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I had played with our boy dog when I was little and would still get the strangest feeling, everytime that I'd see a boy dogs cock all wet and hanging out. It had all started out so innocent at first but each time I played with him, more and more would happen and eventually he mounted me and fucked me, right there in the darkness in our backyard.

I knew it wasn't right to let a boy dog fuck me in my ass but it was almost like I had to let him do it because I had been prick teasing him with it for so long, without even knowing it.

When it all started, I would get down on my hands and knees with him and crawl all around on the ground pretending that I was another dog or whatever. Even though I was still fully clothed, he would be checking my little butt out and coming around to sniff it. Everytime he'd do that and then come back around in front of me, I'd see the wet pointed tip of his doggie boner peeking out of its dark hairy sheath. Usually it would only be sticking out about an inch but other times it would be sticking out 3 or 4 inches, depending on how long he had been back there behind me.

It wasn't until I had reached under his belly and felt his boner through his sheath, that I finally understood what his knot was, the thing that the girls used to giggle and moan about, whenever 2 stray dogs would be humping out on the school yard. What I didn't understand was how it would swell-up, after he already had it up inside of you, stretching your pussy or rectum wider and wider, until it would be so big, that it couldn't slide back out until he was finished with you and had left his warm boy doggie cum way up inside of you. Not caring if you were a girl or boy or that there was a little dick and a pair of little balls, hanging down below the warm tight hole that he was fucking. He just needed [a fuck ] and for whatever the reason, I would get down and let him do me, whenever he wanted too. The thing that I didn't understand until years later, when I was getting as horny as he must have been. Was that the more I gave-in and gave it to him and sometimes that was 3 or 4 times a month before it was all over, the more he wanted it. Like he could never get enough and I guess he couldn't.

I can't even describe how good it felt, feeling his warm boner moving back and forth in me. Working its way up into me, as he held me with his front legs locked around my hips, pulling me back on it and drove it up into me deeper and deeper.

The hair at the opening of his hairy sheath was course and I could always feel it sticking and poking around my little asshole, grinding into it, telling me that I had [ Taken it all ], just before he would squirt me. Not once, not twice but again and again and again. And just when I would start to feel that it was all over, his warm boner would start jerking and erupting up inside of me all over again. Flooding my insides, coating my rectum, with his warm sticky doggie cum.

I used to watch and freak out because everytime after he had done me, he would go over to the corner and laydown and start licking on it. Not caring that it had just been up inside of my little asshole. It wasn't until years later, after an old blackman had gotten me drunk, fucked me up the ass and then made me lick on his, that I even halfway understood why the dog used to do it.

I had been working at the kennel for almost a year when it happened.

Tommy had called in sick again, so I was there all alone with them and my mind started racing.

I had lost my girl friend about a month before and I was horny, really horny and somehow they could sense it or at least it seemed that way.

Even though it was dark, there was a full moon, so when I went out back and walked along, I could kinda see into the cages and see that each of them was alright. Plus I had a flashlight but hardly ever had to use it when there was a full moon, like there was tonite.

I had been fighting the urge to get into one of the cages and feel and play with one for almost a year now. I had been able to control it, mostly because Tommy was always there with me, so I couldn't do it, even if I wanted too. But tonite was different because for the first time Tommy wasn't with me and I was all alone with them and I'm embarrassed to admit, that I lost it.

I had been watching a Dobbie for about 3 months now because everytime he'd see me, the pink tip of his dick would start to slide out. Like he already knew, already knew that someday he was going to have me. Coaxing me with it, just by showing it to me.

It was almost midnight, when I walked up to his cage and opened it. He was standing over in the corner, about 8 feet away. The cages were 6 by 8's so there was plently of room inside, for anything that was about to happen.

He was just standing there looking at me, not growling or anything, just looking.

It wasn't until I got down onto my hands and knees in the dirt, that he started coming towards me, to see what I was doing or whatever.

I didn't say anything [ I didn't want to scare him off ] as me moved over in front of me and started smelling me. First along my head and then working his way back around to my butt. He stayed back there for the longest time and I was really getting afraid that he was going to bite me or something. But eventually he came back around in front of me and that's when I slowly reached under his belly and started feeling it. " Oh yesss, it had been so long and it was a nice one."

