I'm not a writer, I write dirty little fuck stories. So, if you want to read a love story, please go read someone else's stories. PEACE
I was standing at the urinals and was just starting to pee when an older man came into the bathroom and stood at the other urinal that was next to me. He mumbled something and then just calmly slid his zipper down and pulled his limp dick out. Massaging and pulling on it, like he was trying to get it to pee. I was always embarrassed, when I'd go into a bathroom to pee and there would be another boy or man, already standing at the urinals. But my being there didn't seem to bother him at all, in fact the next thing I knew, he was starting to get a boner. Yes, I was peeking over at it, I don't know why I always do that, but I do. Even when it's a younger boy, I still peek. I think that it's just to make sure that mine's bigger or something like that, I don't know.

I don't know how long I had been peeking at it when all at once I heard him saying, " You like it " and I felt my face getting hot and I knew that I was blushing and wanted to run. I was so embarrassed that he had caught me peeking at it but what happened next embarrassed me even more. As I heard the little whimper, the little whimper that had come out of me, when he asked me if I liked it and the next thing I knew, he was pulling me down to it and holding me there as he kept saying, " Do it, Do it " over and over again. I could smell the faint stale pee on the end of it and I wanted to scream " No" and run but nothing came out.

"Open your mouth."

" Nooo."

" Come on open your mouth, you were watching it, so I know you want it."" Come on hurry before somebody comes in and ruins it."

I don't know what happened. All I know is that one minute I was fight it and trying to pull away and the next thing I knew I had quit trying to fight it and he moaned " Oh yeah, I knew it baby, I knew it. come and get it" and gently pushed me down to it, holding me there, until he felt me starting to lick on it, knew that he had me and knowing that I wasn't going anywhere, he let me go.

" Ohhh Fuckkk Yesss. lick it baby, lick it." " Oh Shittt, who in the fuck taught you to do it like that?" " Agghhhhhh."

He was right, I did like it but I had never been able to come to terms with it in my mind, so I hadn't been able to do it for a long long time.

How do you tell a man, a perfect stranger, that you need to lick the end of his dick and suck the pee out of it, as your standing at the urinal's, without him thinking your crazy?

The [ Urge ] to lick the pee from a boys dick or a girls pussy has been with me, since I was little and I've gotten into alot of trouble with it. But I can't help it, I have to do it.

I'm embarrassed to admit that it's been pretty hard to find enough girls that would let me lick their fresh pee, off of their little pussy. But it's easy, really easy to find an older boy or man that will let me do it, so that's where I've ended up going mostly with it.

I think that the humiliation that turns me on to it even more, is when I'm licking on a man, a perfect stranger because it's usually being done while kneeling down or standing and bending over in front of the pee stained urinal's. Or while kneeling down on the dirty floor in some dirty stall in the back of a men's room.

Most of the women and girls that have let me lick them have made me wait until they washed it off and ruined the whole thing for me, without their even knowing it.

I couldn't believe that I was doing it again, it had been so long, since I had felt how smooth a man's dick was with my warm soft tongue, while he was standing at the urinal's and he was not only wanting me to do it but was starting to beg me to open my mouth and let him pee in it.

Finally I couldn't take it anymore and opened my mouth while I was holding onto his warm cock and whispered " Do it, Do it " and all at once his golden pee shot out of the end of it, up into my open mouth, splashing against the back of my mouth, running back out of my open mouth and down onto the dirthy floor, in front of the urinal's.

" Oh shit, you are a [ Pee Freak ], aren't you baby?" " I knew it."

I don't even remember closing my mouth around it, so the rest of it wouldn't go down onto the floor. All I remember is feeling it filling my mouth again and again and hearing the little " Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp...Gulping sounds coming out of me, as he stood there and getting me to swallow it again and again and again.

Just when I thought he was through, he started peeing again and that's when the door open and another man came in. Saw him standing there at the urinal's getting me to suck on it and said, " Oh shit." and started back out the door when the one that was getting me to suck on him while he was still peeing said, " Come on in Bob and close the door. Don't worry, you won't get into any trouble it was his idea and not mine, he's a [ Pee Freak ] aren't you boy?"

The shame that I was feeling as another man watched me drinking a man's pee at the urinal's was unreal. But even there something happened and I felt my little boner starting to get hard and I knew that once again I was in trouble.

