my sweet innocent aynt my first love and teacher of pleasure
Hi this is my first experience of the blissful world of sex. This happened about 5 months ago. First a little about me, I am a normal Asian (pak Lhr) boy (with an extra ordinary God given facial beauty) of 18 yrs old with a normal built(slightly muscular) and height 5.8, with 7½ inches manhood. I am in collage, 2nd yr. I have a very .big family with aunt’s uncles and cosines.

This experience is about my youngest aunt, Her name is lets say Rubi(I have changed her name).She is young indeed (27yrs) brown eyes, jet black hair , hourglass figure 32DD. and a smile to die for. She is unmarried because she has a birth deficiency that she can never produce a child and that is a big problem in Pakistan to get married. She never showed it but she felt a little disgrace. As all of her sisters were married and had children. She was still a virgin (that I found out later). She lived in the states but recently returned. She is a little modern but still a paki.

Her house is in defense and she lives there with my grandpa now. We often visited her as my most of the aunts live abroad so obeusly I was her favorite nephew. I fantasized about her allot but knew it would never happen.

So one day my mother and father took me to her house it wasn’t an ordinary visit because my grandpa had a medical test and for that they had to go to a doctor whose clinic was about 3hr drive away and the test would take 2-3 hrs. Aunt Rubi decided to stay home she hated long drives and so my mother asked me to accompany her. I decided to stay. After every one was gone aunt started to watch TV and I sat on the sofa admiring her figure she was wearing tight PJ's and a long shirt. It was middle of summer and it was pretty hot. I could see the perfect shape of her breasts which was very visible through the thin material of the bra. A little later she got tired and laid on the big couch as she laid there her T shirt rode up a little exposing her perfectly toned belly God she is beautiful I thought to myself.

After a while she said that her back was a little sore from all that uncomfortable position on the couch and asked me to rub it for her. (I have to mention here that I had a healers touch to a sore body and was famous around the family for my relieving massages and got very good comments), and she said “Lets see that what everybody babbles about your massages so much”, I said OK and got of from the sofa and got to her couch and sat there on my knees. Then with the soft touch of my hand I started to give her a light rub on the back, as I rubbed her she gave a sigh of relive and said “AAh! God that feels good” I was satisfied with her remark and then I started to apply some pressure to her back, and went a little up she asked to rub her shoulders and back of the neck, I obeyed her and started to rub her shoulders,
I was getting a little excited, we made small talks mostly about our lives and day to day stuff.

After I was done with her neck She thanked me by giving me a kiss on the cheek and said that I had magic in my hands and should open my own massage parlor the girls would die for a massage like that, and speaking of massage I was wondering that I was due to go to the massage parlor ( for women only) tomorrow for a body massage that would cost me RS 1500, I said “and” then she said “ and I was wondering that you are even better then those pro’s, you could give me a massage if you don’t mind” heck I would mind I was near faint and could not contain my excitement but I kept my cool and answered very calmly that it wont be a problem but what about my mom she would mind as ur her sis, she said that who is going to tell her and she wont be home until next 6 or 7 hours and besides ur doing ur aunt a favor. Then I said “I guess so”

Then she said “all right it’s settled then I’ll change into something more comfortable” after few minutes she came out wearing a baggy T-shirt with a low cut and buttons behind it so it could open easily, in which 2 of her could fit and very loose shorts (very short shorts) and in one hand was a bottle of body lotion. My jaws dropped and I was starting to get erect. Soon I was snapped back to reality when she handed me the bottle, I then patted on the couch signaling her to lie down. As she lay down on the couch she asked me to open the buttons of the shirt. I opened the buttons of her shirt with trembling hands. When it was open I came to know that she was wearing a very light bra the one made of that net material.

I instantly got a raging hard-on. I poured some cream on my hand and asked her where to begin and she said to start from her neck, I rubbed the cream on both of my hands and then rubbed it on her neck with slow and soft touch. After a few strokes I moved toward the shoulders I give them a little time and moved to the arm and hands I rubbed between her fingers and returned to her shoulders but she said to also massage her armpits I then moved my hands towards the armpit area and when I massaged there my hand slightly touched her bra covered breast. Boy I was turned on then the other one, now touching intentionally but she did not responded and I began to massage her back I poured some more cream into the palm of my hand and when I rubbed it on her back she slightly responded to the difference of the temp. Of the cream by moving a little, I asked if she was OK and she said she was in heaven, I resumed rubbing her back and the sides, she asked me to go lower along the spinal column I then placed my hand on her spine and pressed a bit and took that pressure to the end till I could feel the starting of her ass crack and her panty band, I stopped there and then continued form above after a few more stokes I said the back was done if she wanted few more rubs to the back but she said that was fine and now I could do her feet and legs. In between she asked me that if I have any girlfriends and I told her that only one she asked if I was serious with her but I told her that no I was just fooling around.

