a tale of a sexy would be vampiress with just a little bite.
Ever since i can remember i have had some sort of a biting fetish.. strong women and their
teeth have always fascinated me.. When i was 17, i got a girlfriend slightly older than
myself who went quite some way to fulfilling my fantasy. I never really got on with Jes
on a one to one level but she was always wonderfully horny and far more experienced than
me so that didn't matter too much. She used to let me just sit and run my finger over her
teeth. She had a fantastic mouth, large lips and a full tongue but most of all devilish
teeth. She had smallish front incisors but with very sharp edges flanked by extremely
pointed fang teeth. In fact on halloween she put on a cape and dressed up as a vampiress
and more than one person remarked that she had realistic looking fangs and was then shocked
to find out they were real. The best thing was she liked to bite, hard. I don't know if
she did before meeting me but she definitely did while i knew her. She told me often how
excited she got feeling her teeth sink into my skin and wondering how far she could go. She
told me that she was epileptic and that if she had a fit her jaw would clamp shut with all
of her strength. I never really knew if she was or not but it certainly worried me a
little when i had some part of me in her mouth.

Evenings would generally start with me going round to her house where she would be dressed
in a fantastic little black number. She would have prepared a meal for us which we would
eat. She would then tell me that she wanted dessert and we would adjourn to her sofa for
her to take it. The game would start with her lieing back, closing her eyes and opening her
mouth. I would run my fingers along her teeth and when she felt me she would snap her mouth
shut. (actually for anyone with a similar fetish, this is an excellent game that i have
played with several girlfriends.) The excitement would mount as i would try to get my finger
further and further into her mouth, caressing all the way to her back teeth. Sooner or later
she would catch me and pin my fingers. Sometimes she would let me go but sometimes she
would bite me hard enough to leave some sort of mark. I liked it best when she bit me hard
because this tunred us both on. I remember one evening, leaning over to her, looking at
her incisors
denting hard into two of my fingers. Then without releasing me she slid her hand down her
thighs, peeling up her skirt to reveal her freshly shaved pussy. She slid her own fingers
into her slit and started rubbing herself, as she rubbed she bit harder into my fingers. It
got to the point where it hurt me too much to keep my finger there and i started to try to
prise her mouth open with my free hand. My protests of pain only turned her on more and she
rubbed herself harder. Finally she released me and sat up. I looked at my finger, she had
actually drawn blood. Jes wasn't finished, she demanded that i put my cock in her mouth to
replace the fingers. I was actually pretty worried and only agreed when she promised that
she wouldn't bite as hard as before. It felt great, watching her take my hard on, caress the
tip with her big red lips and then insert it so it rubbbed along the line of her teeth. She
smiled at me and murmered as she gripped it lightly between her fang teeth. Her finger was
back in her pussy. My cock was the hardest it had ever been but i was actually very worried.
She bit down harder on it as she rubbed herself more, far enough fot the extension of her
fang teeth to dent into my cock so it was flush with the rest of her teeth. That hurt but
it felt great. Then she released me, leaving teeth marks down the length of my shaft. She
kneeled up on the sofa and pushed me onto my back. Holding my cock tightly in her fist as
she rubbed her lower lips up and down my chest. The she sat back, guiding me expertly into
her. It felt great as she sat down on me. Before she started moving she said that she 'wanted
a finger'. I didn't really want to give her the one she had had before so i gave her my forearm
as i propped myself forward. As she started to slide up and down my length she brought her
face close to mine. She peeled back her lips into a snarl so i could see those big teeth as they
closed down on the arm she was holding. As i came closer to orgasming, she bit harder which,
strangely for me made me harder but kept me from coming a little longer. The harder she bit,
the closer she came, i could feel that big shaved pussy contracting round me as she orgasamed.
As she came, the orgasms seemed to roll through her, she bit harder and harder. I could see
those sharp teeth sinking into my arm. I actually tried to get away but she was holding my arm
in her mouth with both of her hands and her thighs were clamped round my hips. She raced up
down me, her teeth no longer visible above my skinline. Then she finished and actually what
made me come the best i ever had was the sight of my blood on those big teeth as they were taken
out of my arm.

Actually now i have started t think about it, there were other fantastic times with Jes, maybe
i will write them down next time.. For now i will carry on my search for a lady with bite
but i have yet to find one as good as Jes.. ..if there are any out there in central Europe then
they should contact me!

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2011-05-14 02:27:55
@ Anonymous reader: Are you really that Jes?
I would love to chat with you.
my id is
Do send me a mail, please.

Can we have some more stories...???


2008-03-09 12:26:57
I like to be bitten by a girl! Your stories are very very good!


2007-06-13 20:16:04
I just like to be bit, the harder the better and yes it does prolong orgasm for a short time.


2007-06-06 23:24:55
i love to bit and me and jes are one in the same


2006-02-03 20:38:46
i love that kind of fetish i love biting hard it make me wett

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