I'm not a writer. I just write dirty little fuck stories. So, if you want to read a love story, please go read someone else's stories. PEACE MILKER
When I was in the 4th grade I got to go to summer camp with a bunch of other boys from my school. Going to camp when your little is an experience that you never forget and it's supposed to be a pleasant experience or at least that's what I thought. That wasn't the case for me because what happened to me while we were there, changed my life forever.

I was little for my age and that made it even worse for me, when they put me in a cabin with 4 older boys, 4 older boys that were all much bigger than me.

Nothing happened the first day, so I thought that everything was going be ok and kinda relaxed. Boy was I wrong.

I was sleeping soundly and I'm embarrassed to admit, that I was probably sucking on my thumb, when one of the older boys from the cabin gently pulled my thumb from my mouth and slowly eased his little dick in. It was like I was still asleep but almost awake and knew that something had happened and stopped sucking. But then my mind must have figured that everything was alright again because pretty soon I could hear the little sucking sounds again and he moaned and whispered, " Oh yeah, that's it, that's it, suck it " and then started to slowly ease it in and out as he felt himself getting a boner.

I don't know how long he had been working it in and out of my mouth like that, when one of the other boys in the cabin whispered, " What the fuck, what the fuck are you doing to him?" And when he saw that the first boy had his dick in my mouth and was getting me to suck on it, he moaned, " Oh shit, how'd you get him to do that?"

" Shut-up and go back to bed, he likes to suck on something while he's sleeping, didn't you see him sucking on his thumb last night? Besides if you never tell him what I got him to do to me, he'll never know, right.

" Shit, I'm not going to tell him, are you kidding, I'm next."

I wanted to push him away but I knew that if I did, then both of them would know that I was awake and then what would they wanna do to me?

I don't know how long he stood there beside my bed getting me to suck on it, before he slowly eased it back out of my mouth, went into the bathroom, jerked his pj's down and without even closing the door started jacking on it until he finished it off. Yes, I was laying there and peeking over at the open bathroom door and watching while he did it. Mainly because I hadn't jacked-off yet and wanted to see how he was doing it. He'd been sitting there working it up and down slowly for what seemed like 2 or 3 minutes [ it might have only been 45 seconds or so ] when all at once he let out a long strange low moan, his mouth dropped open, his boner started jerking in his hand and then something white shot up out of the end of it, as he sat there, with the dumbest look on his face. It was like even he didn't understand, what had just happened. What I really didn't understand about the whole thing was that he had a look of pain on his face the whole time he was working it up and down and it didn't make any sense to me at all, why anyone would ever want to do that to his boner, especially since it looked like it hurt so bad.

The next morning I couldn't look at either one of them and tried to stay away from them all day but I couldn't and they kept giving me that [ We know a secret look ] which made me feel even worse about what had happened.

That night when I went to bed, I tried to stay awake for as long as I could but eventually I couldn't stay awake anymore and I fell asleep. Just what they were waiting for.

I don't know how long I had been asleep when I felt someone pulling gently on my hand and my wet thumb slipped slowly out of my mouth. As soon as he had my thumb out of the way, he moved up closer to me and held his little boner to my mouth, touching it to my lips lightly, trying to get me to come after it, like a baby comes after a nipple, when its lost it.

Even though he had eased my thumb out of my mouth, my mouth was still sucking and making funny little noises, like I was still sucking on it. But all that changed as soon as the head of his warm boner gently parted my lips, causing me to open my mouth even wider and the next thing I knew I was sucking on it, as he slowly eased it in.

Since I couldn't hear the other boy saying anything, I thought that he wasn't there, as the first one stood beside my bed again and got me to suck on his warm boner again. But as soon as the first one pulled his warm stiff boner from my mouth and went into the bathroom to finish it off, the second one came over to my bed and offered me his [ Yes, offered me his ] because by that time he saw that my eyes were open and that I was watching the first one, as he sat on the white toilet, working his now wet boner up and down faster and faster, trying to make it squirt again, just like he had gotten it to do the night before.

I wanted to pretend that I was shocked or whatever but that's when he stopped me in my tracks by whispering, " Do it, you know you want to."

I wanted to deny it but I couldn't. Why else would I have let the first one put his boner back in my mouth again after what he had done to me the night before.

I kept looking over at the first one and I'm embarrassed to admit that even I was getting more and more excited and even getting a boner, as I watched him sitting there on the white toilet working it up and down faster and faster, with his head starting to swing from side to side and his mouth hanging wide open.