As soon as he felt me squeezing gently on his hairy sheath, he started humping and I could feel his little boner moving inside, as it worked it's way back and forth. When I saw that he was going to let me play with it and not bite me, I moved my hand to the front of his sheath and let him slide his wet boner back and forth in my partially closed hand. Jacking him with my fingers.

I couldn't believe how thick it was starting to get and then I was really shocked when it came out far enough to let his Knot come out too. It was huge, really huge, I couldn't even close my fingers around it, it was that big. It was the size of a small orange or tangerine or something like that.

I reached back past it and felt for his hairy nut sac, knowing that they would be big too and they were, really were. I rolled them with my fingers, feeling the size of them, wondering how full they were as he just stood there letting me do it. Not caring that it was a boy playing with him.

I don't know how long I had been feeling them when I lost it and crawled around behind him, feeling myself being drawn to his little asshole. He was a Dobbie and his tail had been cropped, so it was right there in front of me. Even with just the light of the moon, I could see how wrinkled it was, with all of its wrinkles pointing towards the center, drawing me to it, like our boy dogs had done to me so many years before.

It was like I had no choice, no choice as I leaned forward and touched it with the tip of my tongue. Jerking back out of fear, fear that he would bite me.

I could see it puckering up, puckering up because something had touched it and it was like he was trying to figure out what it had been.

Just seeing it puckering up like that drew me to it and before I knew it, I was licking on it softly and he was just standing there letting me do it.

One thing led to another and eventually I was working my little tongue up into it, feeling the warmth of it as it wrapped around my tongue and eventually french-kissed it, before it was all over.

Somewhere along the way, I had slipped my hand past his hairy ball sac and was feeling his long full boner, while I was still sucking on his little black asshole and gently and working my little tongue in and out of it, faster and faster.

It was big now, way to big for me and I knew that I'd have to get away from him, get away from him, so that it would go back down again.

He was just standing there looking at me, with his thick cock with it's huge swollen knot towards the base of it, hanging down under his belly as I went out the gate again.

I went back up to the office and sat there thinking about what I had just done. Trying to figure out why but I never could.

I don't know how long I sat there, before getting up and giving-in to the urge again. Feeling guilty as I made my way back to his cage but opening the gate anyway and going inside because the need was inside of me and wouldn't go away until it was fulfilled. And I knew it because of how it had been so many years ago, when our boy dog had been having his way with me.

He was laying over in the corner when I walked up to his cage but as soon as he saw me opening the gate he stood-up and I saw that his cock had gone back up inside of him and knew that it was small enough for him to get it up inside of me, if I just hurried.

Just the thought of being fucked by another dog again, made my little asshole go into spasm. Clenching and releasing, over and over again as I stood there undoing my pants and letting them slide down. I almost came, as I hooked my thumbs along the top of my underwear and slowly peeled them down. Watching him watching me, the whole time that I was doing it. I was ready and he knew it and he was ready and I knew it, as I dropped down onto my hands and knees in front of him, offering him my little butt, waiting for him to come over and do it.

He was in no hurry, as he stood there looking at me, finally coming over and smelling me again. This time was different though because this time, when he moved around to my little butt, I could feel him breathing and brushing me with his whiskers, brushing me as he got closer and closer to my little asshole.

All at once his warm thick tongue came out and slid across my little asshole, sending shivers all the way thru me and making me raise my little ass up, so he would do it again and he did, again and again and again. Licking me so much, that I almost squirted onto the ground below me.

I wanted to suck him somemore but I knew that if I did, that he'd get to big again and then he wouldn't be able to fuck me, so I just stayed there and let him lick and lick and lick on my little asshole, until I couldn't stand it anymore and I pulled away from him and stood-up. And that's when he saw my boner sticking out and the next thing I knew, he was licking on it to, not caring that I was a boy and that it was a cock that he was licking on. He was horny and wanted sex and to him [I was sex ] and he was going to do me, if I'd let him.

