take all of it and all the old black man could ever get up into him was 3 or 4 inches.

" I don't know, it all depends on the itch and how many times it returns that month and I have to go out and get it scratched, before it will leave me alone."

" Oh fuckkk." " And how many times does that so called itch bother you a month?"

" At least once."

" At Least?"

" Uh huh."

" And what's the most times that its ever bothered you, in one month and made you have to go out and get it scratched?"

" I'd rather not say."

" Why, was it twice?"

" No."

" Oh shit, 3 times, 4 times?"

" Nooo."

" 5 times?"

" Nooo."

" 6 ?"

" Uh huh."

" What, you've had your little ass fucked by six older men, probably 6 different older men in one month and you say that your not gay?"

" I told you, it's the itch that needs to be scratched up inside of me and that's why I let them " Do Me " back there. I don't like men at all, it's their cock's that I have a need for up inside of me, that's all."

Before I could say anymore, he grabbed ahold of my ankle's, pushed my feet up over my head and held my leg's pinned inbetween us like that, as he rubbed the end of his swollen cock all over my tiny little ashole, smearing it with his wet slick pre-cum and just as I was screaming " Noooooooooo," he rammed the first 3 or 4 inches of his huge cock up into me and started fucking me with it, before I could get away from him.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Shut-up you little fucker, you said that you liked the cock up in there, so here it is, take it."


" Uggh " " Uggh" " Uggh Uggh Uggh "

" Oh fuck yes, that's it, just relax and let me get all the way up in there."

"Uggh" "Uggh"

" Oh yeah.........................................Oh yeah, there's more baby, there's more, can you take it?"

Before I could even answer him, not that he wanted an answer anyway, he rammed the rest of it up into me and started fucking me with it harder and harder.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."


That's it, fuck me baby, work that little ass of your's, show me just how much you like that cock up inside of ya."


" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Oh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk, that's it, milk ittt."


" Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Nooooooooooooooooo, Oh fuck noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Squirt............Squirt.........................Squirt Agghhh...Squirt


I was still laying there with my arm across my face, trying not to look at him, with my little asshole still pulsating and clutching around his long swollen cock, as it slipped slowly back out of me.

When he finally let my leg's come back down and he saw the little puddle of white cum that my cock had left above my pubic hair, he said, " Oh fuck, you came." " You came just from having a cock up your ass." " You do like that cock, don't ya baby?"

I was so embarrassed now that his cock had slipped back out of me and I could see it just hanging there in front of him, with little streaks of red and brown on it.

Even though I tried to turn away from it, like I could deny that it had happened, if I couldn't see it, he wouldn't let me and the next thing I knew, he was holding it in front of my mouth and saying, " Suck the cock, baby, it gave you what you needed, now give it what it needs, suck it."

And even though I didn't want to, I did.

When it was finally over and he saw that I couldn't even look at him anymore, he offered to take me home and I let him.

It wasn't until I was getting out of his car that he handed me a little piece of paper with his phone number written on it and a folded up $ 20.00 bill.

I didn't say anything, I couldn't.

It had been almost a month since the old man had given the little young boy his phone number and hoped that the boy would call it but he hadn't. Just as the old man was about to give up on him, there was a little knock on the old man's door in the middle of the night and there he was standing there.

" Oh fuck yeah, it's you, come on in baby, an I'll scratch that itch for ya, you bet I will."

And he did, again and again and again, 3 times that night, before he let the young boy leave again.
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