" Come on, come on, suck it." " I won't tell, I promise."

Why him saying that, [ I won't tell, I promise ] made it ok for me to go ahead and suck on it, I'll never know but it did. Because the next thing I knew I was looking at it, opening my mouth and watching as I let him slide it in. As soon as he felt my mouth closing down around it, he grabbed ahold of my head and moaned real loud, " Oh yeah, that's it, suck it " and I did. This one was old enough to have pubic hair and I could feel it tickling me around my nose and mouth every time he'd push his warm boner all the way in and slowly grind it, grind it against my little sucking mouth, like it was a girl's pussy, before slowly easing it almost all the way back out, only to push it back in again. Holding my head the whole time he was doing it, so I couldn't get away from him.

I almost lost it when he started doing that [ Grinding it ] against my mouth. I almost lost it because now it wasn't just a boy getting me to suck on his warm boner, like the first one had done. Now, it was a boy that was fucking me, yes, [Fucking me in my mouth] and for whatever the reason I was letting him and didn't know why.

" That's it, that's it suck it, make it feel good, really good." " Agghhhhhhhhh, Oh yeahhhh."

I don't know how long I had been sucking on it when all at once he started moaning and saying, " You better stop, you better stop, Oh Shit you better stoppp " but just as I was trying to turn away from it, he grabbed my head tighter, let out the longest moan and it started squirting, Once...squirt " Agghhh," Twice...squirt " Agghhh," Three times...squirt " Agghhh " and just when I thought that it was finally over, it squirted again, ...squirt " Agghhh " and that's when I felt some of it oozing out of the corner of my mouth and dropping down onto the pillow.

When he finally pulled away from me, the third boy took his place but instead of making me suck on his to, he turned me over onto my stomach, pulled the sheet and blanket down and climbed up on top of me, before I could even stop him.

" Nooo, what are you doing?" " Get off of meee."

" Shut-up."

" Get off, get off, please get off of me."

And that's when I felt it, he was dry fucking me, something that I didn't learn about until years later and like a fool, I was letting him do it. All I could figure out was that he wasn't hurting me or making me suck on his dick, so why not let him do what he was doing.

What I didn't understand was that by letting him do that to me, that he was getting hornier and hornier for what he really wanted to do to me, [ Fuck me ] something that I didn't know that the older boys liked to do to littler boys, yet.

Yes, I could feel the boys boner moving back and forth inbetween my cheeks and once again he really wasn't hurting me with it, so I let him do it for as long as he wanted too. Because to be honest it felt good to me, as it slid back and forth across my little asshole, caressing it with its warm soft foreskin. It was like [ IT ] was trying to coax me into letting him do me with [ IT ] and I didn't even know that boys were able to fuck boys yet.

I don't know if he squirted or not because both of us were still wearing our pajamas. Plus it was still dark in the cabin, except for the light of the full moon, as he climbed back off of me and went back over to his bed.

It was the next night that he had his way with me and left me laying there crying, with my pajama bottom's pulled down, my little asshole still throbbing and pulsating, after his boy cock had left its 3 or 4 drops of boy cum up inside of me. I was so embarrassed about what had just happened to me, that I couldn't even get up and go into the bathroom and wash my little asshole off. I just laid there and eventually cried myself to sleep. I wasn't crying because of what he had just done to me, I was crying because for some strange reason I had ended up liking how his boner felt, as it moved back and forth up inside of me.

It had all started out the same way, with the other boys getting me to suck on them again and then him coming over and making me turn over, so he could ride me again.

Just as it started to really feel good again, having his boner sliding back and forth inbetween my cheeks, I felt his hand down inbetween us and just as I was whimpering and saying, " What are you doing, " he jerked my pajama bottom's down, put the end of his boner against my little star shaped asshole and pushed. Pushed it straight up into me. Holding me down on the bed and not letting me get away from him, as I screamed and screamed into the pillow.


But as soon as he had the end of it up inside me, my little asshole went into spasm around it, squeezing, pulling and clamping down on it making him think that I was liking it and that's when he started really fucking me even though I was still crying.

Since all of us were really young, me being the youngest. None of us had a very big boner yet, in fact all of us had small ones. The biggest and thickest one being around 5 inches, maybe alittle more.