When the old man finally finished peeing, his friend Bob drug me back to the last stall and made me sit down on the white toilet and made me watch as he slowly pulled his dick out. He wasn't saying a word, just standing there and holding it out to me, knowing that if I was really a [ Pee Freak ] like the old man had told him, that that was all he really had to do.

I don't know how long I sat there trying not to do anything with it before I finally gave in, opened my mouth, tilted my head back and let him pee into my open mouth, until he couldn't pee anymore.

Just when I thought that it was over, the old man said, " Hold him there, I'll get Joe " and he left the bathroom.

I couldn't have gotten up even if I had wanted too, I don't know why. All I know is that one minute I was sitting there, trying to understand why it was happening to me again and the next minute, there was a huge old mechanic standing in the doorway of the stall and he was saying, " So, we gots us a [ Piss Freak ] do we?"
" Pull your pants down boy, I'm gonna to p[ss on you."

" Nooo, what do you mean?"

" You heard me, I'm gonna pee on you, your a fuckin [ Pee Freak ] aren't you?"

Before I could even say anything, the old man came into the stall and jerked my tee-shirt up over my head.

" Now the pants."

" Nooo, please don't."

" Quit whining, I'm not going to hurt you, just pee on you, now pull them down or do you want me to pee on them too?"

Since I didn't want him to pee on my pants too, I undid them and slid them down.

" Your underwear too."

I can't even describe how I felt as I slowly slid my underwear down, knowing that I was pulling them down to let a man pee on me and feeling even more embarrassed now because I was even more horny by then and my little boner was sticking straight up and they could see it. I tried to cover it up but the old mechanic said, " Oh yeah, lookie here, you can't tell me that he ain't excited about gettin peed on, look at that, he's got a boner." "Move your hands boy, move your hands, I wanna pee on it." " I wanna pee on that little boner of yours and see just how excited you really are.

" Nooo."

" Move um."

Before I could move my hands, his pale yellow pee shot out of the end of his old wrinkled dick, shot down onto my hands and then down onto my little boner, as I jerked my hands away and just sat there watching him pee on it. And that's when something strange happened inside of me again. Feeling his warm pee splashing onto my little boner, running down the sides of it, covering my little ball sac, before working its way all the way back to and across my little asshole, was more than my mind could handle and I lost it and my little boner started squirting while he finished peeing on it. Wetting it,wetting it like it was getting it ready, ready for what some of the other men had done to me before, fucked me on the dirty floor of in the backseats of their cars.

Before he was through with me he had worked his pale yellow stream up to my little titties. " Oh shit, look at his nipples, look at his nipples, he likes it, look at um hardening."

Just feeling his warm pee splashing against my nipples made me almost loose it again and my mouth dropped open.

" Oh yeah, open up baby, open up " and he moved the warm stream back up to my mouth and made me keep it open, choking me with the huge amount of it, before he finished peeing.

I spent the next 3 months trying to figure out why I had let them do that to me but I never could. All I know is that about 6 months later, I found myself drunk again, out in the middle of nowhere and there it was, the little gas station, the same little gas station and I went inside.

As I was paying for more to drink, the man behind the counter mumbled, " Oh shit it's you, I remember you."

I grabbed my change and more or less ran back out of the front door, trying to get away from him but it was already to late. To late because the memory had already started and instead of going out and hitchhiking again, I found myself looking all around and then going back into the bathroom. The same bathroom that the whole thing had happened to me before.

It was like I was a third person, watching what was going on and not myself. As I slowly got undressed, dropped my clothes in a little pile in front of the back stall door, letting them know where I was and went in.

I don't know how long I had been sitting there naked and playing with myself, when I heard the bathroom door opening and 2 or 3 people came in, by the sound of their voices.

Just as I was starting to get scared because I didn't know who it was, I heard one of them say, " Lock the door, we don't want anybody ruining this, do we?"

Even though they had seen me almost naked before, I was still embarrassed when one of them pulled the stall door open and they saw me sitting there naked, with my legs spread and my little boner sticking straight up, throbbing and waiting for them to pee on it.

" See, I told you he'd be back."

" Shut-up and remember, the one that gets him to cum, while he's peeing on him, gets the 5 bucks on the counter."