The fear that I felt as I got down on my hands and knees in front of him, offering him my butt and little star shaped asshole was unreal.

Just as I was about to turn and see what was wrong with him, he jumped up onto me and I could feel the pointed end of his dick poking at me again and again, searching, searching for my little asshole. And then finally finding it with the wet pointed tip and driving it up into me, making me cry out more in shock than pain as my little asshole went into spasm wrapping around it and I tried and get away from him. But he would have no part of that and pulled me back onto it, with his hairy front paws, that were now wrapped tightly around my hips, digging his claws into me. Jabbing it up into me faster and faster, trying to get it to swell-up big enough inside of me, so that I couldn't get away from him and eventually it did. And that's when he knew that he had me and that I was [ His ] until he was finished with me. Even his grip on my hips relaxed as soon as he knew, that I couldn't get away.

I could feel it, as it kept swelling bigger and bigger up inside of me, as he moved it in and out of me, faster and faster, stretching my little asshole, stretching my warm tight rectum.

There wasn't very much pain because it had gone up into me small but the longer he did me with it, the bigger it was getting and pretty soon I was crying and sorry that I had let him.

I was crying and begging him to stop but it was like he had gone mad and there was no way that he could stop until he had squirted me, so he just kept humping me faster and faster, harder and harder, making me cry even more.

All at once someone said, " What's going on out here? " and turned a flashlight on us, making me raise up and try and get away from him but he had [ Tied with me ] and I couldn't pull away from him. I was hung-up to him, with his long thick boner and knot, all the way up inside of me.

I started screaming and trying to get him off of me but he was hung-up to me and just kept humping up into me, not caring that someone was watching him, while he did me. As soon as the light from the flashlight had hit us, Tommy said, " Oh shit, I don't believe it " and went back into the office.

I can't even describe the shame and embarrassment that I was going through, knowing that he had seen me down on my hands and knees, not only letting a dog, a Dobbie Dog fuck me but letting him [ Tie ] with me to, so that he could squirt and fill me with his warm doggie cum.

He [ Tied ] with me for almost a full 15 minutes and for the whole time he was doing it, I was crying but he didn't care, as it just kept jerking up inside of me again and again, until finally he was through with me and it shrank back down enough for him to pull it out of me and go over and start licking on it, over in the corner. Jerking it out through my little asshole like that, when he got off of me, sent my little asshole into spasms and throbbing, that lasted at least an hour. Reminding me, of what he had just done to me.

I didn't know what to say or do when I went back into the office and Tommy was sitting there, with a shit eating grin on his face, giving me that [ I know a secret ] and I'm gonna tell look.

" Please don't tell, I don't know why I did it."

" You don't know why?"

" No."

" You've never done it before?"

" No, well yes but that was when I was little."

" Oh shit, you let a dog fuck you, when you were little?"

" Uh huh."

" A big dog, like that one?"

" Nooo."

" How big was he, didn't it hurt?"

" Kinda but I got used to it."

" Used to it, you let him do you more than once?"

" Un huh, all the way through the 7th and 8th grades."

" Oh fuck, how many times did he do you?"

" I don't know."

" You don't know, 10, 20, 30, more."

" More."

" Ohhh fuckkk."

" Please don't tell, that you saw me with the Dobbie, please."

He gave me the strangest look and wouldn't answer for the longest time. Then when he did, I knew that I was in trouble because he said, " I won't tell but you have to do it again and let me watch, watch it all the way through,ok?"

" Nooo."

" No?"

" Please don't make me do that."

" Why, what's the difference, I've already seen you doing it haven't I?" " What's wrong with me seeing you do it again?" " Besides I want to see how you got him to mount you."

" Nooo."

" Oh you'll do it alright or else."

I ran into the bathroom, jerked my pants and underwear down, sat down on the white toilet, just as I felt his nasty doggie cum starting to ooze of my little swollen asshole, dropping down into the water, down in the white toilet bowl. I had the weirdest feeling as I sat there listening to it as it plopped down into the water, splashing the cold water back up onto my little asshole, where his nasty cum had just come from.