I don't know if he ever got all of it up into me or not before the week was over. I guess he did because when he found out that I liked it and wasn't going to tell on him, he fucked me every night, sometimes 2 or 3 times [ not at the same time ] but before the night was over. Each time leaving me laying there on my bed with my pajama bottom's pulled down and his white boy cum all around the edges of my little asshole.

After the other boys in the cabin saw that I liked what he was doing to me [ Fucking me ] and that I wasn't going to tell on him, one of the other boys wanted to fuck me to. But the other 2 boys didn't want any part of fucking a boy in the ass, all they wanted me to do was suck on their's and I did.

It was the boy with the biggest cock, the 5 incher, that wanted to fuck me next and like a fool I let him. I didn't know that my rectum was only about 4 inches long and that that's why I had been able to take the first one. But this one was 5 or more inches long and every time it pushed against the far end of my rectum, stretching it, trying to lengthen it, so it could [ Take it all ] I screamed because it was hurting me so much. But still, he wouldn't stop and just kept fucking me harder and harder until all at once he jabbed it as far up into me as it would go and held it there, as it jerked Once..."Agghhhh, Twice..." Ahhhhhhh, " laying there on top of me until his warm boner eventually went back down and slowly slid back out of me.

The next night he wanted to do me again and I told him, " Nooo, you hurt me, really hur me last night."

" Come on let me do it again, you know you liked it."

When he saw that I wasn't going to give-in, he pulled his dick out anyway and said, " Then just suck it, we all know that you like to do that to, don't we Simon?"

I don't know how long I laid there looking at it, remembering all of the pain that it had given me the night before but also remembering how the pain had eventually gone away and turned into pleasure. Pleasure that I was growing to like more and more.

Even I was shocked as I found myself slowly rolling over onto my stomach, knowing what he was going to do to me, as I slowly slid my pajama bottom's down, baring my little butt and offering it to him. He didn't waste anytime crawling up on top of me, spreading my cheeks and putting the end of his cock against my little asshole. As soon as he started pushing against it, trying to get it to open back up for him, like it had the night before, I changed my mind and started screaming, " Nooooooo, Noooooooo " but he pushed the end of it up into me anyway. Holding it up inside of me, not moving, as he waited for me to adjust to the huge size of it.

I don't know how long he laid on top of me waiting, with the end of his cock up inside of me, before felt my little asshole finally relax and he moaned, " Oh yeah, fuck yeah " and started easing even more of it up into me, inch by inch, stretching my little asshole, stretching my little rectum and making me cry.

Even though I was still screaming, " It hurts, It hurtsss, " into the pillow and begging him to take it out, he kept pushing more and more of it up into me until finally I felt his kinky pubic hair touching my little asshole and the strangest moan came out of me, as my little asshole just gave up and let him start fucking me.

I can't even describe how good his thick boner felt as he moved it back and forth in me, while the other boy's from the cabin stood there and watched him.

The longer he fucked me, the faster he got, until all at once he rammed it all the way up into me and as he held it there I felt it start squirting, Once...squirt... " Agghhh," Twice...squirt... " Agghhh," Three times...squirt... " Agghhh, Agghhh, Agghhh," as it left its white cum as deep up inside of me as it could.

I don't know how long he laid on top of me before his boner went back down, slid back out of me slowly and he went back over to his bed just like nothing had happened. I don't know how long I laid there crying and holding my little throbbing asshole. Finally I was able to get up and run into the bathroom, where I sat down on the white toilet, hoping that his white sticky cum would ooze back out of me but it didn't. When it wouldn't come out, I reached down inbetween my legs, felt my little asshole and started screaming. Screaming because it was not only swollen shut but something, my little now stretched rectum, was hanging down out of it.

Even though my rectum had eventually pulled back up inside of me, I was still sore and rubbed raw the next night, when they came after me again. Even the 2 boys that didn't want any part of fucking a boy up his ass in the beginning, now wanted to fuck me too and after the first 2 had done me again, I let them.

Before the week was over, they were not only doing me at night but 2 or 3 times, they had even done me in the day time, by taking me into the bathroom [ With the camp councilor's standing right outside of the window ] and doing me in there too. Making me get down in front of one of them, as he sat on the white toilet, getting me to suck on him, while one of the other boy's would jerk my pants down and do me dogstyle, while the rest of them stood there and watched them.

I couldn't even begin to guess how many times they did me up my ass and even in my mouth before the week was over. I guess it really doesn't matter because even though the week at the boy's camp was over, these were the same older boys that I went to school with back home and to them it wasn't over, it was [ JUST BEGINNING ].
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