I again poured some cream in my palm and started to rub it on her feet she giggled as she was very ticklish there I continued to her lower legs just below the knee nice long smooth rubs, she was breathing a little heavy I guess from all the soothing massage then I reached a little higher towards the thai but my hand was blocked by her shorts so I lingered down the leg, she noticed it and said “wait” and then did what I never expected but hoped she put her thumbs in the waist bands of the knickers and slowly started to pull them down but she paused for a moment and asked me If I was comfortable with that, I was dumbfound and before I could screw it up I said in a low voice that its ok then she pulled them off, I swallowed hard and then I put my hands on her thai but still could not believe it that I was seeing and touching her naked ass (but her pussy wasn’t visible cause of panties) sure they were my fantasies. I slowly rubbed till I was just an inch blow her butt cheeks and lowered my hand but she said that a little higher so I got the ticket and went for the butt slowly rubbed her ass cheeks she was surly enjoying this; her breath rate and slow soft moans like “uuummmmm” were telling. I rubbed her cheeks a little more then I took a bold step and slowly inched my way in side her ass and gave a good rubbing there she did not show any objection. Then I gave a little rub to all the back areas from neck to feet as a sign that I was done.

When I stopped she turned around and with a breath taking smile she asked me if I was tired already, I said no, and why she has asked that she said that you have done only my back and the front remains just by hearing that my heart was in my throat and I had the most painful erection I ever had. By saying that she turned around and laid head up “wow that was a sight I begged to see” I thought to myself. Suddenly she said “oops I almost forgot the shirt” and by saying that she slid off her shirt and her miraculous bra covered breasts were at display for me though bra was not doing a good job of covering her breasts almost more than half of the breast were not covered, suddenly I felt a little embraced by my instant color change to red she asked if I minded cause she needed her front massaged also and I said no its not that. She asked then what the problem was. I said that it just don’t feel rite. She said that I don’t have to worry and we were not doing anything wrong and it was just a massage I doubt it. After having that conversation I took the cream and took a few drops of it and placed my hands on her flat stomach and I started to rub it in circular motions and then headed towards under breasts, I felt my erection tearing through my short covered boxers. I took control over myself and calmed my self down and concentrated on the massage, then I moved and did her neck and upper portion then I moved towards the legs which were the far sexiest legs I have ever seen; now from where I was sitting I could only see the camel toe which was bald almost visible through the thin material and that she had recently she has shaven her pubics off,