When I came out of the bathroom he was still sitting there and that's when he said, " Tomorrow night." And I felt my face getting all hot because I knew that he was serious and that there was no way that I could not do it or he would tell about me letting the Dobbie do me and then what would I do?

I could hardly sleep that night, partly because of what was going to happen the next day but mostly because I was laying there remembering how good the Dobbie's boner and felt while he was doing me and even now, many hours later. I kept touching my little asshole, teasing it, with my fingertip. And once again finger fucking myself, before I could fall asleep.

When I went into work the next night Tommy wasn't there and I felt a relief, as I hoped that he would be off sick again but that's when the boss told me that he had called in and that he would be in later.

It was almost midnight before he came through the door. Once again with that stupid shit eating grin on his face, as he looked right at me and said, " Well."

I didn't know how to answer him and he got mad at me and started saying that he was going to tell on me.

Having people know that I had let a dog fuck me, was more than my mind could handle. Even though Tommy already knew, I knew that if I did what he told me, that he probably wouldn't tell on me. So, I said, " You wait here, give me 5 or 10 minutes with him, to get him ready and then you come out, ok?"

" 5 or 10 minutes, what are you going to do to him?"

" Just wait, okay?"

" Alright but you better do it or else."

I didn't want to do it but I knew that if I didn't do it that he would tell and then I would have nowhere else to hide.

As soon as I stepped out the back door, the Dobbie saw me and started pacing in his cage. It was almost like he knew, knew what was about to happen and couldn't wait to feel my little asshole and warm rectum wrapped around his boner again.

I didn't have very much time to get him excited, so I did it the quickest way that I could think of by walking behind him and slipping my hand inbetween his hind legs, feeling his hairy ball sac, working my hand up to his hairy sheath and feeling on it as I dropped down behind him and started licking softly on his little wrinkled asshole again. Just touching it with my little tongue made the urge to french it take over and the next thing I knew, I was sucking on it gently and working my little tongue back up into the warmth of it. Suckinggg on it, as I worked my tongue in and out of it faster and faster.

Somewhere out in the darkness I heard someone moan and I jerked away from it, pulling my tongue out of it but it was already to late because he had caught me.

" Nooo, nooo, your not supposed to be out here yet, go back, go back inside."

" No way, not after what you just did." " Your going to keep licking on it and I'm going to stand here watching you, the whole time your doing it."

" Nooo."

" Yes."

" Nooo, please don't." But I knew that he wasn't going to change his mind, so I gave-in and started licking on it, while he stood there watching me.

" French it."

" Nooo."

" French it like you were doing when I first came out here."

The shame I felt, knowing that he had seen me with my tongue up inside of the dog's warm ass, was unreal. And that's when the urge took over and I just grabbed ahold of his short cropped tale, covered his whole asshole with my open mouth and pushed my tongue up into him as far as it would go. Making the Dobbie yelp and try and pull away but he couldn't because I still had ahold of him by his tail.

" Oh fuckkk, suck it, suck it, suck his ass."

I don't know what happened, one minute I cared that he was watching me and the next minute I didn't care. I don't know what changed but something sure did.

" Now his dick, I want to see you sucking on his dick, do it."

He watched as I crawled around next to the Dobbie and stuck my head under his belly, took ahold of his wet pointed cock and slipped my open mouth over the end of it, sucking on it gently, as he started trying to hump me. Fucking my open mouth faster and faster with his pointed dog dick.

" Oh lookee lookee, you like that dick don't you?"

" I was even more embarrassed as I heard myself whimpering and saying, " Uh huh Uh huh," as he stood there watching me sucking on it. Caressing it with my warm tongue, coaxing him to squirt me.

" Ohhh shit, shit yesss, suck it, suck it, make him cum in your mouth, I want to watch you swallow it."

I wrapped my fingers around it, keeping him from getting it all the way into my mouth, where his knot would be in there too.

I could feel it starting to swell, as it slid back and forth along my warm soft tongue. It was like my tongue had a mind of its own, as it started curling around it, caressing it, coaxing it to cum.

