You are on a deserted island, with no sight of rescue, you find yourself very lonely for company.
You are on a deserted island, with no sight of rescue, you find yourself very lonely for company. You begin talking to the trees, the birds, and the water. You talk to anything that moves. One evening, after a meal of fish you are sitting by the fire when you fall fast asleep. You begin dreaming of what it would be like to be with a woman again. You find yourself lost in the dream just as adrift as you are on this lonely place on earth. You dream very peaceful. You are smiling, so laid back and relaxed for the first time in weeks. You feel your toes tingle. You feel the insides of your legs quiver. You feel a soft warm brush of air against your inner thigh. You feel a light touch of moisture around your navel. Suddenly, a warm breeze fondles your chest hair.

You then feel a light touch slowly surrounding your soft limp cock

You become more alert and aware. You wonder if this is a dream or not so, you allow it to take its course without interrupting what ever it was to get you to this point. You feel yourself getting harder. However, you do not move you feel something wet and obscure surrounding your now hardened cock. With curiosity, you dare not move. This makes you feel so very hot and so hard that you cannot contain yourself. Afraid to open your eyes, you do not. Not wanting this to lay there and continue this pleasure...

You then feel a firm tug on the base of your erect cock and then a light touch below your wet. This keeps happening over and over then you feel a soft warm stroke of wetness come up from below your balls to the very top of the shaft of your long hard cock......over and over suddenly it is surrounded by heat, moist heat. You recall this but again with uncertainty, you are afraid to open your eyes, as this dream is getting better by the minute. This continues for a very long time. At once, you feel a hard pressure go down on top of your cock and begin to ride now you feel the need and the want and desire to open your eyes................this is making you so excited you are wanting to cum...

Repeatedly, up and cant take any open your eyes and find this petite woman with green eyes and long dark hair riding your cock like a cowboy would in a rodeo...........riding you like there was no tomorrow.......when she had enough, she would get off and ride it with her mouth.

Repetitively, caressing your balls with her tongue, and biting the base of your cock with her teeth. Then licking the shaft, and riding you again and again, to the point of no return. She would repeat this process until all the veins in your cock bulge...and she knew when you were throbbing. When dots of cum would seep out the top of your slit, she would lick it and rub her hard erect nipples with it, and then you would cum even more. The more you came the more she massaged her hot sweaty body in it. She would then take her fingers and insert them into her hot moist pussy. One by one, she would insert them and then take them out, and then she licked them and put them back in...Until her sex oozed with fulfillment, you watch as she reaches back and plays with her anus, and gets it ready for penetration, not with her fingers but with your hard pulsating oozing cock.

She would then turn around and sit right down on it as it slowly rose up inside of her. You can hear her moan with delight, you are moaning also in the same delight of sheer joy. Your delight is watching your cock go inside her tight little ass. You love watching her ride it watching her facial express sheer pleasure. You cant take any need control of this force her on her knees and continue to penetrate her wet tight ass...but harder...she moans cant take your eyes off her ass for one minute, it is so soft and beautiful! You cannot believe that you have been with out physical contact for weeks and you wonder where this joy toy came from.

You shut your eyes in ecstasy...pumping her ass, feeling the sweat. You open your eyes...the light from your fire are notice the silhouette in front has extended. You see your vixen with another. Lying on her back with long legs bent this new beauty is amazing! You watch, as she is touched caressed and eaten by the same hot tight ass you are still pumping! ...oooooo you are hot now...where are these visions of delight coming from. You watch them as you continuously fuck your first see your beauty lick her lovely partner. she eats her hot wet pussy....her tongue disappears, she is fucking her with her tongue...she then inserts her ring finger into her ass....o what joy....and your not keeping your composure.......your going to cant take it any more when you are now kneeling you are exhausted. You want to cum all over the two vixens...they are lying with each other, kissing and fondling, licking like cats. They turn to you. They crawl on their hands and knees; they climb your hot sweaty body. You feel a set of warm arms around your neck. And it is being kissed oh so gently. You are in heaven......then you realize that there are more than two...

There were don’t know if you can take any have now three women two whom are sucking your cock and one who is climbing and kissing your begin quivering....your going to cum...but you’ve never had three women before...such wonderful agony.......what sheer don’t want it to stop........they lay you on your back...the third woman sits on your face as she leans towards your beauty......and they kiss.....your beauty is sitting on your stomach and is being finger fucked by your third partner. You can taste the hot wet pussy of her as it trickles flowing from your mouth. You can feel the orgasm from your first beauty, as she is being fucked by the third. As the second is sitting on your over hard over pulsing cock... as your cock throbs, the second beauty inserts her index finger in her mouth and wets it......she takes it and pushes it into your first beauty’s ass...

You are in ecstasy’s heaven have no brain.......your body is almost numb.....when you feel a wet tongue coming up in-between your thighs....and it stops just below your hard shaft. You feel the tongue going between your shaft and the hot pussy of your second lovely...then you feel a slight pinch...of a finger...a wet finger. sliding inside your anus.....ooooooh........o my god....what a feeling.....o my god.....this is too much for your this point you are so beyond are being finger fucked in the ass by a woman and you like it! God! ...You are being fucked by four women...the movements of all the women are in unison now....they seem to be moaning all at the same time....enjoying you and each are still eating out the third lovely....and she’s still eating out your first being finger fucked by the second and you by the,. passion...heat...and its all getting faster...the movements....the cant take begin to vibrate...and you are pumping...everyone pumping......what excitement...what pleasure......what fulfillment! push! Aaaaaaaaaaaa....oooooooooooo…oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..................mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........everyone explodes! ...there is cum everywhere...there are bodies everywhere...the women touch your body and massage you all over with cum...

You are so exhausted. You cannot move. You lay there in wonder... what just just had the experience of a lifetime and you are so numb...with pleasure you fall asleep...with the hopes that it will happen again when you wake...

If you wake...was it real? Did you have your eyes open? Did you really have this experience?


2006-02-23 22:16:30
After a plane crash the two survivors, stan the plummer and anjelina jolie struggle onto the beach. After a weeks on the island they give up on being rescued and turn to each other. Their friendship turns to passion, then into kinky fantasy. Anjelina asks stan, "what is your hottest fantasy?" stan says, "you would not want to. . " She says, "try me". He tells her to put on his clothes. She does. "Do you feel like a guy?" "Sort of", she says. "You need to completly be a guy to fulfill the dream" he insists. "OK, I am a guy". Stan asks her "are you ready?". "yes" Anjelina replies. Stan nudges her, "hey buddy, you wanna hear something cool?" "Yeah" Angelina says gruffly. Stan leans close and whispers, "you aint gonna believe this,Im a plummer and Im fucking anjelina jolie!"


2006-02-23 15:43:09
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2006-02-23 14:15:29
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2006-02-23 13:23:50
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