I'm not a writer, I write dirty little fuck stories. So, if you want to read a love story, please go read someone else's stories. PEACE
I was drunk again, in the middle of the night, down in the black part of town when it happened.

Yes, I was horny, really horny for the feel of a black cock up inside of me again. That's why I had gone down there because there was always black cock down there, that wanted a piece of " White Ass " and they didn't care if it was on a girl or a boy, just as long as it was white and I was.

No, I'm not gay or even bi, that I know of but I do have an " ITCH " up inside of my white ass, that 2 old blackmen left me with, so many years ago. When they held me down on a dirty bathroom floor and turned me on, to how good it felt, to have a blackman's cock moving in and out of me. An " URGE " that gets to me, even to this very day.

When I started going down to a place called Leroy's Bar, I used to find one or two of them to hit on me and then follow them in my car and let them do me, however they wanted to, somewhere else. But eventually they started doing me right there in the dark parking lot out behind Leroy's Bar. I'd either be to drunk or to horny to stop them and they knew it, as more and more of them did me back there.

One time one of them was getting me to suck on him in the frontseat and one of his friends came out and just got into the backseat and told him, " Bring him back here, so both of us can do him " and he did.

It was a big old buick, so the backseat was pretty big and while I was sucking on the one, the other one was undoing my pants and pulling them down, along with my underwear.

I could feel his big hands pulling my cheeks apart and then heard him spitting onto his fingertips, rubbing it onto my little asshole and then putting his dickhead against it and pushing against it, until my little asshole opened up, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh " and he pushed it up into me. Working it up into me deeper and deeper, with each stroke of it.

As soon as his friend was up inside of my ass, the one that I was sucking on pushed my head down even further on his long black cock, gagging me, as it slid all the way down into my warm throat and he started screaming, " Suck it, suck it, suck it Bitch, while he fucks you."

Neither of them lasted very long, I guess because each of them was watching the other one doing me and they lost it. One squirting into my mouth while the other one squirted up into my ass. Pulling me back on it as he felt my little asshole and warm rectum, milking his blackman's cum out of the end of it.

3 or 4 months later, the same blackman had me sucking on him again, out in the dark parking lot, when all at once he whispered, " Wanna do 2 again?" And I raised up off of it, let out a little moan and said, " Oh yeah."

And he took me to a little house somewhere on the side of town.

He didn't even knock on the door, he just opened it and we went in.

There were 5 older [ 50 and up ] blackmen sitting there playing cards and they turned and gave me the strangest look but didn't say anything, at least not yet anyway.

He got me more to drink, I think it was scotch,even though I was already pretty drunk and told me to sit on the couch, while he stood there watching the poker game. Waiting for the scotch, to do its job on me and it did.

One minute I was just sitting there drinking and the next thing I knew, he was telling them that I had girls panties on and they had me down on the floor, in front of the couch and were pulling my pants down, to see if he was lying.

When they saw that I did have a pair of girl's black thong panties on, they started stripping me for real, until they had me laying there completely naked.

One of them started rubbing my little dick and balls thru the panties, while another one bent down and started sucking on my little titties, first one and then the other.

What happened next shocked even me, as the one rubbing my panties, pulled them down and started sucking on my little boner, while he slid his hand under my little balls and pushed his finger up into me, " Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhh " and started finger fucking me, right there on the livingroom floor, while the rest of them stood around and watched him.

I could hear them arguing over who was going to be first and they figured Harold should be because he had brought me.

I couldn't even fight it, as he climbed on top of me, from the front, something I never let anyone else do and i felt him holding his big dick and searching for my little asshole, under my little dick and balls and when it wouldn't go in, he crawled up on me and made me lick and suck on it, wetting it, getting it ready, while everybody watched him and cheered him on.

When he figured that it was wet enough, he went back down between my legs and pushed his wet finger up into me, sending my little asshole into spasm, just before he stuffed his big dick up into it and fucked me on the livingroom floor, with the rest of them watching and waiting their turn.

When the pain finally eased up and the pleasure started, I didn't care what they thought of me, as I put my white legs around him, locking my feet behind him and pulling his black ass into me, taking it, taking it as deep as I could.

I was moaning and begging him to , " Fuck meee", raising my little butt up and grinding on it, squeezing on it, making him moan and cry out.

He didn't care, that there was a little dick and balls, over the little asshole that he was fucking, all he cared about was that it was tight and white and it was, even though so many blackmen had had their way with it before.

All at once he jabbed it all the way up into me, holding it there, as it erupted again and again, squirting his blackman's cum all the way up inside of me. The whole time he was cuming, my little asshole and rectum were squeezing on it, pulling it up into me and milking on it, making him moan and call me a " MILKER ". As my little asshole and warm rectum, clutched and milked on his long black boner.

I felt so ashamed, when he finally crawled off of me and they saw my little boner, my little 4 inch boner, that he had given me, just by squirting up inside of me.

The next one crawled up and believe it or not, started titty fucking me or at least trying to, as everybody watched him. I kept licking at the wet swollen head, tasting his sweet precum, everytime it would poke at my mouth and he'd hold it there, watching as I licked at it again and again. And that's when it happened. He got so carried away with what he was doing, that he lost it and just laid completely down across my face and started fucking me in my mouth, just like he would a girl's pussy. Choking me, gagging me with it, until all at once he squirted me with it, just like he would have squirted into a girl's pussy, if she had been under him. Filling my mouth and running down my tongue, as all at once he moaned real loud and mumbled, " Ohhh Fuckkk, he's eating it, he's eating it." As he collapsed ontop of me and waited for me to finish, before he pulled it from my mouth and rolled off of me.

The next one turned me over and made me get up onto my hands and knees so he could do me dogstyle. While he was fucking me, another one got down on his knees in front of me and made me suck on him to, while he watched his friend doing my ass, until he to had squirted. Once again they filled me with the seed of the blackman.

While he was cuming up my ass, Harold was telling them about how much I liked the taste of pee. As soon as his dick slid out of me, they pulled me up and took me into the bathroom. I can't even describe the shame I felt, as they made me lay my head back across the open toilet seat and hold my mouth open, as first one, then another and then another, until all 6 of them had peed and gotten me to swallow it. Whimpering and moaning, as I felt it stretching my belly, making me look and feel like I was pregnant because there was so much of it.

They all laughed and called me their," Pregnant White Boy Simon " as they watched me get up and more or less waddle back to my clothes, holding my swollen belly and feeling their warm pee sloshing around in it.

Before I could even start to get dressed, one of them said, " I ain't never fucked a pregnant white boy and they all laughed as he pulled me back down onto the floor and made me straddle it, as he slipped it back up into me and made me ride it, holding my swollen belly, while the rest of them watched him fucking me.

All at once I was riding it up and down as fast as I could and my little ass started to buck and jerk on it and the moan that came out of me was unreal, as my little boner squirted up into the air and they all knew that he had gotten to me, with his long skinny boner up inside of me all the way. My little asshole was clamping down on it, squeezing on it harder and harder. Milking on it, trying to get him to squirt more of his white cum up into me but he couldn't and finally he pulled me up off of it and they watched me as I waddled back into the bathroom and straddled the white toilet.

I'm a firm believer that we have no more choice over what we like sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table.


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