The shame I felt as I closed my eyes, spread my legs even wider so they could pee on my little boner and held my mouth open for them to pee in, can never be explained. I wanted it but I was ashamed that I wanted it and didn't know how to handle it.

I don't know which one was first to pee on me. All I know is that he kept peeing on my boner for the longest time and when that didn't work, he peed straight into my mouth and made me swallow it, all of it, while the other 2 stood there and watched him filling my mouth again and again and again with his warm salty pee.

As soon as he was done, one of the other 2 said, " My turn " and pulled his zipper down, as he stepped up in front of me.

Just when I was about to open my eyes and see why he wasn't peeing, I heard him saying, " Beg for it baby, beg for it."

" Nooo."

" Do it, beg for it or you don't get it."

" Please don't make me have do that, I'm already embarrassed enough about needing it done to me."

" Come on beg."

" Ohhh."

" Well, do it, beg."

" Ohhh, please."

" Please what?"

" Please pee on me."

" Where, tell me where you want it and I'll do it."

" Ohhh, Ohhh, On my titties, In my mouth and On my little boner." " Pee on my little boner and make me cum, PLEASE."

It felt like the longest time before I felt his warm pee splashing down against my little boner, Caressing my little furry ball sac, with its warm wetness and I felt my little boner starting to jerk, as it made its way back across my little asshole, wetting it, really wetting it, once again like it was getting it ready, before dropping down into the white toilet bowl under it.

" Oh fuck, look at his eyes, look at his eyes, they're crossing, they're crossing, he's cuminggg." " Ohhh fuck, he's cuminggggg, look at him."

I don't know why my eyes cross when I'm cuming, they just do, I can't help it.

The one that had made me cum was screaming, " 5 bucks, 5 bucks it's mine, it's mine." And the one that hadn't peed yet was screaming, " What about me, what about me" and they laughed at him, as the 2 of them went out the door. Leaving me there all alone with him and that's when I noticed that he wasn't one of the original 3 from the time before and I started to get scared, really scared and wanted out of there.

He could see that I was afraid of him and that told him that he could have his way with me before he left me there in the bathroom and both of us knew it.

He had the wildest look in his eyes as he more or less hissed, " Ever kissed the porcelain baby?"

" What?"

" You know, Kissed the porcelain, have you ever been bent over a porcelain toilet and fucked by a man, a real man, up that little ass of yours."

" NOOO."

" Well guess what baby, tonights your night, you ain't getten out of here until I've had at least one taste of that sweet little ass of yours."

Before I really knew what was happening, he had pulled me up off of the toilet, turned me around, pushed me down, bent me over it and I could feel the end of his dick pushing against my little asshole and I started screaming and telling him, " I'm not that way " but either he didn't hear me or just didn't care because all at once he pushed the end of his dick up into me and I screamed louder than I had ever screamed before and then pushed the rest of it up into me and held it there, waiting for me to get used to the size of it.

" Easy baby, relax." " It won't hurt long and then after you kiss the porcelain and I finish cuming in you, you can leave and forget all about it,ok?"

I was trying get him to take it out of me because it was to big, way to big but nothing was coming out and since nothing was coming out of me he thought that I liked it and started working it in and out of me, easy at first but getting harder and harder, as he felt my little asshole getting used to it.

" Oh fuck baby, you've been fucked before haven't you?" " Oh shit yes, you have, work it baby, work it."

By then I didn't care what he thought of me, the need to cum again was driving me on and he knew it, as he watched my horny little asshole devouring his swollen cock again and again, as he pushed it up into me deeper and deeper, until I could feel him grinding his pubic hair into me and I knew that I had taken it, [ Taken it all ].

When he saw my need for taking it was getting stronger and stronger, he pulled me back towards him, driving it all the way up into me and screaming, " Kiss it, Kiss it."

As soon as he saw my lips touching it, where the porcelain was showing at the front of the toilet seat he moaned, " Oh fuck " and lost it and squirted up into me Once..." Agghhh "...Squirt, Twice..." Agghhh "...Squirt, " Agghhh "...Squirt, Squirt, Squirt..." Agghhh "...Squirt, filling my little asshole and now stretched rectum with his warm sticky cum.

Just when I thought it was over, I felt something warm starting to flow out of the end of his still warm cock and I realized that he was peeing, flooding my insides, with his warm oily pee.
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