I was totally caught up into it by then and didn't care, as Tommy watched me pulling back from it and start fluttering my little tongue all over the wet pointed tip, catching his precum, as it squirted again and again out of the end of it. Embarrassed but not caring as he stood there watching as the large Dobbie dog started trying to give me, the first part of my reward.

Everytime more of his precum would squirt out, I'd slip my mouth over the tip of it and coax it for more. Caressing it with my warm soft tongue, waiting for my reward.

His knot kept banging into the side of my hand, harder and harder, as he kept trying to get me to take the knot but I couldn't.

All at once it erupted, spraying his white doggie cum all over the inside of my mouth, gagging me with the amount of it, as more and more of it slid down my throat and into my belly. Making me swallow again and again and again, as he drained his warm balls, into the mouth in front of it.

The shame I felt as I heard the little " Gulp, Gulp, Gulping and whimpering sounds " that were coming from me, as he got me to [ Eat it, ] was unreal.

Tommy was standing there saying, " Oh fuck, Oh fuck," over and over again, as he watched the huge Dobbie, fucking me in my mouth and listened to me [ Eating it ] until it was all gone.

When it was finally over, I wanted to get up and get out of the cage but Tommy was standing at the gate, with his long skinny boner in his hand and saying, " Now me."

" Nooo."

" Yesss. "

And I couldn't believe it, as he started moving towards me, until he was standing right in front of me and there was no way that I could get away from it and he knew it.

I had never sucked another boy's cock before, only my dog and another male dog, that I saw one night in the city park and the urge took over and I had to suck it, before I left and I did. But that was all and I didn't want to do it.

I don't know how long he had to stand there in front of me, holding it to my mouth, being so close, that I could smell the faint pee on the end of it. And seeing his precum oozing out of the little hole in the end of it, the little pee hole.

" Do it." " Do it, your secret's safe with me, I won't tell, I promise."

All I know is that one minute he was standing there showing it to me and trying to get me to do it and the next thing I knew, I could see the end of my little tongue coming out and licking at his sweet precum, as it oozed out of his little pee hole.

The sweetness of it was turning me on in some strange kind of way and the more I licked at it and ate it, the more I wanted it and he started moaning, squeezing on it, milking it onto my tongue and saying, " Ohhh fuckkk yesss that's it, do it, eat my cock." And I felt my face getting all hot just hearing him saying that.

" Oh fuckkk yesss, do it, do it."

I closed my eyes and begged him not to put it in to far as I slipped my mouth over the end of it and let him slide it in.

" Agghhhhhh."

It felt funny in my mouth because he still had his foreskin and my tongue didn't understand what was happeing with it, as he took ahold of my head and started moving it in and out. Sliding it back and forth in his foreskin but not sliding back and forth along my tongue.

All at once he grabbed me and pulled me onto it tighter, holding me there and started making funny noises and I knew he was close. As I tightened my lips around it and started sucking even harder. I was fully aware that another boy was fucking me in my mouth and I didn't care by then and somehow he knew it.

" NOOOOOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO, OHHH NOOOOO, AGGHHHHHHHHHHHH." SQUIRT, " AGGHHHHHHH." SQUIRT, " NOOOOOOOOOOOOO." SQUIRT SQUIRT " Leaving its white reward on my tongue and he screamed, " Eat It, Eat It. " over and over again. Holding his warm cock on my tongue until I did.

I was so ashamed, as I felt it sliding down inside my throat and going down into my belly, joining the huge Dobbie's cum, that was down them from earlier.

When it was finally over, I got up off of the ground and ran inside into the bathroom and locked the door. He came up to the door and whispered, " Wait until tomorrow " as I sat down on the toilet and started to cry again because now I knew that he was going to use me each and every night and that I'd have to let him, just to keep him from telling.

There wasn't a night after that, that he didn't have his way with me or at least make me get it on with a dog again or even sometimes 2 of them, taking both of them on at the same time. One doing my ass, while he made me suck off the other one. After the 7th or 8th time that he had watched me taking on 2 of them at the same time, I didn't care anymore and eventually started looking forward to it, believe it or not. Because now he had started up another urge in me. Another urge that had to be satisfied, nomatter who was there watching me, I [ Had ] to have it and he knew it.
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