From legs I moved to the upper portion of the legs and rubbed that part till I reached near the pussy slit and inner thai but I could not access as her legs were closed I then looked at her and she opened her legs (now I knew where the game was going I was as nervous as I was excited),I reached the inner thai area and started to massage but not had the courage to touch even the outer sides of the pussy she noticed again and asked me that I was behaving like I have never touched or even seen a semi-nude girl before and acted like a virgin, I did not responded and instead I rolled my eyes off of her, then she said (now knowing that I was a virgin and haven’t even seen a nude girl before) “OH! My God are you kidding me I would never had thought that a stud like you would be a VIRGIN” And she saw my stiffer and she said that I was showing it too, I was even now redder. She then lifted my chin till my eyes met hers and she said that it was nothing to be ashamed of and if I felt better she would tell her secret to me also. And I said what that was .she replied that she was still a virgin that was the point I came to know that my hot sexy aunt is still a virgin, I asked why that was? She answered that she didn’t want to give her cheery to a person she hardly knew and didn’t like dating a lot. So she asked me that if I knew about women. I said a little as I watched porno and she asked If I had a fantasy girl and I replied that it was her, she was a little surprised and happy by the look of her face and then she asked me the most unexpected question that if I wanted to know more in practical term as we both were virgin, so I raised that stupid question that would it be wrong but she said that “look you don’t have a problem nor do I, nobody would have a problem as they wont know and besides you have needs and I have needs which have to be satisfied, one day you would have to do it with some other girl so why not do it with the one u fantasized so much about” after considering for a second I said that yeah ur rite, hearing my answer she took her bra and panties off and for the first time in my life I saw a nude goddess in front of me for real, then she said ok first of all you have seen me naked lets see you now, I stripped to just boxers :she gave me a smile and told me to drop em down as I pulled my boxers down she saw my dick and was mesmerized by its sight and length. She just kept staring till I said that you can touch it she was snapped out of her state and she slowly reached down and grabbed my dick from its base, I gasped as I felt her soft fingers caressing my dick she complemented me that I had a very lovely and long dick. I was very happy by her statement. I then lovingly took her into my arms and gently placed a soft kiss on her lips then I slightly gave her a bit long wet passionate kiss and took her lower lip In my lips and then I parted but this time I kissed her long and I inserted my tongue which was accepted by her mouth and our tongues swirled around in each others mouth exploring the unknown territory. She broke the kiss and asked if I have done it before and that was an amazing sensation and I replied that only once but that was long time ago with my girlfriend. I then took her breast in my hand and played with the nipples and put one in mouth and sucked on it and gave it little bites just like in porno flicks she was moaning “ahhhhh.. Yeah that’s it… don’t stop.. ahhhhhh” then I gave little kisses on her belly she stopped me saying that now it was my turn to have the pleasure and she dropped down to her knees and took my dick in her hand and gave it a little pump then she placed little playful kisses on my cockhead and she cupped my balls and finally she took half of it in her mouth I jumped a little but she kept going, this was the best sensation I have ever felt, after 4-5 min of intense blowjob I was feeling my cum boil and warned her to take it easy. (I masturbated twice or thrice a week so control was not issue but a man is a man) then I took her by her shoulder and sat her on the couch and said that relax and enjoy, I started kissing from where I left, I kissed her belly till I reached her pussy for the first time I saw a real pussy and a very cute one, puffy, pink, and aroma of nectar. I placed a kiss on her pussy lips and she let loose a deep loud hissing type of moan, I could see her hymen and I knew what I have to do and asked for her permission to deflower her she hesitated at first but then she said do it and I promised to as gentle as to be with a flower, she gave me a confused smile and with that I placed one finger in her vagina she moaned a little I then moved my finger to and fro and then I added another finger and a long satisfying moan came from her, and then I started to move my fingers a little faster ;her breathing became fast and in gapes, I then put a little pressure on her hymen and she said that she wont be able to take it but I held her hand in mine and her head was on my shoulder I could feel her pain because when the pain increased she bit on my shoulder to suppress it so I felt how she felt. Now with swift move and appropriate pressure I broke her hymen (there was a small amount of blood but soon it stopped) and she screamed and dug her nails in my back and bit so hard on my neck that I almost bleed. After a while she calmed down and seeing what she has done to me apologized to me but I said there is no need for that but I took it as a mark of my first love and it didn’t hurt a bit instead I felt it as a turn on. After hearing that she kissed me hard on my lips. then I took a wet wipe and cleaned her pussy, Now I slid down and placed my lips on her pussy and sucked on it she moan and told me where to put the pressure it took her word and did as she told me till I found her pressure point (clit) and suck on it and gave it a real hard tongue she moaned ”oh…oh…..oh aahhha fuck that’s the spot im going to cum don’t stop please ahhh…yaeh” and with a loud roar she came and I lapped up all her juices and the taste was a little funny but soon I began to like it. Then she said that I want you in me I said that was she sure as she was just virgin an hour and half before she said yes; so I lowered my self on the couch and placed the tip of my dick at her entrance and rubbed against her clit she said not to tease her any more so I slowly lowered my self in her she was continuously moaning and getting louder inch by inch. Damn she was tight I thought I would faint, I then pulled out a little and then shoved in the full length in a long slow stroke she wrapped her legs around my back and pulled me in her till my pubic bone was against hers and my balls were hitting her asshole, I was giving her kisses, I then started to move at a slow pace and increased speed with strokes, as I got faster she started to scream and was at the edge of her climax, with one last long powerful stoke I took her to the extreme and she climaxed which triggered me and I came in her pussy, she screamed in pleasure and collapsed on me I hugged her still my shaft inside her and we stayed like that for a while and then we hit the shower; washed and soaped each other, I was again hard and she said that we would have to do something about that and she turned towards the wall and placed her hand on it, stretched her legs and I got the hint and placed my now hard rod in her love chamber and made love till we both lost our edge and satisfyingly climaxed together, then we dried each other and got dressed, sat in the living room in each others arms and kissing now and then.

A few moments later Rubi said “I wish I could have a loving and caring man like you”, I said “you have me …….rite”, she said “no silly a husband like you”, I said that I can be your unofficial husband If you like and that I had a lot of time left for my marriage till then I am yours, when she heard my thought she hugged me tightly and kissed me, tiny drops of tear rolled down to her cheeks from her eyes( probely because I loved her more than any one had ever loved her), I wiped her tears and held her like that in a loving hug and said when ever you feel lonely just give me a call and I’ll be there for you, she said that she couldn’t be any happier and she felt like the luckiest woman alive. Our relation is till now as hot as it was then and our lovemaking is very often 2-3 times a week. We enjoy each others company a lot.

Ladies and gents plz feel free to leave any comments.

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