I'm not a writer. I just write dirty little fuck stories. So, if you want to read a love story, please go read someone else's stories. PEACE MI
I was standing at the urinal's, in a bar, in downtown Dallas when I felt it.

You know, that feeling you get, when someone across the room is watching you. The only problem being, I was alone, alone in the bathroom or so I thought.

Just as I was starting to milk the last few drops out of the end of it, I heard a noise behind me and without even thinking about my dick still being out, I turned around.

The door to the stall behind me had opened The door to the stall that was straight across from the urinal's was now open and sitting on the white toilet, with his pants and underwear pulled down, was one of the biggest men that I had ever seen.

I couldn't believe it as he sat there working his huge [ Huge to me ] cock up and down slowly, not even caring that I was watching him as he did it.

I tried to turn back around and stop looking at it but I couldn't. He was rolling the foreskin back and forth across the swollen head, wetting it, with his shiny pre-cum.

He knew when he saw that I couldn't stop looking at it, that he had me and he started whispering, " Come on baby, you know you want to " and I felt my whole face getting hot and knew that I was blushing and wanted to run but I couldn't.

When I realized that I was facing him, I also looked down and saw that my little dick was still hanging out and I reached down to start to put it away and he said, " No, leave it out, I like it " and I felt so stupid, standing there letting him look at it and felt myself getting a little boner.

I could see the end of his big dick getting wetter and wetter and I heard him saying, ' You want it, don't ya baby " and the next thing I knew, I could hear myself whimpering, " Nooo, Nooo, No I don't."

" Yes you do, why else would you get a little boner just from looking at it, if you didn't want it?"

I watched as he let go of it and as he sat there on the white toilet he whispered, " Come and gets it baby, it's all yours."

I can't even describe the shame or embarrassment I felt, as he watched me coming into the stall with him and kneeling down in front of him.

The fear of somebody coming into the bathroom, was unreal but the " Need " to suck on it and taste it took over and the next thing I knew, I was bending down over it, touching the wet tip with my warm tongue and tasting his sweet pre-cum.

" Ohhh, Ohhh Yeah, that's it, that's it, lick it baby, lick it."

I wasn't a stranger to [ The Dick ] 2 older boys had seen to that, all the way back when I was in the 7th grade. But I was a stranger to the [ Cock ] and somehow he knew it as he kept trying to gently coax me into sucking on it.

I don't know if it was his moaning or what that finally got to me, all I know is that one minute I was just licking the sweet clear shiny pre-cum off of the swollen head and the next thing I knew, I was stretching my open mouth down over the end of it and sucking on it gently as I felt the end of his cock sliding in.

He didn't care that it was a boy, a young boy sucking on the end of his dick and not a girl. All he cared about was getting his huge cock sucked and for whatever the reason I was willing to do it, even though even I didn't understand way, until years later.

What happened next shocked even me, as I raised up off of it, took ahold of it and spread the tiny little opening in the end of it, the little pee hole with my fingertips, started licking softly on the inside of it, causing a little squirt of warm pee to squirt up out of the end of it and drop back down onto the swollen head. Wetting it even more than his sweet pre-cum had earlier. Looking down at his now pee covered cock turned me on even more and before he could stop me, I bent back down over the end of it and started circling the end of it with my warm soft tongue.

" Agghhhhhhhhh Shit, I gots me a pee freak, a fuckin [ Pee Freak ], come on baby, I'll pee for you."

I was always embarrassed when they'ed call me that and this time wasn't any different, if anything it was worse. Because this time it was a grown man, a full grown man that had me kneeling down in front of him, as he sat on the white toilet with his pants and underwear pulled down and not some guy that had just pulled his car over on some dark street, pulled his dick out, got me to suck on it until he came and then before letting me go slowly released his warm salty pee into warm sucking mouth and made me drink it, drink it all before he left me there and drove away.

All at once he grabbed ahold of my head and started saying, " Here it comes, here it comes baby, Oh shit... " and all of a sudden I felt his warm oily pee slowly filling my mouth to the brim forcing me to swallow, " Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp, Gulp...gulp " again and again and again, drinking his warm pee into me, until it was all gone.

When he finally finished peeing, I started to get up but he pulled me back down to it and said, " No baby, your not through yet, your not leaving me this way." Something in him had changed and now he got aggressive and pulled me back down on it and said real loud, " Suck it." And I did.

He was telling me to use my tongue more and I licked down one side, all the way to his black kinky pubic hair and back up the other. He was moaning and saying, " Your a bitch a [ Boy Bitch ] aren't you baby?" " I'll bet you've even taken [ THE COCK ] ]up your ass , haven't you?" As soon as he heard me whimpering, he knew that it was true, that I had been [ COCKED ] before and he whispered, " Pull your pants down baby, I got what you want " but I couldn't. I could feel my little asshole puckering up, opening and closing slowly, wanting to feel [ THE COCK ] again but I was to afraid of getting caught, even though he didn't seem to be.

Since I wouldn't or couldn't let him fuck me, like he wanted to, he reached down into the white toilet bowl and pulled his huge black balls out. Holding his cock aside, as he laid them on the rim of the white toilet seat and told me to, " Lick um." That was the first time that I finally understood that he was degrading me, as I looked at his huge balls, just laying there, waiting for me to do it. When he saw that I was hesitating he said, " Come on baby, I gave you what you needed, now it's my turn, do me."

The shame that I felt, as he got me to bend down and lick on his warm ball sac, as it laid on the rim of a white toilet, was unreal.

All at once he pulled me up and moaned real loud, I didn't even fight it as he pushed my mouth down over the end of it and I felt it start to jerk, Once...Squirt..." Agghhh," Twice...Squirt..." Agghhh," Three times...Squirt..." Agghhh," and then just when I thought it was all over it squirted again, Squirt..." Agghhh." The whole time it was squirting, he was moaning and saying, " Eat it, Eat It," and the next thing I knew I was whimpering and saying, " FEED ME, FEED ME," over and over as he did. Somewhere along the way as he was [ FEEDING ME ], I felt my own little boner jerking and the next thing I knew, I could feel my white cum slowly oozing out of the little hole in the end of it and dropping down onto the floor in front of the toilet.

The shame I felt as his white cum slid down into my throat and then down into my belly was unreal. Unreal because of the way I had begged him to [ FEED ME ] and he did.

I kept his warm cock in my mouth until the last little bit of pearly white cum had oozed out of the end of it before I let go of it and got up.

I couldn't even look at him, as I got up, left him sitting there on the white toilet and went back out into the bar, just like nothing had happened.
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